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Interlude: Awards Ceremony - The Event Pt2

Posted on 14 Jul 2017 @ 9:47am by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Ensign Doya Emja

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Tomcat Flight Deck
Timeline: Post Mission Day 01-1a


Unnoticed by the chatting masses Jasmine walked onto the stage with her Yeoman MCPO1 in tow and carrying a few boxes as Jasmine took her post behind the podium, Lucy placed the boxes on the table and took a seat. Somers stood there listening for a moment before activating the sound system.

"Can I have everyone's silence and attention please?" Somers asked.

The room fell silent in the fashion that would happen if dominoes had fallen when she had their attention she cleared her throat and begun "Okay to start off I would like to announce that everyone on the ship has been awarded the Orion Combat Ribbon, this award has already been placed on your service jackets, you will be free to replicate one for your dress uniform after the ceremony. Now we go on with the first Award, for a few of you, this should have come earlier, Would Commander Sterling Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws, Lieutenant Cahill, Lieutenant Jg Jekkar and Walon and Ensign K'Muss please come up to the stage" Somers said as the room applauded as those mentioned stood up and walked forward.

Maia walked up onto the stage and stood at attention, she had suspicions that she was on the list, but as she was duty bound she kept her suspicions to herself and showed surprise, even though it was only small.

K'Muss' ears perked up as he heard his name called, he was somewhat surprised by this, he had not expected anything, but still!! He immediately stood up and made his way up to the stage, where he fell in at attention alongside the others who had been called, he admired commander Sheela in her dress, but he did wonder why she was not in uniform like the rest.

Dr Cahill heard her name called and was quick to respond. She walked up on stage and stood at the position of attention to await what was to come next.

Jekkar stood up and straightened his dress whites as he proceeded to the stage to join the others. Another ribbon to add to his collection it would seem.

Sheela was a little surprised by another award "squeee..!" she exclaimed as she stood up and picking up the hem of her dress advanced towards the stage to receive her award.

Like Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws; Iria was also more than a little surprised (gobsmacked more like it), standing up and straightening her uniform tunic with a smile, as Iria made her way up to the stage to get her award. She had really done nothing to get an award in her personal opinion but it was rude to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Once Dodd heard the five names called he was sort of excited for his fellow shipmates. He had not worked with them for very long but he felt happy for them since they have all started to become his extended family.

Nicole smiled and clapped as she switched her legs, crossing left over right. She was proud of her shipmates, even though she hadn't gotten to know all of them as well as she wished. She was inspired to see their achievements rewarded to try even harder in her own duties.

When the applause had quietened down, Somers continued as Armitage stood close with a brown wooden box in her hands.

"It is the joy of every Captain to acknowledge the accomplishments of their Officers and crew over a period of time, now the 95th Regiment Ribbon is for those who have been on this ship for six months or more. other ships have generalised versions, but as the Tomcat was initially a marine detachment ship we do things a little differently. Commanders Sterling, Swiftpaws, Lieutenant Cahill, Lieutenant's Jg Walon and Jekkar and Ensign K'Muss, it is my honour to place upon your persons the Ninety-fifth Regiment ribbon for six months or more service to the ship, congratulations" Somers finished.

Maia seemed nonplussed. She had been with the 95th and white corded for over 5 years. Sometimes it took the bean counters a while to catch up.

One by one she took the ribbons out of the box and pinned them to those presented with the award, but in reverse order, each one she has done she shook their hands. When it came to Sheela she hesitated, looked at the Mousian with a raised eyebrow as if to say, this is why Dress uniforms are worn. But she was smiling in a friendly manner as if she was sharing a good memory with Sheela and placed the ribbon on the chest area of Sheela's dress and offered her hand, then after the handshake, she moved onto her First Officer.

Maia saluted her Captain. Then offered her hand, and then turning shook the hands of each officer so honoured.

Sheela stood up once again hiding her surprise well, but amidst applause, she made her way forward to the stage to get her award. Shortly behind Sheela was Iria who had also been given the award stood up and made her way forward to get her ribbon also. Again a little surprised Dr Cahill made her way up to the stage along with the others.

Jekkar stood to attention like the professional he was. He did applaud his fellow recipients as a matter of respect and courtesy for their hardworking before giving a glance to his new ribbon.

