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3 Marines for the Price of One

Posted on 21 Nov 2021 @ 9:52pm by Captain Patrick Jackson & Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Warrant Officer K'Muss
Edited on on 01 Dec 2021 @ 11:56am

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sickbay


Well, here she was on the USS Tomcat. Mazal took a look at herself in the mirror and gave a nod. "Well, so far so good. However, girl, you need to get a check-up. You forgot to do that while on the base. Okay hopefully she will take walk-ins." and Mazal set off to sickbay of the USS Tomcat.

Mazal arrived and took a look around, then took a seat in the waiting area. It looked like the medical personnel were busy at the moment.

It took some convincing, but he did it. Patrick put his shirt on made his way down to sickbay. He was careful not to look anyone in the eye, which was easier for him as one eye was swollen shut. He needed to get taken care of before he continued in other official capacities. Walking in he saw the business and went to take a seat. He turned and his good eye saw Mazal sitting there. "Oh, uh, hey Falk. Fancy seeing you here."

"Captain what did you do? And I wasn't around to witness this." Mazal gave a tsk at the matter.

He looked at Mazal and gave a smile. "I thought you were busy so I didn't send the invite. On a side note, did you know that Gorilla Grodd is stronger than the average gorilla?"

Jane had been working in the office, putting the final touches on some patient reports, when she heard the sickbay doors open, and then open again. It was a slow day in sickbay today, so she was the only one on duty. An alarm was in place to alert her and other medical staff about emergencies. Without it going off, she was confident she could finish two sentences and then see who came in.

Two Marines. One a woman, Second Lieutenant, who on the surface appeared fine. The other a man, Captain, who was injured.

“My goodness!” she exclaimed. “Captain, come here, we’ll get that looked at. Are you okay to wait, Lieutenant? I can’t tell if you’re in pain or not.”

"Oh, I am just here for a medical examination not in pain at all. He needs it worse." giving Jackson a bit of a glower. "I think I am going to have to keep an eye on you better, sir."

"Well, I could use a second eye watching at the moment." The Captain chuckled to himself. "To be fair," Jackson continued, "this was a holodeck injury and more my fault for not ducking in time. I can wait my turn.

“Nonsense,” Jane said as she took out a tricorder and began to scan Jackson’s face. “Triage means you take precedent. Take a seat on the biobed, please.”

"Holodeck injury huh? That's the best kind" K'muss said walking in. oO At least I know I'm at sickbay Oo he thought as he closed the distance. "And handy too. Can report in and get medical done at the same time. Warrant Office K'Muss sir. Just in from USS Dax."

Mazal looked towards the newest arrival, giving a nod. "Nice meeting you K'Muss." gave a smile, then she looked back to Jackson her smile fading away. "Next time, you need to let me know or put the safety codes a bit stronger. You can't be superman all the time. Otherwise, Sir, I'll have to do something drastic!" her tone going a bit icy.

Jane looked at the three marines in sickbay and laughed at the impromptu introductions. “I’m new too, actually. Jane Sinclair, Deputy Chief Medical Officer. I arrived just a couple of days ago.”

"Welcome aboard, Sinclair. I'm 2nd LT Mazal Falk, XO to that mug being patched up on your table. If you haven't met him before, That is Captain Patrick Jackson, and I recall this handsome feline, here is Warrant Officer K'Muss. You've certainly got a motley crew in your sickbay currently." she grinned at Sinclair.

Patrick went to shake K'Muss' hand and grabbed his wrist. He pretended to do it on purpose, but a single eye was a little tricky for depth perception. "Captain Jackson, welcome aboard K'Muss. Saw a quick glimpse of the file before departure. Standard Starfleet protocol of last-second information. Sorry I wasn't available at your arrival." He said and walked over to the doctor.

"Doctor Sinclair, good to meet you." He said and offered his hand after he climbed onto the biobed. "I'm sure you'll see me here pretty often. I think I left my frequent visitor punch card in my quarters so need to start a new one."

“They aren’t printed yet, but I’ll make sure you get one with one punch already out,” Jane joked, accepting the man’s handshake. Her scan was complete, she set the tricorder down. “Severe bruising and swelling of the facial tissues, and a fracture of the left zygomatic bone, at the joint with the left maxilla. Goodness, you Marines are tough. This would hurt like hell. What did this?”

"My guess, Pugel stick." K'muss chimed in

The Captain shook his head. "Not quite. Would you believe me if I told you it was a right cross from a super-intelligent gorilla that was using advanced alien technology to devolve people back into apes?"

Jane had been walking to retrieve an osteoregenerator, but she paused in her steps and looked back when she heard the explanation. “I must say, Captain, that’s one I’ve not heard before. But yes, this damage is consistent with a punch from something with the strength of a Gorilla.”

