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In the Aftermath

Posted on 11 May 2017 @ 1:27pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Ensign Teela Tjaansz

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Main Story)
Location: Hydaransz IV/Inner planets
Timeline: Mission day 27

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With only the ground battle on Hydaransz four still in progress, the Alliance space forces were doing mopping up operation's as rescue tugs arrived to tow out those ships too damaged or could not go out under their own power. Also, some hospital ships arrived into the inner system to take those injured and dead from the alliance ships back to a medical facility where they could be treated. The surviving Orion soldiers and ship crews those who were not injured were sent to Rura Penthe, their injured were healed and were sent there when they were better, the only personnel out of the Tomcat's fleet officers still on the mission was Commander Swiftpaws, all other fleet officers were due to return in short order.

Stretching in her seat Somers looked at the viewscreen which was showing the planet and the space around it, the hulks also drifted into and out of view, most now were empty and reclamation tugs were taking them back to the Outer system. "Mr Jekkar what is the status of the ships security systems?" Somers asked.

Jekkar looked at the readout before answering. "Systems are within suitable levels, I have technicians going over Torpedo and Phaser Systems and I'm managing a duty roster to accommodate our guests currently in the Brig." The Andorian nodded. "Efficiency level between 75 to 85%."

Swivelling in her seat to look at her Security Chief "Good, I want all systems to be at their best considering we have been in combat for when I send away teams down for scientific surveys of first Hydaransz 4 and then three" Somers responded.

"Yes Ma'am," Jekkar commented as he began to divert his attention to repairs and analysis.

After speaking to her Security Chief she turned to her CFO "Lieutenant Pames, what is the report on our fighters and ships flight systems?" Somers asked.

Riabi smiled. "All the fighters are okay, although we have reports of damage and a couple were lucky. Currently, we have seven out on patrol and cover duty. The ship is.. quite interesting is a good way to explain it, and I'm sure Engineering should be able to get it back going. I wouldn't suggest high warp for a bit. Captain the Flight Control console is a bit of a bad state and a bit sluggish, but I was able to route around some of the spots and put work orders in to get it fixed."

Nodding "thanks, Lieutenant" she paused as the Comms came to life.

=/\= Donovan, to Tomcat =/\=

=/\= Tomcat here=/\= an unknown voice responded, Donovan, assumed there was a relief Communications officer at the Comms station.

=/\= There is an Orion shuttle lifting off about 100 km of that large explosion, but otherwise all hostile forces have left the planet and it is all clear for exploration, but would advise any Away Team have hand Phasers =/\= Donovan reported.

=/\= Understood, Tomcat out =/\=

Somers looked over to the relief communications officer relieved, it seemed that the events on the planets were sorted and her team was on the way back to the ship.

- Orion shuttle bay/Tomcat Shuttle bay -

Maia observed that the fleet or what was left of it had captured and secured over 400 escape pods. Maia and her team aboard the runabout Sabertooth had rescued over 220 crews from various ships large enough to support life but that had to be abandoned because they were no longer spaceworthy. Maia had also acquired 40 Orion prisoners who were in ships just as crippled.

=/\= Runabout Sabertooth to USS Tomcat, request clearance to land.=/\=

Seeing that Pames was a little busy Jasmine pressed the communications button =/\= Permission granted Sabretooth, verbal report when you land and return to the bridge Commander.=/\=

=/\= Understood Sterling out =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged Commander, Somers out =/\= with that she closed the link and returned to her overdue reports which had been building up for so long that they had become bothersome.

Maia landed the runabout in the main hanger deck on pad C then made her way up to the bridge.

- Engineering -

Clean up was going well in Engineering. The ventilation system was finally working, but Nicole Taggert was still sweating. She was in her uniform pants, a tank top, and had a tool belt on, and had plenty of dirt, grime, grease, and bruises and some cuts. She was too busy to worry about a few bumps and bruises, as Lt Dodd was on an away mission, and she was trying to get the ship back in working order.

Ensign Taggert sat and had her head to one side, as she was looking under the console in the wall of the portside monitor, next to an in-engineering lift to take people up to the upper level of engineering. She was deep in concentration, but she could split her concentration so that she could be aware of her environment while she took care of this task.

She removed the old shredded ODN conduit segment and was glancing across the way to see a fallen support beam that two crewmen were trying to lift, but were struggling to do so. She sighed - the work never ended, it seemed. She placed the shredded segment of conduit on the floor and got the new segment, and reconnected it. She tapped a few commands on the inside control pad and stood up from her seated position.

The console along the wall stopped flickering, and the monitor was up and running again. oO Check that off the list, Oo she thought to herself.