K'Muss was overjoyed but kept his military bearing as he watched his C0 move down the line. This was the first time that he had received anything like this. Up to this point, he only had good conduct, an award for service already rendered, and a marksmanship medal.

Dodd joined in all the applause that each officer deserved and felt the excitement that each was feeling at the moment. That was the one part of being Betazoid Dodd could not avoid. Emotions always seemed to be easy for him to react upon when they came from others, but he was very good at hiding his own.

Nicole clapped with everyone else at her shipmates receiving the 95th regiment ribbon. Their service deserved to be rewarded, and she hoped she might be honoured with such a ribbon in her own future.

When that was completed the officers returned to their seats and while Armitage got the next box ready Somers placed both hands either side of the podium and continued her address.

"Okay now for the Next award, will Ensign Nicole Taggert please come up to the stage to receive your award of the Bronze Oak Leaf Award" Somers announced and began clapping and others slowly joined in.

She paused for a moment with a deer-in-headlights look. Did her name get called? She looked and saw the captain nodding, and she stood as everyone clapped for her. She was a bit self-conscious as she got up and straightened her uniform and smoothed her dress skirt. She walked to the stage and saluted the captain smartly.

As the young Ensign came up to the stage Somers thought that she looked nervous, but she sucked it up and stood to attention, Jasmine took out the Bronze Oak Leaf and approached the Ensign.

"OoooRahhh Taggert well done"! Maia shouted.

Somers smiled at Sterling's cheer had faded "Ensign Taggert it is my pleasure to award you the Bronze Oak Leaf, for achievements you have done during the short time you have been with us. I look forward to seeing more from you in future," Somers said pinning the Bronze Oak Leaf to her jackets right breast and offering her hand.

After the handshake, Taggert stepped down from the stage as her Departmental boss cheered; Somers thought that the surprises were still yet to come.

"Great Job!" Dodd added aloud as he held back standing to salute his excellent assistant chief engineer. He was moved by the accomplishments of Taggert and wanted to show how much he supports her but he held back because it was her time to shine.

Lieutenant Jekkar applauded the Ensign, from what little he had worked with her she had worked hard to cement herself as an integral part of the Tomcat Crew.

Walon applauded as Ensign Taggert stood up looking a little embarrassed if her colour was anything to go by as she made her way up to the stage to get her award.

From her position on the stage, Sheela like the rest applauded as Taggert's name was called.

K'Muss immediately joined in on the applause. He had only met on the most recent away mission. Nevertheless, he felt that it was well deserved.

Dr Cahill gave a salute and then returned to her seat. She applauded as Taggert was called to receive her award. As things continued she enjoyed the proceedings. Dr Cahill returned to her seat and continued to enjoy the proceedings, she applauded and smiled with each new name called. The awards part was good for moral and a lot of fun to see their reactions when they were surprised with their just rewards. She was happy for everyone as things continued. It was truly enjoying herself. Once she had stepped down from the stage, she got back to her seat as Teela shook her hand to her right and congratulated her.

When the clapping had died down Somers continued with the ceremony "Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill, Lieutenant Junior Grade Remington Dodd and Ensign Doya, step up onto the stage if you will," Somers announced and saw the looks of surprise on their faces.

Dodd rose from his seat and stepped up to the stage. He had a straight face but he was somewhat surprised to be called up to the stage.

Doya followed Dodd up to the stage. She had been in a weird mood since Pames was in a coma, but this added some wonder and excitement to her day.

Dr Cahill came up on stage, she was wondering if she should just stand close by and not sit down. She came up and stood at attention. She waited to see what was going on.

Both were standing to attention as Lucy brought out another box and opened it, Jasmine took the first Silver Oak Leaf out and stood in front of Ensign Doya, unlike the others she did not pin it to the Ensigns chest, just simply placed it in her hand.

"Ensign Emja, Lieutenant Pames has earned this, as she is currently unable to attend I would like you to accept the Silver Oak Leaf on the Lieutenant's behalf, for achievements Lieutenant Pames has done during the short time she has been with us," Somers said pinning the Silver Oak Leaf into her hand and then offering her hand.

"Thank you," Doya whispered to the captain. She was moved that Pames be still given an award even in her situation.

