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Dawn of the Dominion Occupation

Posted on 18 Jun 2017 @ 9:55pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Kronos Space/Kronos Hall of Warriors
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 8

Stardate: 239012.20


Five months on and the need for experienced officers had become acute, and among the promotions, Donovan was promoted one grade and Alex two graded to Lieutenant Colonel, “Somers Renegades” as the unit was now known were the most experienced unit currently active in the fleet and thus were in high demand. Now the Tomcat was on route to Kronos, it seemed a heavy Dominion force was attacking the High Council chambers where the Klingon high Council and their personal guards were fighting, the moment the Tomcat and its escort ships arrived in the system they joined the Klingon ships and other surviving Starfleet ships already there.

- Klingon Space -

The two Achilles class ships join the fray working as a single unit, while the Tomcat hung back.

"Colonel, we are being hailed by the IKS First city their flagship, a Captain Trovin commanding" the communications officer announced.

"Put him onscreen El-tee, easy" Griffiths said.

The view of space was replaced with the grisly countenance of a Klingon Captain =/\=Colonel Griffith's it an honour to meet you, tell me why are you here?=/\= he asked.

She raised an eyebrow =/\=you did not just ask that I cannot believe you asked why I am here=/\= she was smiling as she said this and exaggerated the smile, to show she was being humorous.

Trovin looked at her puzzled a moment, he was running what he said through his mind and suddenly he burst out laughing, Naomi just sat there in silence and waited till he calmed down.

=/\=Captain, we have come to extract the High Council, my three ships are the only ones that can currently be spared, Joint Command has new orders for you=/\= Griffith’s began and Trovin looked at her curiously. =/\=When we have pulled your High Council out and then we are all to return to Earth, apparently the Federation has two areas still under our control, the Xindi area and Sol. I also know that there is no Klingon Colony that has not been subjugated or wiped out and Kronos is the last hold out=/\= Griffith added and saw Trovin’s face sag.

=/\=I did not know about the rest of the Empire” he sadly said “what do you want us to do now?=/\= he asked recovering.

Griffith’s sympathised with him, the Klingon’s were a proud warrior race and had not been conquered in a million standard years, now they were on their knees so to speak.

=/\= Send out a secure message to all ships the other side of the Empire to retreat to Xindi space, they have been told to expect Klingon ships in small groups arriving if they did hit and run attacks on their way out it might ease the uncomfortable sensation of retreating. All other ships remaining here will return to earth to defend Sol=/\= Griffith’s finished.

Trovin nodded once and signed off, Griffith’s spoke to a marine officer who approached her.

“That was most unpleasant, the Klingon’s are a proud people they do not take defensively

Shrugging “That was not easy for him to hear Captain, ” Donovan said “but it had to be done, but I do not envy your job” Donovan spoke.

“Get down there and let Alex know her Renegades will be beaming into a close quarters situation so be ready” Griffith’s announced.

Donovan nodded and left the bridge after the doors closed she had the lift take her to the Gear up room, the lift opened ways down the corridor so she had a little walk.

- Gear Up Room - USS Tomcat -

Donovan walks into the room and all lookup Alex locks eyes “Captain says gear up for close quarters, but it sounds like it is a go” Donovan said.

Alex nodded and the marines equipped themselves for close quarters combat, she was looking forward to using her desert eagles, the initial introduction to the loud bangs was enough to startle the most battle hardened warriors. All the Renegades were now equipped with chemically fired projectile weapons, they had the now standard M45 Assault Rifle and the L52 Sidearm, only Alex broke that mould with her twin desert eagles strapped to her hips.

Somers looked around “okay you guys let us go kill some bad guys,” she said and led her troops to the transporter room.

- Hall of Warriors - Qo'noS - Deep space -

The Klingon Chancellor was fighting alongside his High Council and personal guard, all knew that they were going to die and were fine with it. Then all heard Starfleet transporter sounds and from the corner of his eye the Chancellor saw a dozen Starfleet Marines materialise all were in medium combat armour and the two that stood out was a Redhead and a very tall female, then he jumped as two loud bangs could be heard.

As if in slow motion the Chancellor was about to bring his Bat’Leth down onto a Jem’Hadar and he saw a projectile enter the side of the enemies head and exit out the other side taking brain matter and skull pieces on its outbound track. The Jem’Hadar was dead before he hit the ground, a few more shots and then he heard a battle cry and a lot of thuds and thwacks followed by gurgles signifying slit throats.

The Chancellor was getting on he was not a young man and he was caught off guard and the next he knew he was looking up into the eyes of a Jem’Hadar which were cold and without emotion oO How Vulcan-like Oo the Chancellor thought to himself as the soldier raised his blade.

The Chancellor thought it was strange that one he was not dead yet and two how funny it looked to see a surprised look on the Jem’Hadars face as he looked down at a slightly curved blade sticking out of his chest before the life left his eyes and he fell to the left as the sword was pulled out. Standing above him was the tall Starfleet Marine. Now he got a good look at his saviour, she wore a visor tinted red hiding her eyes and a mark between her eyes, she moved one of her other blades to the left hand and held her hand out to offer help. Klingon or not, pride or not this woman had just saved his life, he could cope with this and took the offer of help, now he looked around and saw the surviving Klingon’s and all the marines standing, then the redhead approached him, she looked familiar to him.

“Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers, of Somers Renegades Second SAS MACO, we have come to extract you, the High Council and any members of your personal guard that have survived, energise, ” Somers said, but the Chancellor did not move, then she got the hint. “This is Marine Captain S’arila Donovan my Second” Alex said as Donovan stood up after wiping her blades on a dead Jem’Hadar.

“Pleasure to meet you Chancellor” Donovan simply said.

Alex smiled and tapped her Commbadge =/\= Somers to Tomcat, ready to leave this place, beam the injured to energise when ready =/\= Somers said.

=/\= Tomcat Flight control acknowledged, out =/\=

Somers looked at the Chancellor as all his wounded were beamed out “normally I would say it is not the beginning of the end, but only the end of the beginning. In this case, it is the Beginning of the end, not the end of the beginning the alliance is making its last stand at Sol” Somers said and she and the Chancellor were the last to beam up. The moment they were aboard the surviving ships warped out to a quiet sector to do a headcount.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

Marine Captain S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment


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