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How was the burger?

Posted on 30 Sep 2021 @ 6:02pm by 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Captain Patrick Jackson

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Mazal's Quarters
Timeline: Day 4 evening of Shoreleave


Patrick walked around the deck looking for the right door. He did not want to bother anyone on leave by ringing the wrong door chime. He was looking for his XO. She stormed out of the meeting with Winchester, clearly agitated by something prior to the meeting. The Chief of Security had bearly said anything before she got upset, and he said nothing about it. That clearly ment something was wrong but not wanted to be discussed out in the open.

He neared her door and paused, making sure his face was clean from the burger. He didn't want to look like a slob. He rang the door chime and waited, quickly checking the door number to make sure he had the right place then relaxed while he waited for the response.

Mazal had just finished the last bite of her burger, and was working on her fries when the chime sounded. She rose from her cluttered table and headed to the door to see who was there. Then when the door opened she smiled. "Hi, come Patrick. I was just working on the fries." leading the way back to the table where her fries were. She had some Ketchup on her cheek she hadn't wiped off yet, and probably didn't realize it was there.

"How did things go with Winchester?"

He followed her in and looked around. Still pretty spartan, but that was normal for just arriving and also being a marine. "Things went OK. For the better of it, all on his end far as trust goes. Doesn't like Marines because of a past issue, but is OK with everyone on this ship yet still doesn't like them. Didn't get the full story, just enough to know it doesn't make sense." He smiled at her. "You got a little." He said and brushed his cheek.

Mazal huffed when she heard his news about Winchester. Then Mazal put her hand to her cheek pulling it away and laughed. "Well looks like I really got into eating that delicious burger." walking over and getting something to wipe off the ketchup. "As for Winchester, I just want to smack the stupid out of him. So something in his past, has made him have an attitude with marines? Well let me tell you, Mr. Winchester did a major goof. He called out Colonel Somers on her honor, in front of those who were gathered for transfer of positions. The then counselor Walon, was also put in as Intelligence Officer which to me makes sense. When commanded to give over the codes to the new intelligence chief. Winchester refused saying Walon was a security risk!" Mazal fumed.

Mazal walked over and took a couple more fries and popped them in her mouth, then taking a drink before she continued. "After being given a command to do so, he then said the Colonel had no honor. Said that she only got in that position due to her SISTER! Who is a higher rank than her! He thought she was cashing in on her sister's reputation, who is a Fleet Captain!" her eyes were filled with thunder, sending out sparks of fire. "He did this during the first mission briefing!!"

Mazal was breathing hard, as she was getting ticked off just thinking of what Winchester had done and said. "I don't like him, Patrick, I really don't. I met the colonel she worked hard to get where she is at!"

He smirked and shook his head. "Yeah, not a smart thing to do to any Marine or senior officer. Although, does make sense why he wanted the Colonel to be the target in the flag. I thought he wanted it to be a challenge of some kind and tactically, would make sense to target the CO of the vessel. That said, capturing engineering or the bridge in general would do the same thing. Must want to prove himself and show he and his team could protect her and get a little standing back." He shrugged.

He walked over with her to her fry box. "Have to see what the Colonel wants to do. Would also be a shame for him to lose more face when we capture the Colonel or take the ship." He shook his head. "Don't let him get to you. There are a lot of people like that. Besides, will hurt the digestion."

Mazal laughed, "True, which is why I left when I did. I didn't want to waste the burger which I found was very tasty." taking a seat and motioning towards the chair across the table from her. "Now to eat the rest of the fries. I am glad I decided to get the same thing you ordered." resuming eating her fries. "And wonder if you have room for dessert, I am sure in the mood for something sweet."

Patrick put his hands to his stomach. "I'm sure I could make room." He smiled. "What do you have in mind?" His smile broadened into a grin. "Need some sweetness to go along with your salty?" It was a dumb joke, but he was proud of it none the less.

Mazal laughed, "Oh I suppose." giving a wink. "I am thinking of mixed berry pie with ice cream. What would you like? And would you mind if we ate it here? And from the replicator?"

He nodded. "Make that two. Got to love alamode pie. Vanilla bean ice cream for me please." He looked around a little and leaned back into his chair. "Here is good for me. Have any decoration plans for your quarters?" He saw people with nearly every inch decorated, and then there were people like him who was spartan to an extreme almost. Most were somewhere in the middle, but it intrigued him.

"I am not certain yet how I want to decorate the place. May not want to put much into decorating. I'm of the mindset minimalistic, I've been more into, what I have in my duffle is what I take with me. Maybe I will change that perspective sometime but I still have that, be prepared to move out at a moments notice. " Giving a shrug then headed over to get their desserts. When they were ready Mazal took them over to the table and slid Patrick's over to him. Then she sat down.

"How all my quarters have been as well. The position though is a little more stable, so I may add some touches of something. Maybe a plant. Thank you." He said as he accepted the treat. It was good, he always loved pie and ice cream. "Beats barracks by a long shot." He ate another piece. "Oh, to keep you up to speed, I talked to the counselor yesterday about the dreams and sleep issues. Got a course of treatment and thankfully I'm a normal healthy marine."