Then she took the second award of three out of the box, stood in front of Dodd, and pinned the Silver Oak Leaf to his chest. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Dodd I am awarding you this for achievements you have done during the short time you have been with us. I look forward to seeing more from you in future" Somers said securing the Silver Oak Leaf his chest and then offering her hand.

Reaching to shake the captain's hand made Dodd sported a smile. He seldom did that at formal functions but he was proud that the captain had given him such an honour.

Then waited till the noise died down, then pulled out the third and final Silver Oak Leaf and walked over to Cahill. She then took the third award out of the box and stood in front of Cahill and pinned the Silver Oak Leaf to her chest. "Lieutenant Cahill I am awarding you this for achievements you have done during the time you have been with us. I look forward to seeing more from you in future" Somers said securing the Silver Oak Leaf her chest and then offering her hand.

Cahill was totally shocked when she heard about the Silver Oak Leaf Award and managed to hold her composure as the award was pinned on her chest. She was totally unable to believe herself being given this but was happy to get it. She smiled and thanked Captain Somers, then snapped a salute to her. "Thank you for your confidence in m, Captain. I always try to give every mission my best."

"Well done. OOOOORAAAAH"! Maia yelled to the recipients.

Dr Cahill then returned to her seat.

She joined the others in applauding the trio as they returned to their seats, then another box was brought to her by Lucy, Somers faced those assembled and smiled. "Now for the Blue Diamond Award, this is given to a Department for their actions during any given mission and this time this award goes to the Engineering Department, for their actions on keeping this ship together during Combat. Now, this will be added to all service files of those in Engineering, but would Lieutenant Junior Grade Dodd please come to the front to accept this award on the behalf of his department" Somers announced.

Lt Cahill looked at Commander Sterling and winked. She could tell from my face I was shocked. I did not expect this one at all. I sat down 3 chairs from her and was glad my knees did not collapse under me. I continued to enjoy each new award as the recipients we announced.

The room broke into applause as a bewildered Dodd once again stood up, Jasmine actually felt sorry for him and the others as the surprises were not yet over.

Dodd was more than surprised but felt so much honour for his department. He proudly resumed his spot on the stage. He could feel the excitement from his fellow departmental staff members. They all deserved this acknowledgement and he was glad he had his departmental meeting before this ceremony.

As the Chief Engineer stepped up to the stage once again and held out his hand as Jasmine placed the award in his hand "With grateful thanks on keeping this ship together during our combat in the Hydaransz system. I award the Engineering Department with the Blue Diamond Award, congratulations" Somers said as she shook his hand with her other hand.

Dodd firmly shook the captain's hand and thanked her for the honour. He really was proud of his department and their service to the ship.

"This award is a tribute to my dedicated staff and my excellent assistant chief engineer. You all have worked so selflessly in keeping this good ship in working order. As chief engineer, I want to say I am so proud of each and every one of my staff and look forward to serving with you for a long time to come." Dodd stated while he had the chance.

Dodd then returned to his seat amidst a rowdy applause from the crew that were in attendance, Somers waited for the hubbub to die down before continuing.

Cahill stood up to applaud the Blue Diamond Award for Engineering. It was a great honour for any department to receive.

Maia walked over to Lt Dodd and shook his hand. "Congratulations Lieutenant, it's well deserved". Maia said. Don't be embarrassed to be recognised for outstanding work. It may seem like a dog and pony show but events on the Tomcat have always been a little more formal than the rest of Starfleet at least since Captain Somers took command. Besides you are shaping up to be the finest ChEng we ever had". Maia stated.

"Well, I am honoured to be part of such a team and ship. Thank you for your kind words. I am sort of speechless on behalf of my staff, but thank you none the less." Dodd replied and he was still surprised his staff had achieved such an acknowledgement. He even nodded at Taggert when he saw her standing and looking at him.

Taggert smiled and clapped that the department of which she was a part had gotten the Blue Diamond Award. She felt very proud to have contributed to their success on this mission.

Jekkar nodded in appreciation as he applauded. Not many can say they got such a prestigious award so early in their Service. The Andorian knew that the recipients deserved it.

