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Going Swimmingly

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holosuite 1


Wherever she went, Jane Sinclair brought with her a handful of holodeck settings and preferences. Most of the programs she preferred were part of the standard packages available on all ships. The miscellaneous nightclubs. The music halls. The spa. The swimming pool.

Most ships lacked a dedicated space for swimming, but usually even the smallest craft had large holodecks or smaller holosuites. So Jane had two preprogrammed preferences for those: public swim (large holodeck, open to anyone who wants to come in) or private swim (small holosuite, just her or maybe a small party).

Her preferences uploaded into the computer, Jane had made her way to holosuite 1 about five minutes before she was scheduled to meet with Lamia. She turned on the program and examined the space. A small pool, mostly for free swimming, with a bubbly hot tub off to the side. A few benches lined the walls. She smiled approvingly, got out of her clothes (which she put on the bench with her towel), tied her blue hair into a bun, and dived in.

Lamia arrived at the holodeck, she was wearing a multi-coloured bikini and bathrobe, carrying a towel. Seeing the program was already active she walked inside offering a smile as she saw Jane already in the water.

Jane smiled and swam to the edge of the pool and held on with her forearms. “Glad you could make it!”

When Lamia’s robe parted a bit, two thoughts went through Jane’s mind. oO Damn Oo was the first one. The other was a bit of embarrassment.

“Um, I hope you’ll forgive me for a bit of cultural insensitivity,” Jane said. “Swimming is a popular pastime on Vega and…we usually don’t bother with swimwear.” Her front was covered by the pool wall, but from the lack of straps on her shoulders, it was clear that she wore nothing in the water.”

Lamia wasn’t that flustered. “That’s okay, we’re both women and I’m a Betazoid. Nudity is part of acceptable norms in my culture, weddings are held in the nude!” She grinned as she removed her robe and placed it down before slipping into the water.

“Good! I’m glad my lack of forethought didn’t cause a problem.” Jane pushed away from the wall and began treading in front of the Counselor. The water was just deep enough that she had trouble touching, but Lamia was probably able to a bit more easily. “The water is beautiful. I keep it at 29 degrees Celsius. Refreshing, but not shocking to the system. The hot tub is a delightful 39 Celsius and will be perfect to relax in later.”

Lamia nodded. “It’s been a long time since I last went swimming, I used to love going swimming when I was younger.” She swam a gentle length of the pool enjoying the freedom of being in the water.

“If you’ve never been, you should visit the lake country on Vega IX,” Jane said after following Lamia in her length swim. “Water like glass that reflects the mountains perfectly. We’d swim to the islands, with the most magnificent sandy beaches.” She then went onto her back, by this point not caring in the slightest that she was fully on display for Lamia, and swam back across the pool.

Lamia smiled as she swam alongside Jane so they could talk easier. “That sounds lovely, I’d like to see that.” She paused swimming, “You know what it’s only fair...” she slowly swam to the side of the pool and removed her bikini leaving it on the pool side. “Now we’re both naked.”

“Solidarity!” Jane cheered. At this point, the moving surface of the water distorted the view, but it was nice to swim with someone as comfortable in her own skin as Jane was.

After a few more laps, Jane stopped and took a break at the edge. “So how long have you been on the Tomcat?”

“Not that long really, just over a year... I think.” She paused. “Time goes by so fast sometimes it’s hard to remember. This ship has become home.”

“And how long have you been with Mr. Kildare?” She held up a hand to allay any concerns. “Not trying to psychoanalyze. At this point I’m just curious.”

“Most of that time funnily enough, we met on Starbase 51 when I was first assigned here. We’ve been a couple ever since” Lamia smiled warmly.

“That’s so sweet,” Jane said, smiling back. “I’ve never been in a relationship that long. Three months was my longest, in my last year of medical school. Last assignment I barely had anything aside from a fling here or there.”

“I never really had anyone serious before Chris, I was kind of a wallflower!” Lamia grinned as she paused to rest at the side of the pool.

Jane couldn’t help but blush a bit as Lamia rested at the side, where the water was a bit shallower and her chest crested the surface.

“I should level with you, Lamia. If I had a type, it was the shy girl who needed just a little push to come out of her shell.” She took a lock of blue hair that fell out of her bun and put it behind her ear.

Lamia blushed as she suddenly realised that she was swimming naked with a woman who liked other women. “I didn’t realise... not that it’s a problem or anything..” She offered an embarrassed smile.

“All good,” Jane said, waving off the embarrassment. “Maybe I should have said something earlier. I’m sorry.” She was sure that this wasn’t the first time Lamia had been naked with someone attracted to women. Those gym showers at the Academy and many ships didn’t segregate by sex. But still, it would have been better to be honest.

“Don’t apologise!” Lamia grinned. “Like I said before I’m comfortable being naked anyway. To be honest when you’re young you wonder what everything is like, I’ve always been interested in men I’ve never thought about what women see in other women.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I can show you if you like,” Jane said, sticking her tongue out. “Kidding! In all honesty, it doesn’t help to think of it like that. After all, it’s hard to describe *why* you’re attracted to men, or want to do sexy things with them or to them. You just do.”

Lamia nodded. “That’s true, it’s just something that comes naturally. That none of us stop to think about.”

“Exactly.” Jane went under the surface and started swimming another couple of laps, having fun.

A few minutes later, she stopped at the other end. “Hot tub time? I’ve made some modifications and this one is really really nice.”

Mia nodded, “I’ll be honest I’ve never tried a hot tub before, so this will be a first for me.”

Jane smiled and swam to the ladder. She climbed out first and offered Lamia a hand.