With a small smile, she congratulated herself, then turned back over her shoulder to the two crewmen...Daniels and Jones, if she remembered right. Which she did, since she had an eidetic memory now. Good guys from what little she knew of them, just not very strong.

She sighed and walked on over, seeing the support beam that fell off the wall had fallen onto a warp-core-facing monitor, damaging the console, and preventing the engineers from accessing the starboard-side lift to the second level of the main engineering deck.

Taggert took Daniels's place and helped heft the beam up and off the console, and onto an antigrav plate, the two brought in, then went around and helped Jones heft the other side of the beam onto the other AG plate so it could be taken out of engineering. Her biceps flexed as she did so; she had the physique of what Earth called a 'fitness model' back in the 21st century but was about as strong as 3 men, thanks to the Orions. It was easy for her, to be honest.

"Thanks, Chief," Daniels said, impressed. "That must've been about 200 pounds!"

"Maybe 250 or so," Taggert guessed. "If you're up for it, we can arm wrestle later," she said with a chuckle.

"Ha, ha," Jones said in a deadpan manner. "I know I'd loose that bet."

"Thanks to the Orions," she muttered under her breath. Strong was good, but she still thought she was a bit of a freak because of it. She never liked showing off that she could probably out-benchpress most humans on the ship.

The two carried the support beam out, and the gashed-open wall panel, she pulled off, and on a visual inspection she saw nothing wrong, then did a quick scan with an engineering tricorder, which verified all the data connections, power connections, and was able to give a damage assessment, to verify what she saw. Just cosmetic damage.

=/\= Taggert to Thompson,=/\= she said, tapping her commbadge.

=/\=Thompson here, sir =/\= he replied. He was up in the impulse reactors, fixing the subspace driver coil alignment she had given him to do.

=/\=What's your ETA on that driver coil?=/\= she asked as she walked over and started a quick diagnostic on the impulse drive. She wiped a bit of sweat off her brow as she did, noticing the grime that came with it before getting back to task.

=/\=Ri'Ann and I are about three quarters done,=/\= he replied. =/\=The battle depolarised it and blew out some of the reinforcement holding it in place. We're probably going to be well into tonight though.=/\=

=/\=Thanks, Thompson. Keep up the good work,=/\= she replied, as she closed the comm-line.

=/\=Taggert to Tjaansz,=/\= she tapped again, reaching her purple friend up on the bridge. She had already finished the work on the computer core and was working up on the bridge to make sure the Conn and the captain's chair were working as expected.

- Bridge -

Teela Tjaansz was underneath the flight controller console, the chair off to one side, as she worked on fixing the multitude of issues she had there. Four ODN conduits had shorted, and three banks of isolinear chips were burnt out. The station could work, but it was a bad patch job and was routed through several other systems, and that wasn't meant to do that. Teela hated seeing things patched ugly - she admired the beauty of natural starship design when things were put together with a purpose and worked as they were meant to. But this was an itch for her to scratch and she was going at it under the console like a woman possessed.

Riabi had been sitting to the side with her right hand resting on the one part that was still working despite the work being done and directing the ship as needed with her cybernetic link. For the most part, there wasn't anything to do so she was watching the engineer out of curiosity. Then she noticed about the scratching, "Are you okay, Ensign? I hope you don't mind You have a rather interesting hair colour, reminds me of an eggplant."

"An eggplant? What's that?" she asked. Her hair was a deep kthirshan hue, but she didn't think it looked like an eggplant. Then again, she had a pentachromatic vision, so she saw things differently from Trill and humans and most other Federation species. "I thought chickens laid eggs on Earth, not plants," she replied, a bit confused.

Riabi laughed, and smiled, "Sorry, it is a type of edible fruit that is bright purple. Used in a wonderful dish called moussaka from Greece."

=/\=Tjaansz here,=/\= she said, as she tapped the badge, interrupted the banter between the two.

=/\=How's the work going up there?=/\= came the question from the line. Teela lay on her back, her purple tail swishing as she worked; it swished lazily side-to-side when she was deep in concentration.

=/\=I'm finished with Captain Somers's chair=/\= she answered, =/\=but this flight controller station had three ODN blowouts, and I'm going to need to replicate a new series of flight controller isolinear chips. Since the fighting's done, I was going to get to Ops, then Tactical next, verify their control systems are up and running.=/\=

=/\=Donot forget to get engineering running up there =/\= Taggert added. =/\=Lt. Dodd likes his station up there.=/\=

Teela giggled a little, a playful little laugh. =/\=You got it, Chief.=/\=

Riabi smiled and spoke so she could be heard, =/\= She might be a bit of time coz I sort of thrashed my console a bit, and he might want to actually go somewhere. =/\=

=/\= You really are earning your nickname, making the console go 'boom',=/\= Taggert quipped.

