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Posted on 05 Jun 2017 @ 9:42pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Space/Hydaransz 4
Timeline: Mission day 27+1


After her medical check up with the doctor and with most of her bridge crew back on the ship and bridge Lieutenant Pames takes the Tomcat into close orbit to Hydaransz 4 and puts the ship into stationary orbit. Commander Sheela was still on her Intel gathering mission, after all, it was only her on the mission so it would take some time for her to complete it. Also, the troop's shuttle with Bravo Unit had just landed and while the Chief Engineer had returned to his Engineering room the Orion Major was handed over to the Klingon's to be taken to Rura Penthe while Bravo Unit freshened up and rested.

Turning to Face her First Officer "Commander Sterling assemble a small away team and do a proper scan of that planet, take with you two Security personnel along with your scientific team" Somers said.

"Aye Captain is this to be a planetary survey and or general reconnaissance"? Maia asked.

Looking at the First officer with a raised eyebrow, "your mission is that Commander, from what we know of orbital scans the planet is pretty much uniform in flora and possibly fauna, but we need confirmation" Somers responded.

With that answer, Sterling left the bridge,

Jekkar stood at the Tactical Console as he heard the Captain and the XO discuss going to the Planet. "I'll get Phasers and Tricorders issued." He commented as he inputs a few Commands into his Console. The Andorian had an opportunity to experience his first away mission as an Officer of the Tomcat and considering how the last few days had gone down he was looking forward to it. He'd been on a couple of Away Missions since becoming a Security Officer but considering his speciality was investigations they were few and far between.

After issuing directions to her first officer she turned to her Security Chief. "Lieutenant Jekkar, take Ensigns K'Muss and Taggert along with two Marines and a science officer and go through that destroyed Orion base Major Donovan's team destroyed. I have just seen her report about it and I think it warrants a closer inspection now that the combat is over. Issue hand Phasers to all team members, if you find something useful use all known caution and if it is worth further inspection, bring it back," Somers said.

"Aye Captain," Jekkar said as he signed off his Console. "Jekkar to K'Muss and Taggert, meet me in Transporter Room One on the double." The Lieutenant said as he pressed his Commbadge and made a move towards the Turbolift.

=/\=Taggert here,=/\= came to the response from the junior engineering officer. =/\=I'm on my way.=/\=

Tapping his Commbadge =/\= K'Muss here Lieutenant and understood =/\= with that K'Muss closed the link.

As her Security Chief left to assemble his team Somers turned to see the lift doors opening and her Chief intelligence officer step out and make way to her station. "So Commander did you find anything useful, mission logs cannot portray what actually happened, can I please have the cliff notes on your findings?" Somers asked.

Swiftpaws looked over at Somers. "Main crew that were not expendable, escaped via pods. Those that remained were expendable and were either slaves or non-essential troops." She spat out softly as she stopped near the Centre Seats. "I'll be in mez Den and Offices going over the data Iz gathered. From first glance, it seemed that the AD-hoc fleet was formed from independent ships that owed a great deal to the Syndicate or Blackmailed into participating in the battle. Iz go through the navigational data to see where the ships formed up at for this battle."

Sheela turned to leave, "Is there anything else yooz need mez for?" She stood there looking at Somers.

Looking at Sheela with a smile "Good going Commander, well done, let me know if you find anything of import" Somers said.

Sheela nodded and scampered off the bridge with what she arrived on the bridge with. Her mind already focusing on a lot of reading and observation in looking through the data she had gotten off the Derelict ship she had visited.

With that the Mousian was gone, Jasmine thought she seemed too eager to look at the data, as she had been in command of the Tomcat for some time Jasmine had in place filters and cyphers that could access Sheela's information, but she had not used them of late as the commander had been open about things, however the mousian was in touch with someone else, all her measures had not found out the person's identity; as long at Sheela share information that involved the mission and the safety of the ship, she was five by five with what the Mousian gets up to.

- K'Muss's Quarters -

Kit was finally finished with accounting for his green undershirts, replacing them with the gold of operations. He put one on and affixed the one pip signifying him as a Starfleet ensign. He then donned his new gold banded tunic. He then glanced in the mirror.

"Looks good!" he said to the empty air around him. " Better get to work though. Missed enough time already!" He let out a small chuckle as he left his quarters.

- Engineering -

It was a busy place, but looking better. The shattered console on the side was repaired, as was the support beam she had helped replace. The impulse engines' subspace driver coils were now back within spec and were operating at about 90% efficiency. Thompson had done amazing work in his sprint to finish the repairs.

=/\=Jekkar to K'Muss and Taggert, meet me in Transporter Room One on the double.=/\=

"Taggert here," she replied as she tapped her commbadge. "I'm on my way."

"K'Muss here. Heading there now" the caitian replied.

