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Posted on 02 Jun 2017 @ 7:37pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson & Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Ensign Doya Emja
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Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)
Location: USS Tomcat/Engineering
Timeline: Day 30


- Dodd' Quarters (0900 hrs) -

Lt Dodd was glad to be back on the ship. He had finally been able to shower and tend to Rocky. He also had a chance to read the reports from ninety percent of what happened while he was on his away mission.

He read how much in control Taggert was while he was on the surface. He was also very pleased with how the engineering staff put aside their personal time and got the work done. When he came back on the ship, there were still some signs of repairs in progress but for the most part, the ship was practically near normal. He wanted to get all of his staff together to let them know how much he appreciated them.

=/\= All Engineering Staff, please report to Main Engineering at 1600 hrs for a meeting. =/\=

He set the time so he still had several hours to prepare his speech. He was lounging in his quarters in a casual pair of his favourite short and enjoying a nice cup of green tea. Now he had to prepare what he wanted to say to his staff.

- PO2 Nelson's Quarters (0900 hrs) -

Nelson was enjoying his break from duty when he got the message of the meeting. He had managed to book a holo-suite so that he could enjoy a hike in the tropical forest of Betazed. Since he likes to do things in the buff he was not planning on anyone joining him. He was getting his hiking boots and camelback ready. He would of course wear clothes to get to the holosuite and he did figure he had time to get a good hike in before the meeting. So off he went to get a hike in.

- PO3 Pril's Quarters (0900 hrs) -

Pril was enjoying her break but was nervous because she wanted to spend some personal time with Nelson but was afraid to ask him to join her for some activity. She had just gone through her closet and found a pair of boots that made her thinks of going for a hike. She then realized that Nelson often talked of hiking. She was dressed for a hike and then wondered how to get him to join her. She knew there was time to get a hike in before the meeting that Chief Dodd just called.

"Computer, please locate Tim Nelson." Pril made the request of the computer.

"Petty Officer Nelson is in Holosuite 2." The computer replied.

"Thank you," Pril stated as it was just part of her character and she took off for holo suite two.

- PO3 Machado's Quarters (0900 hrs) -

Machado was in his quarters and he was sound asleep. He had been doing lots of double shifts during the last several days. He had always had trouble sleeping and thus he took advantage of this break. He even slept through the message from Chief Dodd.

- Holosuite 2 -

Nelson had arrived at his reserved holo suite and entered his program. He set the doors to lock as he likes to go all natural when he hikes, so once the doors were locked he removed his clothes and started his hike. Since the safety protocols were in place, he did not worry about any sunburn, bug bites or such. In addition, this was a special program so he did not have to worry about running into any holo-people. He fell in love with naked hiking and skinny-dipping when he was about 13. He would go to his adoptive family's country home and run around the area completely naked and he grew to enjoy being free.

Nelson had been enjoying his hike for about thirty minutes when he heard something that sounded like the holo suite doors opening. Sure enough, they did. He was in the middle of a group of ferns and he turned towards the doors and saw a young woman enter. He was not fully visible so she did not see that he was naked.

"Hello, Clay. Can I join you?" Pril asked as she waved at him.

"Well, first off, how did you get in? I locked the door." Nelson asked in a surprised manner.

"Well, I have to admit that I figured out your unlock code as I have been admiring you for some time," Pril replied.

"Okay, I am honoured. However, I generally do my hikes alone for special reasons." Clay stated.

"Oh, I am sorry. I just have been wanting to spend some time with you to get to know you and figured I have waited too long and I had to act now." Pril replied. I can leave if you want me to."

Nelson was torn. He also wanted to spend some time with Pril but he was not sure how to present the fact that he was naked and was not sure that was the right thing for them to do on a first date.

"Well, I will tell you this. I am a Naturalist and when I hike I like to be a free as possible so I only wear my boots." Nelson stated. "I do want to get to know you but either you have to be on the same level as me or we have to figure out a way for me to get back to my clothes."

"Oh, I am so sorry. I had no idea." Pril replied sort of with an embarrassed expression. She was turning red as she just thought he was shirtless not completely naked. "Tell you what. I will join you if you give me a chance to remove my clothes but you have to turn around and wait for me to get to you."

"Okay," Nelson replied and then he turned around. He was still behind the ferns so she could only see him from the chest up.

Pril was not 100% comfortable but she really liked Nelson and wanted to show him she was willing to do something he enjoyed with him. She made sure the doors locked and got undressed. Then she walked towards Nelson. As she walked, she realised that it was nice to feel the air on her body and the breeze was relaxing. She got up to the ferns that were behind Nelson and she reached out to tap him on the shoulder.

