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Interlude: Awards Ceremony - Preparations

Posted on 10 Jun 2017 @ 9:48pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various/Tomcat
Timeline: Post Mission Day 01


- Somers Quarters - 0600 -

Jasmine was in her quarters getting ready for the ceremony and mentally going over what she was going to say and who was to get what and who was to get promoted. While she was running things through her head she was sitting in her skivvies eating a full course breakfast, even though there would be a buffet afterwards and some non-alcoholic drinks. She had left lot chosen officers all junior officers and enlisted to command the ship on its way out of Hydaransz system.

"Computer time?" Somers asked

"It is 0630" the computer simply said.

Finishing up her breakfast and tea she put the dishes in the reclimator "Alrighty then, time for a shower" Somers added and stepped into the shower, even though it was a sonic one, she wished that it was a real water shower. Hell Archer's NX01 had some, but then again that ship was half the size of an Akira and thus had a smaller crew. But perhaps she would speak to the Engineers at Sierra Starbase to see if they could put in real water shower units for the Senior Staff and the Diplomatic quarters.

- 0715 -

After a lengthy sonic shower Jasmine stepped out of the unit and brushed her teeth and did all the basic hygienically things one normally does and puts on clean skivvies and exits the fresher room and checks on the progress of the ship, yes she was approaching the outer asteroid belt and would soon be leaving this annoying system behind. Putting all that out of her mind she got dressed in her dress whites and made sure her medal plate was straight, she made herself look presentable and styled her hair and picked up her Padd and after making sure her tunic was straight she left her quarters and headed for the flight deck.

- Tomcat Corridors -

She was approached by Lucy her Yeoman, she smiled at the half-Bajoran "What is it, Lucy?" Somers asked.

"Word from the catering staff Captain, the Flight deck will be ready on time," Armitage said.

"Thank you, Lucy, now you go and get ready yourself," Jasmine said with a smile and watched Lucy walk away.

- Dodd's Quarters - 0600 -

Dodd was sound asleep as he was feeling better about himself after the chat he had with Walon as he got a lot off his chest and freed himself from the guilt he was holding onto.

The Computer then interrupted the silence, "It is now 0630, time to rise."

Dodd then mumbled, "Fifteen more minutes."

The computer then resets and gave him fifteen more minutes so then at 0645, "It is now time to wake up."

Dodd then got out of bed and headed for the shower. He shaved, and showered and then entered his living area not wearing a thing.

"Computer, time?" Dodd asked.

"Time is now 0720. Reminder: you have an awards ceremony at 0900."

"Thank you, computer, I would like two scrambled eggs, two strips of crispy bacon and two pieces of whole wheat toast, buttered."

The replicator produced the requested meal and Dodd then sat at his desk to review the reports from the night shift as he ate.

He finished reading his reports and then placed his plate and fork in the replicator and the requested a glass of Andorian Ice Cider to wash down his breakfast. As he drank his cider he could sense some thoughts from the crew but they were trivial thoughts and he had come to consider it white noise for the most part. He then went to his closet and pulled out his dress uniform. He hated that uniform as it was more binding than the standard duty uniform. He began the process of getting the uniform fit for wear.

- 0800 -

Dodd brushed his teeth and finally decided to dress and prepare for the ceremony. It was his first such ceremony on the Tomcat, but he had attended several in the course of his career.

- 0820 - 0840 - Tomcat Corridors -

Dodd fed Rocky his monthly mouse and then headed to his office in Engineering. He wanted to grab his Engineering PADD so he could have it for reviewing the ship's systems while everyone was at the ceremony, yes he knew a small crew of essential staff members would be working their stations, he wanted to be on top of thing anyway.

Dodd was then walking the corridors to the flight deck to take his proper place for the ceremony. He could tell by the thoughts and emotions of everyone that they were so glad that we had this time to sort of celebrate the end of our last mission and the excitement of what to come was starting to take its grip on everyone.

- Taggert's Quarters - 0600 -

The young ensign was soundly asleep when the computer chimed, "The time is 0600 hours. You have a formal ceremony at 0900 hours on the main flight deck."

"Ugh," she moaned. She was tired, unusual for her nowadays. But she got up and decided to start the day. She was clad only in her underwear and a night-shirt, a loose-fitting tank top. Her generous curves still showed through as she disrobed and decided to shower first thing, as she did every day. It helped her wake up.

The hot shower despite it being a sonic shower, worked its magic. After getting cleaned, she put on her regulation undergarments, as she got herself some breakfast.

