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Call to Lisa

Posted on 25 Sep 2021 @ 1:45am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Paul's Quarters- USS Tomcat
Timeline: current


Paul’s quarters / USS Tomcat -

Paul sat in his quarters with a pint of lager sitting next to his terminal; he looked at the screen that held the Starfleet symbol upon it as he had already announced his nuptials to his crewmates and Paula. Now all he had to do was convince one member of the family to return from the cold and that was Paula’s partner, Lieutenant Lisa Creed; He knew that Lisa was angry with him and he had been with the pair of them, however; as he explained to Paula that by standing up to those he believed at the time were making rude comments about his sister he had ended up taking a beating more than once. The question was would Lisa listen to him for once?

Paul gave a sigh and then opened a communications channel…

Seconds later the screen changed and looking back at him was Lisa Creed who Spat =/\= So, Paul Winchester, You have the nerve to call me, have you come to beg for forgiveness? =/\=as she snarled at him.

But before Paul could utter a friendly greeting she continued =/\= you ruined my life Paul, my chance at happiness with Paula =/\= as her anger started to boil over.

Paul sighed and waited before speaking =/\= and Hello to you too Lisa,=/\= replied Paul looking back at her, he continued =/\= I take it you have heard from Paula?” as he knew that knowing his sister as he did, she would have called Lisa before he had now.

Paul sat there looking at her and said finally =/\= Lisa, you are family and my Sister’s Partner and I love you dearly =/\=

Lisa sat back in her chair shocked with her mouth open, =/\= what the hell did you just say? =/\= she asked as she looked at him dumbfounded and surprised at his statement as her office door swished open as she shouted,=/\= I’m busy on an important call, come back later=/\= she said.

Then as she looked back at Paul once more she remarked, =/\= did you just say Family Paul and that you love me dearly? or am I hearing you tell a joke?=/\= as she still could not believe what she had heard him say.

=/\= You heard me, Lisa, I said you are family and Paula’s partner,=/\= responded Paul as he knew that this was a tough sell to her as he was rather pleased that she had not closed the channel on him and that she was giving him a chance, he continued =/\= and I mean what I said, Lisa, you are family =/\= he said as he picked up the cold beverage from the counter next to him.

Lisa Paused for a minute before she spoke…

=/\= Paul, you did everything to break us up and after all this time, you want Paula and me back together? =/\= She asked dumbfounded as once again her temper started to rise as she knew that what Paul was attempting was to try and appease Paula and after her talk with her former Ex she knew why. She finished =/\= You only want me with Paula to play happy families at your wedding, don’t you? =/\= she snarled as she wanted Paul to feel guilty, However angry she was with Paul she knew that someone had actually been able to tame him.

Paul leaned back in his chair and chose his words carefully =/\= I was wrong about what I did with both of you and Paula and Mom was right,=/\= looking back at Lisa, he continued.

=/\= I just felt at the time humiliated after standing up for Paula when they said about it,=/\= he picked up his drink and took a sip of it then finished speaking =/\= and when you both announced it on graduation day that’s when it hurt me more than both of you didn’t trust me=/\= he finished and paused allowing Lisa to respond.

Lisa looked back at Paul hearing how he felt and how angry he had been with her and what had driven him to force them both apart, now she understood, she said =/\= Paul, I didn’t know how you felt and I thought you hated me=/\= as she knew that with this talk with Paul that they would have an understanding of one another.

Paul sighed and took a deep breath before he spoke =/\= I never hated you, Lisa, I just felt embarrassed and needed some space =/\= as he knew that still, things had to be spoken.

Paul continued, =/\= but by the time I had found Paula, you had left her=/\= as she knew that family meant everything to him, even now as he knew that Lisa made his sister very happy and it was all he cared about when it came to her.

Lisa looked back at Paul and Paused for a moment before speaking. =/\=Let me get this straight, it has taken you this long to come to terms with your sister’s sexuality. =/\= giving him a stern look, she continued. =/\=and mine as well?=/\= as she still focused her gaze upon him. She finished. =/\= and you want me to give up the Chief Operations post on Deep-space 3? =/\=

Paul looked back at her and said =/\= I came to terms with it after I spoke with mom a few years before I found Paula again on Triton seabase just after you left,=/\= as he took another sip of his drink again, he continued =/\= Lisa, I do care about you, and Paula, =/\= as he noticed a meeting Alam come up, he finished =/\= I have to go Lisa but please think on what I have said,=/\= as he closed the channel. As he now hoped that Lisa would give him a chance as no doubt Paula would have asked her to do.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Chief Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Lisa Creed
Chief Operations Officer
Deep -space 3


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