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Interlude - Pre-Preperations [JP]

Posted on 06 Jul 2017 @ 4:22pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS Tomcat Security Office
Timeline: Post Mission Day 01-2


Jasmine was in the security office preparing some upgraded security clearances for those who were to be promoted, while she was doing this she was watching the events unfold on the Flight deck and was smiling to herself "Lucy I need you to do something for me" Somers said.

Lucy always jumped a little, she had entered the Security office quietly and yet the Captain still knew when she was in the room, she was always mystified by this "what is it, Captain?" Armitage asked.

Looking at the visuals "go down to the Flight deck and ask Commander Swiftpaws to come to this office will you please?" Jasmine asked.

"Yes, Captain" Armitage responded and left as quietly as she had arrived.

"That is a very fetching dress Sheela is wearing," Jasmine said to herself and finished up on what she was doing, she saw Lucy arrive and speak quietly to Sheela, who simply nodded and then Lucy made her way to the stage, a moment later Sheela stood up and left the flight deck and the security cameras showed her making her way to the Security office. As Sheela got outside the security office Jasmine changed their angle and turned around when she heard the office doors open.

Sheela entered the Security Offices and entered when the door opened for her. She looked the place over in a quick glance, assessing the place. "Squeee." Speaking softly to announce her presence and her attention fell on Jasmine. "Whot yooz need, Captain." As she approached the desk that Somers was sitting at.

Steeling herself Somers turned around with a smile "Sheela, I must say that is a very beautiful dress you have on there, but that is not why I asked to speak to you. What I wanted to bring to your attention was that technically you are out of uniform" she held her hand up to halt any response and to indicate that she was not finished. "I will let it slide this time, because it is a very lovely outfit you got on there, but for next time please see the quartermaster and withdraw a dress uniform with the correct rank, the Dress Uniform is mandatory regardless, so you can have the Mousian species Dress Uniform or you can have the Starfleet one, that choice is up to you, but you will need one for next time. You are not only Chief Intelligence Officer, but you are Second Officer and a member of my Command Staff, thus we need to set an example for the rest, also you hold a Starfleet Commission."

*A longer pause*

"So next official or diplomatic or Ceremony we have please wear a Dress Uniform, be it from your homeworlds military or Starfleet one if you will please, but for this Ceremony I will go easy, but damn that is a nice outfit, you going to put us all to shame" Somers said with a smile, now she let Sheela an opening.

"Iz has been assigned to this ship, Not as part of a fleet, but as an Intelligence asset. Civilian Consultant and plausible deniably incase Iz ever find mezself in a bind Iz can't get out of. Iz never joined Fleet, Iz just works for a fleet." Sheela spoke softly. "Thank yooz for the compliment. Iz that all you wanted mez for?"

"You are welcome, but I am serious about the Dress Uniform, because you are technically a Civilian I am asking you out of courtesy, but you hold a Starfleet Commission on my ship and you are Second Officer and part of my Command Staff and as such you are required to set an example. Now you do not need to wear to ceremonies anything other than a plain Dress Uniform with rank showing, that is for next time. As this is my ship I have the right to enforce dress codes and while you may not recognise the rank you have I do and for the next ceremonies you are required to wear a Dress Uniform it is mandatory in commissioned officers. As I have said Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws you hold a commission on my ship and even if it a Dress Uniform from your home planet it will be in evidence for the next ceremony."

Somers paused a long time

"Commander I let your many attempts at hiding information or bypassing Communications on my ship slide because I value your skills as an Intelligence Operator, so I think you could at least do a bit of quit pro quo. I continue to let you do your regular communications to your superiors and stuff you think I do not know about, and you wear a Dress Uniform at future ceremonies, how does that sound Commander?" Somers asked looking directly at Sheela with a steely gaze and raised an eyebrow.

Sheela gave a soft squeak/giggle and then nodded. "Squee-squee-squee. Okay, Captain."

Smiling warmly "Thank you Commander, but for now please return to the Flight deck, I will make sure our ceremonies are few so you do not have to wear the Uniform too often, dismissed Commander" Somers said.

Sheela said nothing, just simply nodded and quickly left the Security Office and returned to the flight deck. After Sheela had left the office Lucy walked in from the inner office "a livewire is that one Captain, I liked how you compromised there" Armitage said.

Looking at the door that Sheela had exited out from "yes she is and she is an excellent intelligence asset and has skills and sneaky ways around things and I can always use someone with such a skill, and I will stand by my word, but I thought it a small victory that she agreed to it, but do make a note, not too many ceremonies heh?" Somers asked.

Armitage nodded with a smile "I will go make final preparations on the Flight Deck Captain" she added and left the office smiling as she went.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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