"Computer, breakfast food," she said, as the computer showed dozens of options. "Two waffles, raw maple syrup and butter, three slices of soft bacon, two scrambled eggs with cheese, tarragon, rosemary, pepper, and all-purpose spice in them."

The breakfast replicated after the computer took in the order, and she brought the plate over to her table in her quarters. She got some coffee with cream and sugar, and some orange juice, and sat down to enjoy her breakfast. She leant over a little, and as she took a sip she spilt some coffee down her cleavage, burning a little.

"Damn it," she said to herself, as she wiped it off, and between. She sighed, and continued her breakfast, reading some history books, imagining what it would've been like to have lived in the 1920s during the so-called 'Roaring 20's' or during the Gilded Age, with the huge Newport Rhode Island mansions going up. The beauty, the ornateness, the degree of detail they put into their work, by hand, was amazing and inspiring. She could only hope to put that much effort into her own work in the service when she fixed things.

"Man, this bacon is good," she said, enjoying the texture, the taste, just like her mother used to make when growing up. Her mother gave her the replicator settings specifically after she had been rescued so she'd have something to remind her of home. The eggs, with the rosemary and tarragon to really bring out the flavour, were always comforting to her, and utterly delicious. She ate quite a bit, but she couldn't really gain weight in most of her body, thanks to what she went through, which, all things being considered, was a nice bonus.

After she finished, she put her stuff back in the replicator slot to let it get recycled, and went to her closet to get her dress uniform out. Being a junior officer, her dress uniform had a grey shirt, with a white jacket and according to custom, skirt and calf-high boots. But most female officers wore pants and standard boots. But then again, she didn't want to look bad for her new captain.

=/\=Taggert to Tjaansz=/\= she called, as she picked up her Comm in her hand and tapped it with her thumb.

=/\=Tjaansz here. How're you Nicci?=/\= came back the cheerful reply of her purple friend.

=/\=Good, just a bit worried. Hey, which dress uniform option are you doing? I don't want to look bad for the captain my first time in dress uniform.=/\= Nicci asked.

=/\=I'm going skirt option, calf-high regulation boots,=/\= Tjaansz replied. =/\=I look better in a skirt and I think all women officers should wear it. But who am I to tell humans how to dress? I have a tail to worry about. I don't know how you get by.=/\=

The comment came across so innocently Nicci couldn't take offence, but she figured she'd play it safe. She hated skirts and hated wearing them, and had only worn pants or shorts since her return from the Orions, but she'd bite the bullet this time.

=/\=Thanks Teela. See you there=/\= Nicci said as she closed the comm-line.

She walked on over to the computer. "Computer, replicate standard dress uniform skirt for junior officers, my size."

After a moment, the skirt appeared, and she sighed. "Another step," she said, breathing out. Officers got a gold trim, while enlisted got a silver trim. On either side of the skirt and along the seam line, was department colour piping, with gold outside it.

First, she put on 'nude' hose, then put the skirt on, zipping it up in back like she'd been shown how to do, but leaving it undone so she could put on her tunic. She zipped up and tucked it in properly, and zipped it up. She finished zipping the skirt and aligned the zipper to the front mark so it would look proper. Due to her body's figure, it looked form-fitting even though that wasn't her intent. She got the jacket off her hanger, and put the jacket on, arranging her commbadge to align with the hem, her ribbons to show the badge. She didn't have many just yet, but the Starfleet Honour Graduate and the three others were something she was proud of having earned so far.

Walking to the bathroom mirror, she put on her makeup as she had learned how to do well enough that it was second nature now, and then put her hair up in a regulation-style bun. Given that her hair reached her waistline, it was a sizeable bun. She reached for her combination cover, just in case, and took a final look. She breathed to steady herself, thinking everything was in order.

Walking to the couch, she put on her calf-high boots and zipped them up, careful not to damage the hose she had on. She looked one last time in the wall mirror and saw she looked just like the recruitment posters for Starfleet.

"Let's get going," she said to herself. Even though it was 0730 when she left.

She got to engineering and found Tjaansz checking a few reports, and saw she was indeed in her skirt as well, combination cover on the pool table as she verified a few repairs to the computer and passed it off to an enlisted officer.

"Nicci! I mean, Ensign Taggert!" she gave a careful hug so as not to ruin the dress uniform. "You look great in that uniform!"

Teela took her in, noting that the uniform didn't hide Nicci's curved body in the least, and yet was picture perfect.

