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From Bad to Worse

Posted on 11 Jun 2017 @ 9:31pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sol/Various/Denobulan space
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 6


- Stardate 238310.01 - Denobila System -

Three Years later things for the Federation Alliance had gone south and now Denobila was under attack and with 1st SAS occupied elsewhere 2nd SAS was once again deployed, a twenty-four-man team of Unit 35698 otherwise known as Somers Renegades headed to the planet. Up until now, Starfleet ground assault forces had been using regenerative Phaser rifles, six months earlier the Dominion attacked the Klingon Empire bringing them into the war on the side of the Federation.

It was morale lifting, but somehow the weapons being used by the Dominion had improved and they had found a way of speeding up the growth of new Jem'Hadar, around this time the Breen joined the Dominion and shortly before the attack on Denobila the Tzenkethi joined them, so the loss of ground was quicker and the Alliance was hard pressed to keep their enemies at bay.

One of the few Starfleet ships equipped with the latest cloaking unit arrives at Denobila and gets the location of where the Leadership of the Denobulans were holed up. Worse off there was a regiment of Jem’Hadar shock troops attacking and the defenders were hard pressed. So the rest of 2nd SAS MACO beamed down to reinforce defending troops, leaving Somers Renegades to take out the heavy armed Breen squad attacking the High Council offices.

When everyone heard a Sonic boom they all looked up to see small objects falling fast, so fast that until they got into the thicker atmosphere the friction formed flames. The sonic boom came when the friction ended, no one knew what was happening as this was a first for them, and then twenty-four drop pods burst open firing their Phaser rifles, each shot took out a Breen, the smoke the drops pods made acted as a smokescreen so the Denobulan defenders saw dark armoured figures walk out of the smoke firing weapons.

- USS Deliverance Drop pod bay -

For this mission Unit, 35698 was on the drop pod ship USS Deliverance, while the rest of Somers Renegades climbed in, Donovan was having issues with them.

“No way am I getting in one of those! Forget for a moment that my height would make it uncomfortable, I have an issue of not seeing where I am landing” Donovan complained.

“Geeze S’arila lighten up, you are a Marine, not a chicken, get your rear in that thing," Alex said.

Donovan looked none too happy but she still squeezed her seven foot frame into a six foot pod grumbling under her breath about all the injustices under the sun. Starfleet R+D had taken her height into consideration and came up with a design and it would be implemented at the first chance they had, the USS Tomcat was currently in spacedock being outfitted for such a pod.

- Denobila defence Perimeter -

All the pods were shot out of the Deliverances pod bay and headed planet ward as super sonic speeds, those inside the pods felt the buffering of the atmosphere passing the pods, then suddenly a big bone jarring thud and the pods doors automatically ejected and the marines stepped out and quickly formed up and moved forward at a slow pace in a staggered two-line formation. As the marines passed through the smoke created by the pods they passed curious defenders and out into no man's land, the Jem'hadar were quick to recover and just as quickly fired back, but not as accurate as they would normally be.

When the armoured figures were too close for weapons, they switched to melee weapons and cut the enemy to pieces. All too soon it was over and the assault troops returned to the defenders.

"Gather up your Leaders, we are here to extract them" a very tall marine intoned.

One of the defenders looked up "is Starfleet not going to be committing troops to defend us?" he asked.

Another marine a shorter one walked up and removed their helmet revealing a red headed female with blue eyes.

"Marine Captain Alexandria Somers 2nd SAS MACO, our orders are to extract your leaders, currently Starfleet is fighting a rear-guard action and this is far from over, but currently we cannot cover all areas. There are some member worlds who we have been unable to extract the leaders from, so you are lucky, but there will be an agent sent in to assist in a resistance movement" Alex said and Denobulans being practical simply nodded as shuttles descended and opened their ramps to allow the governing body into the shuttles.


Marine Captain Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

1st Lieutenant S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment


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