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Getting the Commanders Permission

Posted on 19 Oct 2021 @ 4:42pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Colonel's Quarters Starbase 51
Timeline: Shortly before the walk in the Arbouretum and prior to the Night Out


During the brief interlude between leaving his quarters on the Tomcat and meeting up with his lady for a walk in the arboretum he wanted to speak to his friend, but as his Commanding Officer, not a friend. It was not unheard of for a Fleet Officer to date or marry another Starfleet person from a different branch of the service, what was less done was an Officer marrying an NCO, or in this case, an SNCO proposing to a Senior Officer on the same ship they serve on.

So here he was, in civilian attire late in the morning, he looked at his Chrono and it was noon, he so hoped that he would not be disturbing the Colonel, but as they used to say in for a penny in for a dollar and he pressed the buzzer.

As the door opened he was greeted by Alex in a large baggy T-shirt that was slipping off her left shoulder, she had her hair up in a messy hi ponytail and no makeup, she was still a striking woman and he had a glass of something in her hand, he sniffed it and smelled bloodwine, well he knew what the Colonel had panned for the night.

"Hi Chris, what can I do for you?" Alex asked.

"May I come in Alex?" Chris asked with a friendly smile and hands behind his back.

Looking at him curiously she nodded and stepped aside to let him in, as his eyes adjusted to the dimmer light and looked around, the place was tidy but lived in, now he turned to face Alex "I would like to see the crews reactions if you showed up for duty like that!" he said pointing to her attire "retro I take it?" He ended with a question.

"Yes, it is and I have wondered about showing up like this myself a few times, but it would be unprofessional and would get me into a lot of trouble" Alex responded, "now what is it you needed to talk to me about, that could not wait for returning to duty?" She ended with a question.

"You will need to access your computer for this one as it will require your authorization" Chris answered.

Alex her curiosity piqued nodded and walked over to her desk and activated the interface as she sat down and now looked at Chris as she put down the glass "okay, what is it Chris?" she asked.

Looking nervous, he pulled his collar away from his neck "umm... *clears throat* I would like your permission to allow me to ask Lamia, um Lieutenant Arderne to marry me, I have this ring" he said and pulled it out and showed Alex who gasped.

"Dammit Chris, you have some taste there, she would love it, but why are you asking permission?" Alex asked a little puzzled as she looked up at him.

"I am a Sergeant Major in the Rifles, she is a full Lieutenant Fleet Officer, between the branches I figured it would be wise to get permission first, as you are an Officer in the Rifles and acting Commander of the Tomcat it is also logical" Chris explained.

Alex studied him oO he is serious about this, never seen him so nervous Oo she thought to herself and pulled up his and Arderne's files and made an entry, turned back to him and smiled "permission granted Chris, congratulations and I hope she says, yes" Alex said then added, "so how are you going to pop the question to her?" She asked.

"I was thinking of taking her to one of those earth retro restaurants that do wine, dining and romantic dances, but I have my outfit and I want to get Lamia a nice outfit, but I am useless where women's outfits are concerned, could you help with suggestions?" He asked.

Smiling wildly "I take it yours is a retro-style tux?" Alex asked.

"You know me so well," Chris said with a smile, one of his smiles that made some women swoon, it had an effect on Alex, judging by the way she gave him one of her sly coy smiles.

She looked at some retro dresses and pulled up one she thought would look good on Lamia and showed it to Chris. It was an off the shoulder red cocktail dress with a choice of red heels or flats to match, he looked at it and pictured Lamia in place of the model and smiled as he looked up at Alex.

"I will get that replicated and sent to Lamia's Starbase quarters, but you do realise that I will be applying for two occupancy quarters on the Tomcat at some point!" He said as the image was copied to his Padd.

Looking at him with a smile "thankfully that is something the Fleet Captain can deal with when she returns" Alex said "Okay, I have put my authorisation on your files so now you are free to find happiness, let me know what she says heh, if she says no I will share a bloodwine with you in commiseration, but if she says, yes I will still drink one with you to celebrate" Alex beamed.

"Make it Romulan Ale and you have a deal!" he said standing up again from his sitting position and headed to the door "thank you, Alex, I will leave you in peace now as I have a feeling you planning to get drunk tonight," he said with a smile.

Alex looked down at the glass and nodded, "anything to try to forget what I did during Phase two" she said looking back up at him with a sad smile, she knew Chris would stay and talk it out with her if she asked, but she did not want to spoil his plans.

"Okay, if you need anything, just call me, be well Alex," he said with a smile and left the room.

The moment he had gone Alex had confirmed the request and signed off and poured herself another full glass and sat back on the couch and tried to drink the images away, she knew everyone dealt with sorrow in their own way, what she did not see was the spirit of her old friend looking sadly at her from the shadows.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting CO

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [P: Somers]
95th Rifles Demolitions


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