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Forced Recon Mission

Posted on 06 Jun 2017 @ 1:37pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: New Paradise System/New Hampton Colony/space
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 4

((OOC: I have not gone into too much detail on these as they are aimed around Donovan and how she came to be where she is, also large portions of this have been omitted as I have concentrated on some key battles and the fact that if I included all of them then we would have a novel and that is what I do not want. I am hoping this will give some idea of the type of PTSD Donovan has.))


- New Hampton Colony – Week earlier -

The citizens of the New Hampton colony had woken up on a bright sunny day ready to start work when groups of Jem Hadar un-shrouded and began to round those closest to them up. There were panic and chaos as more and more Dominion troops made themselves known, in time the Dominion had taken control of the sparsely populated planet and erected a forward operation base where they began to plan their conquest. Over time a Partisan force was formed and for the moment they just gathered data to send back to Starfleet.

So far as occupations went the Dominion were benign and the most they enforced was martial law, but for a full week all was calm. Then something changed more and more of the colonists were taken to work on some Dominion facilities and the conditions were less than adequate and things went downhill from there and before long the Partisan were targeting Dominion facilities it was really a knock on effect, the more hostile the Jem Hadar got the Partisan’s used the same amount. They went by the adage “for every action, there is both and equal and opposite reaction” but things did not get better so far there had been no fatalities on either side. However, the Dominion did land more and more troops to help keep the peace.

- SS Columbus - Mira Sector a week later -

The SS Columbus had reached the destination for the troop shuttle they had in their shuttle bay, so the ship’s Captain popped down and notified his passengers that they had arrived at the drop off point. Alex thanked him, returned to the shuttle, sealed the ship, and left the freighter and the moment it was safe the shuttle cloaked and headed at warp five into the Paradise system and the third planet from the sun. The Paradise system was almost a replica of the Sol system, the only difference was it had two Class M planets and a jungle class planet, at this stage in the colony’s development only one planet was colonised and a Mars-type planet was undergoing terraforming.

Unknown to the two Dominion Battle Cruisers in orbit the Starfleet shuttle landed on the outskirts of the colony and the Marines waited till it was dark before they would exit and they would have to time their exit when there were no patrols close to where they had landed. They did not have to wait long for night time as they had landed in the late afternoon of the planet’s rotation and when it was safe to do so the entire team exited the rear of the shuttle quickly and quietly and sealed the shuttle up behind them.

Alex left two marines to guard the shuttle area while the rest scouted ahead, they were drawn to the noise and after locating a vantage point used a recorder to see what they were seeing. There were thirty colonists on their knees with heads bowed, it looked like they had been lined up for execution, the teams guess proved correct by a number of dead bodies already piled into a mass grave, the Marines felt sick but recorded the scene with a stark realisation the New Hampton Colony was now a Dominion beachhead.

“Alex what are we going to do? We cannot let this go unpunished!” Donovan said sounding as disgusted as she felt.

“Well S’arila currently we are outgunned, but I am all for capturing a Vorta and making him squeal, but we would have to render him unconscious and then disable his suicide implant under his chin!” Somers said in response.

“I will volunteer for the task” Donovan spoke with too much enthusiasm and was gone before Somers could say anything.

Alex sighed heavily “what am I going to do with that girl!” she said to herself.

Down on the ground Donovan removed her combat visor and hunted like a predator, soon enough she found a Vorta with two Jem’Hadar guards, smiling evilly to herself she silently took care of one, rendered the Vorta unconscious and gave the other guard a moment to see a shadowed figure with solid red eyes standing before him. Most begins usually scream and fled so fast you could swear you would see a motion blur, not this Jem’Hadar, his eyes just widened in shock for a moment then instincts took over, it was a moment before he realised that he had been mortally wounded as blood gushed out of his throat. S’arila picked up the sleeping Vorta and returned to her team’s location.

As she returned Somers and the rest of the team were coming down the outside stairs of a colony building when Alex looked to her left and practically jumped so much that she left the ground.

“Dammit Donovan, you scared the living crap out of me, creeping up like that without your visor on!” Somers gripped her heart beating ninety to the dozen.

“Oh sorry Captain, I forgot,” Donovan said and replaced her visor “I have our prisoner will you take him back to the shuttle, I want to sabotage some Dominion shuttles first” the tall Marine answered.

Alex nodded and one of the other marines took the sleeping Vorta off her and all watched Donovan slink off into the night. “I almost feel sorry for the Dominion,” Alex said and led her team away.

To avoid giving her location away Donovan kept her visor on so as her eyes would not give her location away. She went from the shuttle to shuttle, all three of them as the Dominion rarely used the things then she saw a Dominion databank and could not resist. She knew enough on what to look for and when she located it she could disengage the module without setting off alarms, but decoding the data that was beyond her abilities. So she replaced the data module with some explosive charges and set their timer off and high-tailed it from the area and made a good time to the shuttle.

The rest of the team waited for her, it was here all realised that really only two marines or four Marines tops should have been used but then again the Dominion were as yet unaware that Starfleet knew they were in Federation space after tonight they would probably guess. The Marines did not linger they boarded the shuttle and as Somers and Donovan prepped the shuttle for flight one of the tech marines deactivated the implant in the Vorta and shortly after the shuttle rose up and flew into the night sky.

The shuttle had made it to the limit of the shuttles sensor range when four explosions were detected and secondary explosions followed, then the shuttle passed out of sensor range, Alex looked at Donovan.

“What the hell did you do El-tee?” she asked.

Donovan said nothing and concentrated on her co-pilot tasks, but Alex saw a small smile coming from the woman as she pulled out a Dominion Data storage device “I could not resist and I had to hide this missing so I planted explosives where the data core was in the Dominion databank I found”

Somers could think of nothing else to say and just flew away from the New Hampton Colony and Paradise system.


Marine Captain Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

1st Lieutenant S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment


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