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The Final Battle

Posted on 24 Apr 2017 @ 11:10pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Main Story)
Location: Inner Hydaransz system
Timeline: Mission Day 26


After twenty-six days in the inner Hydaransz system, all hostile Orion ships have either been destroyed or have fled, leaving their ground troops on Hydaransz IV and III. While the surviving Alliance ships patrol the planets the alliance marines fight a ground battle, while fleet officers begin making on the spot repairs while others began exploration and recovery of both Orion and alliance ships that could still hold an atmosphere.

"Commander Sterling take Lieutenant Cahill and an away team to scout the disabled and destroyed vessels that can still hold breathable air and see if we have any alliance survivors, then when you are done do the same for the Orion ships, make sure you have at least four of the remaining marines with you in case the Orions prefer to fighting" Jasmine said.

"Aye Captain", Maia replied. Turning to her console she punched the intercom, =/\=Dr Cahill report to shuttle bay one with a medical team=/\= Maia ordered. Then she nodded to the captain and left the bridge.

Down in medical Dr Cahill was busy when her Commbadge went off, so she tapped it to make the connection=/\=On my way Commander.=/\= She grabbed her heavy trauma bag and headed to the door. "Alpha Team with me," she said to an emergency medical team who picked up their items and followed her out of Medical.

Jasmine nodded as Sterling left the bridge now she turned her attention to Sheela with a mischievous smile "Commander Swiftpaws, how would you like a task truly suited to your skills?" Jasmine asked.

Sheela looked over at Somers. "Squee..?" She was thinking of something that would be within fleet regs. "Whot is it?"

Somers smiled, "I want you to get yourself over to the disabled Orion Cruiser that is adrift and download the data they have and return, also should you encounter hostiles, you have permission to kill on sight. I am giving you this task as it suits your skill set, a solo Intel retrieval mission, there is a class 8 shuttle waiting for you, so you up to the task Commander?" *pause* "Your task is to get over to that Orion Cruiser board her and gather any and all data and bring it back here, you will be free to use your own method of getting the information, any questions?" Somers added.

"Squee.." Sheela nodded. She stood up, unlinking her black box and took off from the bridge.

After Sheela had left the bridge she turned to her two remaining department heads "Lieutenant's I want a full diagnostics of post condition tactical and flight control systems, let's see if we can spot damages that engineering may miss and make up a report for them" Jasmine said.

"Yes Captain," Jekkar said as he began a diagnostic of the Weapons and Shields. The Andorian spotted an irregularity in the Shield Matrix it was off by 4% so he noted it for maintenance, it wasn't a serious issue but it could prove a factor. He made additional notes on the Forward Tubes 3 and 5 which had taken a bit of a hit.

Riabi nodded but didn't look up, as she was running through systems already and had been about to send a message to the Flight Control staff for doing some manual checks, "Aye aye, Captain. Already on it."

During the combat, she had noted that one of the port impulse manifolds was reacting a little bit sluggishly compared to the starboard ones, which she knew could be caused by warping due to damage. She began marking things off in a report fo Engineering.

Nodding she opened a channel to Engineering =/\= Bridge to Engineering =/\=

=/\= Taggert here, sir, =/\= reported the ensign. She tapped her comm badge and puffed a strand of blonde hair out of her face as she sat up to answer the call.

=/\= Ensign do a full maintenance and diagnostics check of all ships systems from your end, I have officers working on finding minor faults on the bridge consoles, send teams around the ship for damage assessment, any questions?"

=/\= No sir. I'll get some of our people up there ASAP. We're putting out little fires all over right now, so it may take a few minutes to get someone up there, =/\= she replied.

"Ensign I have forwarded all minor faults to Engineering as various Priority levels," Jekkar said as he transferred the data.

After finishing up speaking with Ensign Taggert the replacement Communications officer spoke up "Captain the troop's transports have successfully landed on the planet," he said.

"I feel a but slipping into the report there, Chief," Somers finished as she held on as the ship banked hard to avoid oncoming weapons fire from the Orion's "dammit, we cannot keep this up forever" she griped.

"Alpha Transport has safely landed at the LZ, but Beta transport had to land directly behind the LZ so it will take the marines on that ship to get to the LZ, so for the moment the assault teams cannot advance forward," the communications officer reported.