Nelson turned around to see Pril on the other side of the fern. She was shorter than he was but the fern still hid her enough that he could not see much of her body.

"I am sort of happy you joined me. But surprised as well. I had been wanting to ask you out for some time but never figured you would be naked hiking with me for a first date. We might as well get it over with and reveal ourselves." Nelson stated.

He stepped away from the ferns enough for Pril to see him completely naked other than his hiking boots and his camelback. Then she stepped out to do the same. She admired the handsome young human. He was in great shape and his six-pack abs were sort of making her drool. He was taller than her to the point her head would be in the middle of his chest. Nevertheless, she could not take her eyes off of him. He was more handsome than she expected.

He was shocked at how beautiful she was. He never figured her to be so stunning. She was as he hoped and he knew that this would lead to a wonderful relationship.

He reached out, took her hand, and then started to lead her on the hike. They took off for a long hike and maybe a dip in a pond or such along the path.

- Riabi & Doya's Quarters -

Doya had been working in the section of the shared quarters that had been turned into a bit of an 'art project' area. Just having put down the hardened tool steel drawknife and switched over to working on the finer details of the yew bow she was making when her commbadge chirped from where it had been sitting on the bench.

Doya listened as the communication outlined a 1600 hr meeting, and begun to pack up her work, as Riabi was now in a coma and she wanted to clean up their quarters and prepare for what would come. Likely the medical team would transfer Lt. Pames to the care of Starbase 39 Sierra and thus she would transfer to the station's engineering team.

She then took a shower to help her think and to freshen up before going to sit with Riabi in Sickbay. She would sit at Pames' bedside until she went to the staff meeting. She figured she would would still go to the meeting even though Dodd has released her from duty due to the situation.

- Taggert's Quarters -

The away mission was over, and Nicole Taggert was glad to be back. She had had enough excitement for a while, and sitting in her quarters, she leant back in a leather recliner she had brought from home, eyes closed, leaning back, just enjoying not doing anything for just a moment.

The door chimed.

"Damn," she sighed as she rolled her eyes, and got up, walking over to the door and opening it. She was greeted with a lot of purples (or if you wanted to be technical, mauve or light purple).

"Hi Nicci!" she said with a smile and a hug. As she did, her tail wrapped around Nicole, a strange feeling as it did, then unwrapped. She was clad in a semi-transparent beach cover-up, through which you should see she had a metallic, sparkly purple bikini, leaving little to the imagination. She was as curvy as Nicci, it seemed, and nearly as well endowed. Her medium-to-dark purple hair (the most common hair color across her home planet) was long and wavy, reaching halfway down her back. Her pointed ears broke through her medium-thick hair that fell down her back. "I saw you had off duty after your away mission so I thought now would be a good time to take you out to relax."

"I was /about/ to relax..." Nicci remarked, letting the sentence trail off.

"I got you this," she said, holding out a small box.

It was a present, maybe 6"x6" and 2" tall. She shook it, and with a nod from Teela, opened it, unwrapping the wrapping paper. She opened the lid and saw...not that much fabric.

"Um....." She said, her eyes wide in surprise "A bikini?" She'd never worn one before in addition, certain not after her experience with the Orion’s.

"We're going swimming silly. And you cover up too much," Teela said as she walked into her friend's quarters.

"I've never really wanted to show off. This body is kind of...strange to me," Nicci admitted.

"I know you didn't always look like this," Teela said, holding one of Nicci's hands in a friendly, compassionate manner to reassure her. "I know how different you were, and its okay. You have come a long way, and I am proud to call you friend. Once you get used to it, the bikini is very liberating and freeing. You still do not have to wear a shirt, and it is better than wearing a one-piece or boxer short swimsuits, for sure. Besides, any guy will drool seeing you in this, and the girls will be orange with envy."

"Green with envy," Nicci corrected.

"Like an Orion?" Teela asked, with a curious look on her face.

"It's just an old Earth saying," Nicci smiled, as she looked back at the box.

"You humans have lots of confusing sayings," Teela said with a cute giggle. "Go change!"

"Alright, alright, I'm going," she replied as she took the bikini in one hand, since it did not have that much fabric to it. She went to the bathroom of her quarters and disrobed. She took off her boots, then socks, then outer jacket. She unzipped the tunic, and undid the pants. She stood, looking in the mirror, uncomfortable looking at what was looking back at her. She was measured perfectly back when she was rescued, and remained the same 36-24-36. Her butt, as she turned around, was still perky, still firm and round. Her bust was still a G, and Teela was the closest to her in that respect.