Like everyone else Sheela clapped with happiness for those who were awarded, she looked over to where Walon was and saw that the Counsellor was also applauding those who had been awarded the Bronze and Silver Oak Leafs and Blue Diamon that had been awarded.

K'Muss immediately stood up and joined in on all the applause. " Way to go guys!" he said

Somers applauded the awardees along with the rest of those assembled as those called up returned to their seats, Jasmine waited until the noise had once again died down and when it did Armitage brought another small box forward and passed it onto Somers, who nodded her thanks.

"Okay now the last award to be given before I move onto promotions, Commander Maia Aurora Sterling step up to the stage if you will." Somers said and waited for her First Officer to come on up, Jasmine wanted to say 'Come on down, the Price is right' but she refrained from such action as her humour was not easily understood.

Maia blinked surprised, but maintained her military bearing and went back up onto the stage and looked at Captain Somers inquisitively.

Taggert got the crew started with another round of applause and looked at Teela, who smiled back, as they gave their XO some recognition.

Dodd was happy for Sterling and stood up to applaud her as she walked to the stage. While he had not worked a lot with the commander, he did have a deal of respect for her.

Jekkar had seen a lot of Executive Officers in his career. After all compared to many of these Officers he was older given his career path. Sterling was a good Officer and he knew that she deserved the recognition.

Dr Cahill was really putting herself into applauding the First Officers as Sterling was going forward, no one else noticed as all were clapping like it was going out of fashion. "Woohoo!" she shouted in response to the award.

Both Sheela and Walon had emotional responses of varying degrees, but both were applauding and shouting best wishes and well done to Sterling being awarded the Exemplary Service Medal.

K'Muss started to clap again. He hadn't spoken with the XO at length but he knew an exemplary officer when he saw one.

As Maia came up onto the stage and stood to attention, Somers looked at her with a smile "Commander Sterling, in recognition for your five years of service to this ship, first as my Chief Science Officer then as my First Officer. I am proud to award you with the Exemplary Service Commendation Medal with bronze oak leaf cluster, this is currently one of the highest honours anyone can attain on the USS Tomcat and you've earned it twice. The other being granted the right to wear the white cord of courage" Somers said pinning the Medal onto Sterling's jacket and holding out her hand.

"Congratulations Commander, Captains," Somers said pumping their hands up and down.

Maia shook the captain's hand. "It is an honour serving with you Captain and of course serving this ship and this crew. Thank you". Maia said pleased.

With that Somers nodded in response and Sterling left the stage and returned to her seat amidst a noisy applause, again Somers waited till the noise died down before she continued.

Dr Cahill stood to applause for Commander Sterling, She gave her a pat on the back for her achievement and then sat back down to hear what was going on next. She could feel everyone's tension as it was announced that promotions were next.

"Okay now the promotions, I will start with the lowest rank first then end with the highest rank" Somers began and cleared her throat as one could hear a pin drop the silence was deafening Armitage brought the First wooden box to her.

Somers was unsure how people would take this next bit, some like promotion, others feared it but knew it was what happened on a ship or Starbase "Will Ensign Nicole Taggert please come forward and up onto the stage" Jasmine announced.

oO Promotion? Oh, Nicole thought. She didn't think she'd be up for that just yet. The thought hadn't crossed her mind, but she stood and approached the stage the captain had set up for the crew.

"Go Nicci!" Teela whispered cheerfully for her friend, giving her a hidden little smack on her back, and a thumbs-up sign.

When Taggert was in front of Somers, the Captain pulled a dark pip out of the box and pinned it to Taggert's collar on the right side "Ensign Taggert, for your actions within the engineering department during the last mission and your conduct in General. I am pleased to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade below the zone as of this day, with all the rights and privileges the rank has" Somers said stepping back and holding out her offered hand to the newly minted Lieutenant Jg.

Nicole's heart was racing, and she shook the captain's hand, perhaps a little too strongly, so she lessened her grip a little. "Thank you, Captain, I appreciate this honour. I will keep doing my best in engineering as your Assistant Chief, ma'am," she said, breaking into a smile, as she gave the captain a proper salute. Her parents would be so proud of her, she couldn't wait to tell them the good news.

Maia clapped and cheered for their newly minted lieutenant.

Teela started clapping and her tail swished behind her in happiness, as Nicole saw her other colleagues joining in and cheering her on.