Jasmine sighed, "Okay keep me updated, SITREP on Commander Sheela?" she asked.

"The Command has managed to get aboard the first Orion ship that still retains a breathable atmosphere, should she not have taken backup Captain?" the communications officer asked.

Jasmine looked at the Chief, his marine rank was chief warrant officer and he was a relief bridge crew and realised this was the first time he had been on the bridge the same time as she had. "Commander Swiftpaws has a certain skillset Chief that needs for her to do such a mission alone, I can assure you she is quite capable of either taking care on any surviving enemies or just slipping past them and getting what she has been tasked to get."

The moment Jasmine finished the hull breach alarm sounded "What the hell!?" Jasmine exclaimed.

"Captain we have been boarded, I detect a dozen Orions on deck five," the sensor operator said.

Jasmine swivelled in her chair to look at Jekkar. "Okay Mr Jekkar, you are up, take some security and marines and repel boarders, try to capture the assault leader alive if you can, if you cannot, I will accept his death," Jasmine said.

"Aye Ma'am," Jekkar said as he pointed to an Ensign to take over for him. "Jekkar to Saeed, get me Echo Team and a Marine QRF Unit to Deck Five, Section 14 Charlie."

=/\= "Aye Sir. Echo Team is on it." =/\=

Jekkar checked his Phaser in his belt and looked at the Ensign. "Ensign if any Orions get onto the Bridge...... The use of deadly force is authorised."

The young Human nodded a little startled. "Y-yes Sir."

With that final comment, Jekkar took the turbo lift down to Deck Five.

The moment her Security Chief left a replacement officer took over the position "Ensign have our fighter fall back to defend us, Lieutenant Pames, what is our airspace looking like, I mean close to us?" Jasmine asked.

When the alarm had gone off, Riabi switched her console away from working on a combination of diagnostics back to full external mode, and she ran a full sweep of the local area, "Captain, nothing to report that is showing up apart from the expected allies. Recommend getting the fighters to run a screening check for cloaked vessels. If they are cloaked and not moving, sensors will have trouble picking up close. I can't see anything for boarding pathways either."

She looked dubious "a good idea Lieutenant, but the Valkyrie fighters do not have that capability, the Tomcat, however, stands a better chance at this, hard starboard now, " Jasmine said to Pames.

Riabi nodded, her fingers still moving on one part of the console as she sent the flight velocity change through via her finger's connection to the computer, "Aye, Captain."

If anyone had been viewing the Tomcat from space, they would have seen the ship suddenly lurch to starboard, dropping away in a twist in a way that the Trill knew would be unpredictable.

With that, she looked back at the Sensor officer "do as the Lieutenant suggested Chief, adjust our scanners to do so and instruct the fighters, to intercept any discovered cloaked ships, if we find any" Jasmine added.

"Yes, Sir" he responded and got to work.

Jasmine faced front again "well done Lieutenant Pames, a great idea, let us hope there are none as dealing with cloakable ships is not something we want to deal with" she finished.

Smiling, Riabi nodded, "Thank you." She began setting the Tomcat through a series of sudden course corrections without patterns, watching the sensors to make sure that if anything did come up, the ship would be ready to dodge or fight as needed. She sent a console to console message back to Security console, outlining to let her know if a particular pattern was needed. Riabi didn't know if the replacement would know about how Jekkar and her had worked for lining up.

So when she got a message back of acknowledgement, Riabi went back to a mix of diagnostics and flight changes.

- Shuttle Bay -

She went to the Shuttle Bay and entered the shuttle. She smiled and put her gear away and took a seat. "Ready when you are Commander, I hope things are going to go well on this mission."

In her head, she was going over anything she may need to do if there were any hostile actions. She checked her hand phaser and phaser rifle both again. She did stuff like this to hide her nervousness when getting ready to leave on any OA mission. She always wanted to be at her best when she did any mission.

"Dr K'tel stow your gear aboard the runabout, its small manoeuvrable but has a greater facility than a shuttle. If there out there we will be able to retrieve more crew". Maia instructed.

"Yes Ma'am" K'tel responded.

