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Evaluations and Advice

Posted on 14 Oct 2021 @ 3:17pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: The morning after both "Confused Feelings" and "Two Guys and a Girl"


Her fun evening with Leland and Remington behind her, Lilli made her way to Sickbay for her arranged pregnancy follow up with Doctor Sinclair. Arriving at the door she walked into Sickbay offering a smile as she greeted Jane. “Reporting for my appointment as arranged Doctor.”

“Welcome, Sergeant,” Jane said with a smile. “Come along. Bed three. We’re alone but we’ll put up a privacy screen anyway. I tested it this morning.”

She gestured to biobed 3, which had been adjusted to be slightly inclined, with a pair of stirrups for feet. “I’ll ask you to remove your uniform and bottoms and sit down. I’ll go over what we’re going to do.” She activated the privacy screen, a force field which was opaque to light and sound, but which people could walk through. “I’ll be there in two minutes.”

Lilli couldn’t help but feel nervous but she did as Jane asked, removing her uniform and bottoms before taking a seat on the biobed. She sat waiting for Jane to return hoping she didn’t have to explain her previous night’s enjoyment.

Jane busied herself getting all of her equipment ready on a cart (with a lid, as Sergeant Vail wanted absolute privacy and the Doctor would do everything she could to ensure she had it). A little over two minutes later, she had everything she needed and passed through the privacy barrier.

“I see you’re settled,” she said with a warm smile. “Have you had to do anything like this before?”

Lilli shook her head. “As a combat medic I don’t usually come upon many pregnant women. Though I did assist with a birth once. I’m nervous, to say the least.”

“Well, this isn’t nearly as complicated as a birth. Yet.” Jane gave Lilli a wink and opened her cart of tools. “It is a little bit invasive though. Before six weeks, the baby is so small that getting good readings is a bit tricky.” She put on a pair of safety gloves. “I’m going to touch you, okay? Non invasively, just to explain something.”

Lilli nodded her understanding. “That’s fine, I trust you.”

Jane gently placed a gloved index finger low on Lilli’s abdomen, within the pelvis region but above the genitals. “Right now your uterus is very small, located here. It will expand, of course, but right now it doesn’t need to be too big. Baby is only the size of an orange seed, so details are hard to see.”

She pulled out one tool, which resembled a very thin wand. “Regrettably, we need something to boost sensor resolution until about six weeks. This high resolution scanner is inserted vaginally. It might be a bit uncomfortable but less than a speculum. Is that okay?”

Lilli nodded. “I understand, and yes it’s fine. Whatever is best.” She was nervous but whatever was needed for the care of her pregnancy.

“Okay, just relax.” Jane applied a cover to the scanner and covered that in a warm lubricant. “You’ll feel a bit of pressure,” she said before slowly inserting it. “Are you okay?”

Lilli took a few deep breaths, to say the sensation was odd was an understatement but it wasn’t painful. Her hands were clenched together resting on her stomach as she lay staring at the ceiling until she looked at Jane. “It’s odd but I’m okay” she nodded.

“Let me know if anything changes,” Jane said. She held the wand in place at the right depth and angle with her right hand and opened a medical tricorder with her left. “It will take me a few minutes to get the readings I need. Just try to relax. Don’t forget to breathe.”

Lilli nodded. “I never stopped to consider just what mothers to be have to go through, this is giving me a whole new outlook on it from the patients perspective.” She paused to concentrate on her breathing, truth be known she’d be glad when it was over and done.

“Indeed,” Jane said as she took her scans. She tapped her tricorder to adjust the qualities of the scanner. “I’m getting some good readings here. It won’t be long.”

She saw one thing on the scanner (and on the bedsheet) that made her contain a small smirk. But contain it she did. She was a doctor doing a job for a patient.

“I’m going to put something on the monitor to your right,” she said. She closed the tricorder, set it down, and uses her left hand to adjust a floating screen so Lilli could see it.