Riabi laughed, =/\= Maybe, maybe not. Just wait until we can get to an atmosphere and I'll show you what I can do with sonic booms & shuttles =/\=

"Oh, I love a fun shuttle ride!" Teela said without thinking.

=/\=We'll see about that,=/\= Taggert added. =/\=Hopefully I can get this ship back up and running before Lt Dodd gets back to the ship.=/\=

With that, the channel went silent as Teela closed the link.

Maia had just entered the bridge.

As Somers finished the last of her reports she stood up and looked around and looked at Sterling who had returned back to the bridge "Commander Sterling you have the bridge, please continue coordinating with repair teams and such to get the ship more operational, then prepare a basic Away Team mission for Hydaransz 4, I am going down to Engineering" Somers said.

"Aye Captain, do you wish to hear my report"? Maia asked.

Standing in the turbo lift doorway and looking back "Duty Log please Commander, and when I return from Medical the cliff notes version" she said with a smile. Then the lift doors closed negating the need for Commander Sterling to respond.

Maia put her report in the log.

- Engineering -

oO She's something else Oo Nicole thought. That tailed ensign definitely made her smile. She was smart, but still sometimes so clueless.

=/\=Southern, how's it going over on the dorsal arrays?=/\= she said, tapping her comm badge again. She was trying to go through and get updates on everyone since Dodd was off-ship last she checked, and she wanted to give the captain a status report.

- Deck 8, crawlways -

=/\=Cramped, boss,=/\= she replied, sarcastically. =/\=And I hate working in a spacesuit outside the Jeffreys' Tubes.=/\=

=/\=Hey, I wanted the best, Lauren=/\= she replied with a smile. She and Lauren had developed a rapport while working. Lauren had a sarcastic sense, but if you give as good as you get, she warmed up to you really quickly.

=/\=Well, when you put it that way,=/\= she mused with a sly smile. =/\=We had eight segments blown out during battle, and I got five of them fixed upon the starboard dorsal array. Three were depolarised and wouldn't charge through, and I just finished fixing the third of those. I wouldn't take us into battle just yet, but the port side ventral array is fixed, and so are the torpedo launchers down there on the ventral side of things. K'Thraan, Wilkins, and I just finished those about two hours ago.=/\=

=/\=Damn, that was quick,=/\= Taggert replied with surprise. =/\=You said it'd take eight hours to fix all that.=/\=

=/\=Well, we don't really have eight till the captain wanted us at least 75% combat ready, so I did it for you in 2,=/\= Lauren replied, as she swapped out a few control circuits.

=/\=Do you always multiply your repair estimates by a factor of 4?=/\= Nicole asked, curious.

=/\=I learned it from you, Nicci,=/\=Lauren said with a little laugh. =/\=You told the captain forty hours minimum for a 75% report, and we're getting it in 10.=/\=

=/\=Touché=/\= Taggert said. Lauren was a good one, that's for sure. She knew her stuff.

=/\=I'll let you get back to work. Thanks, Lauren,=/\= Taggert said, cutting the line.

She untucked her tank top and flipped the fabric a few times to cool off. Her abs were taut, and it showed her figure off well as she did this.

After finishing up her reports Somers decided to take walk down to engineering, to see how her engineers were getting along with repairs, as she entered engineering she saw Ensign Taggert working away and somewhat dishelved and looking very surprised to see the Captain in the Engine room.

"Captain, what a surprise!" Taggert said, her cheeks getting red at her untucked and very unkempt state. Her ponytail had sweat and grime in it, and stands askew, and was resting low on her head, instead of the high up position from this morning, the sweat pooled down her cleavage at her tank top, and her pants were in dire need of a wash. Her tool belt showed that she was a worker, not a paper-pusher. Even at this, her face was still pretty, even if Nicole wouldn't admit it.

Smiling "at ease Ensign, how are things going down here?" Somers asked walking into engineering properly and allowing the doors to close as she looked around the immediate area near Taggert.

"We're going, ma'am. The phasers are just about done; I'd give it another thirty-five minutes till Southern gets the dorsal array done," Taggert began with her very brief report. "Kiala and Kira are getting the computer core ready. They're running diagnostics now. Thompson's going to be working well into tonight. Jones and Daniels and I are going to be double-checking the warp coolant, just to make sure there are no stress fractures that could rupture between here and starbase."

