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XO check in for new CFO?

Posted on 23 Apr 2017 @ 8:45pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames
Edited on on 23 Apr 2017 @ 9:35pm

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)
Location: XO's Office, Deck 2
Timeline: Current


Walking down the corridor on Deck 2, Riabi reached the right door that she had been told by the computer when checking and pressed the door button. She had already looked up about Commander Sterling and from what she had read, she could tell that Pames was quite intrigued about how things would go.

A sense of curiosity was one thing that both host & symbiont shared, and Riabi waited until she gave permission to enter.

Maia as always was working on crew evaluations, and ships status reviews. Ever since they had re-entered the Hydaranz system, the ship and crew had been in mortal danger. It was never easy integrating a ship full of marines and fleeter in one coherent unit but the Tomcat was the exception to the rule. They had been fighting in close quarters for so long they had become family. Maia had gone over this morning's reports and she noted that they were getting several new officers including a new flight control officer. They had been without one for quite some time. Maia always worried about the nature of replacements and how they could integrate into a new crew. Most needed a little settling in time, sort of like an engine part did. Maia didn't really like comparing the intricacies of interpersonal relationships to engine parts but the analogy was often true. 80 percent of the time a person either succeeded or failed due to how they related to other people. If friendships could be made and sustained then a harmonious peace and sense of being was created and a new crew member would be a harmonious addition. Otherwise, chaos ensued. Maia often wondered how they did these things on Klingon vessels.

Maia heard the door buzzer go off.

"Enter", Maia said.

What can I do for you, Lieutenant"? Maia asked jovially.

Riabi was quite pleased when it was obvious that the commander was in a good mood, as it made things a lot easier. But then, nothing about her was worried about going into situations without any idea and being very flexible to handle whatever came up.

"When I came aboard, I became too busy trying to get my department to a standard that fitted with good practice, and I wasn't able to follow proper protocol. So I wanted to come check in with you as Executive Officer and find out if there was anything that needed to be brought up."

"Yes, do you have your orders and certificates of training?

Riabi nodded and handed over a datapad, which was pre-loaded with the information that she had expected would be needed.

Maia looked them over.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant how do you prefer to be addressed"?

Smiling and quite touched by Maia's respect in checking, Riabi grinned, "Commander, thank you for checking but I am fine with whatever anyone is comfortable with. I am not sure if you have worked with joined Trills before, so I should mention Pames is my Symbiont's name. It has been found by Trills that using symbiont names like human traditions for married women's last names is the easiest to work with - in which case Lieutenant Pames is fine. For flight control & pilots, we tend to go by callsigns when just alone, which is Boomer for me. "

"To be perfectly honest I have never before had the opportunity to serve with a Trill before or any other joined species. Please be sure to inform me if you need special accommodations or you need anything to maintain your health. I will try my best to accommodate you. Also, I have an open door policy if you need to talk please come and see me".

Maia smiled.

"Tell me Lt Pames, have you ever commanded a fighter squadron in deep space combat before"? Maia asked.

Riabi nodded, "Nothing much to worry about. As long as I have bug spray, I'm just like anyone else - except for some kooky coloured eyes. Oh, and an artificial right arm that can come off. I meet all the Starfleet standards without it though. Do you want to see it? I have found that it is best to ask as it can cause surprise. As for flight squadrons, no and I thought we have a CAG? The closest was a Prometheus class, with the rest being on a Defiant, Centaur, and an Olympic. But I can fly starfighters and I've got plenty of combat experience with those ships."

"Very well have you ever serves as chief helmsman on a starship before"?

Riabi grinned, "Well, not as a chief, but I worked as assistant chief and I've got a really good track record with flight control. I started flying when I was 5, so been doing it for about nineteen years. My dad is a starship engineer and that's how I got into it."

"Do you have any hobbies", Maia asked.

Riabi smiled, "Aye, I sure do. Probably the first one I always mention is spending time with Doya, my wife. But my main relaxation is that I've got quite a fondness for cooking. I was thinking of doing something at some point with a dinner party. Got any favourite cuisines? I like trying new dishes."

"Well I am partial to human cuisine but there are some Andorian and Vulcan dishes I like. I have also tried Klingon food from time to time. Tibius class is good. I loo forward to sampling your talents at your convenience of course". Maia replied.

After that, she added, "I'm also quite a good jazz singer and plan to do some performances in the mess hall or lounges. For exercise, I do swimming, running and a Trill activity that is easiest to describe as like Terran Hot yoga. Oh, and I also took up Muay Thai when I was at the academy after finding out about it from a Security cadet I dated. Some people could it a brutal blood-sport but I found it quite good for physical and mental discipline."

"Very well Lt Pames, It sounds like I will enjoy working with you. Have you had your physical and been assigned a stateroom yet"? Maia asked.

Riabi grinned, "Glad to know. Yes, I arranged a medical appointment as soon as I came aboard, and had my physical. Although I do need to do a checkup of my arm's cybernetic set up with an engineer - it is booked though. I have been assigned a family stateroom with my wife, Emja Doya, who is working on unpacking so I could come see you."

Reaching to her right shoulder and holding it, she mentally sent the disconnect signal and then twisted the joint in the correct spot until her right arm literally came off.

Laying it on the desk, she smiled, "I keep it regularly serviced and there isn't any rush, but I take my responsibilities flying the ship as sacrosanct and do not want my performance to suffer. Although I meet all the requirements without it."

"Excellent Lt Pames. Welcome aboard You may assume your duties, tomorrow Alpha shift I shall put you on the duty roster. Will there be anything else"? Maia asked.

Riabi reconnected her arm and shook her head, "Great. There is one thing that I would like to mention to you as a private note due to your role as an executive officer. She gave me permission to let you know this, but Doya isn't the best with reading people & it affects her inter-personal skills. Although it isn't an actual diagnosis, the best way to think of it is a mild form of autism. She goes to Counselling about it and tries her best. Just wanted you to know."

"I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your candor. Dismissed. Maia said.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Riabi Pames
Chief Helm Officer(FCO)


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