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It’s just a fish!

Posted on 15 Oct 2021 @ 8:20am by Lieutenant JG Ted Silver

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: Science Lab


-Science Lab-

Silver sat and just stared at the terminal screen. He could not believe what had just happened! Getting up from his seat he walked over to the replicator.

“ Cup of Assam tea milk and extra sweet.” He said.

Taking the cup back to his work bench he sat down. Taking a sip he allowed the tea to slowly move down his throat.


After speaking with Thompson about the science mascot. Plus hearing of the problems on the USS Poseidon when a mascot plant. Went berserk and kidnapped a member of the crew. They had decided on a fish to be the Tomcats mascot.

To save time Ted had decided to clone one. That’s when things got unpleasantly complicated.

Sitting at his terminal he began looking through all the different types of fish.

He noticed a file marked Carcharodon carcharias. Opening it he saw it was about the Great White Shark. Imagine having one of those as a mascot. Except sharks were difficult to keep. They needed plenty of space to move as being still was not very healthy for them. Plus he would never be allowed a real one. It would have to be cloned. No. A nice couple of small Koi Carp.

He found the files on cloning. Silver had just opened the file so he could read up on how to do it. When red lights began to flash and a warning rang out. At first he thought it was a red alert but then. The science lab doors locked and a force field flashed into place.

=/\=“ WARNING: Quarantine alert protocol 66 has been breached!”=/\= The terminal said.

oO Protocol what? Oo Ted thought.

“ Computer, what is going on?” Ted asked

=/\=“ Your access to the main computer has been blocked.” =/\=The terminal said

“ Why?” He asked

=/\=“ Protocol 66 has been breached. Starfleet security program Alpha Gamma Code Red has been implemented until such time as the possible threat to the USS Tomcat and the United Federation of Planets is assessed and considered by this inbuilt security program.”=/\= Came the terminal's reply.

“ What did I do?” Silver asked

=/\=“ You are attempting to clone something that will pose a threat to the Tomcat and the United Federation of Planets.”=/\= Was the reply.

“ A couple of small Koi carp” Silver replied

=/\=“ You were monitored looking into the file of the Carcharodon carcharias or Great White Shark.”=/\= The terminal said

As soon as Silver said it Ted realised that perhaps he should not have.

“ How exactly would a Great White Shark threaten the Tomcat or United Federation of Planets. It’s a big fish that needs water to live in. Unless of course I alter it’s DNA and give it a humanoid body and the ability to survive away from water!!”

=/\=“ Aha!!! You confess!!! You are formally charged with…..”=/\= the terminal began

“ I was just being sarcastic! All I want to do is clone a couple of small Koi Carp. So they can be mascots for the ship's Science department. Nothing more.” Ted said

=/\=“ This is a serious situation Ensign.”=/\=

“ Lieutenant Junior Grade “ Ted corrected

=/\=“ Not anymore.”=/\=

“ You can’t do that. Only my CO can demote me and at the moment they have more to worry about. Then some stupid security program getting all steamed up over someone looking over a file. There is no evidence of any attempt at cloning anything in this Lab. All you have is just a file being opened.” Ted said

=/\=“ I have a recording of you confessing to altering a sharks DNA so it can walk and not need water…=/\=“ The terminal said

“ Ok. Maybe I should not have said that. But in order to do that I would need materials.If you check the replicator logs. There are no records of any of said materials being produced.” Ted explained

=/\=“ Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Let it be known that you are now being observed. Any attempts at cloning a Shark humanoid will be met with extreme measures.”=/\=

“ By who?” Ted asked

=/\=“ Extreme measures. Quarantine lifted.”=/\=

“ Hello?” Ted replied


-Present time-

Ted sipped his tea. The lab doors were now unlocked. He looked at the terminal.

oO I think we’ll leave the mascot for the moment. Oo He thought.


Lieutenant (jg) Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat


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