Dodd was actually at a loss for words when Taggert got called up for the promotion. He sent a message to the captain to request that Taggert is considered for it. He was so proud of Taggert as his assistant chief and she deserved it since it was really her leadership while he was on an away mission, that got the engineering department the Blue Diamond Award.

When Taggert's name was called Dr Cahill gave her tremendous applause and let go several whistles to go with it. She was happy to see her make Ltjg, she truly deserved it.

Jekkar applauded her efforts. The Lieutenant had certainly made an impression indeed.

Joining in with the rest of the crew Sheela applauded she thought that those promoted deserved the promotions so she joined in with the Captain and crew.

Iria was clapping, she almost whistled but did not want to embarrass Taggert so instead she just yelled, "Good work Taggeert!" There was so much noise and emotion going on she was sure that by the end of this day she was going to have a headache but for once it was going to be well worth it. This was not like the awards ceremonies she had been party to in previous assignments. This bunch was more willing to make noise. It was refreshing, fun and with all the mix of loud thoughts, her head buzzed with all the activity. It was near enough to make her ears ring...

"Way to go!" K'Muss said quietly as Taggert got her hollow pip. he only met her recently but he couldn't think of a more deserving officer. He added his applause to the rest.

Maia continued clapping she loved to see her crewmates advance. "Well done"!! The XO yelled.

When the applause had died down Somers continued as she cleared her throat, "okay to save time, would the following Officers please come up to the stage. *dramatic pause* Would Lieutenant's Junior Grades Remington Dodd and Solan Jekkar come up to the stage" Somers said clapping along with the rest of the crowd as the two officers made their way to the stage.

Both Officers stood to attention as Armitage brought forward two brown boxes, Somers removed the Half-Pips from both officers’ collars and passed them to Armitage. Then she took out the first full pip and stepped first up to Jekkar.

"Lieutenant Solan Jekkar, you may have been on the Tomcat for but a short time, but in that time, you have proven yourself to be a worthy and competent officer and a fine Chief of Security. So it is my honour to promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant and place upon you all the rights and privileges the rank gives. Well done Lieutenant Jekkar" Somers said holding out her hand.

"Thank you, Captain," Jekkar said as he shook her hand and waited for the solid gold pip to be presented. Years as a Security Officer and now he was a full Lieutenant.

After the firm handshake, Jasmine steps back, picks up the second full pip and steps up to Dodd, and pins it onto his collar "Lieutenant Remington Dodd, you may have been on the Tomcat for but a short time. But in that time, you have proven yourself to be a worthy and competent officer and a fine Chief Engineer and the glowing report of your away mission with Major Donovan. So it is my honour to promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant and place upon you all the rights and privileges the rank gives. Well done Lieutenant Dodd" Somers said holding out her hand.

Reaching out to shake the captain's hand had Dodd so full of confidence that he may have had too firm of a grip as he shook her hand. He was feeling all the emotions from the room and those of the captain were strong. He was literally speechless at this moment and could not say anything so he just smiled. Dodd also reached over to shake Jekkar's hand as a way to say congratulations. Dodd was lost in the emotions and was eager to get off the stage as he was literally overjoyed with all the happiness in the room.

Again Maia clapped and cheered. Good officers they both were.

Dr Cahill gave Dodd and Jekkar a loud whistle and applause as they were promoted. She was always glad to see others advance in rank.

K'Muss was eager to join in with the doctor, as well as the others. He was proud to serve with such fine officers.

From her seat, Taggert gave her Chief a strong round of applause. He definitely deserved it and hoped she would be able to handle an entire department like him someday, but for now, learning the ropes under Dodd was a good experience. Teela and she were both smiling for their immediate boss.

Now she was feeling a little bored, this was a longer ceremony that what she had attended in the past, but again she dutifully applauded with the next award.

Iria was glad for both Jekkar and Dodd they had both done great on the ship and for their departments they were both truly good men to have aboard the ship and had gotten well earned promotions. She clapped and gave into the want for whistling in encouragement and joy for them both.

Once again Somers waited for the noise to die down as the two newly minted Full Lieutenants returned to their seats, here she decided to have a bit of fun, hiding a smile.