"Thanks," Nicci said, self-conscious. She blushed. "I wanted to make sure I made a good impression the first time I was in dress uniform since coming back to the fleet. What's going on down here?"

"I was just getting a few reports confirmed. We fixed quite a bit of the computer over the past couple of days, and I was just triple-checking it," Teela replied. "If you wouldn't mind, I have a few reports for you too, since you're my superior officer."

"Ha," Nicci replied with some sarcasm. "By a year maybe. Let's see what we've got."

About 0838, Nicci looked up with the last report and looked at one of the clocks on the ship. "Come on, we've got to head out!"

- Cahill's Quarters -

Dr Cahill got up and took her sonic shower. She was enjoying the relaxing sense the fight was over and the usual injuries rolled in on occasion. She got breakfast and then took out her Dress Whites. She chose the skirt and regulation heels. She finished putting them on and then we out to the Sick Bay area. A skeleton crew would be on duty to care for the ones being treated in Sick Bay, the rest were ordered to report to the ceremony. She heard a few whistles and just let it go.

She went to the nearest Turbo lift and the stepped out onto the correct deck. As she entered the Flight deck she waved to a few of the other senior officers and then stood by for things to start.

- K'Muss Quarters -

K'Muss woke up groggily and walked over to his replicator and ordered his favourite breakfast. "Computer bacon extra crispy scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, orange juice, and one waffle, materialised," he said. The food materialised. He placed it on a nearby table while he took a quick sonic shower.

"Ahh. That's better!" He said as he got out to eat. " Computer, the schedule for today?" He was reminded of the impending awards ceremony and that he'd be out of uniform. "Crap! I'm fleet now!" He said. He immediately replicated a set of dress whites, dressed, and started towards the flight deck.

- Jekkars Quarters -

The Andorian Lieutenant stood looking at the Dress Uniform that was hung up on his rack. Jekkar was one of the few in Starfleet who didn't like Dress Uniforms. He found them to be uncomfortable and given that he was primarily and Investigator and Criminologist he hadn't worn them that much.

He had been awake since 07:00 and had been to the gym and had breakfast so now was the time to get ready.

"Computer who has the Bridge Tactical Station during the Awards Ceremony?" He asked as he began to get changed.

=/\= Ensign Omar Saeed is the Tactical Officer on duty in the absence of Lieutenant Jekkar and Ensign K'Muss. =/\=

He checked the time on his personal terminal as he slipped his boots on and then his Dress Whites. He made sure that his ribbons and awards were shined up rather nicely and gathered his PADDD. The Andorian then proceeded out to go join the others.

- Walon's quarters -

Ceremonies were in Iria's opinion a pain in the backside. Parties were fun. Ceremonies with the Dress whites, skirt or no skirt the uniform was not designed properly in her humble opinion anyway. She thought the dress whites made the Fleet officers look like servers for banquets or the like. Iria hated them. She had gotten up at 0400 for a run on the holodeck, followed by a long sonic shower. She took the time to enjoy herself before returning to her quarters and starting to get ready at 0645 hours.

A mostly relaxing sonic shower followed by a chocolate chip and banana pancakes with a side of bacon and a tall glass of milk, for breakfast. Then she braided her hair, pacing around her quarters happily nude, shooting looks of annoyance at her dress uniform. She grumbled as she looked between the skirt and the pants. Her dual coloured eyes ( copper brown right eye and jade green left eye) narrowed as she thought. The skirt would show off the scars she got along her left thigh and calf, as a child and while it did not bother her it might bother other folks. So pants were the polite choice. Turning she picked out her bra and panties and got into her uniform. After pulling on her boots she double checked for scuffs and then fixed a seam that was out of place before the computer let her know it was 0830 hours. Cursing under her breath as she walked quickly out of the door of her quarters. She was going to be cutting it close...

- Sterlings Quarters-0700 -

Maia had gotten off her duty shift at 0200, she was working on her final report for Hydaranz 4 and what her away team had really found. Maia had gotten off with a few bumps scrapes and bruises. Lt Pames wasn't so lucky. She was late because she went to visit Lt Pames who was in a coma in sickbay. She felt responsible but who could have thought what would happen would have happened. Then she heard the klaxon go off with an announcement.

=/\= All Hands, this is the Captain, there will be an Awards Ceremony held in the flight bay, dress whites or greens are required, all Senior Officers and Staff are to attend, it is a mandatory event ALL must be there. The Ceremony will begin on our outward journey from Hydaransz and on our way to Starbase 39 Sierra, the Awards are to recognise and acknowledge all your contributions to this ship and to the mission. Ceremony start on the Flight Deck Two day's from now at 0900 hours, you have until then to sort things out and to be ready, thank you, Somers out =/\= she closed the line.