Lilli looked curiously towards the screen to see what it was Jane had to show her.

“There it is,” Jane said. “A little head, body, and tail. Don’t worry, the tail will go away. We’re a couple of weeks away from seeing a heartbeat but much of the circulatory system has formed. I can confirm that baby has the same copper-based blood that you do. So our concerns about a mismatch haven’t panned out.”

Lilli let out a relieved breath. “Thank heavens, I was worried about that possibility. So my baby is healthy so far?” She looked at Jane for confirmation.

Jane smiled and nodded. “So far, yes. We’ll follow development closely to be sure. Any mixed species pairing is technically classified as high risk, and three species complicates things further. You have reason to be hopeful but the next eight months will be tricky.”

Lilli nodded, she had to admit she was feeling nervous about exactly what tricky meant. “Okay, so what’s next?”

“We’ll do another exam at eight weeks,” Jane explained. “Then twelve. We’ll re-evaluate then. At twelve weeks we’ll do the full genetic test, which will identify any potential problems coming from being of three different species. We’ll know the sex then too.”

“That’s great, thank you so much.” Lilli smiled. “If you don’t mind can we remove the probe? It’s getting a little uncomfortable now.” She knew why but she didn’t say it, a night spent with two men had its consequences.

“Of course,” Jane said. She gently removed the wand scanner and set it aside for recycling. There were a few subtle things she, as a doctor, noticed. Redness; subtle irritation indicating rough handling in the bedroom.

“There’s nothing else right now, but as a doctor, may I offer some unsolicited advice?”

Lilli nodded, “By all means. Your advice is always welcome.”

Jane took a breath. “First, understand that this is a judgment free space. What you do and with whom is your business and your business alone.”

Lilli nodded her understanding, giving Jane a curious look as she did so.

“For your physical, mental, and emotional well being, you will want to be a bit more careful around sexual intercourse,” Jane said. “Now, rough sex is absolutely fine. Unless you’re doing something truly extreme, there’s no risk to the baby. But you’ll want to be careful around the introduction of pathogens, which might come from a new partner, brought in as a third to make the night more pleasurable.” She smiled and gave her patient a wink.

“Ohhh...” Lilli blushed. “Of...of course. I understand the risks, and I trust the person who joined us for the evening. He wouldn’t risk my health anymore than Leland would, in-fact he’s the only one who knows I’m pregnant so far, besides you.”

Jane nodded. “No need to be embarrassed,” she said, in reference to the blushing. “You’re an attractive young woman, drawing many an eye, and both Betazoids and Romulans are known for their passions. Exercise those passions how you see fit. As long as you stay safe, you won’t have me in your way. And if there is a health concern, you can come to me or Doctor Cahill. You can come to us if you have questions, too, about having a healthy and satisfying sex life during pregnancy or otherwise. Sexual health is covered under our training. No judgment and total discretion.”

Lilli nodded. “Thank you Jane I appreciate that. I take it that there’s no sign of any possible infection? Like I said I trust both the men in my life.”

“No sign of infection,” Jane answered. “Just remember that anyone or anything entering the vaginal canal should be clean. Wash it or have him shower if necessary.”

Lilli nodded. “Of course, thank you for approaching this so sensitively, I appreciate it.”

Jane smiled and nodded back. “Of course. That’s what I’m here for. Now, get dressed, and when you’re ready, you can deactivate the privacy screen with that console.” She pointed to the wall and stepped away with her instruments concealed on the same cart she brought them in with.

Lilli nodded and smiled. Hopping down off the biobed she picked up her clothing and started getting dressed. It didn't take long before she was ready, deactivating the privacy screen she walked across to Jane. "That's me ready. Am I free to go?"

Jane nodded. “I’ll see you in four weeks for your follow-up, but feel free to come back any time. My door is open.”

Lilli nodded. “I will, thanks again.” She smiled warmly before heading on her way.


Lieutenant jg Jane Sinclair, MD, DVM
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat

Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Combat Medic/Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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