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Medically Applicable

Posted on 13 Oct 2021 @ 4:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: USS Tomcat: Sickbay
Timeline: pre-mission departure

- USS Tomcat Sickbay -

LT CMDR Dodd arrives at Sickbay to do what is now part of his duties as the XO, review the department for the mission ahead.

Dodd walks around the first room just looking at the biobeds and the screens. He does not spend too much time in sickbay so this is about as far as he has been in the facilities on the ship. After a few minutes he walks over the door to Doctor Cahill's office.

"Greetings, Doc." Dodd states as he steps to the door. "I was wondering if we could have a chat while I review your department's readiness for our mission?" He added.

Cahill looks up and smiles, "Hello new XO you slipped in on me. I was just wrapping up inventory of the resupply we have going on. Let's go to my office and we can talk."

"Lt Brown see everything is stored away according to the protocols I set up for sickbay."

"Aye Doctor." replied Brown.

"Great, I do want this to be as informal as possible while still being a formal task required of us." Dodd added. He hoped she would see that he was not wanting to be dominating but yet he wanted her to know he had to do what he had to do.

Cahill replied, "Not a problem you need to know the ship is totally operational in all departments and I always expect a visit from the XO. Help yourself to something from the replicator and have a seat while we talk.

You will find I always load up a little heavy just in case there is a fight or some distant station is short of supplies I can help them out with temporary supplies till a supply vessel comes to resupply them."

Cahill passed the Tablet to LCMD Dodd. "Here is a complete list of all supplies I have loaded on board pls a list of all crew members we will leave a Starbase 51 due to their injuries still needed to heal. And also a complete list of new personnel coming to the Tomcat and physical status."

Dodd looked over the PADD and was shocked how through Cahill was. "Looks impressive. Glad to see you always think ahead and consider unforeseen circumstances as well as a chance to help out other outposts and such."

Dodd then looked over the crew coming aboard either as substitute crew for injured crew or new permanent crew. He was looking to see if there was any chance Walon changed her mind was coming back, but she was not on the list. Also he noticed two Andorians, a Tellarite, six Bajorans and a Caitin in the list. "Wow, a nice list of the newbees, I wonder if they will all make it to their first shifts on time." Dodd pondered to Cahill.

Cahill smiled, "All are onboard and ready to assume their new duties. Also if you notice we have a new ACMO which I am very glad to have. Her name is Dr. Sinclar and a very capable doctor as well."

"We are lucky to get her on the Tomcat and she will be able to start pulling duties now." Cahill added.

"Great, glad you got a new deputy in these here parts." Dodd replied with a grin. "I can't wait to meet her. But can you please advise me on your knowledge of less advanced civilizations?" Dodd asked of the fair doctor.

"She is a top gun when it comes to medicine and I know she will be happy to meet you too. Her name is Jane Sinclair.

Keeping up with them can be time consuming but I do try to see what is going on with them as time permits. I usually try to treat them with more old fashion medicine rather than the use of more modern things.

I try to use that to keep my skills up to date incase I needed to treat someone and my medical equipment was damaged or taken by a hostile race as the result of being held captive for instance.

There are several of them here in our sector. And it can be difficult to keep up with them all."

"Great to hear your familiar with older means of administering medicine." Dodd replied. "I have some information about our next mission that will likely need some of that skill set. I say this as I am told we are being sent to a planet that is full of humans but out of time with us. Thus I feel you will be great to have on my away team."

"Sounds good, I try to keep up on things as we go, I am always reading medical journals and catching up on new Star Fleet directives and procedures." Cahill replied.

"This allows me to do a better job every time we go out on a mission. I got to attend a briefing on a new concept Star Fleet sent out for treating victims of radiation exposure. It speeds up their recovery by 1/3." Cahill added.

"This is great, I bet you enjoyed that update." Dodd replied. "I know that some engineers would be grateful for that treatment if they were to be exposed to radiation in the line of duty."

