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The Horizon Darkens

Posted on 06 Jun 2017 @ 1:38pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various/Denobila
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 5


- Two Months Later - Sol Sector Earth -

When the Recon team had returned to earth they were greeted warmly when the brass saw one of them carrying an unconscious Vorta, Alex decided to let Donovan do the talking as she saw to the unpacking of the shuttle. Donovan walked up to the Admiral's and smartly saluted, all the Admiral's had to look up as she was so much taller than them.

"Sir's that Vorta there was with the Dominion contingent at the Paradise system, we have disabled his suicide implant and what I have to say is not good" Donovan paused for effect and noted the Admiral's grow concerned. "What we saw was mass executions of the civilian populace by the Jem Hadar, we recorded this" she added handing over the recording of the event "I know we were only sent to recon. But I sabotaged their few shuttles and power generator and databank" she pulls out a data core module and hands it over to an Intelligence officer, "this is that data module from the now destroyed databank, make good use of it" Donovan said with a smile.

"Congratulations Lieutenant, a job well done, " one of the Admiral's said.

All looked at the waking up Vorta who panicked when he saw Starfleet uniforms and looked surprised when his death implant failed to activate before he was removed Donovan walked over to him and looked down to him. "Starfleet Intelligence is going to have so much fun with you, especially after they see the mass executions of Federation colonists on New Hampton Colony, your gods cannot save you Vorta *she looks at the two Security officers holding the Vorta* take him away" she said and smiled as the Vorta was dragged away pleading for mercy.

- Stardate 238006.15 -

After the recon mission and proving the Dominion broke the peace treaty there was a Cold War of sorts, but they did leave Federation space and the stable wormhole that had been located. It was another that led to the Gamma Quadrant had self-replicating mines placed in front of it and that blocked off that area as a Starbase was quickly constructed and was due to go online when the Dominion attacked without warning.

They struck fast and hard, the first planet to fall was a new Federation Colony in the Gamma Quadrant well outside of Dominion space. Following this, all other colonies of Federation or alliance that existed in the Gamma Quadrant were either destroyed or subjugated. Then the Dominion came through the Bajoran wormhole, such was the surprise that the crew of Deep Space nine was either killed or captured and the Bajoran system fell to Dominion rule. The Dominion now had a strong foothold in the Alpha Quadrant and a Starbase to work from, those that managed to flee were allowed as the Dominion wished to spread panic before their next assault.

- Earth one week later -

Second SAS MACO regiment was doing some Phys Ed exercises when the tannoy system sounded.

=/\= All marine regiments report briefing at 1600 and then onto departure stations, the Dominion has attacked and conquered our colonies in the Gamma Quadrant and most recently Deep Space nine and the Bajoran system. The attack was unexpected and swift and as they attacked first the Federation Alliance is now at war with the Dominion =/\=

Alex and Donovan shared a look "OH BOY!" both said as one and followed the rest of their regiment to the briefing room where they would be briefed, first off they would need to change out of their exercise clothes.


Donovan's original reality while sharing some parallel events with our reality was six months ahead of our reality, but unlike the marine combat uniforms of our reality the combat uniforms in Donovan's reality were the old style MACO uniforms, but with improved materials and protection. Otherwise, they had not changed since Archers time, most of the marine ethos was the same as it was back before the third world war, so there are differences between the realities and of course the main one a second Dominion War.

- Briefing room - Earth -

The 1st and 2nd SAS MACO Regiments were now in the briefing room waiting to be briefed, General Joseph Nadine entered, the room and the room came to attention, which he indicated at ease and all the Marines sat down.

"Okay we shall begin since the announcement word has come down the line that the Dominion has taken all the systems leading out of the Bajoran sector, all the systems surround the sector has also fallen. The Tzenkethi have signed a nonaggression treaty as has the Cardassian Union, in fact, the Dominion forces have paused at the Klaestron system, this puts Trill in the line of their advance, also Mizar and all the planets and systems alone the Tzenkethi and Cardassian borders with the Federation. 1st MACO will cover this area and attempt to slow down the Dominion advance" he paused.

"Second MACO will act as the Cavalry and if needed split into attack units as the need arises, I would not put it past the Tzenkethi to allow the Dominion to fly through their space to get to us and threaten Denobila, so should this happen we will have a reserve. All regular marine units have been assigned to all border outposts and Starbases along said front" he paused as a Fleet Yeoman rushed in.

"Sir the Dominion have nuked Trill, they used a matter/antimatter bomb and last report coming out of Trill was a 90 foot tall blue tinted mushroom cloud, also reports of an energy dampening Isotope has been used rendering Trill Security forces vulnerable" The Yeoman reported.

"We have regenerative Phasers, these will not fail, will they?" The General asked looking at the worried Yeoman.

"Yes Sir, it is a modified isotope, no energy weapons will work, last Intel report that came in before I came here was that Mizarian's have surrendered without a fight and their planet is being used as a staging area for a more concerted push into the Federation core" the Yeoman finished.

"Thank you, Chief dismissed," the General said and watched the lad leave, now he turned to the assembled with a grave look. "Well it looks like you will all be going to the front sooner than expected *looks over to a raised hand* Yes Captain Somers?" he asked.

Alex raised her hand "If we are going to be entering atmosphere where this isotope is in effect, we could manufacture a chemically powered projectile firing weapon similar to the TR-116, I have designed a main weapon and sidearm. I can supply R+D with the specs for the M45 Assault Rifle and L25 sidearm both fire projectiles and should work in such an environment" Alex said.

The General smiled and nodded his thanks "Okay people let us hustle" The General said and the room cleared faster than if a skunk had entered the room.
Paradise system.


Marine Captain Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

1st Lieutenant S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment


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