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New Cat in town

Posted on 13 Sep 2021 @ 10:52pm by Warrant Officer K'Muss
Edited on on 15 Sep 2021 @ 7:26pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS Dax-Starbase 51
Timeline: After Tomcat has docked


- Marine country, USS Dax -

K'Muss was in his little office aboard his old ship, looking at the walls. Eventually, he sighed. After all, he did have a whole host of memories there and he really didn't want to leave. He shrugged though and finally bro ut uh his bag out from his small closet

He began to pack with the precision of a marine, pausing however to take in each item. He didn't really say much. In his mind he didn't need to, it was just a small bag. He packed in an item by item until he was done. He grunted as he slung his bag open his shoulder.

"Didn't think I had that much. Man, I need to organize when I get settled." He said as he started to leave. His plan was to slink out unnoticed. That was until a rather alert corporal noticed him

"Captain! The cats escaping" he said.

"Crud!" K'Muss said as the corporal motioned for the Company CO to come over. She started to walk over, a tough Andorian Captain. She spoke up.

"Thought you'd sneak out eh? That right, Warrant officer."

K'muss' ears dropped. He knew he was busted. No sense denying it. "Yes, Captain. Was an impulse I guess."

The Andorian nodded. "Still have some kitten in you, eh?" She laughed. K'muss joined in. "I guess so."

"I get you." The company commander said. "I'll stall the major then. Take off." K'muss nodded, saluted, and then was off.

The cat made a beeline for the transporter room. And not long after that, he materialized upon the pad at Starbase 51.

- Starbase 51 -

His first sight was a first lieutenant holding a padd. He walked up. 'Sir." He said simply. "WO K'muss. Just arriving from USS Dax."

The lieutenant ran his finger down his padd. "Ah yes. Assignment to the Tomcat." He replied.

"That's right, sir," K'muss confirmed

"Report to the Stations Chief of Security." The lieutenant ordered.

'Sir?" K'Muss said. His face showed a look of puzzlement. 'Is there a problem?"

The lieutenant shrugged. "You know as much as I did, warrant officer. Just get there."

"Yes sir!" The caitian said. He immediately left the transporter room.


Warrant officer K'muss
Marine warrant officer


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