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Exciting News Part 3 - Night out

Posted on 01 Nov 2021 @ 4:43pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Club Retro/Various
Timeline: Prior to New Mission Briefing


The time had come for the big date, while this was not the first they had, it was a date that Chris was really nervous about, he was about to do the one thing that he never thought he would be doing. He had freshened up and looked at his suit that was hanging up. He thought about the dress he got for Mia, it was a nice retro off the shoulder red dress that went in at the hips and flared out into a bell-shaped bottom that stopped just above the knee, now he had made sure the dress was tailored for Lamia, also to accompany the dress was a matching pair, no two matching pairs of red shoes, one pair had 3-inch heels the other pair was what they called ballet flats, they looked like the heeled shoes but without the heels, he wanted her to have a choice of shoes.

The place he had booked specialised in retro functions, Club Reto was a human-run club that was Retro themed it had everything that dealt with events and functions and music from the really old style to late 21st Century events only. Chris had booked in advance the place for tonight starting at 8 pm for an event for his lady it would be some vintage romantic songs from the 1980s and one or two various, he picked on particular song out for their slow dance for after the event he had planned, but thought the night quiet romantic music would play in the background.

Now ready he left his quarters with everything that he needed and headed straight to Lamia's quarters, the Starbase residents were used to seeing such vintage clothes due to the club, but there were more than a few women who stared at him almost collapsed when he looked at them and gave them his trademark smile as he passed them oO must be careful otherwise I will get mobbed Oo he thought to himself as he entered the lift and when the doors closed.

"Officers level deck C section five," he said and the lift whisked him to his required destination, it was a long ride as his quarters were so far from Lamia's, he looked at his vintage watch it was 1830 hours, he hoped to make it in time, as he stepped out of the lift when it finally arrived he walked down the corridors feeling out of place, very few of those on this level took any notice of him, he rounded the corner and stood in front of Lamia's door and pressed the Buzzer.

- Lamia's Quarters -

After Chris had left her at her door earlier, Lamia had quickly entered to go look for the surprise item he’d left for her. Walking inside was more than a little surprised, in-fact her jaw had practically hit the floor when she’d set eyes on the gorgeous retro dress he’d left her.

The red dress was draped over the sofa, picking it up she’d held it against herself marvelling at just how beautiful was! Next to the sofa were two pairs of shoes, one pair were red heels that were high, but not too high, and the other were flats. Carrying her dress into the bedroom she lay it flat on the bed before she returned to the living room for the shoes. First things first she needed a shower and to decide how she wanted to style her hair for the evening.

The time soon came as Lamia looked at the clock on her wall, she was dressed and ready, having chosen the red heels to wear with her dress she’d decided to leave her hair long hoping Chris would enjoy seeing her that way instead of tied back, which was how she wore it during work hours.

As the door buzzer sounded she took a deep breath, walking to the door she smiled the biggest smile yet as she saw how handsome Chris looked in his blue suit. “Goodness! You look even more handsome than usual.”

As the door opened he was greeted by a vision of beauty, he had chosen well for the attire for Mia, she looked stunning "Wow, you look better than I had ever hoped for, tell me is my drool apparent?" He asked in jest.

Mia giggled. “Not yet but if you start frothing at the mouth I’ll let you know! So I take it you like?” She did a twirl in her dress just to show it off. “I feel like a princess!”

Looking at her "tonight you are my princess and yes I very much like, oh that outfit is missing one item" he said as he pulled out a flat velvet-like box and opened it, in it was a beautiful necklace which complimented her outfit, it had red stones in it a style trim from Lamia's homeworld and was coloured gold "this is not the final surprise, but it is a surprise, you want me to put it on?" He asked.

Once again Lamia had been stunned into silence by what Chris had for her. She nodded and held up her hair out of the way allowing Chris to put on the necklace. “It’s so gorgeous Chris! Thank you so much!!” The tears glistening in her eyes said just how much all of it meant to her.

As he put it around her neck and fastened the clip at the back and made sure it was straight, then he held his arm out in offering "shall we Mia, our night out is waiting?" He asked with a small smile.

“We shall indeed” Lamia smiled the warmest smile yet as she held onto Chris’ arm. “You really do look so handsome in those clothes, I’m willing to bet every woman you’ve passed has watched you go by.”