Mazal gave out a bit of a growl, "Really Sir?" she fumed, "If you do not take care of yourself, I am going to go ask someone to put a limit on your access. I am not planning on becoming the new CO of the Marines due to your antics. If you weren't already hurting, I would be over there and giving you a sucker punch." there were sparks of fire in her eyes.

Mazal then looked towards K'Muss, giving a bit of a wry smile. "Okay maybe I wouldn't do that but.. still" giving a shrug. It was part of her job, well that is what she felt, to keep the CO in fit condition.

K'Muss shrugged. "Eh, whatever works id say." the Marine said. Inwardly he was laughing his tail off. Also, he was intrigued by the program. "Is it bad I kind of want to try that program now?"

Jane grinned at the tall Marine XO. “If it makes you feel any better, he’s in agony. He’s just hiding it well.” She came back to her patient with an osteoregenerator and began passing it over the Marine CO’s face. “Hold still, please.”

"Yes, ma'am." The Captain said to the doctor as he held stationary. He saw the look Mazal gave him about being more careful. oO Ah, that's the look the Master Sergeant warned me about. He was right, I'll just know it. Oo "I'll be safer Falk. I'll keep the safety level a bit higher when I'm by myself. Thank you for telling me so." He knew she was doing her job and he did not want to discourage her from speaking her mind put to him. He didn't want sugar-coated words and he knew she wouldn't give him that.

"Thank you." Mazal gave a curt nod, then she relaxed as she saw that Jackson was being taken care of. "And now you owe me a drink." she added, a smile appearing, "I think your tally has gone up by three drinks now, Sir." she then looked over towards Sinclair. "Thanks for taking care of him, doctor. Sometimes I think Jackson thinks he is invincible." giving a chuckle. Then winked at Captain, giving a teasing smile. "You know how marines are."

"Generally awesome. Right, El-Tee?" K'Muss replied, chuckling

Mazal laughed, "You are right, K'Muss So can you tell me a bit about yourself, you get to be interviewed by both myself and Captain Jackson, in one fell swoop."

“Glad sickbay can be a good space for this,” Jane joked as she finished with the osteoregenerator. She deactivated it and switched it for a protoplaser. “This will help with the swelling.” She briefly looked back at Mazal and K’Muss. “I assume you’re both here for standard physicals? Or is either of you ill?”

"Just standard physicals, Doctor. Didn't want to make you go running around for them, not nice to do that to any one of the medical profession. They hold a person's future in the palm of their hand." Mazal remarked with a grin.

"Yeah. The standard stuff doc." He grinned. "Well, where to begin. Well, interesting factoid would be I liberated a Klingons knife from him while doing garrison duty." He laughed. "Klingon called me a scaredy-cat"

Jane giggled at the Caitian marine's story as she finished with the protoplaser. "You're good to go, Captain. Just...try not to get punched by anyone, especially apes, for the next day or so." She turned to Mazal and K'Muss. "I can continue and you can keep talking, but you'll need to provide consent that I can talk about your health in front of the others. Otherwise, I'll put up privacy screens and pull aside one of you at a time."

Mazal looked at K'Muss and her eyes went wide. "Oooh, um looks like he messed with the wrong kitty. I don't see you walking away from that. Never mess with an angry feline. Nope nope nope."

"I'm really a pussycat at heart. Just had to save face. You know Klingons." He laughed. "So I did it to uphold the honour of Cait and the corps"

Mazal changed her gaze over towards Sinclair. "Um, just how thorough will be your examination? It will just be the once over with scans right?"

"Just the once over," Jane confirmed. "The days of having you lie on your back, shirtless, and running with your feet on pads on the ceiling are long gone." oO Regrettably. Oo

Mazal nodded, "Well, hmmm.. I think I would rather have a privacy screen for the moment. Captain Jackson can talk with K'Muss whilst we do my scans etc." she looked towards Jackson, "A good time as any to get to know him, right?" a twinkle in her eyes.

“Alright then.” Jane tapped an available biobed. “Lieutenant Falk, come here and sit down. I’ll activate the screen once you’re here.” She brought Mazal’s file up on her monitor and got her tricorder ready. “Pardon us, Captain, Warrant Officer.”

Mazal walked over and took a seat. "You will see that there has been some recent damage to the body," Mazal replied. "This took place about three days ago. Did a team fighting program with the holo-suite safeties were turned too low?"

There would be indications of a newly healed wound on her side, an area on her forehead that had been healed. Healed minor cuts and scrapes. Research would show that they could be from being in the vicinity of a grenade, plus the wound that was healed, from a Mek'leth

"You marines like to push yourselves, don't you?" Jane said as she scanned away, seeing not only the damage Mazal mentioned by also the older injuries that she hadn't. "My goodness. Why didn't you come into sickbay earlier? I get that you have your own medic, but you're supposed to come to sickbay once she stabilizes you."