She tucked the loose strands behind her ear as she continued her report, "Wilbanks, Ramp, and Johnson are about 80% of the way through all the crew quarters, assessing damage, prioritising, and fixing any minor issues they find. Teela's up on the bridge, getting that taken care of, and I'm getting any ODN blowouts and isolinear burnouts here in the main engineering."

"I was wondering who the new engineer was on the bridge, I have not yet gotten to know many of the new crew, but from the looks of things you are keeping it all together and trust me this ship has seen worse, keep up the good work Ensign Taggert, considering it was your first time in a combat mission you have done well" Somers finished with a smile.

"Thank you, ma'am, I appreciate that," Taggert said with a smile and a blush. She wasn't used to people calling her Nicole or Nicci, for that matter, but she could tell it was heartfelt.

Once again looking around "well I shall leave you to it, would not want to bother you any more than I already have, also when you have time do a duty report on this," she said and then with a nod and a smile.

Once the captain left, Taggert started getting back to her tasks, when one of the other enlisted officers joined her.

"Ensign, I am here to help with what you need to have taken care of," PO2 Nelson stated as he approached Ensign Taggert fresh from her conversation with the captain. "I am a propulsion specialist, but I would like to be sure to cover the priorities that need to be done first."

"Thanks, Nelson," Taggert said. She appreciated the helpfulness of the officers around her and how the listened to, in her mind, a lowly ensign who probably didn't even deserve to be called the Assistant Chief Engineer of such a modern ship like an Akira class ship. "I've got a list somewhere, but I know first off, Thompson's going to need some help in the impulse deck. He needs to take a break and he could use a few minutes off. He's been going since 0600 this morning."

"No problem, I would be happy to relieve Thompson," Nelson stated.

"But before you head on over," Taggert stopped him before he got going, "Double-check the plasma coolant tanks here and the level up. One of our warning lights went off, but that was also when the ODN conduits were on the fritz, so it may be nothing, but I don't want to take any chances."

PO3 Machado then happened to walk near and noticed Ensign Taggert and Nelson talking, so he approached.

"Ma'am, I just finished with the turbo lift diagnostics. All is good with that system. I would be happy to help any way you need it," the young Klingon stated as he stood next to Nelson.

The tall and broad-shouldered Klingon was an unexpected surprise. Taggert didn't think she'd serve with one, but then again, the Tomcat was a diverse ship, so she figured it was good to be kept on her toes. "maj," she began, in Klingon. She had time between her return from Orion captivity and being certified for duty again, so she spent some time learning Klingon. Difficult, but a fun exercise. "batlh bIta'." She switched back to English since that's what everyone around would speak, even though she enjoyed practising. "I'm glad that's done. We don't need any more turbo lifts screeching to a halt in the shafts. What we do need is some help in getting the deflector back to 100%. Check the polarisation, the alignment, the whole nine yards. We're going to be going to warp sometime, and I don't want a micrometeoroid cutting a hole in the ship."

"Yes ma'am, I can certainly get the deflector back up to par," Machado replied. "I wanted to say that you have done a great job filling in for Chief Dodd while he has been off the ship. Also, while I may be a Klingon, I was raised by humans and have no interest in Klingon culture or the such. That is why you may see the other Klingons on board giving me a hard time."

Machado then saw Nelson heading toward the ODN conduits as instructed and so he headed that way to get a word with Nelson before heading to the deflector.

"Nelson, so have you asked Prill out yet?" Machado asked.

"Not yet, man. I don't think she would go out with a guy like me. I am a human and she is a Trill. I have never dated a woman from a different species so that is another reason I am so nervous." the strapping young human male replied.

"Man up, Clay. I want to say that I think she would respond to you asking her. She is always watching you and smiling from ear to ear when she does." Machado added. "Well, I better get to the deflector array and get to work."

"Okay, thanks for the vote of confidence. I may ask her out once we get down time for sure." Nelson replied as the two young men departed for their designated tasks.

- Sick Bay -

Once Back on the Tomcat, Dr Cahill returned to Sickbay, she noticed all personnel was working quickly and effectively as usual. Most of the casualties had mostly suffered from injuries related to burns from explosions and lack of normal life support on the wreckage. She let those that could be released to assist in getting the Tomcat up and ready for the next mission and also continued to make sure all of the needs of those hurt was addressed. She sent notes to be sure anyone needing counselling got it as needed.

All but 12 of the injured were released to return to duty. A couple of Klingons were upset as usual due to the fact the had to stay in Sick Bay a couple of days. But they would eventually settle down knowing she would make it as short as possible.

Dr Cahill sent her report to the Bridge and went to her office to get something to eat. Her quarters were damaged but she could sleep in her office till it was taken care of. She sent a message to Lt. Dodd informing him her quarters was the lowest priority on the list and to see to the other crew members quarters first.