*Smiling* "you should have seen heads turning as I headed your way, I swear I could hear some snapping of necks, walking to your quarters was daunting, now I know what a prey feels like when amongst wolves," he said and lightly shuddered as they walked down the corridor, he noticed some of the women giving him a look of approval, but a hint of jealousy was on their faces when they saw Lamia on his arm, suddenly he was craving a good fight with some Nausicaans as they stopped at the lift and waited for it, Chris looked directly at the Reader and lowered his voice as he spoke.

Looks at the reader and raises an eyebrow "Well dear reader, have you ever felt like a fox in a hen house, but the hens have repeating phasers and long knives?" He asked "well that is how I currently feel, this is one of those times I would rather be fighting a bunch of rowdy Nausicaans than walking down this corridor with all the evil looks aimed at us" he paused as the lift arrived he quickly looked back at the reader, "I have big plans for tonight, wish me luck," he said and looked at the looks from the few women in the corridor looked at the reader and did a mock shudder and entered the lift.

As they enter the lift and the doors closed "Promenade level three" Kildare said and looked at Lamia "let's see, the itinerary for tonight, is a three-course meal, followed by your final surprise and if all goes as planned a slow dance to finish the night off, I have an alternate plan should it not go the way I think it will" he said with a small smile.

Lamia gave a nod of approval. “A three-course meal, it’s a good job I only ate light at lunchtime!” She grinned playfully. “I’m still intrigued as to what this other surprise might be but I’ll wait patiently to find out.” Truth be known she was chomping at the bit to get to that part of the evening, not that she was showing it.

As the pair exited the lift on the requested level they joined others in retro gear, but the others were going to the local nightclub, it was amusing to see an Andorian in an MJ outfit one similar to what the artist wore in Thriller Music Video he shook his head sadly oO it would be fun to see the Andorian dance the Thriller Oo he thought to himself, in fact out of all those on the level in retro gear, he and Lamia were the most conservatively dressed denizens of the Starbase.

As they walked around they finally arrived at Club Retro, the Matre D was waiting for them, he smiled when he saw them "Mr Kildare Sir, welcome you made it just in time, please enter" he said and the pair entered the club and was shown to their table.

Chris looked around at the empty place and nodded satisfied, then held the chair out for Lamia to sit in, as she sat down he pushed the chair in like a gentleman and spoke quietly to the Matre D "is the requested song ready? How long before you have to open the doors to the denizens?" He asked.

Lamia was a lucky woman, to have a true gentleman like Chris. As he pulled out the seat for her to take she politely thanked him and sat down. She was impressed with just how much he’d done in arranging their evening.

*Smiling* "the song is set up and you will have the guaranteed length of the meal you have ordered and a little time after that, will there be anything else Sir?" The Matre D asked and Kildare shook his head "I will be back with the menus, please have a seat" he finished and left Chris alone with Lamia

As he sat opposite Lamia "so that is that arranged, the guy will be back with the menus for us" he spots the bottle of Champagne he pointed to it as he looked at Mia.

“Yes please!” Lamia nodded and grinned. “You really thought of everything this evening” She motioned around the room. “I could never have imagined any of this! It’s totally amazing!”

With that, he pours them each some champagne puts the bottle down and lifts his glass up in a toast "to us and to life" Chris said as the Matre D stood there waiting for the correct and polite time to move in.

Lifting her glass Mia gently chinked her glass against Chris’ “To us and to a long life together” she sipped her drink as she looked into his eyes.

After the toast he stepped forward "here are your menus" he said handing them one each and then stepping back to await their choices.

Looking at Lamia "okay time for the appetizers" he said with a smile and looked at the Matre D "I will have that one" he said pointing to the starter on the menu.

Lamia looked at the menu uncertain what to choose. “I’ll have the same, thank you.” She smiled as she looked at the Matre D waiting for him to depart before speaking. “I wasn’t sure what to choose.”

As the Matre D nodded with a smile and left Chris turned to Lamia with a smile "no worries, a strawberry flavoured mousse is always a good starter, so I take it you were not expecting such events so far then?" Chris asked taking her hand.

Lamia’s smile practically shone as she entwined her fingers with Chris’. “I knew it would be something very special, but I wasn’t expecting any of this! The gorgeous dress, the shoes, this venue, it’s all so amazing!!”

*mysterious smile* under his breath "night is not over, yet" he said quietly as some random romantic music began to play in the background, he moved his hand back as the Matre D returned with their starters "thank you" Chris said and the guy smiled, he looked at Lamia "Bon Appetit Mon Chere" he said speaking a little French, he did not know much and that was about it.

Lamia smiled. “Bon appetit ma cherie. Je t'aime beaucoup.” With that, she politely tucked into her strawberry mousse savouring every little morsel as her eyes barely left his. She was curious as to what the rest of the evening held for her.