With a sigh, she turned to Teela, who had become her second-in-command and a good friend since coming aboard the ship. "Hey, Teela, it looks like I'm going to be doing a bit of exploring," Taggert said. "I've got the work orders and task lists here," she handed a PADD to the purple ensign. "You're in charge till I get back, or Lieutenant Dodd returns to engineering."

Teela's tail swished behind her as she reviewed the work orders. Everyone in engineering was given something to do, from Southern and Thompson to Pril, Nelson, and Machado. Her tail scratched an itch on her back, then scrolled the PADD display while she held it with both hands; her species often used their tails as a kind of 'third hand' to do things while their other two hands were occupied.

"I'll make sure everyone gets things done, Nicci," Teela replied. "Oops, sorry. Ensign Taggert. Off-duty isn't for a while."

Nicole smiled and gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Ensign Tjaansz. I'll see you soon. Maybe we'll have some holodeck time and we can go on a hike or something."

She exited engineering, and took the turbo lift, narrowly missing Lieutenant Dodd's return by only a few minutes.

Having just returned to the ship, Dodd cheated and had his personal gear beamed to his quarters and he grabbed his tools and headed for engineering.

Dodd was glad to be back on the ship. He looked forward to seeing his staff. While he enjoyed the surface mission, he just got word that Taggert was just assigned an away mission so she now has the chance to get off the ship. As he entered engineering, he saw a remarkable presentation of the facility. He was impressed with how much had been repaired and the state of affairs. He entered his office and even that was in good shape. When he left it was sort of a mess, so Taggert likely had someone clean it when she knew he was returning. He was going to set up a staff meeting with all the engineering staff to let them know how proud he is of all their hard work while he was on the surface. Also, he wanted to publicly thank Taggert for her dedication to her position and for keeping the ship in one piece.

Dodd would then have to take a day to review the reports and inspect his ship, but would likely have the meeting in a day or two. He was looking forward to a hot shower, a soft bed and kicking back for a few hours before he resumed his Chiefly duties. He would see to it that Taggert got a couple of days of rest and relaxation as part of her reward for taking good care of the ship and keeping engineering running smoothly in a time of crisis.

- Bridge -

All the injured and wounded had been sent back to Starbase 39 Sierra and now all that she had left was routine medical duties. So Cahill decided to go to the Bridge and give the Captain her report personally. She left Sick Bay and went to turbo lift in a few minutes she was on the Bridge, stepping onto the bridge Cahill looked around and located the Captain and walked up to her.

She went to the Captain and stood by to let her address other orders. Once done she stepped up. "Captain here is a complete report of all activities from Sick Bay and I wanted to report we are ready and capable of any mission we are needed on. All wounded and refugees were sent back to Starbase 39 to be treated and reassigned. Also, all those that died in the fight were sent back to be sent to their families so they may be granted closure."

Taking the offered Padd she looked at it and felt a lump in her throat, she really hated the Hydaransz system, but closure was needed and now it was closure she had. "thank you, doctor, please check in on others if you will" Somers said.

"Understood Captain, I will be in Sick Bay if needed by anyone." So she turned to go to the turbo lift. As the doors closed She said Sick Bay and waited. Once on the deck, she went to her office.

With that the Doctor left the bridge to go about her duties around the rest of the ship and in medical, now Somers turned to her Chief Helm Officer.

"Lieutenant Pames, I have a task for you!" Somers began

Riabi looked up from where she had been concentrating on the flight control console and was momentarily surprised. Noting it was safe for the moment and her curiosity had been raised at the sudden request, she turned her head, "Sure, Captain."

"I want you to take our Venture class scout and a small away team over to Hydaransz 3 and do a limited survey of the planet, from what long range scan has told us is the planet is mostly landmass and is smaller than earth so expect a lighter gravity. This is actually a guess, but that is why I want you to lead an away team over there and you get to fly the Venture Class scout too and have two Marines as part of your team, so you up to it Lieutenant?" Somers said.

Riabi was a little surprised, but it sounded reasonable and she had the experience for something like that. Nodding, she smiled, "Aye, Captain." It took a brief moment with her hand on the console to look up the current roster and send a bridge crew replacement direction down to the next in line for Flight Control console duty. She also sent a request for some Marines and the shuttle bay chief to begin reading one of the scouts for service.

Smiling, she added, "I have a replacement officer heading here now for the rest of my shift, and the rest is in the queue for being prepped."

Nodding, "excellent Lieutenant, you have a go for a Survey Mission to Hydaransz 4, I will make sure you have immediate launch clearance, counselling," Somers said tapping some commands into the interface on the arm of her chair.

It didn't take long for a flight control ensign to arrive and Riabi slid out of the seat. She did a quick handover of the current state to the ensign before exiting the bridge.

- Counsellor's offices ‚Äč-

Iria paused once again over her report and then added the last words with a frown before looking around her office and then getting to her feet. She had gotten everything outlined and detailed now it was just a matter of presenting the report to the Captain. She headed out of her office and walked down the corridor towards the turbo lift...