Jasmine found herself walking into Medical "Doctor Cahill!" she shouted as she looked around and saw the Doctor stick her head out of her office and Somers waved her over as she sat on a Bio-bed. While Cahill got her items together she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Somers to Jekkar =/\=

=/\= Jekkar here Captain. =/\=

=/\= Lieutenant, I want you to do a complete security sweep of all decks and assign someone to do a small arms check on the armouries if you find any engineering issues that may impact the security of this vessel, communicate them to Engineering =/\=

=/\= Yes Captain I'll get to it right away. =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged, Somers out =/\= When the link had closed she looked to see Cahill now approaching. "Ah, Doctor, I got something to say and I need a quick health assessment if you will!" Somers began.

Dr Cahill out, "You got it Captain how about we do it in my office." I smile, "Care for a drink or something to snack on Captian? Also, I just sent a reminder out for general personnel to take the time to get checked out by our ship's counsellor too.

Any problems that I should know about or concerns as well?

As she entered the CMO's office "I am good thanks" she answered in response to the question on refreshments as she sat and when the doctor was sitting. "I do not know if your predecessor entered a medical issue I have into my file!"I check no they did not. It appears they wanted to let you know about it.

Cahill simply nodded from her side of the desk.

Somers was feeling her cheeks flush, "You see the last time I told the old CMO, she did not stay long, to this day I still do not know why, but anyway as I said, I do not know if the last CMO mentioned it in my medical report that I am unable to have children, so when you give me check ups I want you to know that you may find issues as regards to my reproductive capacity otherwise I am healthy in all ways. But I thought while it is quiet on the bridge I may as well get my medical out of the way, with you do the check up Doctor?" Somers asked.

Cahill sat beside her and take a look, "Captain there are ways we can help now such as in vitro fertilisation and in other cases we can do womb or ovary transplants. Some Doctors don't like doing these procedures due to their beliefs. I have no problems doing them. And have had a lot of success. Also, we can select a surrogate mother and implant your eggs in her and she carries the baby for you till birth. Then the baby is yours to raise as you wish. The surrogate mother would stay on the Tomcat and let you be part of the whole pregnancy and be there for the birth too.

Smiling in thanks "That is kind of you doctor, but my infertility is such that no medical work-a-rounds can be done, I have tried in the past before taking command of the Tomcat those things you mentioned, but they did not take so I am resigned to the fact that despite a normal active life I will never give birth" she pauses.

"Then like I said you can have a surrogate carry the baby for you and have her stay on the Tomcat while she is carrying your baby. This will allow you to be part of the pregnancy and to watch as the baby grows. I can take care of everything else involving the whole process."

Shaking her head "That is okay doctor, thanks, but I have gone without for so long it no longer bothers me, I just wanted you to be aware of it that is all" Somers said.


*Sighing heavily* "well then let us get on with my annual medical, I mentioned what I did so you can make sure it is in my medical file, but apart from my check up, I only came down to see how things are here in Medical in the aftermath of the space battle" Somers said.

Ok, I will make it a discreet entry and access to medical personnel only. This will keep it private for you and not be accessible to others. As far as medical goes, everything is great. A lot of the refugees and personnel have been transferred to an Olympic Class ship to be taken to the Starbase for treatment and reassignment to other ships. The Klingon's that requested it, were transferred to another Klingon Ship in this section that was backing us up. I had 6 medical personnel that have to stay in Sick Bay a few days for observation and then will be released to full duty. 11 were sent back to the Starbase for further treatment. And 2 were killed. I sent letters to their families from myself to let them know they were heroes and died gallantry.

Somers felt a loss at this news, most of her crew were new to the ship and she had suspected that the dead were some of the new crew that came aboard at Starbase 39 Sierra, while they knew what might happen it was still a sad undertaking. "Sorry to hear that, and thank you, doctor," Somers said.

I sent letters to their families and also recommended them for the normal awards and decorations as well. I made sure they were completely dressed in dress uniforms and also could be viewed by family members if they choose to do so as well.

Cahill checked to see that nothing was wrong and found the Captain to be completely able to continue her duties. She is fit as a fiddle as one of my close friends used to say. "Captain, you are fit as can be as always and completely able to resume your duties as CO of the Tomcat."

Nodding "Thank you doctor, now to make the rest of my rounds" Somers added and stepped down off bio-bed and left medical, while she was walking down the corridors she was running things through her mind about this system and realised she hated this system and would be glad when they could leave it.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Riabi Pames
Chief Helm Officer (FCO)
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
USS Tomcat


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