- Bridge -

Back on the bridge Jasmine wondered what was going on with the boarding party so she pressed a spot on her chair arm =/\= Somers to Jekkar =/\=

=/\= Jekkar here Captain. =/\=

=/\= Lieutenant what is the status of our party crashers? =/\= Somers asked she hoped that they were dealt with and would be glad when their mission in this system was over as it held too many bad memories.

=/\= "Deck 5 is secure and our guests are residing in the Brig. I'm getting teams assembled to sweep the ship and take up positions in key areas of the Ship." =/\=

- Engineering -

"Southern, Thompson, Tjaansz," Taggert called out, as she walked purposefully towards the 'pool table' in the main area. A few others joined their impromptu meeting as she pulled up a list of items needing repair from the bridge on down to the replicators to the RCS systems. It was a long list. She had around 10 people around her, awaiting orders. The expectant looks, she took in. Lots of men and women with dirt-smudged faces and ash-covered uniforms, outwards signs of the hard work they'd been putting in.

"I know you've all been doing a bang-up job, and I thank you all, but we've still got ways to go," she began. "Tjaansz, take Bill Ramp and head up to the bridge, make sure the computer connections and all the LCARS displays are working. Everything starts up there with command and control. When you're done, get to the computer core and work outward to make sure all the ODN connections are working and transmitting."

"Understood," Teela nodded, her mid-purple hair shifting a little as she did. She took Bill, an E-6 enlisted man, and left, intent on getting things done quickly. Ramp was a computer technician and had quite an eye for detail and things others could miss.

"Thompson, take Kaila and Kira with you and get those impulse engines running back within spec," Taggert said, as she tapped the control on the pool table, and sent the list of reported issues with the impulse systems. They were running, but just barely, and there were quite a few subsystems that needed work.

"Aye sir," he said with a smile. The tall black man took the twin Orion girls, with red curly hair, and left to get to work. Taggert didn't like Orions and still hadn't talked to the twins just yet. Given her experience within the last year, she had good reason to be apprehensive, but her duty as a Starfleet officer meant she should get to know them, since they were working with her, and she needed to set a good work environment and positive role model.

She sighed and leant forward, letting her golden blonde ponytail fall forward over her shoulder, her hands supporting her weight. "Okay, Williams," she continued, looking at Barry, a nice enough guy, about 5'10", light brown hair, green eyes. "Check the dorsal phaser arrays. Jekkar is reporting some of the emitters burned out. K'Thara and T'Vala, please work with Lieutenant Williams and see what you can do to get those back in order."

Barry took the Andorian, a tall man with a deep blue hue, and the rare blonde-haired/blue-eyed Vulcan, who also bore longer hair than a number of Vulcans had. It wasn't logical to some in her family, but she found it 'aesthetically pleasing,' as she explained to Taggert. The trio left to get the beam weapons back up to par.

"Alright, that leaves us three," Taggert said to Lauren Southern, the feisty technician, and the E-5 Andy Wilbanks, another engineering officer she had just meet only the other day. "Let's get those torpedo systems back online in the weapons pod. Some of those launchers are either lagging or their guidance initiators aren't downloading the correct coordinates to our torpedoes. We're hitting 'close' rather than 'dead on' in at least 15% of our shots the last few battles."

"You got it, chief," Lauren quipped with a sarcastic smile, and a voice that recalled an old 20th-century spy spoof series called 'Get Smart.'

Taggert chuckled as she took the two with her to get to work. She liked her team as she got to know them and their little quirks. Maybe this assignment was just what she needed.

- Bridge -

After untold hours of space battle all Orion space forces had been eradicated, Somers had their Klingon Allies go around the inner system making sure no Orion's remained, with orders to kill on sight and let none escape, she intended to make this system free of undesirables so the Tomcat would not have to attend to this task again.


"Lieutenant, keep the ship straight and steady and make sure all our fighters return to the ship,ships" Somers said and noted Jekkar returning to the bridge.

Riabi nodded, "Aye aye, Captain." Through the connection of her fingers, the Trill pilot did a quick check of the current flight traffic around the ship and adjusted the ship to the course heading & slowed down to provide the best patterns for the fighters to come into the bay. Concentrating, Riabi shifted her display to watch the fighter counters from the shuttle bay as they came in to land.

She nodded in response to Pames and swivelled in her chair to face Jekkar "ha Lieutenant I take it no more hostiles are on my ship now?"

