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Talking about Dancing

Posted on 21 Nov 2021 @ 9:55pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Edited on on 01 Dec 2021 @ 11:16am

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Before Mission; immediately after “3 Marines for the Price of One”


Mazal lingered around Sickbay after Jackson and K'Muss left. With Jane's reaction to her comment about dancing, Mazal wondered if she were going to be getting another student besides Jackson. When it looked like Jane was free, Mazal walked over to Jane.

"So you have questions for me about dance practice? Where do you want to talk about this, here or somewhere else?"

"I'm due for a coffee break," Jane answered. "Mess hall?"

"Mess hall sounds great to me." the Marine XO gave a nod and a smile.

Jane told a nurse working in the office where she was going and set off with Mazal.

When the two women arrived at the Mess Hall, Mazal got herself a green tea with lemon and honey and found a table where they could talk. "This should work," she remarked with a smile.

Jane nodded and sat down with her ginger tea. "So. Dancing and music aboard the Tomcat." She sipped her tea, still too hot to drink properly. "Tell me more."

"Well, it's something that I've done wherever I have been assigned. Keeps me fit and trim, plus a stress reliever as well. I don't know if others would be interested in learning to dance but, hey can't hurt to find out right? In my other unit, I used to teach some of the people there how to dance, well just enough for them to be comfortable not to look clumsy on the dance floor for functions. Some liked it though, enough that they wanted some regular lessons." Mazal stated. "It also built up their endurance, but in a fun way." she leaned in close towards Jane, "I even got a couple of so-called hardcore marines to do some ballet. However, that will just remain between you and me." Mazal moved back to take another drink of her tea.

Jane laughed and gave Mazal a wink. “Music has been part of my life since I was a kid. I play the piano and sing. Were you ever around the Academy between ‘85 and ‘90? I was a keyboardist in a band that played a lot of the clubs around campus. We did the Marine area a few times too.” She sipped her tea again. “I never did get much training in dance. But whatever weekend we weren’t performing, I’d be on the dancefloor of some club or another. I’ve always wanted to try something more formal, whether ballet or ballroom or something else.”

Mazal thought over what Jane had asked, she wasn't certain. "I might have been but not certain." then Mazal shook her head. "I am sorry I don't think I was there to hear any of the performances." giving a regretful expression. "I would have loved to hear the band play." taking another sip of her tea, Mazal regarded Jane a bit more. "If you want, I could give you some lessons." giving a smile. "And I would love to hear you sing sometime, hear what I must have missed, not being where you and your band played."

Mazal then addressed Jane's other remark. "I'll be glad to teach you some dancing." Giving a smile. "Just let me know when you would like to start and we can work out a time."

“Is there a space on the ship you use?” Jane asked. “Or is it a holodeck program?”

"It is done mostly in a holodeck program. Where ever I was stationed, I utilized any empty space I could find, even doing some teaching in the gymnasium. Or a cargo hold. Or if on terra firm I'd just find a spot and teach it outdoors." taking another drink, she set the cup down. "Most times it is easier to utilize the holo program. Just to have some fun with backgrounds and scenery." Mazal added.

“And then you can immediately transition to another activity when you’re done,” Jane pointed out with a smile. “After a long dance class, I can imagine the benefits of a few minutes in a sauna or jacuzzi.” She sipped her tea again. It was cooler; she could have larger mouthfuls. The slices of fresh ginger were beginning to tickle her lips as she sipped. “I have a good program for those. I get most of my fitness from swimming and most ships lack a good pool facility. Dancing might be a fun new way to stay healthy.”

"Sauna and jacuzzi? That sounds divine." Mazal replied. "Have you ever experienced natural hot springs in Japan? Those are lovely." Mazal gave a reminiscing sigh. "It was so relaxing." then she focused back on Jane. "I love dancing, just the various styles of dancing that are out there, can be so much fun to do." she drank a bit more tea then realized that the tea was almost gone. "When would you like to start?"

“Maybe after we finish this current assignment?” Jane suggested. “You’re with a commander Dodd’s team, I’m on the SAR mission. We’ll need the downtime afterwards, I suspect.” She drank the last bit of her tea. “And no, my time on Earth, I never made it to Japan. I have bathed in some hot springs before though, back home on Vega. Truly relaxing.”

"We can wait until after the two missions are finished and get to the dancing and the relaxation parts. I do have a holo program of the hot springs in Japan I can share with you, as long as you are willing to in trade, show me those hot springs back at your home." Mazal smiling. "Never hurts to gain more knowledge about a crew mates home."

"Oh, that's so sweet," Jane said, smiling warmly. "I think I can find a program. The best springs were in the wood country a few hundred kilometres from home. We'd vacation there often, even for a weekend away in the trees and hills and lakes and springs. It was a common enough tourist destination that I'm sure a program exists of it."

"That sound like a great plan!" Mazal said with glee. Picking up her cup she drank the last dregs of the tea, then set the cup down. "I probably should get going, I still need to talk to Captain Jackson. Find out what he's got planned for the mission. And what sort of news he has in that aspect."

“Best of luck on your end,” Jane said. “I’m with the Colonel and Mr K’Muss on the SAR. I’ve never met our Captain but we’ll bring her back.” Jane stood, looked up to Mazal’s face, and smiled.

"I've not met her either, but you be careful and I will be looking forward to us getting the relaxation happening. And the dance lessons too." Mazal stretched, then picked up her cup to take it to the recycler, and gave a return smile. "See you later." and the tall marine XO left the table, dropped her cup into the recycler, turned to give a wave of goodbye to Jane then disappeared from view.


2nd Lt Mazal Falk
Marine Executive Officer

Lieutenant junior grade Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer


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