"I am glad you are on top of all in your domain, Doc." Dodd stated. "I am confident that our ship runs as smoothly as it does due to your medical staff being very prepared. Did you get to have any down time while we were docked at Starbase 51?"

"I had a great time and got to see many of my friends from other ships as well had fun catching up. They also had a huge banquet meal for us to eat as well. Got ahold of a Surian dish I had not had in a long time. I added it to our replicator for anyone else to try as well.

It is similar to a chicken dish on Earth. But the birds have a sweet taste to them."

"That actually sounds interesting. I will have to give it a try, Surian food is an acquired taste, but I do enjoy it from time to time." Dodd replied. "I did a lot of personal reflection and self discovery while we were docked. I did get my new office in order and moved to my new quarters and lost my Imzadi as she moved on to be a caregiver for her recently found long lost cousin. I even made the decision to transplant Rocky to the arboretum on Starbase 51 for his benefit as a ship is just too confining for his species of plant."

"I like that Rocky was crapped here and needed to spread his branches. He will be fine on SB-51. And you can get something smaller."

She gets up and goes to a table , then comes back. "I have several Bonsai Trees myself. They are small and it is relaxing to sit and trim it as it needs to be. Take this one with you. I think you will enjoy it."

"Well, Thanks. I hope I can keep it alive." Dodd replied. "I do think my quarters are oversized now without Rocky, but if I can keep this l'il bugger alive and trimmed up, I feel it will make my quarters seem smaller. I think having something to care for will make a world of difference." The still heartbroken man replied to the doctor's kindness.

"They can be relaxation therapy and bring piece to your heart, mind and soul Commander. I feel so relaxed and stress free when I finish working on them. And most of all I feel all the stress drain out of my body.

And also remember I am always around to talk about anything as well that you may need. Also consider finding a hobby to keep yourself occupied. I collect weapons from different cultures for example." Cahill stated.

"Great to know, and I hope you can feel comfortable coming to me if you have any issues you need to talk about." Dodd replied. "I am sure if I could keep Rocky alive, I can do justice to this Bonsai tree. I do have two hobbies, Hiking and collecting old Earth Comic books, which are mostly reprints but I do enjoy the old style of imagery they contain and the cheesy storylines. Hiking on the other hand helps me physically let out my stress and how I do my hiking allows me to unbind all my stress and enjoy the nature around me even if it is holographic nature most of the time."

"Great we all need something to get away from our jobs every now and then." Cahill replied.

"Well, I am curious about this upcoming mission." Dodd stated. "Has the colonel stated anything about it to you yet?"

"I have not heard anything yet. And the information I have is unreliable so I won't repeat it. You know how scuttle butt is in Star Fleet. I am waiting till we get briefed on it for LTC Somers to make an opinion on it. But you know me, I plan for the worst and hope for the best when we resupply for new missions."

"I am certain that your readiness will be a blessing. I am sensing something wicked this way comes." Dodd replied. "I will depart to let you get back to making your medical staff the best it can be for what ever trouble awaits us all." Dodd then stood up and stepped to the side of his chair.

Cahill stood up and stepped from behind her desk, "I am not sure what is up but for some reason my 6th sense has been eating at me lately. Not sure what is causing it. But I have learned to trust my instincts."

She extended her hand, "Congratulations on your promotion to XO. I know the Tomcat and crew are in good hands, under your leadership."

"Thank you, that means a lot coming from you." Dodd replied as he extended his hand to meet hers. "I will likely look to you as if I get stuck or for bouncing ideas around."

"You are welcome, I am there anytime needed. As 2XO it is my job to learn from you and the CO. Plus be there to help anytime I am needed."

"Great, I look forward to working more with you." Dodd stated in response and then turned to depart. "I am glad you are part of this crew, doctor." Dodd then exited the doctor's office to get to his rounds.


Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Cahill
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
Executive Officer


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