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[Mature Audience] There’s something you need to know

Posted on 28 Nov 2021 @ 5:00pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Hawksley
Edited on on 01 Dec 2021 @ 11:12am

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck one
Timeline: Prior to Wedding


The warm bath water felt good on Lilliana’s skin as she leant back against Leland’s chest in the large size tub they were sharing, the holodeck cottage was her ideal representation of the home she’d love to have with the man she now shared the bath with.

Lilli smiled making appreciative sounds as Leland’s hands ran over her skin, she had something she needed to tell him and now seemed as good a time as any. “Hmmm Leland, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Leland was in bliss. He had wanted alone time with Lilli for the longest. In the Cottage that he had designed, a log cabin back on Earth in the Canadian Rockies. The tub is situated along a window overlooking the Moon Lit Mountains and Lakes below. The candles around the tub slowly melted, flicking.

Leland nuzzled his nose into Lilli's soft, cream, silky skin smelling her lilac and roses that were settled in the warm bathwater.

Leland held his large calloused Engineering hands into Lilli's smaller, more tender and petit ones.

Whispering in her ear, as the only sound of the gentle water in the quiet cold Winter Evening. "What is that my Goddess." He had meant it. Ever since he laid eyes on Lilliana, he knew, she was the one for life. How could this have happened? He was the luckiest guy in the Universe.

Lilli gently moved Leland’s hands lowering them gently down onto her stomach. “Imzadi, I’m not sure how you’ll feel about this, but...I’m pregnant. 4 weeks and a few days.”

Leland felt his hand along with Lilli lower stomach along the water. His thought process for a split second was taking it in. As he did so, he broke into a soft cry, as tears gently streamed down his cheek, just twice.

"Y... We... We're having a Child." His hands around Lilli's chest instantly had taken on an almost protectiveness now, Hawksley's instincts had kicked in.

Lilli nodded and smiled the biggest smile yet at Leland’s reaction. “I wasn’t sure if you’d be happy, or not, but I see now I was worrying for no reason.”

“Lilli. I only ever wanted to hear those words from you, only you.” Leland didn’t let go from gently holding that spot on her stomach as he looked down the bathtub.

“We have a Child. A small child together. In there…” Hawk had been mind blown. But he knew at some point the way things were with them. A child would bear.

“You’ve made me the happiest man.” He breathed, swallowing, catching himself as he hugged Lilli in the tub as gently and as tight as he could. “You thought I would disapprove? Me? Never.” Hawk solemnly spoke. “You are to be my Wife. You are my Imzadi.”

Lilli placed her hands on top of Leland’s, “I never dreamed I’d ever find someone like you Imzadi, you complete me in every way! All I want is to make you the happiest man in! Every universe!” She snuggled up against him shivering a little. “The water is getting cold, would you mind if we snuggled up in bed instead?”

The Engineer had carried Lilli in his forearms to their bed, wrapped in a white terrycloth robe. Getting into bed with Lilli, his soon-to-be Wife Leland was still in awe.

“We are going to be Mother and Father to what’s in here. In you.” Hawksley gently rubbed his hand along Lilli’s lower abdomen, all the while letting his forehead rest with hers. The emotions that were flowing through him… Was surprising. “I didn’t know. How could I not know.” Hawk was shocked, surprised, and astonished. His life had a whole new purpose as if everything before was just a precursor to this moment. “I am here. To protect you and our baby. You are my baby too.” He smiled with his eyes closed as he cuddled his soon-to-be Wife. He just needed to make it official.

Lilli’s smile practically shone as she lay forehead to forehead with Leland. “I kept my morning sickness symptoms hidden from you, plus Jane gave me some medication for it, which seems to work nicely.” She gently held onto him. “I don’t know why I was afraid of telling you, Remington knew the night we all spent together, he sensed it.

Hawksley had paused a moment. Shocked, but understanding that Dodd would sense another being, another sentience forming within Lilli.

"I. I don't know what to say." He was half shocked and his laugh had come out in happiness. Astonishment. "I... I would have been so much more careful with you, knowing that you're now pregnant."

Hawksley kissed Lilli's forehead, as he held her close to him on their bed. "I wish you didn't hide these things from me. I needed to help you Imzadi if you were feeling sick." Leland felt awful that Lilli went through that and hide it from him.

“Well, it comes and goes” Lilli smiled as she held Leland gently. “The meds Jane gave me work nicely, it helps me when I’m at work.”

"What can I do. There has to be something. You’re pregnant." Hawksley knew of countless other colleagues, friends and civilians who all had relationships, marriages etc., becoming pregnant together.

"We're pregnant. A Doctor!" His eyes lit with brightness. "What did she say?" Leland wanted to know everything.

Lilli grinned. “She said everything is going fine. The baby is growing normally because I’m a hybrid she’ll be keeping me regularly monitored.” Lilli gave Leland a curious look. “Would you like to accompany me next time? It’ll give you chance to ask any questions you might have.”

Leland smiled as he paused, looking down at Lilli’s soft-toned stomach. As he could not stop but feeling her there, caressing gently. As if he was searching for a sign of the beautiful sentient life they had both created together. He felt. Incredible!

“I need to be there. I want to be there with you, yes, of course.” Hawksley nodded heartily.

“Did the Doctor tell you what the gender of our child is or will be? Wait. I am not sure if I want to know yet. This… Is way too much, too exciting.” Hawksley had blabbered in surprise. He calmed down when his Imzadi had caressed and held him close, her body sensing to his mind.

“I need to know from you, Imzadi. Please tell me your wishes for us, for our child. I want to make them all come true. What you want for our child, I will make it happen.” Hawksley had a duty to his lover and the child. She bears part of him as well.

“My wishes?” Lilli paused uncertainly exactly what to say. “I just.. want us to be together, to be a family. I wasn’t planning children this early, but I’m not unhappy about it especially as you’re happy too!” She smiled happily. “I want to marry you! Just when you’re ready. I don’t want to rush you.”

Leland had held Lilli's face now with his hands and looked at her with softness and kindness. "No word in the Dictionary can express how lucky, how happy I am to Marry you, Lilliana... Hawksley." Leland swallowed, his Adam's apple clutching in the process as he gently placed his lips to hers. It was a kiss of the soul, not one of sexualness, which sure, they knew full well between them.

"I. I will make it happen. We must be married before our Child is born. I am old school. So are my parents, but it's not about timelines. It's how I feel truly."

Lilli nodded, a few tears of happiness glinting in her eyes. “Liliana Hawksley, I like the sound of that very much indeed.” She cuddled up enjoying just being held by Leland, he kept her safe and warm.


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail [P: Arderne]
Combat Medic/Counsellor

Lieutenant Jg Leland Hawksley
Assistant Chief of Engineering


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