"I didn't know you were having sleep and dream issues." cocking up an eyebrow, before she took a bite of her own pie alamode. "What sort of dreams were you having? You don't have to tell me though." Mazal stated, an expression of concern in her eyes.

He nodded as he finished another bite. "More of those dreams I told you about when we first met earlier at the lounge. Nearly having to off the away team because of that virus." He said and swallowed again. "Dreams kept getting more vivid and my workouts longer. Still going through the reading material she gave me to help control the dreams."

"That's right, you did tell me. " Mazal took another bite of her pie. "I've been having quite the busy shore leave. Been meeting others of the crew." Mazal stated. "However hopefully you've been able to get sleep and have some good dreams." teasingly fluttering her eyes at him. She visibly started to relax, as the pie and his company seemed to be the ticket to get her mind off of Winchester.

He gave her a smile. "Well, still reading the book and can't control them just yet, but you know they'll just be of you." He said adding a wink to her. "That is if I want good dreams. Anything else would just be an OK dream."

Mazal's mouth dropped open, then she chuckled as she felt heat rise to her cheeks, color showing she was blushing.

"Well, I would hate for me to be a nightmare in your dreams." she in a low seductive voice.

He chuckled a little and matched her gaze. "If your in my dream, how could it possibly be a nightmare?" He paused a beat then continued. "Ok, maybe if you turned into one of those zombie corpses and tried to eat my brains, even then, could be worse ways to go I suppose." He finished and laughed.

Mazal looked like he just got her flustered, her cheeks going a bit more red. She took a bite of her pie, trying to hide her smile, then she just got up from her chair and moved over towards Jackson. Mazal had finished her bite and then she kissed him on the cheek next to the corner of his mouth.

"Patrick, you sure know how to turn the tables around on a girl. And me eating your brains? I would rather taste your lips. But that will have to be at a later time though." Mazal replied, with another smile, running her finger along his jawline and turned to get back to her pie.

She said table turned and she turned them right back effortlessly. Now he was reddening up with with a dumb smile on his face as she walked back. Twice she had done that now and both times he was confident his face showed all the cards he had. He needed to cool down and quick.. He looked at his pie and shoved a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

Cool down he did. While he may have thought he was a brain dead oaf with her flirting, the ice cream made sure to remind him, it was far from dead. It took a moment but the brain freeze kicked in and registered as she sat down. The brain freeze could make anyone wince, and he was no exception. His head cocked to the side, one eye squinted closed and his face contorted into an odd shape, all in time for her to see as she looked back to him.

Her eyes went wide, and Mazal quickly got some water for Patrick, it was slightly comical the face he made, but she did wince in empathy. Knowing the pain of brainfreeze. "Here, drink this it will help you." pushing the glass of water towards him. Mazal stated, her lips sort of puckering up as she still empathized with his pain. In fact she took up her own water to take a drink. Sympathetic pain doesn't feel good.

He took the drink of water and nodded. It did help and slowly his face became less contorted and returned to a semblance of normal. "Thanks. For a moment in time, I think every neuron in my brain approached absolute zero." He shook his head. "Maybe I should use that during an interrogation." He took another quick drink of water and shook his head. "Or not, don't really want to be charged with a war crime."

Mazal nodded in agreement, while she drank the rest of her water. Setting down the glass, she picked up her fork, then decided she better get a spoon. "Do you want a spoon for the rest of your pie? I know I want one just to make certain the ice cream doesn't get away."

"Sure." He said looking at his plate. Spoon would be a good choice before things ended up in his lap. Not a way to impress a lady oO of course a brain freeze didn't do much either.Oo He shrugged to himself and took the spoon. "So what do you have going on the rest of leave?"

"Well what ever happens, happens. I still have an eye on meeting with a few of the other crew members, dance lessons with you. Oh I did meet with the XO of the Tomcat. He asked to meet with me, it was an interesting meet. XO and XO, he agreed with my perception of one crew on the Tomcat, Marine and the Star Fleet crew alike." Mazal stated, before she finished up her pie. "What do you have planned besides dance lessons with me?"

He shrugged a little. "Me, probably nothing nearly as thrilling as yours. I'll take in a little holodeck time I think and do some training, but overall, it will probably be a pretty," he paused, "mild mannered leave for me." He finished his pie as well and took her dish to the disposal along with his.

"Mild mannered. Well that would be a good thing, after the time you had before coming into the station and then meeting me." giving a light laugh. "It definitely a worthwhile meeting. Meeting you, getting to know you off the battlefield." Mazal smiling. "Thank you for the clean up." nodding towards him taking their dishes.

"You're welcome. You did make me desert after all." He chuckled and sat down. "Well, it's been a productive Shoreleave for both of us so far. It's good to know each other out of duty as well. The more we know each other the more we can take care of each other in all manner of situations. I'm also glad to hear you are getting acquainted with the rest of the crew. I've still got a few people left to meet myself. I came on board and we had to zip off to the mission, so little time to socialize."