She undid her bra and she was still perky; she had good muscle tone, with abs, great leg and arm muscles as well. She removed the underwear she had, and then slipped on the bikini. It was red, her favourite colour. It also fit perfectly. Nicci turned around and she was impressed by her own rear end. "Damn, I do look hot," she said, surprised.

She put on the top, which tied in the front for ease, and it barely stretched to cover, and the front tie only enhanced her natural cleavage; she tied it around the back of her neck, and it lifted as well. It was pretty awesome, she had to admit.

She let herself out and walked cautiously over to Teela.

"Wow," Teela said. Then put a finger to her lips, in a thinking gesture. She moved around, and took out Nicci's hair tie, letting the tight bun fall down, her golden blonde hair falling down to her bikini line, hiding the twin back dimples she had. She adjusted the hair and let it free. "Much better. Now, take the cover-up and get some flip-flops. We're going to really relax."

"I'm not good at relaxing," Nicci protested mildly as she took the coverup from the box, and put on what amounted to a loose, semi-transparent white shirt, with some cut-out patterns that showed off her skin.

"I'll fix that," Teela smiled.

- Holosuite 4 -

The beach turned out to be just what the Aktevan ordered. A white-sand beach, with a calm crash of waves on the recreated shores of Jamaica, was incredibly relaxing. Nicci took off her cover-up and was laid out on a reclining beach chair, partly shaded under a tiki hut, with some sunglasses, just soaking up the sun. Some tropical birds flew by, as Teela climbed out of the ocean in what seemed like slow motion, her purple hair darkened by water and glistening in the sunlight. She was definitely curvy.

"How's your mini vacation, Nicci?" Teela asked. She had a nice, cute, soprano voice that came off as friendly almost all the time.

"You were right," she replied, relaxed. "The sun and the surf, this feels great."

"And the Blue Hawaryans are great too," Teela smiled as she sipped her adult beverage.

"Hawaiian," Nicci corrected. "That's how my grandmother pronounced it," she said with a smile and a laugh. "I can feel the tension leaving my body."

"Now that our mission's pretty much done, you can relax a bit. I have massages by the ocean scheduled in thirty minutes," Teela said.

"Oh, I need it. Fixing a starship can definitely put some knots in your muscles," Nicci moaned a little, stretching out. She saw her skin was getting a bit of a tan, and the thought of having a bikini line amused her.

A few minutes in the sun, and she took a dip in the ocean, letting the cool water relax her, and cool her off, as she slowly ascended out of the ocean, her hair slicked back and wet, as she took another sip. Luckily, Teela had ordered her real alcohol, not synthehol, for her drink.

Nearly nodding off due to the relaxing, Nicole was in deep relaxation when the chime came and interrupted her as she could almost imagine she was in Jamaica on Earth.

=/\= All Engineering Staff, please report to Main Engineering at 1600 hrs for a meeting. =/\=

"Aw, man," she replied. She tapped the commbadge on the table between them. "Taggert here. Tjaansz and I will be there."

"We still have a few hours," Teela said "now, about those massages. They've got lavender massage oil too."

Hours later, the pair exited the holo suite, and by chance encountered Nelson and Pril exiting their holo-suite.

"Hi Tim, Kara," Nicci said with a wave. She was only in her bikini and flip-flops, not having put on her cover-up. Her hair was slicked back wet, but no longer dripping wet.

"Hello, Ensign Taggert, fancy seeing you here," Nelson replied.

"Both of you look nice. Did you get in a good swim?" Pril added in response.

"You could say that," Nicci said with a smile. "We were relaxing at the White House resort on the south coast of Jamaica...oh, man those are good massages. The waves crashing, the fresh, sea was heavenly." The expression on her face, as she closed her eyes and smiled, let them know she enjoyed it immensely, very relaxing, given the stress of the last few days. All her troubles had disappeared if only for a moment "how about you two?"

"We just took a great hike in a tropical forest of Betazed. We really got out to nature and enjoyed the time without having to worry about the shields or propulsion systems or matter/antimatter issues." Pril responded.

"I will have to let you use my program of Pacifica for your next swim. It is the best water to swim in especially when you start at the white sand beaches." Nelson added.

"That sounds great," Taggert said in reply. "We were talking about doing some snorkelling next time we have free time. Perhaps the Great Barrier Reef off Australia, but I heard Pacifica's Northern Reef is at least twice as big."

"The best coral reef in the off of the Federation is on Pacifica."
Nelson replied. "It is a little longer then twice the Great Barrier Reef on Earth but if you really want a spectacular experience,
try the coral atoll on Risa, while it is not as big as the GBR on Earth, it has a much more diverse variety of coral and animal life. They even successfully introduced a few endangered Earth Species to it and they have done well without really harming the local ecosystem. The floating bar in the middle of the atoll is a great way to make a full day of the atoll."

