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Poking around in darkness

Posted on 04 Jun 2017 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert
Edited on on 04 Jun 2017 @ 10:40pm

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)
Location: Tomcat, Abandoned Orion Outpost
Timeline: Mission Day 28


Jekkar stood in the Transporter Room with the two Marines he'd selected for the Away Mission. The three of them checked their kit whilst they waited for K'Muss and Taggert to arrive. The Andorian Commander had opted for a standard Hand Phaser, Tricorder and Rifle selection with a flashlight attached to his wrist. The two Marines, Lance Corporal Jones and Private First Class Yamamoto checked their weapons and Marine issue Gear whilst they waited.

Having already gotten cleaned up earlier, Nicole Taggert arrived in the deck 9 transporter room just before K'Muss. She had her long, golden blonde hair up in a braided ponytail, and her uniform looked textbook spotless, giving a hint of her tall, curvy figure underneath.

"Ensign Taggert, reporting as ordered, Lieutenant Jekkar," she said with a salute to her senior officer. "What's the mission?"

K'Muss entered right behind Taggert. He was armed with a hand phaser, tricorder and a medkit. His favourite carbine was around his shoulder. " Ensign K'Muss reporting as ordered, sir," he said, saluting.

"Alright now we are all here." The Lieutenant said as they gathered round. "The Captain wants the five of us to head down to the abandoned Orion Outpost on the Planet and see what we can find." He said as he approached one of the Panels on the wall display. "We don't know if they've left any surprises for us so K'Muss you're with Jones and Taggert stick close to Yamamoto."

K'Muss was the first to speak up. "Check, El-tee" he replied. He nodded to Jones.

"Understood, sir," Taggert replied with a nod, as she took the phaser and tricorder belt from Yamamoto, and clasped it on, and put the field engineering kit back on over her shoulder. It kind of looked like a purse, but she ignored it since it was more functional than decorative. "Let's see what we find." She neglected to mention her dislike of Orions, but there was a hint of apprehension in her voice that she didn't hide. She was trying to focus on the task at hand instead.

"Alright," Jekkar said as he proceeded to the Transporter Padd. With a final glance around he nodded to the Chief. "Energise."

The transporter hummed into life as the blue glow and the hum whirred into life. The Andorian watched as they rematerialized into a large dilapidated communal area in the Outpost. He switched on his Flashlight and looked around. "Alright Arrow Head formation, Jones you are on point."

K'Muss fell in according to jekkar's orders. He took up position behind Jones. "In position, Lieutenant." He reported. He brought his carbine to bear.

Jekkar nodded. "Initial Scans say this place is abandoned and that we shouldn't run into any trouble." Jekkar brought his weapon in close to him. "Watch the corners and the shadows." He said as he signalled for them to proceed. "We shall check out the Main Operations room and see what's in their files."

The team proceeded off into the darkness of the outpost. Jones was leading the way with K'Muss and Jekkar either side and Taggert and Yamamoto behind them.

The Outpost was dark and very dingy since it had been abandoned so much so that the lights were on minimal power and there were signs the previous occupants had left in a hurry. The Away Team approached the Central Control of the Station. "Alright, Taggert log into the mainframe see what secrets they are keeping locked away."

Taggert had her tricorder out soon after materialising, set to low-volume. She got her bearings, and her eyes adjusted to the dark, quicker than most baseline humans would. She had excellent night vision, but nowhere near as good as Teela. "Aye sir," she replied with a curt nod, and put away her tricorder, having found the station with direct mainframe access. "Mainframe is locked. The Orions put in an encryption program to try to lock down what they were doing here."

"Can you break the encryption?" Jekkar asked with a glance to the Ensign.

"Should be about four minutes to break," she replied with a mischievous smile.

Jekkar then motioned to K'Muss. "Ensign start downloading the logs."

"Yes sir" he replied. He placed his carbine at a reachable distance as he started working. " Logs have seen better days ell tee." He said." But they're still intact. Downloading now."

Jones wiped the sweat off his brow. "What about us El-tee?" He asked as he waited for Jekkar to give the orders out.

Jekkar looked thoughtful for a moment then when ready he spoke.

"I want you to recon the Mess Hall and Crew Quarters, maintain a constant communications link," Jekkar said with a nod.

"Delightful, just another day in the Corps." Jones chuckled as he began his patrol.

Yamamoto then turned her attention to the Andorian. "What about me El-tee?" She asked.

"You and I are going to see what's in the Hangar." The Andorian commented as he checked his weapon.

The Japanese Private First Class nodded as she checked her own weapon and followed on behind the Lieutenant.

"Maintain an open Comm channel at all times and keep vigilant," Jekkar said to K'Muss and Taggert.

"Open comm, aye sir," she said, tapping her badge to activate the line. "Stay safe, gentlemen."

"Open channel, check," K'Muss said. He tapped his Commbadge to make the connection.

Jekkar and Yamamoto then proceeded off towards the Hangar Bay. The Layout of the outpost was such that the vast majority of it was a singular level except for maintenance shafts that led to deep underground but those were sealed off following orbital bombardment.

"Wow, that's a lot of fancy hardware I'm seeing here," Yamamoto commented as she followed the Andorian into the Hangar. "Looks like Romulan or Gorn tech."

Jekkar proceeded forward. "It's a Gorn Patrol and intercepts fighter, usually two-man craft top speed of Warp 3." Jekkar was impressed. "Not easy to obtain unless you have the Latinum."

As they wandered further into the hangar they could see that the ships that were left were pretty beat up and weren't worth salvaging. "Jekkar to Jones what's it like on your end?"

=/\= All Quiet on the Western Front El-Tee, not a soul in sight just leftovers and signs they left in a hurry. =/\=

"Alright finish your sweep and then proceed to Crew Quarters." Jekkar then switched to his other Channel. "How's the download going over there people?"

"Going well sir" K'Muss replied. He cleared his throat. " Download passing 95 percent. Also, a little tinkering on my part has improved the quality. Coming in clear as a bell"

"Excellent we are heading back to you now so standby," Jekkar said as he signalled for Yamamoto to head off back the route they came. The two of them did a final sweep of the Hangar Bay and tagged anything of importance or usefulness for the Tomcat to beam up as they proceeded back to the Main Operations Center.

"Jones we are heading back to Ops now so double time it Marine," Jekkar said as he pressed his Commbadge.

=/\= "Copy that El-Tee doing my final rounds now." =/\=

When they reached Operations Jekkar approached K'Muss and Taggert. "Nothing of use in the Hanger Bay just a couple of battered Fighters and old shuttles." He made an approach for the console. "We've tagged anything of use for Tomcat to beam up, you guys ready to get back to the Ship?"

After double checking that his job was over K'Muss spoke up. " Everything's good here, Ell-tee." He said.

Once they were done and Lance Corporal Jones had returned to Operations the Five of them gathered their equipment and prepared to the return to the Ship. The group had downloaded the files on all Orion Pirates in the surrounding areas and a list of possible locations for outposts.

Jekkar pressed his Commbadge. "Jekkar to Tomcat five to beam up."


Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Ensign Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat


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