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What's up Doc?

Posted on 27 Oct 2021 @ 8:16pm by 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno & Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Sometime after Briefing


It was that time again, and Joe really didn't want to go get her physical. Especially since she didn't want to get another one from Cahill. However it had been impressed upon her by the newest Marine XO, 2nd Lieutenant Falk that she needed one. And Falk wasn't someone to ignore. And there was just something about Falk that Joe didn't want to really fight her on this medical exam either. And so she went.

Joe entered into sick bay, hoping that she didn't see Cahill. It didn't look like the CMO was there. She also didn't see anyone else so yay Joe can go back to her quarters. The dark skinned marine turned to leave, feeling lucky she could put this off once more and can tell Falk that she went to sickbay. It wasn't a lie if she said that.


Jane was in the CMO's office filing paperwork when she saw the young Marine enter sickbay, stay for all of five seconds, and start to leave.

She left the office and stood in the middle of the sickbay examination area. "May I help you, Miss?"

Joe froze, and winced, her back still turned to the person who stopped her. oO Blast I didn't move fast enough. Oo

Joe turned around after pasting on a fake smile. "Oh hello, I was supposed to come in for my physical. I didn't see anyone so figured I'd come back later. But, here you are, and here I am so... Yes lets get this done."

"Yes, let's," Jane said with a smirk. "Before you remember somewhere else you need to be." She approached a biobed and tapped it with her left hand. "Take a seat, Lieutenant...?"

"Josefina Macapuno, Joe for short." she responded, getting on the biobed. " So yeah can make this quick and I will be on my way and it will be all done." giving a half smile. "I've got a date with someone. Yeah, a date." though she the only date she had was with a book.

Jane smiled and spoke more softly. “Don’t worry. This will take just a moment and it won’t hurt.” She accessed the medical file of Second Lieutenant Josefina Macapuno and displayed it on the monitor closest to the biobed. “Besides, whatever happened to that vaunted Marine bravery? Semper fi, once more unto the breach, and all that.” She began her scan as she spoke. “You can talk, but take some deep breaths please.”

Joe nodded, taking in some deep breaths, "Marine bravery? I do have that somewhere." giving a bit of a smirk. "This wasn't my first choice but I get by. I just didn't want to come get an examination at least not by Doctor Cahill. Nothing against her, as she is a marine." Joe shifting uncomfortably.

Jane put that detail away in her mind and kept scanning. "You're fidgeting. There's nothing to be uncomfortable about. If there's nothing wrong, you'll be free to go momentarily. If there is something wrong, we'll all be glad to know about it now so we can resolve it. And I don't bite. Well, not my patients at least." She smirked at Joe, hoping to break the tension and get her to laugh.

That made the corners of Joe's mouth quirk up, and she slightly snorted trying hard not to laugh. Her dark eyes crinkled up though betraying her amusement. "Okay I'll bite, I mean.. " her face darkened, with a blush. "When do you actually bite?"

Jane giggled. “Awfully private question, Lieutenant.” She winked and looked down to her tricorder. “Looks like you’re in excellent shape. Healthy body chemistry. I’m detecting some burns and bruises. Nothing severe but I’d like to take a look, maybe get some ointment for the burns. I’ll activate a privacy screen, and I’d like you to strip to skivvies.” oO Leave it to me to make a dirty joke but then legitimately need her to strip. Oo

Joe's small smile grew a bit broader and gave Jane a wink. "Okay." and proceeded to strip down to her undergarments. She didn't feel shy about this. "The burns I have is from not watching out in my cooking. Was cooking some pork for pulled pork. I got slightly distracted and well, ouch, hot juices. Happened before coming onto the Tomcat."

“Ouch,” Jane said, looking at the burns. “Those are old enough that ointment won’t help. They’re fine to leave as is but if you want the scarring removed we can look into doing that. It would be a fairly simple procedure to remove the scar tissue and regrow your dermal layers properly. Lean forward please.” When the Marine complied, she took a good look at the bruise on her back. “This one here and on your thigh. Training injuries?”

Joe nodded, "I zigged when I should have zagged, sometimes sparring can take its toll. However I made it through, actually took my opponent down." grinning and definitely pleased with herself. "I'm improving so haven't been tossed off the team yet." She looked at the burn marks, "I think I would like to get rid of the scars there. Never really thought of doing so. Thanks for the suggestion." impulsively placing a hand on Jane's shoulder giving a quick squeeze, then pulled it away, her cheeks darkening.

Joe wasn't certain how Jane would feel with that sort of contact. She found Jane attractive but well. Joe's shoulder slumped slightly as her train of thought went to a not so bright thinking. She let out a puff of air. "Well I guess I'll live right?"

Jane smiled at the touch. While on duty nothing was particularly appropriate, but Joe meant well by the gesture. “That you will, Lieutenant, for a long time if I have anything to say about it. I can’t do the scar removal procedure now as it’s a bit more involved. I’ll need to clear a few things. Someone will contact you to schedule it soon. As for the bruises, I can give you a local pain reliever and suggest taking it a bit easy for the next day or so until they clear.”

Joe nodded, "Sounds good, Doctor. I'll do just that." she moved to go get her outer clothing back on. "At least my date won't mind waiting, The Esteemed Sherlock Holmes. Tonight, he and I are going to go out on the moors, to investigate the Baskervilles. I am trying to decide, do I want to read about it? Or experience it on the holo-deck."

“Ooh, tough choice,” Jane said. “I’d personally go for the book. Then when you’re done, maybe find one of the stranger holo-adaptations. The standard holodeck catalogue has programs that recreate the original look and feel of the books, setting them Victorian or Edwardian England. But you can get some truly interesting takes on them. I’ve not tried it, but I think there’s a holodeck version of Hound of the Baskervilles set in 2170s Andoria, for example.”

"I've read it quite a number of times already but that Andorian setting sounds intriguing. I've got first edition copies of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. that I love reading from." Joe paused as she regarded Jane, then decided she wanted to talk to her a bit more, out of a professional surrounding.

"Um question for you. Would you mind us having coffee sometime? I'd like to welcome you aboard to the Tomcat, and get to know you a bit more. You seem to be a rather lovely person and, I've been told I need to get to know others besides my friends in books." Joe giving a wry chuckle.

That made Jane blush. "I'd like that, thanks." While planning the procedure to remove the scars, Joe technically remained her patient, but a bit of coffee should be fine, and after the procedure, there would be no need to worry. "Tomorrow morning, maybe? Just before alpha shift?"

Joe nodded, "Sure that sounds great." a warm smile lighting up her face. "I would really love that."

Joe not knowing what else to say at this time. She though will get to talk to the doctor outside of sick bay, in the morning. Which would be so awesome.

“Me too.” After a bit of an awkward silence, Jane cleared her throat. “Well, Lieutenant, you’re in excellent health. Your readings all look good.” She stepped to the nearby replicator and programmed it to produce a small jar of medicated lotion. “Put this wherever you’re sore for the next two days.”

Joe took the lotion, giving it a once over and nodded, "Thank you, I'll be seeing you in the morning." another smile surfacing. Joe then decided to head out away from the bio bed, before she caused anymore awkwardness. She headed for the doors, which opened as soon as she neared them. Joe turned to take another look at Jane, and waved before stepping through.

Jane waved back and stood alone in the quiet sickbay for a moment. She smiled to herself, shook her head wryly, set about putting her equipment away.


2nd Lt. Josefina Macapuno

Lieutenant junior grade Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer


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