"Well, I guess we will see you at the meeting, so enjoy the rest of your down time until then," Pril added as they slowly turned to head to each others quarters.

- Machado's Quarters (1530 hrs) -

The computer happened to chime to awake Ramon. So he got up and ready for the meeting. He did not realise he was such a sound sleeper but he was exhausted so he realised his body needed the sleep. But thanks the computer he was up and going.

- Engineering -

Dodd had been in his office going over all his notes for the staff call he requested. He was nervous but wanted to get his staff together and give some remarks about how proud he was of them all. He was more ready now than he thought he would be. He had a great talk with Dr. Walon and got a lot off his chest. He also had a great night's sleep and that is unusual for Dodd. He had a day to just veg in his quarters and not have to interact with anyone other than Rocky. He had about an hour to go before his staff would be gathering in main engineering and he could hardly wait.

So now it was 1600 hours and Dodd could sense and see the engineering staff gathering in the main area. Everyone was there except there were a few technicians tending to a requested diagnostic of the sick bay medical force fields.

Dodd stood up from his desk grabbed his jacket and put it back on. He made sure he was presentable and then grabbed his PADD and headed for the door. As the door opened he stepped out taking a deep breath in and smiling.

He made his way to the centre of the room near the pool table and then called the meeting to order.

"Greetings. Thank you all for coming. This is nothing to be worried about. I wanted to call this meeting to get us all together so I could share a few things with everyone." Dodd stated. "I am so proud of all of you. As my staff, you have shown a great sense of pride for the Tomcat. You all seem to have helped make this ship run smoothly."

"I took an assignment to the planet's surface and left Ensign Taggert in charge. All of you really came through, cooperated for her, and thus helped her keep this ship in one piece during our last battle. I am so glad to have you all on my staff. I am glad that you all take your duties seriously." Dodd continued.

"So I wanted to say that I will be putting all of you in for accommodations for all the hard work each and every single one of you put in for the last mission." Dodd announced. "I feel good about being able to leave the ship and knowing that you all have Engineering well taken care of. I will be working the schedule to get each of you at least two consecutive days off in the next few weeks. Once we return to Starbase, I will try my best to get those that have not gotten their two days at that point, a chance to spend some time off on the station. I have reserved a holo-suite for the next two weeks that can be used by those who have their time off scheduled. I will work with Ensign Taggert to coordinate all of this starting tomorrow morning."

"Does anyone have any questions for me, or need to voice some concerns?" Dodd asked.

"Sir, what about shore leave or such on the planet's surface?" Machado asked.

"Well, we can't do shore leave on the planet's surface at this time as it is being explored and all the data will need to be analysed before we can determine the Federation's purpose for this planet and such." Dodd replied. "But if we get a chance to have shore leave soon, I will permit it in shifts. But I will work to be sure there are plenty of chances for down time until our next mission. And to add a farewell here to close our meeting, Ensign Doya will be leaving the staff as she will be transferring to the Engineering Staff at Starbase 39 Sierra. It is a sorrowful loss for our staff but we will miss her and keep her and Lt. Riabi in our thoughts and hearts. Thank you, Ensign Doya for gracing us with your presence and we all wish you nothing but the best of what is to come."

With that Ensign Doya shed a small tear and then stepped forward and saluted Chief Dodd, who returned the salute. Then as the crowd dissipated Dodd aproached Doya and gave her a hug.

"I know this is a difficult situation, but know that her mind is aware of how much you love her and how much she means to you. You take care of yourself and if there is every anything I can do for you or Riabi, you never need to hesitate to ask." Dodd stated to Doya.

Doya then exited engineering and returned to Sickbay to sit next to her wife.

The engineering staff all seemed pleased that Lt. (JG) Dodd was going to work to get them coordinated down time and permit shore leave as soon as the chance was available (that is if a location was available.) After all the questions had been answered and the concerns addressed, Dodd dismissed the meeting and the staff was free to return to whatever their duties were at that time or to return to their free time if they were off duty.

Dodd was a very happy man at that moment but a sense of guilt and dread was in the back of his mind. He would need to talk to a counsellor about what was bothering him. So he would do it as soon as he could since he had some free time until his next shift.


Lieutenant Jg Remington Dodd
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Nicole Taggert
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USS Tomcat

Ensign Doya Emja [PNPC: Pames]
Damage Control Specialist
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 2 Timothy Nelson [PNPC: Dodd]
Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Kara Pril [PNPC: Dodd]
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Ramon Machado [PNPC: Dodd]
Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat


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