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Downward Spiral

Posted on 14 Jun 2017 @ 9:32pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Vulcan/Space over Vulcan
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 7


- Vulcan Space -

Stardate: 239003.15 - 239003.25: Six years of constant war has taken it's toll on the Starfleet alliance, unlike the first Dominion War the Romulans cannot be duped into siding with the Alliance and they had a firm non-aggression treaty with the Dominion alliance and could not be budged. The Ferengi Alliance had paid a lot of latinum for a non-aggression pact, this left the only true ally of the Federation.

By this time Somers Renegades were permanently stationed aboard the USS Tomcat under the command of Colonel Naomi Griffiths, her predecessor Colonel Jasmine Somers had been promoted to Brigadier General and given command of a larger contingent of Marines which had been silent for some time and were considered MIA. Now a large Starfleet/Klingon task force arrived in the Vulcan system and the moment it was possible they opened fire upon the unsuspecting Dominion Alliance ships.

All knew their advantage would not last so they made the most of it, most of the smaller enemy ships exploded and the larger ones gained some damage then the surprise advantage was all over and the fire was returned. During the battle the USS Tomcat and it's two escort ships, two Achilles classes once again showed how lethal an Achilles class could be. One was a handful, two were too much and the Akira class Point defence micro torpedo spread only made things harder.

As the ship banked hard to port it launched all its fighters, all the pilots on the Tomcat had become veterans in the years the Federation Alliance had been at war and had learned the weak points of the enemy ships. As the Tomcat and its escorts broke past the enemy defence line Griffith's activated the ship's tannoy.

=/\= Bridge to Renegades, get into your drop pods, you will be falling into hostile territory, the Vulcan Council of Elders is holed up in their sanctum and the Vulcan Defence Forces are losing the high ground, good luck down there, bridge out =/\= with that Griffiths signed off and returned her attention to the fighting going on around her.

Down on Vulcan as on Denobila all look up briefly as sonic booms were heard and objects fell from the sky, both sides in this instance returned to shooting at each other as both knew there was fighting going on in space and assumed the falling objects were debris coming in fast.

All defenders took cover as twenty-four drop pods hit in front of the Vulcans and loud pops could be heard as the hatches on these things were ejected and out came black armoured figures who moved away long enough for all the pods to be beamed up, then they fired as they retreated behind the barricades.

“Where are your Elders?” one of the black armoured figures asked.

The Vulcan in charge of the defenders saw 2nd SAS MACO Logo and quickly came to a decision “Up there” the Vulcan said pointing to a doorway on the side of a steep hill come mountain. The door was carved on the side of the mountain sighing heavily 12 MACOs split off and headed up that way while the others assisted the defenders.

- Vulcan temple -

Twelve MACOs enter the sanctuary and draw the attention of the praying elders, Donovan who was leading this team removed her helmet and squinted as her eyes adjusted somewhat.

“Who are you..?” the head Vulcan asked, looking to see if she bore any rank and avoiding her eyes, but not the mark between her eyebrows.

“I am First Lieutenant S’arila Donovan 2nd SAS MACO Regiment, we have been tasked with extracting all of you, command,” Donovan said.

The Vulcan leader sensed the urgency in the woman’s voice “You seem hurried, why?”
“Well Sir, Starfleet is fighting a rearguard action, the enemy is about to overrun your defenders anCommand want’s the Vulcan elders extracted and that is why we are here, the enemy will kill you and if there is to be a resistance to the eventual Dominion occupation then the Rebellion will need wise leaders and advisors and if any Vulcan’s manage to get away then they will need someone to look up to” Donovan responded.

“Your logic is good Lieutenant, but we must finish our meditation prayers, you can wait a little longer, energized get” The Vulcan said and saw exasperation on the officer's face followed by a look that she may just stun them all and get them out that way, as if the Lieutenant was reading his mind.

“You can either come willingly or I will stun you all and I and my men will get you out that way, now I do not wish to be dishonourable to your esteemed persons and dent your dignity, but if gets all of you to safety then it shall be done,” Donovan said.

The Vulcan nodded “what type of telepath are you Lieutenant?” he asked partially guessing, he had a moment of gratification as her eye’s widened in surprise.

“A very strong telepath Elder, I can hear your thoughts even now, hold a moment,” she said and closed her eyes as she began running mental thoughts through her mind anything to quieten down the mental noise in her head. When she opened her eyes again she was in control of her thoughts “let’s go” Donovan added, tapping a spot behind her ear as she and her men began to walk to the entrance as the Vulcan’s followed behind.

=/\= Donovan to Somers, coming out with the Vulcan elders, be ready to beam out on my next Comms =/\=

Pausing a moment she activated her suit Comms =/\= Understood, Somers out =/\=

Donovan looked back at the head Vulcan and smiled as she replaced her helmet and activated her suits communications. =/\= Donovan to Tomcat, we are ready for energising when ready =/\= Donovan announced and the Vulcan Elders and the surviving defenders were beamed up.

The moment they were on the ship the Tomcat warped out of there and the other ships followed suit when they could. Vulcan quickly fell to the Dominion, but the elders had been saved.


Marine Captain Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

1st Lieutenant S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment


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