"Well, um... I did come into sickbay, myself and Captain Jackson." Mazal bit her lower lip slightly, as she contemplated her next words then gave a sigh.

"Okay, this needs to be in confidence. We were in that holographic training program with Commander Cahill. She patched us up really well. I've been taking it easy like I'm supposed to do so but... Captain Jackson, sometimes I think he is a glutton for punishment." giving a bit of a huff.

Jane grinned. “I understand. Don’t worry; anything said between me and you is private. I do see here in your records that Dr Cahill treated you here, but you were meant to come back the next day to have it re-examined.” She leaned in closer to Mazal. “As for Captain Jackson, I can try to scare him straight later, if you like.”

"Might take both of us to do that." Mazal grinned, "As for my coming back the next day, well I got just a teensy weensy little bit distracted by a man I had met and... then there was the briefing and... Well, at least I made it, here. I take it the injuries are healing up nicely?"

“They are,” Jane said, nodding. “I’ll input some painkillers into your replicator file. Ask for Analgesic Falk-One and it will produce for you a single correct dose. If you’re still in pain in a week, come back to me. And if I can kindly ask you not to push yourself too hard for a few days? Is that too much to ask from you Marines?” she joked.

Mazal laughed, it having a warmth to it. "I will do my best to take it easy. I don't plan on pushing myself too hard until we get to that mission we will be on. Hopefully, dancing practice won't be considered pushing me too hard. I promise to hold off doing the salsa. That can actually be classified as strenuous."

“Okay, hold that thought,” Jane said, “because I want to know more about dancing practice. But I need to examine Mr K’Muss.”

"If you want to talk more about it, I'll wait until you are finished with him," Mazal replied.

The captain wandered back to the lounges blinking firmly a few times now that the swelling and tissue had been returned to normal. He took a chair next to the new W.O. "Welcome aboard K'muss. Hope you got a little Shoreleave before we had to take off. One of the problems with transfers is the timing."

"Thank you. Glad to be aboard sir." K'Muss replied. "And yes sir. I got the chance to hang out with some of my buddies from the Dax on the way here. It was great to see them again."

Jane stepped out of the privacy screen and stood before the other two Marines. “Warrant Officer. You’re next. If you’ll kindly follow me to Biobed Two? Captain, Lieutenant Falk will be out in a second.”

"Sure thing Doctor" the caitian replied.

Mazal stepped out and went to take a seat beside Patrick, and took a good long look at him. "Looks like she did a really good healing job." giving a smile. "However I've been told to take it easy for a couple of days or so. I think that will be the same for you. Plus you and I need to talk once we're done here."

The Captain held his hands up. "I'll call you next time. It was selfish of me to horde the program and I'm sorry." He said with a small grin on his face. "Am I out of trouble now?"

"Count me in sir? Sounds challenging." K'muss said

"Okay Mr K'Muss," Jane said as the Caitian got onto the biobed. She turned on the privacy screen, cutting him off from the conversation between Jackson and Falk. She began to scan him. "Anything I should know about? Previous injuries, medication you're presently on, etc.?

"Nothing like that," K'muss replied. "Not since basic at least. Burned my tail in training, but no I'll effects"

"Things are looking good then," Jane said. "Make sure you eat healthily. Most of the meats in the Federation replicator database lack a few key amino acids you need. You can program the replicator in your quarters to infuse your food with five hundred units of Caitian Dietary Supplement 1A. Then you can eat anything and you'll be fine. If you're ever feeling lethargic, get back to me."

Mazal laughed, "You're not in trouble at the moment. I just need to talk to you and it's not about you running your program without me. It's more about what happened after the mission briefing. However, it doesn't have to happen right away. Besides the doctor may want to do some talking with me, once K'Muss is done with his exam. "

The Captain chuckled. "Ok, long as I'm not in trouble. You know where I live, so swing by when you are ready to talk."

"I most certainly will come by to talk with you." Mazal gave a return smile, then settled in to wait to talk with the doctor once she was done with K'Muss. "Glad the chairs are comfortable enough." she quipped, pulling out her PaDD to locate the book she had been reading earlier, the book was titled, 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' by Baroness Orczy. "Time to visit an old friend, the Scarlet Pimpernel." looking at Jackson, "I have always loved reading this book."

"Never read it. Guess I'll have to expand my reading material." The Captain said pressing his face, confirming it was nice and healed.

The privacy screen came down, revealing Jane and K'Muss. "All done here. You're welcome to leave, and you're welcome to come back any time. Always happy to keep the Marines healthy in my sickbay."


Lieutenant junior grade Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer

2nd Lt Mazal Falk
Marine Executive Officer

M. Captain Patrick Jackson
Marine Commanding Officer

Warrant Officer K'Muss
Rifles SNCO


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