As they tucked into their starters Kildare once again paused looked at the reader and quietly said to the reader "I think tonight is going to go very well" he said and smiled at the reader and then returned his attention to his meal as he looked at Mia as he stuck into his starters, he had a fondness for strawberries and was enjoying his starter, as both were finishing theirs the Matre D arrived with two Menus.

"How were your starters, Sir, Madame?" he asked them both looking at each in turn.

Lamia smiled sweetly as she looked at the Matre D. “Absolutely delicious!” She looked at Chris with a sparkle in her eyes. “I’m looking forward to the next course.”

As they were offered the menus again Chris took his menu and looked it over "hmm, I will have the Steak dinner" he said and looked at Lamia "what about you Mia?" He asked his lady.

Having looked through the menu, Lamia smiled as she looked at the Matre D “I think I’ll have the mixed grill please” She smiled warmly as she handed her menu back before looking at Chris. “I thought I’d have a food change.”

*smiling* "whatever you want Mia," Chris said as the Matre D nodded and smiled as he left to get their orders ready.

After handing the orders to the Chef he looked through the small window and saw the couple, they seemed very much in love, he did not know the story behind the pair, only that the guy was an enlisted Marine and the female a commissioned Fleet Officer, he suddenly wondered what did the Marine have that most men did not, then he saw the Marine smile and knew.

"While we wait, I will say a little of what I have planned, after the main course it is desserts, followed by some more champagne and then a romantic dance and an end of the dining surprise," Chris said.

Lamia smiled. “It sounds wonderful, I can barely wait to find out what that surprise is!” She gently reached her hand across the table taking hold of his hand. “I know things between us have seemed something of a whirlwind, meeting you when I first arrived at Starbase 51, to serving together onboard ship. You’ve helped me through so much Imzadi, without you I wouldn’t have gotten over what happened with the slavers and losing Mia Tabitha as well. You are my rock, the one who keeps me steadfast, strong.”

"Still sad that you had to lose a child, even if it was not wanted at first, it is still sad to lose a young life before it has begun," he said holding her hand in return, "still the more important thing is Mia you survived and yes we have had a whirlwind romance I have to admit I am still surprised you gravitated to an enlisted rifleman, I am a rock, this is true" Chris responded with a smile.

A short time later the Matre D leading a waiter arrives with their main meal and places their respective meals in front of them "enjoy Sir, Madame" he said with a smile and the pair were left to enjoy their meal before he began to eat he picked up the champagne bottle "refill Mia?" he asked.

Mia nodded. “Yes, please. This food looks absolutely delicious” She picked up her cutlery and politely started on her food. “Hmmm delicious”

*smiles* and also begins to eat his main meal, it was delicious, he had to admit, he paused in eating so he could take a sip of his drink before returning to eating the very good meal before him. As the pair were enjoying their food some romantic music was playing in the background, it had been just over an hour since they arrived, as they were on their main course Chris realised that it was almost time.

As time went on both finished their main course and had a break in between meals when the Retro song Just the way you are, by an artist called Bruno Mars, so Chris stood up and held his hand out, may I have this first dance Imzadi? Before our dessert" He asked.

"You may indeed" Lamia's smile practically shone as she took Chris' hand and walked to the dance floor with him. "This is so magical Imzadi, I never expected any of this! This is a night I'll never forget."

"The best is yet to come Mia" Chris responded as they swirled on the dancefloor to the music he enclosed her in a firm embrace oO am I the luckiest man or what? Oo he asked himself as the music finished he noted that the Matre D was ready to take their dessert orders, he looked down at Mia "I think it is time for our dessert choices, before the big finale" he said.

Lamia looked across as the Matre D then back at Chris. “As much as I’m enjoying this, the suspense is killing me!” Mia grinned. “How’s about you show me my surprise, and I’ll treat you to a dessert that you’ll never forget!” She smiled a very wry smile.

Shaking his head "Nope Dessert first, then a final dance then the surprise, II have it all planned out" he said walking them back to the table and helping her sit before he too took his seat and waved the Matre D to approach who promptly offered them the menus "I suggest something light" Kildare said mysteriously.

Lamia looked at the dessert menu, “vanilla ice cream with Strawberry sauce please” she handed the menu back with a polite smile, then waited for Chris to make his choice.

