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Let the Music of your Life Give Life Back to Music

Posted on 30 Sep 2021 @ 8:43pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51: Jane’s Quarters
Timeline: After “Relief in Sickbay”


- Starbase 51 -

It was morning. The USS Tomcat remained docked with Starbase 51, and Jane Sinclair was taking the opportunity to settle in.

Her quarters aboard the ship were exactly as Lieutenant Commander Smithson had advised. A simple place to sleep and store a few things, but very small. Spartan. Not somewhere she could easily feel at home.

The morning after checking in aboard the Tomcat, she was back aboard Starbase 51, in the office of the quartermaster, investigating getting some quarters for herself.

She was hoping for something of a decent size. The things that made Jane happiest requires space.

It was unfortunate, she thought, that SB51 floated in deep space, as opposed to being in orbit of a lush, verdant world that she could look out a viewport and gaze at. Jane wasn’t one for stargazing. The many shifting hues of a Class M world, however, could catch her eyes and hold them forever.

Absent anything to look at, Jane was indifferent about getting a room with a view. She wanted floor space more than a vista. Thankfully, as most considered the window to be a perk, the quarters without them were in higher supply and tended to be bigger.

She was excited when the quartermaster gave her a room assignment. Deck 828, North quadrant, Room 72. Armed with an isolinear chip, the initial key to her room, she searched the residential area and found the space that would be hers.

It didn’t take her long to find it. The station was big, but logically organized. The door opened and revealed its contents to the young doctor.

There was a sizeable living space, with a couch and some chairs. She could sit comfortably and read, or entertain.

There was also an eating area off to the side and a desk with a computer in the corner.

The bedroom and head were behind a separate door. She walked in and saw a Queen sized bed, much bigger than the Single in her quarters on the Tomcat.

The washroom had a full bath. Her starship quarters just had a shower, and it was sonic only.

Her new quarters were excellent, and Jane promptly began planning on how to make them truly perfect.

There were four things which Jane had passion for: medicine, animals, cooking, and music. Professionally, the first two were satisfied. But to truly feel happy, she needed to be able to make food and play music. Thankfully, these quarters had sufficient floor space that a kitchen and a piano could be installed.

She sent a note to the Quartermaster, thanking him politely for his help and asking if an Operations crewman could be sent her way, not only to deliver her personal possessions but also to discuss furnishings, like She let slip that she wanted a kitchen and a freshly baked apple pie might have been promised in exchange for a bit of help getting settled.

Thirty minutes later, a young man (the Quartermaster’s assistant) arrived with her belongings. The two drew up redesign plans for the quarters. The desk could be removed; Jane preferred to work from a PADD on the couch. That corner could be made into a small kitchen. Oven with stovetop. Small refrigerator. Small pantry. She could cook and bake. A piano could be added in the back corner.

The Quartermaster’s assistant left with a list of everything they needed. Until they returned, Jane busied herself by putting away her clothes, books, and trinkets. She replicated some paintings and put on them walls. The final piece of art, however, was original, not replicated. It depicted four young women, each with vibrant electric hair colours.

Pink-haired Anzai Fukami on guitar.

Neon blonde Váczi Gréta on bass.

Purple haired Shaamila el-Hameed on drums.

And finally blue-haired Jane Sinclair on keyboard.

Four Starfleet Academy cadets, united in their passion for music. They spent their down time playing night clubs on Earth and throughout the Sol System under the name “The Crescendolls”, a reference to some old Earth electronica song.

When Jane said she had a passion for music, most people disregarded her. They failed to realize just how committed to it she had been. Jane felt deeply connected to music her entire life, and seriously considered a music career instead of medicine. Though medicine won out, she could never cut music from her life. She found like-spirited women on campus, and the Crescendolls were formed within a month of arriving at the Academy. Each played an instrument, and each had a beautiful singing voice.

And now, in deep space, she would not be denied music either. Especially when, as was the case with cooking, she could have music in her Starbase quarters with minimal effort.

The Quartermaster’s assistant returned with a team carrying the kitchen equipment Jane asked for. And also an upright piano.

With everything installed, these quarters now truly belonged to Jane Sinclair. Once the installers left, she took in her surroundings, smiled, as sat down at the piano. She tried the keys. Perfectly in tune. So she began to play a little melody. Moments later, her voice joined in. A song she used to sing with the girls.

I am not a beauty queen
Travelling in a limousine
I'm a girl but don't call me baby
Who the fuck is VIP?
Never alive in luxury
I don't care so just call me crazy

Don't stop just take it to the limit
Watch me, girl, it's spinning around this time
Hush, hush, running to the night, feel alive

I just can't get enough when I'm with you
'Cause your fever makes me feel so good
Turn it up girl you make your move
See I'm burning but it feels so good
Can't get enough when I'm with you
You got fever but it feels so good
Turn it up baby make your move
Keep me burning 'cause it feels so good

The song made her eyes water. Or, rather, the memories that flooded her mind as she played it did. Band practice. Playing those bars around campus. That first big gig in Amsterdam. All the wonderful people they had met. Friends. Lovers.


She wiped an unbidden tear, refusing to let the sad parts of nostalgia ruin her first night in her Starbase quarters. So instead she played on, and sang on, in her new home.


Lieutenant jg Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer


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