"Well hopefully you'll be able to socialize a bit more before we go on, my first mission and your second mission. I really wonder what it will be. Also if you ever get the chance you've got to get to know Hawksley he's a good guy. He's fun in a social environment. He's got a girlfriend, our own marine counselor." Mazal stated.

"Oh really? I wasn't aware of that." He paused and thought a moment. "Of course I don't know much about most of the crew and marines outside of a file right now. Just a couple of them. I'll have to meet up with Hawksley again. I only met him in mission setting and when you get into mission mode, you don't really think about anything else." He looked at Mazal and smiled. "Thinking of, how are you still eligible? I know we glossed over it the other night, but I'm sure guys throw themselves at you wanting you to pick them, what are you looking for?" He asked then quickly added "Nothing wrong with being picky by the way. You deserve top notch."

"Patrick, I truly don't know exactly what I am looking for.. maybe the right fit for me. " Mazal giving a slight shrug. "Maybe I am too picky, maybe I'm not. Or honestly maybe I just feel it wouldn't be fair being in the marines and one day coming home in a box and someone has to mourn for me."

He nodded. "I understand that. It's hard. There is always that chance you dont come home, some higher than others, and it's hard to do that to someone and then not be able to talk about it either." He gave her a smile. "I think you're a wise woman."

'I don't know if I am a wise woman to be honest. I do know if or when I find someone to be married to, and then kids come along. I may end up retiring from the corps. Its what my mom did, and the same thing for my Aunt. Kids come and well, then comes the big job of raising them. I do know that there are mothers who don't retire from the corps they go out and do what they need to do." Mazal stated.

"Yeah, kids add a whole different dimension to the equation. At least that's what good parents do." He shrugged. "I'm sure it would be hard for a kid to wonder if their parent is coming home from deployment. At least on the big ships like the Galaxy they can come along sometimes. Helps limit the away time of deployment."

"From what I hear, it does limit the away time, being on a Galaxy class ship." Mazal gave a bit of a sigh at that thought. Then she gave a quick smile, "However that is in the near or far future to be happening. a significant other, kids. That sort of thing. And if I find someone, if I were to get pregnant I wouldn't be on the Tomcat anymore, and wouldn't be your XO either. And the Tomcat is certainly not a family sort of ship."

Patrick looked confused. "What do you mean the Tomcat isn't a family sort of ship?" He looked around. "You have a whole living area available, bathroom and a bedroom! By marine standards, we're almost in paradise!" He laughed and gave her a smile.

Mazal raised an eyebrow. " Yes that is true, I am saying kids are not allowed, as in babies and toddlers. No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the ship." blowing a strand of hair out of her face then just brushing it away.

"I know." He chuckled. "I'm just joking. This is a war ship. Much more different purpose than a Galaxy. I got to say that selfishly, I hope those days are a long time coming for you. I'd like to keep you around as long as possible." He smiled then quickly added.

"I'd like to stay around as long as possible as well. Not done with teaching you to dance." Mazal giving a cheeky grin. "and there is still so much more to learn about you." she gave a slight chuckle. "Need to see just what we can do as a team."

He nodded at her. "I bet we can do a lot as a team. I have a feeling we will work well together." He looked at the time and back to Mazal. "Well, I probably have taken enough of your leave. I should get going. I have a delivery that should be in by now to check on." He said standing up.

Mazal rose from the table and walked with Patrick to the door. "Thanks for coming to talk with me. You certainly got me in a better mood." giving Patrick an embrace, her head on his shoulder. "I certainly appreciate that very much." she lifted her head to look into his eyes. "I'll be seeing you later on, for the next dance lesson." giving a gentle smile.

Patrick returned the embrace. "You're welcome." He answered. He felt her head on his shoulder and liked it. When she pulled back, he realized she didn't break the embrace to tell him about the lesson. He didn't want it to end. He would be quite happy to spend his entire leave in her arms and just be close. His mind spun, but with good feelings and he finally regained enough to remember she said something. His smile broadened, "Is it later yet?"

Mazal gave a warm chuckle. "In one aspect yes but in another, you said you had a delivery you were waiting for, so its time for you to go acquire it." Mazal reluctantly releasing him from her embrace, with a slight sigh. She did enjoy having Patrick in her arms and him holding her as well. However, Mazal had to keep with her own code, a line she couldn't cross. "So later will be later as in tomorrow. Sound good?" raising an eyebrow but with a smile nonetheless.

He returned her smile as they separated. "Tomorrow it is. Say around 1600?" He asked and slowly moved to the door. While he did not want to go, he had to check on his delivery and silently curse the fact that there was a line between them.

"1600 it is." Mazal responded, "Don't be late, or I will hunt you down." giving a laugh. "Believe me, I will hunt you down." a wink then Mazal gently, but firmly pushed Patrick towards the door. "See you tomorrow."

He nodded and walked through the door. He believed she would hunt him down. "I don't want to miss the lesson, make sure you do if I somehow forget." He said with a smile and walked down the hall. He had a program to inspect, he just needed to make sure she didn't find out. Not many would think that a proper program for a marine.


M Captain Patrick Jackson
Marine CO

2nd LT. Mazal Falk
Marine XO


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