=/\=Sterling acknowledges.=/\=

Maia saved her work then had called up a new dress uniform in the replicator with full insignia and decoration.


Maia took a sonic shower trying to work out the aches and pain. Her shoulder was still badly bruised but she was as stoical about it as usual. she then spends the next half an hour doing hair makeup and nails. while at the same time drinking coffee and eating a croissant.


Maia started getting dressed. She missed the old uniforms these were cut so severely. Too bad they didn't have the uniforms they had in Kirk's era, Maia knew those miniskirt uniforms were very comfortable. Still, she looked good at least. She was a bit tired though. The 2nd shift wasn't particularly hard but there was always so much for a first officer to do. Maia was often amazed by exactly how regimented her life actually was. For a captain, the ship always came first. For the Executive officer, the crew always came first. Usually, both ideas were in sync, but on those rare occasions when they weren't and the Tomcat had to venture where even Angels feared to tread, Maia often found herself extremely grateful that fate or maybe God's grace usually seemed to go in their favour. Fools Children and ships named Tomcat. Maia said amused at the thought.


Maia had dressed slowly making sure that everything was correct and in order. She always showed up to these events early so that she could talk to people. Maia was a hellcat in combat, but during normal duty, she was efficient but very laid back. She used joviality to break the tension and liked to tell a joke. Admittedly some were better than others. She did, however, project an aura of caring, which to other people was very relaxing. Maia casually left her quarters and made her way down to the flight deck.


Maia arrived on the flight deck and noticed the colour guard was already there practising. They looked like Marines which is to say exceptionally professional. Maia watch for a few moments then started mingling with the few that decided to show up a bit early.

- Sheela's Den -

0500 hrs:

Sheela woke up and stretched slowly to get the kinks and loosen the muscles up for the day. She glanced at her monitor and it showed the various schedules for the day. She nodded to herself as she padded into the refresher to get cleaned up with a luxurious shower.

0545 hrs:

Sheela smiled as she groomed her fur out. She made funny faces and sighed. It was time for a serious grooming. She put on her baggy sweats and moved over to the closet and pulled out a nice A shape gown with thin shoulder straps. She carefully placed the gown in a small gym bag. She departed from her Den and scampered through the ship to one of the many holo-decks that weren't in use.

0624 hrs:

Once inside the holodeck, Sheela locked the door and activated Grooming 4 Program. Once it became active, she moved through the grooming parlour to the desired room. Once inside, she stripped down to her furry body and laid on the table.

Several Mousian Attendants showed up and laid out their clippers, combs and brushes. "Greeting Mistress Swiftpaws." The Senior Groomer spoke. "Full treatment?"

"Squea! Full grooming with a manicure on the claws." Sheela smiled, speaking softly.

"This way," Senior Groomer spoke waving towards the Masseuse Table like the bed.

Sheela complied as the rest of the groomers set up their gear on a special cart like tables around the Masseuse table. She let her arms dangle over the edge to let the manicurist go to work as the Senior Groomer moved her hair out of the way and began clipping her fur into a smooth level coating of her fur.

Sheela relaxed and dozed just enough to be responsive when she needed to reposition herself under the directions of the Senior Groomer.

0745 hrs.

"All done!" Senior Groomer spoke with a smile as she helped her up.

Sheela stood up accepting the help, looking in the full-length mirror as the Senior Groomer brushed from head to the toe and tip of the tail. "Once again, you've done an excellent job."

Senior Groomer smiled as she teased, "Wait till you get the bill from the Groomers Guild." Both giving a soft squeak/giggle.

"Only if they can catch up with mez." Sheela teased back as she gave herself one final full body shake. She moved to the gym bag and pulled out clean panties and slid them on. "Much better."

She put the gown on and settled it into place.

0835 hrs

Once dressed and ready to go. She grabbed her gym bag which now carried her sweats and dirty undergarments. She ended the program and left the holodeck. She had one of the passing crews to drop off her gym bag at her office as she made her way to the flight deck where the ceremony would take place.

- Flight Deck -

From her place at the Stage Lucy noted that all the Officers and enlisted lucky enough to be at the Ceremony, Commander Swiftpaws had just returned after speaking to the Captain, so all was set. So Armitage left the room and headed to Main Security to notify the Captain that all was ready.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Ensign Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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