Once the lift stopped and she walked out to the bridge, she paused making mental notes of the folks she still needed to speak with as her gaze moved around the bridge, her attention shifted to note that the Captain was facing the FCO and speaking to her from her chair. She gave a wry grin as she headed to her own seat to wait until the Captain was no longer busy to give her report from the counselling offices, she sat down, nodded to Sterling.

"What can I do for you Counselor"? Maia asked.

"Nothing really Commander just waiting until the Captain is not busy to give my report unless you wish to take it, instead?" Iria replied lightly. She had meant to just let the first officer noticed that she had seen her and was not ignoring her presence, with the nod of greeting as she'd walked past and sat down.

"Very well walk with me Counsellor, I am putting together an away mission and am on my way to planetary sciences to gather more information, You can give me your report". Maia said.

iria nodded as she got to her feet and followed Sterling, "Mostly crew changes within the counselling department, the new receptionist has not been assigned as of yet, but the two new counselors will hopefully be able to help me keep things in order for the meantime." she paused with a shake of her head, "Wilson, Tory and Zara got reassigned when we got to base, their replacements seem to be more i will say seasoned." they were older than she was but still higher in rank. from what she had learned from talking with them they'd go counselling late in their careers, there was still much to talk about, though...

"What is the problem Iria? Remember you are in charge you are the chief counsellor and they are part of your staff. I think you will find they are professional enough to realise that you have the chops in this field. They are part of your team, if I were you I would be tactful but also try to build the best team I could". Maia said.

"There is not a problem really, just getting used to the turnover without having a receptionist. I am sure we can figure things out in the meantime." Iria said lightly, she had not meant to sound as if she was complaining about the new folks being older than herself she found it amusing. They were all from other fields of study diplomacy, and others she was still finding out, before turning to counselling late in their careers because they'd felt it was the best thing for them. The truth was Iria was impressed they had made the change and enjoying learning about their pasts.

Sterling smiled "that is okay Counsellor, perhaps we can pick this up at a later date? I have to get back to my duties" Maia said as she stood up and nodding her thanks left Walon's office.

- Bridge -

All the reports were coming in from areas of the ship and away teams that had been sent out, it seemed that the Hydaransz system was truly pacified for now. Jasmine made a report and encrypted it with the highest encryption, the message said in brief 'Hydaransz free from hostiles, for now, should any more show up call in another ship to clean them up, also an updated note that Xindi Avian Colony is self-sufficient and I would like to further impress on Fleet Command that they are to be left to their own devices, attached are the list of names from the Tomcat who were lost in battle or seriously injured and will be transferred to 39 Sierra when we arrive' Somers sent it then got word from medical.

=/\= Nurse Hendrix to the bridge =/\=

Somers jumped a little, she did not expect to be hailed by a Nurse, activating the Comms =/\= What is it, Hendrix? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\= Lieutenant Pames's Away Team has returned and the Lieutenant is in a coma, it seems she was bitten by something on Hydaransz 4 and a novice pilot landed the Venture scout and called medical. =/\=

This was a shock, her Chief Helm Officer was in a coma =/\= damn it, okay make sure she is stable then prepare the paperwork for her transfer to Starbase 39 Sierras medical ward when we get there. =/\= Somers instructed.

=/\= Yes Captain, Hendrix out =/\= the nurse closed down the link.

Somers looked around the bridge and sighed heavily as the reports of Lieutenants Jekkar's and commander Sterlings team came in that they had returned to the ship. With this news in hand, she activated ship wide.

=/\= All Hands, this is the Captain, there will be an Awards Ceremony held in the flight bay, dress whites or greens are required, all Senior Officers and Staff are to attend, it is a mandatory event ALL must be there. The Ceremony will begin on our outward journey from Hydaransz and on our way to Starbase 39 Sierra, the Awards are to recognise and acknowledge all your contributions to this ship and to the mission. Ceremony start on the Flight Deck Two day's from now at 0900 hours, you have until then to sort things out and to be ready, thank you, Somers out =/\= she closed the line.

She then looked at Ensign Atreidies the replacement helm officer "Okay Ensign the moment it is safe to do so, take us out of this system full Impulse *Looks over to the Duty Officer* Lieutenant, bridge is yours, when Commander Sterling returns to the bridge have her report to my Ready Room will you?" Somers asked.

"Yes, Captain" Atreides answered.

"Understood Sir" the duty officer replied and took over the centre seat as Somers left the bridge for her Ready Room, just as an unexpected hail came in, she was not expecting it so Jasmine was a might bit surprised to say the least.

Dr Cahill heard the call and smiled. =/\= Understood Captain, look forward to being there. Dress Whites are ready and standing by.=/\=

Tapping her Commbadge =/\= no need for communication Doctor, but thank you anyway, Somers out =/\= Somers closed the link and entered her Ready Room.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Riabi Pames
Chief Helm Officer (FCO)
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Ensign Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Security/ Tactical
USS Tomcat


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