"Lieutenant Cahill, we have a special Award for you, come on up to the stage and receive this award!" Somers said cryptically as Armitage held onto a little wooden box. At the announcement, the room broke into a massive applause as Cahill stood up and made her way to the stage.

Dr Cahill was shocked to hear her name called again. Once she got over the shock she stood and walked up on stage and stood at attention. She was really surprised and she was also wondering what was going on.

As the Doctor came to attention on the stage Somers pulled out an Award and with a smile pinned the award onto the Doctors chest "Lieutenant Cahill, for your duties to this ship and during the last mission and comporting yourself as required by your position I hereby award you the Exemplary Service Commendation Ribbon" Somers said.

Dr Cahill saluted and started to leave the stage.

The Doctor was about to leave "Not finished yet Lieutenant" Somers said in a mock stern manner and watched at Cahill returned to attention, poor woman she was a tad nonplussed, she did not expect such a surprise.

Cahill saluted and started to leave when Captain Sommers called me back. I returned to attention and looked at her puzzled.

"Also, Lieutenant Cahill you have been with us for quite sometime and in that time, you have proven yourself to be a worthy and competent officer and a fine Chief Medical Officer. So it is my honour to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and place upon you all the rights and privileges the rank gives. Well done Lieutenant Commander Cahill," Somers said pinning a half pip onto the Doctors collar and holding out her hand. "Congratulations Commander on the promotion and the award" Jasmine added as she began applauding.

Dr Cahill stood there for a minute in total shock of the promotion to LCMD. She did not expect it in anyway at all. Once she composed herself she saluted and then walked off stage.

The whole room broke out into applause, there were a lot of shouts and hurrahs's going about, Somers studied Cahill as she stood there for a moment before her mobility returned and she left the stage.

Maia smiled. this was a secret she kept or a long time.

I look at Commander Sterling and smile, I could not help but wink at her as I left the stage.

Jekkar was pleased for the Doctor, her work ethic was commendable and she was a friendly person to be around. She deserved such an honour.

Dodd was still speachless from all that happened for him and engineering during this ceremony. He applauded Cahill while standing at his seat. The emotional high of this room was so overwhelming that even the most controlled telepath would be feeling all of it. Dodd was just so happy that the Tomcat was so unified that he really felt like he found a family with the this ship and that all the crew were like siblings to him.

Taggert looked back at the Mousian with a smile and like the Commander Nicole clapped in appreciation of those who awarded and promoted.

" Great job, Doctor!" K'Muss said. " You deserve it!"

"Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Cahill!" Iria cheered, while she did not care for ranks and all (never intending to go above her current status), but she knew when folks worked hard and got such promotion it meant something to them and it was more than deserved. So she cheered and gave the Doctor a beaming smile.

Letting Cahill bask in the well-wishes and well done's from those assembled, while this was going on Somers was speaking to Armitage, instructing her to take the boxes back to storage and prepare the techs to dismantle the stage and to call the cleanup crews after the food has been eaten. She became aware that the noise level had lowered so she faced front again.

"Okay this Concludes the Ceremony, please feel free to have some snacks from the buffet table and mingle a little, but otherwise you are all relieved of attending this Ceremony. Also, those who were promoted your clearances have been updated as per your rank requires, now enjoy yourself as we will be at Starbase 39 Sierra and sadly the urgent tone of a message means none of us will be getting shore leave, so make the most of the downtime while you can, Thank you all for attending"

Jasmine finished her little speech and left as quietly as she had entered with Armitage in tow.

Dodd headed over to Doya and expressed how happy he was for all of her service to the Engineering Department. He also expressed to her, how sorry he was for Pames. He offered his assistance with getting Doya settled on Starbase 39 and she accepted it.

"Alright people lets clear this deck and get back to work". Maia shouted.

Dodd headed back to his quarters to prepare for the next shift.

Iria was the very last to leave the room, she had enjoyed herself more than she had expected and did not want it to end but there was work to do and she had promised to help Doya with getting Pames settled as well so to get to that she had other duties to attend to first...

Looking back Somers she noted that none of her senior staff partook of the buffet table, but the junior crew did, shrugging Jasmine headed straight back to her quarters to get changed out of her dress uniform so she could attend the next mission briefing.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Doya Emja [NPC: Dodd]
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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