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It’s a bromance thing: Rated MA

Posted on 25 Oct 2021 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Hawksley & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Dodd’s quarters
Timeline: Prior to the staff meeting

** Warning: This post may contain Adult Themes and suggestive verbiage of a sexual content. Read at your own risk!


Lilli lay intertwined with bed sheets and Remington’s body, she hadn’t intended to end up in bed when she’d visited Dodd’s quarters to see how he was, but one thing led to another and just like their shared night she’d entertained Remington just as Leland would have liked.

“I hope Leland won’t mind my having been here” She smiled as she shifted her position so she could look at Dodd. “He wanted me to help cheer you up, and we did enjoy ourselves the other night. This is becoming quite a love triangle.”

"Damn woman, you trying to make a stain on my relationships on this ship." Dodd said with a smile on his face. "I thought it was a one and done thing the other night. I am finding you hard to resist. But I can't keep this up and ruin my bro, Leland. But don't get me wrong, I will never resist a beautiful woman in my bed."

Lilli smiled warmly. “You’re a hard man to ignore Remington, but I don’t want to hurt Leland. I would never do anything to purposely hurt him. I’m still trying to figure out how to tell him that he’s going to be a father.”

"You make him a holodeck program that he will enjoy and hidden in the program you can clues to fatherhood. The program could end with him eating a meal of items that are considered baby food, like baby peas, baby carrots, and such. I was going to see if he wanted to go hiking with me but not sure he would be focused on the hike or me during that hike because I hike in the buff." Dodd said.

The two laid in bed in the afterglow a fling, talking about how to tell the first man in Vail's life that he is the daddy of her baby but yet she is still stimulating his friend.

“So you find me attractive too...” Lilli blushed. “Believe it or not that threesome was the first one I’ve ever had. I’ve never been that adventurous up until now.”

"I never slept alone at the academy. I had someone or a couple someone's in my bed with me every night. Women, Men, dual gendered species, I was a tramp and enjoyed living the life back then." Dodd added as he started to get out of bed. "I do find you attractive and I know if we don't control ourselves I may have to find a reason to transfer Hawksley off the Tomcat so I can have you to myself. But, I won't do that as we need to keep a cap on our fling and see if we can't control ourselves." Dodd was now standing beside the bed facing away so his firm white ass was facing Lilli as his manhood was saluting the other direction.

Lilli smiled as she rolled onto her side and playfully smacked Dodd’s backside with a giggle, before giving him a more serious look as her fingers ran along his skin. “You’re an honourable man Remington, but I get the feeling when you’re making love that it’s not me that you’re picturing there with you. I honestly don’t know how your fiancé could have left you, if it was me I wouldn’t have left you.”

"She had found a long lost cousin she thought was dead. He was injured and then taking prisoner by a band of pirates that used him like a slave. She felt she needed to be his caregiver and thus left to pursue rekindling her family ties." Dodd then turned around and was looking down at Lilli.

Shifting her position Lilli smiled a wry smile as she saw the effect she was having on Dodd. “Erm... I think that’s going to be a tight fit in your trousers.” Her fingers trailed playfully along his skin moving along his manhood. “How is any woman supposed to ignore this?”

"Well, I am not sure as I am not any woman." Dodd replied as he could tell she was wanting more from him. "I guess you will not find out now." Dodd then crawled back in the sheets with Lilli and yet in his mind he was with Lamia Arderne.

Lilli smiled as she wrapped her arms around Dodd’s neck giving him a passionate kiss, she had to admit he was a man who was hard to ignore. It still amazed her that Walon had left him. “Just let yourself go, I know it’s not me in your mind, just imagine you’re with her.”

While Dodd was giving it to Lilli, he was in a mental state where he was thinking he was back in the cell and making love to Arderne. He was in the throws of passion with Lilli and all the while he was not fully his own being. It was as if he was telepathically reaching out across the ship to Arderne and attempting to make a connection to get fully aroused which likely would make Lilli feel some pain as he got rougher with her unaware he was not within his mind as the release from sex was really turning him on.

"Mia, Mia, Mi amore, oh I adore Mia More Mia, Mia" Dodd started chanting with each thrust he gave Lilli. He as going a little Pon’farr on her.

Lilli was enjoying their lovemaking but as Dodd started to get carried away she started to feel the much rougher side of sex.

In her quarters Mia was reading through some reports, and updating personnel files. The sudden rush of a connection with Remington hit her like a freight train, the sheer passion she felt made her react as though she was the one Remington was making love to. Remington...

Mia, oh how I have longed for you. Oh, how I have hungered for you since you entered my life. I long to have you in my arms, in my heart and in my soul. Dodd expressed to Arderne somehow telepathically but yet his body still in the throws of passion with Vail.