"I will have the Strawberry Icecream with two wafers please," Chris said looking at the Matre D who nodded with a smile and left them to get their order, while he was waiting, he made it look like he thought he had forgotten something, but he was really checking he had the surprise to cover "why do I keep thinking I will need my cheque book or Visa card" he commented laughing as there was no money per see, he had paid for the night out with some Gold Pressed Latinum, but it would be worth it, well he hoped it would be.

Both looked up as the Matre D arrived with their orders, Chris nodded his thanks and prepared to eat "you know Mia, it is sad to think that our time in this Retro Club is almost over, but everything must come to an end" he commented.

"Not everything Imzadi" Mia smiled as she looked into Chris' eyes. "This night has been so magical, I could never have imagined a place like this!" She spooned up some of her ice creams. "Besides we can do this anytime, the magic for me is being with you."

*Giving her a mock dumbfounded look* "that I know, that I know" he said and ate his dessert, it was really delicious and it did not take him long to finish his dessert, he finished it slightly ahead of Mia and dapped his mouth with the napkin and waited for her to finish. She did eventually finish and again he stood up and held out his hand as the Chris DeBurgh song lady in red began to play "one final dance Mia?" He asked.

“Always” Mia nodded taking Chris’ hand she twirled playfully as they reached the floor before holding onto him as they slow danced together. “I wish this didn’t have to end.”

As they danced to the Lady in Red song Chris put Mia into a gentle twirl before reassuming the correct dance posture which changed to slow dance as the pair continued to dance, but eventually like all songs, this one ended, Kildare gently twirled Mia so that she was a short distance from him as she stopped spinning, by the time she had stopped spinning and was facing him, he was down on one knee holding out an Engagement ring.

"Lamia Arderne, will you do me the honour by becoming my wife?" Chris asked holding a little ring box that was open and directed at Lamia behind her she did not see the Clubs staff quietly advance with party celebration devices.

Lamia stood completely gobsmacked as she looked down at Chris, her eyes twinkling with tears in the light of the room. She smiled the biggest smile ever as she nodded, a single nod at first before looking like she was turning into a noddy dog. “I...” She took a deep breath. “YES!!!”

Chris gave her his biggest smile as the club staff set off the party popper items, making loud pops and bangs as confetti was propelled out of them over the pair, as this was going on Chris took the ring out and placed it on Lamia's finger and swooped in for a kiss.

Lamia was still in a state of shock, looking at the gorgeous ring as Chris slid it on her finger, she’d wrapped her arms around him as he’d swept in for a kiss, and returned it passionately. As their lips parted she felt like she could have jumped for joy, wanting to run around and let the whole ship know about it. “I love you Imzadi, thank you so much for all of this!!”

Leaning his head back and looking down at her and in a mock southern accent "well, why thank you, Miss Arderne" he said and once again the pair lipped-locked as they danced to the music only they could hear, it was sometime before both came up for air and he looked at Mia "Home is it? Yours is closer" He asked.

Lamia nodded. “Mine it is, though I certainly hope we’ll be assigned quarters together now that we’re engaged.” She looked at the sparkling ring on her finger, she still couldn’t believe she was now engaged.

"I am sure that will happen, but we will have to wait till the Fleet Captain returns to ask that," Chris said as he escorted her out slipping the Matre D some extra latinum as a bonus tip for a job well done, with that he put an arm around his Fiancee and realised that he would need to get used to using that term now, even more so that his wife to be was an officer.

“I wish I had the words for what this evening has meant to me” Lamia gazed into Chris’ eyes as they walked home. “I love you feel inadequate to how I feel about you Imzadi. Thank you so much for tonight! I’m going to make the rest of tonight one you won’t forget!”

As the pair walked back to Lamia's arm in arm Chris's eyes widened, he looked at the reader and waggled his eyebrows up and down a few times, then looked down at Lamia "of that m'lady I have no doubt" he said knowing full well on what was in store for him this night and his world would be rocked. They entered the nearest lift "deck C section five" Chris said when the doors had closed.

It was a few minutes ride but eventually, they stopped on the desired floor and stepped out of the lift that was closest to Lamia's quarters and walked down the hallway, it was later in the evening and the corridors were quiet as all the females had likely gone out to the clubs and such the pair rounded the corner and paused outside Lamia's quarters.

"Well, we are here, I can only guess what we do now!" Chris said.

Lamia grinned as she took his hand leading him inside her quarters. No sooner had they entered than she gave him no time to think, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

*eyes widen in surprise by the sudden actions of Lamia* he quickly recovers and responds as he picks her up and walks over to the bed and gently places her down and removes his jacket, shirt and tie and joins her back on the bed and while kissing her he unzips her dress.


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