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Take a Breath

Posted on 30 May 2017 @ 9:35pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)
Location: Counsellor's offices
Timeline: during the events of the Battle of Deck 5


Iria wiped some tears from her face as she got up from the floor after checking on Edwina Monpetite, her friend and receptionist since she'd been aboard the Tomcat.

The funny lively Risian was dead after some of the boarding Orions had surprised her. Iria closed the once bright eyes that no longer shone, gently and looked around her. The rest of the counselling team seemed to be intact if out of sorts from fighting. Iria hated fighting with phasers, disruptors and the like. She wiped her face again and noticed some of the moisture on her hands was blood...

Iria shook her head to clear it from the momentary fog that hit her, started to lead the rest of the counselling staff to medical, she would get checked once she was sure everyone else was okay. They all kept their phasers and other weapons ready, on the walk, as quiet as it was it was not sure if the boarding parties had been taken care of or if there were more still to deal with. So it was with cautious steps the small dishevelled group moved down the corridors...

Outside the Counsellors Office Lucy paused, she was not a Counsellor or in need of one, but who did the Counsellor talk to about their problems, so she pressed the buzzer.

Most of the small counselling group was out of earshot of the buzzer but being at the tail end of the line Wilson turned at the sound startled at first before he realised most enemies would not have rung the buzzer they would just barge in like they had earlier. Seeing the Captain's yeoman he stopped and turned fully around, walking over to her. "We are all heading to Sickbay right now if you want to come and talk you are welcome to do so, Miss Armitage." He said softly once he was within speaking distance without speaking too loudly.

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow "Miss! I am flattered, I have come here looking to speak to Lieutenant Walon, is she present?" Lucy asked as she walked along with the group on their way to medical.

"You look like a Miss to me but often you prefer ma'am just say so," Wilson said with a smile. He nodded his head, "She's leading the way just past Tory, Zara."

Tory was walking almost on Zara's heels, the pair were new to the crew and to the counseling team, at the sound of their names they turned fast and for a brief moment pointed their phasers on Wilson and the newcomer, seeing it was Wilson and another crew member they pair flushed crimson in embarrassment before quickly lowering their phasers, Offering hasty sorry's. "What is up to Wilson?" Tory asked after a few seconds his face still red from feeling bad for point a Phaser at a shipmate.

"Miss Armitage wants a word with Iria." he replied not upset in the least about their jumpiness for the moment.

Moving closer to the Counsellor "Lieutenant Walon, I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time?" Armitage asked politely.

Iria had walked slowly and hearing her name more than once had her stop and turn around cautiously as she did so, seems that Tory and Zara were talking to someone beyond the line of her sight at that moment made her curious as she backtracked her steps to see Wilson standing next to the Captain's yeoman. "What is up?" she asked softly though still cautiously as she wasn't completely certain the borders were taken care of and no longer posing a threat.

Lucy had gotten the attention of one of those heading to medical with the counsellor and after asking about the Counsellor, it seemed that the commotion at her rear had made her wonder what was going on so after a moment Lucy looked up and saw Walon coming her way "ah Lieutenant, might I have a word, it is only a quick one as I have got to get back to my tasks?" Armitage said

Iria nodded her head and waved Wilson and the others to go around and continue to Sickbay. "Of course Miss Armitage, What can I do for you?"

Wilson took the lead, making sure that Tory and Zara were near as he took them down the corridor and out of earshot of whatever conversation was about to take place....

Lucy looks a little reserved, "more like what can I do for you Counsellor? I mean you sit and listen to others issues, but I have to wonder who listens to yours! *smiling* Only wanted to say my ear is open if you need to talk to someone, unlike most Yeomen I have little or no issues to speak of, but I am a good listener, however, the choice will be yours!" Armitage offered.

Iria blinked in surprise at the offer and then gave a wry grin of thanks, "That is a very nice offer that I might take advantage of some time," she had not been expecting that at all and it was a very nice gesture, in her opinion. "I usually vent by painting or constructive destruction of food in the holodeck truthfully," she admitted with an only slightly sheepish grin.

The half Bajoran/human Yeoman smiled and nodded, "I understand Counsellor, but would you not be the first to advise your patients that sometimes it is better to talk than it is to do some of those other things?" Armitage asked innocently.

"Usually yes," Iria said softly, amused at the words from Armitage, Though some things Iria just could not say out loud but knowing that the offer was there, it was heartening. "I will keep it in mind that you are offering your ear, Miss Armitage," she said lightly.

Smiling warmly "it is my pleasure Counsellor, well as you are okay for now, I will leave you to go where you were heading." Armitage responded.

"Be well Miss Armitage and I will see you later," Iria said lightly, with a smile before she turned to follow after Wilson and the rest towards their trek to Sickbay.

With a final nod Lucy left the Counsellor to catch up with the others, she hoped that she had not stepped out of line she was only enlisted and normally something like this would not be done, but for awhile she had been feeling at loose ends, so she figured may as well make connections. She entered the nearest turbo lift and returned to her post.


Lt.j.g Iria Walon
USS Tomcat

Master Chief Petty Officer 3 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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