Lamia was feeling what Remy was feeling through the sheer force of his connection with her I know Remy...I know you do. Her heart was torn between both the men in her life, between Chris and now Remington as well. She loved them both.

Meanwhile Lilli was starting to struggle with the sheer force of Remington’s passions, instead of being gentle his thrusts were forceful and getting more uncomfortable as time went on. She closed her eyes focusing on a mental image of herself projected into his mind. Remington stop!’re hurting me!

Dodd was so lost in the mental realm that he did not realize how he was treating Vail. He got an impression that something was wrong and he awoke from his mental state to find he was not where he thought he was nor with whom he thought he was.

"Oh my gosh, I am so very sorry." Dodd pulled himself up off of Vail and realized how he was hurting her. "I never meant you any harm. I hope you can forgive me." Dodd was already stepping back from the bed and feeling the disbelief within as he was starting to realize he was not in a good place.

Lilli moves to sit up pulling the covers around her. “It’s alright, I was the one who encouraged you to let go remember?” She offered a smile. “No harm done. Whoever the woman is, she’s a lucky one to hold your heart so strongly.”

"Well, it is very complicated. While part of my heart is her's, she is with another man and likely not to be with me as he was once. I fell into a memory that the triggered me and I literally went primal with you." Dodd replied. "I hope you can forgive me and maybe we should not be involved outside of standard duty or public gatherings." Dodd said with sorrowful expression on his face.

Leilani moved closer. “If that is what you want, but don’t let this put you off being with me.” She gently took his hand pulling him back towards the bed. “You see me now, you know it’s me, let’s not waste what we started. If I don’t see you like this again I’d at least like it to end with a good memory.”

"I feel like I am using you and I never want to feel that way about a beautiful woman." Dodd replied. "I needed the release and you offered and now I am feeling the guilt of the whole situation." Dodd still naked and so still in the mood for sex, but he just stood there looking at the young woman who was still wanting him in bed even as he told her that he was merely using her.

Lilli offered a nod and a smile. “You’re not using me Remington, I was the one who told you to let yourself go. I encouraged you into that situation. If you want me to go just say so, I won’t hold it against you.”

"I am so rearing to keep going but I honestly don't think it is the right thing to do. It was nice to let go with you and Leland and have some fun reliving my academy days but now I feel it is not ultimately fair to you or me in the long run, so please can we just put what we have done behind us and move onward as friends and colleagues?" The still naked Dodd stated as he still stood over the young woman who was eager to have him back in bed with her. He was still in the mood to carry on with the act of making love but he knew there as no love involved and thus that was causing him to soften up.

Lilli nodded. “Of course we can” she slipped out from under the sheet and picked up her clothes, placing them on the bed beside her as she dressed. “For what it’s worth, I do care about you. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, but as you know my heart lies with Leland.”

"I know you care and that you are involved with Hawksley. I have a good friendship with him and I now have a strong relationship with you, but for my sanity, I need to not play like this with my friends. I need to keep my wits about me and not abuse those I care about in such a manner. " Dodd then stepped over to his pants and pulled them on. "I will leave you be and we can move onward from this. Know that it is not you but it is me. I just was not ready for my Imzadi to leave me and my psyche is reaching out for something to fill the void. It is not proper for me to do this and I apologize for any harm I have caused both mentally and physically. I hope you can also talk to Hawksley soon about your condition. I do love you in a way a friend loves another. I will go to my quarters and let you be. You have permission to miss your next duty shift if you need to have some time. I am very sorry." Dodd then grabbed the rest of his clothes and moved toward the door.

“Hold on handsome!” Lily smiled as she caught Remington up. “These are your quarters remember! It’s me who needs to be on my way.” She smiled as she ran her fingers through her hair making sure she was neat and tidy.

"Wow, I was seriously out of it." Dodd replied. "I really am sorry but I never meant to use you this way and while it was good for me, it is ultimately not the best outlet for me at this time. I hope you will not hold it against me in any manner and that we can keep a pleasant working relationship as well as a pleasant personal relationship as you are a good person and I need those in my life."

Dodd then stepped over to give Lilli a kiss on the cheek as he walked her to the door.

"I am sorry that your parting is now full of such sorrow. But know I do appreciate what you intended to do for me." Dodd stated.

“It was my pleasure” Lilli smiled warmly as she looked at Remington. “Being your friend is reward enough for me, and you being friends with Leland is equally as important. If you ever need to talk, or just want to join us for dinner one night then please do.”

"Thank you and I will be joining the two of you for dinner sooner than later." Dodd replied. "I look forward to what the future will hold for all of us on this wonderful ship."


Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
Executive Officer, USS Tomcat


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail (NPC: Arderne)
Combat Medic


A cameo appearance by;
Lieutenant Lamia Arderne
Chief Counsellor


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