Jekkar adjusted his collar as he stepped out of the Turbolift and went back to his Station. "No Captain I very much doubt they'll be troubling us again."

"Excellent, begin a diagnostic and assessment ofship'soffensive and defensive systems if you will" Somers added.

"Of course," Jekkar said with a nod as he began to run his diagnostics. "I'll record the relevant information and forward it to you."

Swivelling back around she again pressed a button on her chair arm =/\= Somers to Donovan =/\=

=/\= Donovan here Captain! =/\=

=/\= Major what is the SITREP down there? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\= Orion ground forces have pulled back for a moment, I am in the process of doing a good cop bad cop interrogation of an Orion officer, who is less than forth-coming, he will not even give his name and rank, the most basic things and I am the bod cop *sighs* how goes the battle upstairs? =/\= Donovan ended with a question.

=/\= All hostile forces have been neutralized and mop up operations and intel gathering are underway, finish your mission down there Major and bring Bravo Unit back and if you are the bad cop I feel sorry for the Orion =/\= Somers responded.

=/\= Good to know Captain and will do, this Orion thinks that nothing can get worse than a Xindi interrogation, he is about to be schooled, but it shall be done =/\= Donovan said and she could hear amusement in the Captain's tone in regards to the bad cop bit.

=/\= Acknowledged, Somers out =/\= When Somers was finished she switched the comms off and pulled out a Padd that had reports on it, she knew her crew would be doing their jobs.

- Counselling offices-

The offices were quieter than normal but that was to be expected after the loss of even a single person and since that person was the once funny and lively Risian receptionist, Edwina Monpetite, it was most understandable that it was quiet.

Iria had asked Edwinna about her name a few hours after she'd come aboard the Tomcat, weeks ago Edwinna had replied with quiet pride that she'd been born off Risa and in fact had been born on Earth in the province of Quebec in Canada, to a young Risian woman whom at the time had not been ready for children, and since there was a couple whom the mother had gotten to know before giving birth. Her mother had signed over custody of the baby to them and thus they named her and she'd been part of their eight children strong family since. Most of them adopted as she had been. Iria was in the process of writing a letter to the Monpetites and writing a report for the captain at the same time....

- Engineering -

Nelson and Pril finally return to the engineering department to help in getting it restored to normal. The shields are still functional and operating with the enhancements even with the threat not fully in effect, but just as a precaution.

Pril watched Nelson return to his typical workstation, and she watched him walk away thinking she would like to make the move to ask him out but will wait to do so after there is some free time together to maybe take him to the Holodeck for some skinny dipping on Pacifica.

Nelson got to his station and started to read the reports so he could jump in and help with repairs and such. Then he noticed that Pril was staring at him as if lost in a daydream. He smiled at her then took off to go join the repair teams.

Machado was hard at work and didn't realise he was about to bump into Pril. As he bumped her, Pril was stunned as he hit her hard but she did not fall but was startled.

"Wow, I am so sorry." Machado said to Pril as he turned to see who he hit.

"My Gosh, I am sorry. I should have been paying better attention to my location. Standing in the open sets me up for things like this to happen. My fault." Pril replied in a very surprised voice.

Machado then headed off to finish his task and Pril then found herself watching him. Maybe she needed something that she had been missing for a while. She realised she was daydreaming about Nelson but substituted Machado after their accidental encounter.

Machado was passing by Nelson and realised that is where Pril was staring.

"You have a smitten kitten over there." Machado stated as he nodded his head back towards Pril.

"You think so, I can't tell if it is the Trill or the symbiote who is attracted to me." Nelson replied. "I like her, but I have never mated a Trill before so not sure who is who."

"I know she is an unjoined Trill. You are safe to know that it is her that is attracted to you and not a worm." Machado stated.

"Really, you know her?" Nelson asked.

"We have had a coffee together now and then. She is a friend but I am certain she has it bad for you." Machado stated.

"Okay, when we get some down time I will see if she wants to have some fun in the holodeck or such." Nelson responded.

The two engineers then moved on to get to work to get Engineering back up to the normal for when Chief Dodd returned to the ship.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Riabi Pames
Chief Helm Officer (FCO)
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat
Ensign Nicole Taggert

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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