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To Work or Chat

Posted on 01 Jun 2016 @ 2:38pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Deck 1 - Counsellors Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 After Briefing


Timing talking to the Captain of a ship took doing, there was always something or someone ready to keep the Captain busy and away from the counselor's office, so it was a safe bet that if possible talking with the Captain in her ready room was a good track to take but only if the Captain was not working on something important or personal of their own.

Her office was decorated in a cool mint green hue with a few splashes of color from the few plants and paintings, along the walls. The paintings were various ones she liked the look of and none by her but all offering something different to look at.

Only way to find out was to ask though. Iria tapped her combadge and hoped for the best. =/\= Walon to Somers are you busy right now Captain? =/\= she was hoping for a no but if so well she would be quick with the communication and let the Captain get back to it.

After the briefing Jasmine had just returned to her Ready Room, they were due to depart in three hours and the hussle and bussel had picked up pace to a frenzied state as the final preps had to be completed, just then her Commbadge sounded.

Tapping her Commbadge after the caller had identified who they were =/\= Not really El tee, what is it? =/\= Jasmine asked curious out of all her crew the Counsellor was one of the first to contact her directly since they had arrived at 39 Sierra.

=/\= I was wondering if now would be an okay time to get your psych evaluation done, Captain.=/\= Iria replied lightly though the nick name of El tee from the Captain to her had her smiling, she usually got a nick name working with folks but not usually after so short a time span, it was intriguing to her and she couldn't wait to find out the reason behind this one from the Captain.

Jasmine looked to the side and at her schedule =/\= I can do that El tee, see you in ten Counsellor =/\=

=/\= Thank you Captain see you then.=/\= Iria replied, she let the comm channel close and she settled to wait for the Captain to arrive for the eval.

After signing off she closed the files she was working on and notified her Aide that she was going down to Counselling.

- Counselling Office -

After a turbolift ride down and a short walk down the corridor she enters Lieutenant Walon's Office, she looked around and could not readily see the Counsellor.

"El tee, you around?"

There was a slight thumping sound as she came out form under her desk her rubbed her head ruefully and grinned at the Captain, as she held up the small round crystal that had been under the desk; in her other hand, "Sorry just retrieving this rainbow maker." she set the round crystal on the desk with a PaDD to keep it from rolling off again.

"Thanks for coming down, do you want anything from the replicator?"

Shaking her head "no thanks, I guess you are beginning the crew evaluations huh and decided to start with the CO?" Jasmine asked.

"you are actually the third one I called Captain I did not want to interrupt your work and figured waiting a bit was the safest bet to avoid that." she motioned to the chairs, "Please make yourself comfortable Captain." she waited until the Captain was settled before she sat down herself. "So far what I can tell folks are in good spirits and looking forward to the upcoming mission." she said lightly.

Sitting down and making herself comfy as she crossed her legs "I am a former Marine Counselor I am always eager to new missions" Jasmine answered with a smile. "A mission foreshadows everything else in my life, most of it not good" Jasmine added.

"Mission adds to the element of the unknown and that makes folks react differently. As for the not good aspects well that is why I am here to be a sounding board when needed and hopefully a friend if wanted." she said softly. Though she was not expecting a comment on that yet, there was plenty of time to build trust for friendships.

Tilting her head to the left slightly "okay Counsellor shall we begin?" Somers said and waited for the questions to begin.

Iria nodded, "Beside this upcoming mission do you have any concerns about the ship or the crew under your command?" she paused and added lightly, "How have you been sleeping?" some counsellors started with different questions Iria preferred finding out if there were sleep problems before getting to deeper details when it came to evaluations.

Shrugging "I am a Somers" she said simply then from a look she clarified "my sleeping patterns are all good thanks Counsellor; as for concerns about the mission, I have none, its not the Hydaransz system, its something that Starfleet is starting to do again, just wondering why a combat ship and not an explorer, I was told why, but there has to be something more *shrugs* suppose we will find out eventually! As for the crew, while some are new I have every faith in their abilities, next question" Jasmine said with a smile.

Iria smiled, "What aspects do you want to work on for your own personal growth?" she paused ad added, "Any regrets from your past that you want to discuss?"

"As to the first question I have no answer for you as I take each day as it comes *pause* as for the regrets from the past I have me some, but none I can talk about due to security reasons, however I do have one regret Counsellor and I found this out on an earlier mission before we had a new CMO, you will be the second outside of medical that will know of this and I would appriciate it going no further" Jasmine paused as she gathred herself "you see my one true regret is that I can never have children due to a rare genetic condition, it could probably be sorted with medical treatment, but unless I am bleeding to death I tend not to bother doctors" Jasmine said and paused, wondering what the Counsellor would make of this.

Jasmine just got a look of sympathy from the Counsellor, suddenly before the Counsellor could respond to what she said, Jasmine's Padd bleeped, she pulled it out "Sorry about this Counsellor" she said and read it, her face became a neutral mask as she looked up and in an even tone "Sorry I gotta be going, something important has come up, I will make another appointment at a later date" JAsmine said with a smile and left the Counsellors Office.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
CO 95th Rifle Regiment
USS Tomcat NC 62114


Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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