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Security vs Counseling (back post)

Posted on 26 Oct 2017 @ 4:09pm by Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 26 Oct 2017 @ 6:36pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Counsellors Office
Timeline: just before the When Realities timeline begins.


Iria watched as the new counselling team walked out of her office and after checking her schedule. it was clear and barring any emergencies there was non one that needed her to listen right then. it was as good as time as any to try and talk to the chief of security. =/\=Walon to Jekkar If you have some time may we talk?=/\=

"I'm on my way Counselor," Jekkar said in response as he closed off his terminal and left his office. He took the nearest turbo lift and proceeded to the Counselling Office. Pressing the chime he waited.

Iria had taken a moment to move a small blue bonsai tree to a different shelf in her office and was about to sit back down when the chime sounded. she turned to face the doorway, "Come in."

"You wanted to see me, Counselor?" The Andorian Lieutenant asked as he made his way inside the Office.

"Make yourself at home, I was about to get a cup of tea, would you care for anything?" Iria asked lightly she would get to the reason behind her summons once he was comfortable.

He shook his head. "I'm okay thank you." He said politely as he took a seat at the desk.

Iria let the tea be as she figured it best to get on with the reason behind her request to see him. "Two things, during the recent boarding of the ship we lost a member of the counselling team to the boarding party's aggressive actions, I would like to schedule sessions for the whole counselling team, including myself to be properly certified for proper phaser use and if needs are close quarters combat. Secondly, some of your security team members have refused to come to counselling sessions and this needs addressing." Iria said lightly, but firmly.

" the First action is not a problem Counselor, I can have Ensign K'Muss and Ensign Saeed organise a training regime to retrain and certify your staff on the proper use of Phasers," Jekkar commented to the Counselor. " the Second action is not a problem but again I cannot guarantee all my staff will be as willing to undergo sessions."

"I mostly want to be certain that they're alright after the previous mission, I want to make sure there will not be any PSTD or other effects to their mental health," Iria said lightly as she made note of whom he said could help the counselling department with their phaser edict.


Ltj.g. Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat
Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security
USS Tomcat


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