Taking Jane’s hand Lamia smiled as she climbed out. “Thank you”

They went into the hot tub, and Jane stepped in first. The jets were already going and the water bubbled in a frenzy. She found a seat and let the jets massage her back and legs.

She looked up at Lamia. oO Damn. No wonder there are two men in love with her at once. Oo

Lamia slipped into the hot tub giggling as the jets tickled in funny places. “Ohh that tickles!!”

“Just sink into it, girl,” Jane said, her eyes now closed as the jets did their job on her muscles. “How is it that you’ve never enjoyed this before?”

Lamia shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve just never bothered with hot tubs before. I’ve never had cause to try one.”

“I’ve never had cause to not,” Jane joked as she sank a bit lower, everything below her chin now submerged.

Lamia did the same enjoying the warmth of the water. “Ohh this is so cosy! I could seriously get used to this.”

They sat together in silence a moment, enjoying each other’s company, the peace, and the warm water and massage jets. Jane spoke next.

“I’m wondering if I can ask you something a bit personal.”

Mia gave Jane a curious look, “Sure, go ahead.”

“It’s about…the, well, for lack of a better word, astral sex you were telling me about.” Jane took a deep breath. “How did it work, exactly?”

Lamia shook her head. “I honestly don’t know... at first I didn’t even realise I’d connected telepathically with Remington. We just kind of... connected in a way that’s hard to Describe. We le our minds intertwine and things took on a life of their own.” She took a deep breath, just thinking about it was exciting.

“And it felt like you were right there with him?” Jane asked. “You saw him, smelled him, tasted him, felt his touch, his warmth?” The thought of the concept was getting her own heart rate elevated.

Lamia nodded. “It felt... real. Like I was there but because I knew I wasn’t there it kind of... spoilt it a little. If that makes sense?”

“It does,” Jane said. “Part of me wants to think of it scientifically and medically. Imagine the therapeutic uses! But in truth part of me really wants to try it out.”

She laughed. “I suppose I can try to have my cake and eat it too. Find a telepath to psychically bed me from a different room while I put sensors all over the both of us. ‘It’s for science!’ I’d say!”

Lamia paused. “To be honest I’d like to know how it works myself, that’s the first time it’s ever happened. I’d like to know what process made it happen.”

“I’ll do some research,” Jane said. “A literature search, I mean. There must be some medical history of such things.” She smiled as a case study crossed her mind. “There was an incident recorded aboard the USS Voyager, where the crew entered a state of collective unconsciousness. I might start there.” Then she let out a laugh. “Doesn’t help me tonight, of course, but I’ll make do.”

Mia grinned. “Poor Chris will wonder where my mad urge has come from tonight! I’m so pent up after what happened.”

Jane laughed. “I’m sure he won’t mind, too much.”

Mia laughed. “Trust me! When I came back from the slavers ordeal, I was high with pheromones and that was a night I’ll never, EVER, forget!!”

“Oh, do tell!” Jane said, giggling. “What’s a story among friends?”

Lamia blushed. “I’m not sure Chris would appreciate that! Let’s just say the bedroom windows were steamed up somewhat!”

“Ah ha! Fair enough!” Jane closed her eyes and sank a bit in the water. “It’s nice to have a friend to talk about stuff like this again. Everyone on my first assignment was so stuck up. Like sex wasn’t something you could talk about with anyone but a lover. Maybe not even then.” She smiled, her eyes still closed. “Thanks for joining me for a swim, Lamia.”

“It’s my pleasure” Lamia smiled. “It’s nice to have a friend I can be myself with without being embarrassed about it.”

“Nothing embarrassing about a bodily function,” Jane said. “Anyone who makes you feel that sex is something to be embarrassed by is doing it wrong.”

Lamia nodded. “That’s very true, as a Counsellor I should listen to the advice I’d normally give those who come to see me.” She grinned. “Speaking of which, drop by and see me for your boarding evaluation when you’re available.”

“Oh yes!” Jane said, a bit embarrassed for having forgotten. “Can you do me a favour, please? Can you have your staff just put an appointment in my calendar?”

Lamia grinned. “I can go one better, I’ll do it myself. It’s been nice spending this time here with you Jane, thank you.”

“Any time,” Jane said. “This is a public program, and you can use my customizations. Just open ‘Swimming Pool, Small, Settings Sinclair-One,’ and you’ll get exactly this. A good setting for a swim by yourself, or with a friend.” She opened her eyes and looked at Lamia. “Or a *special* friend.” She winked at Lamia. “Surely Chris would love this, wouldn’t you agree?”

Lamia smiled a wry smile as she thought about it. “He would indeed! We could certainly have lots of fun that’s for sure!” She looked at Jane curiously. “Have you ever err... used this program for fun with women you like?”

Jane giggled as warm memories came to her. “Once or twice.” Explicit images came unbidden into her mind, forcing her to take a deep breath.

She suddenly remembered she was in the presence of a telepath and blushed a deep shade of red. “Sorry!”

Lamia was the one blushing now as she looked at Jane. The images that had flashed across her mind were exhilarating. “It’s...alright. Is that...what it’s really like?”

Jane let out a nervous laugh. “Not always. But she knew exactly what she was doing.”

Lamia nodded, the images she’d caught were pretty explicit, and she got the impression that the woman Jane was with was someone special to her. “She was special to you, wasn’t she?”

Jane nodded. “Alejandra Rios. My mentor’s niece, actually. She was a stellar cartographer aboard the Minerva. We were together for a year. But one day she got the opportunity of a lifetime, a promotion that required a transfer. We talked about me going with her, but my transfer wasn’t approved.” She let out a sigh. “The one that got away. But we still write. She’s very happy. On her way to being Chief Ops on the Queen Catherine. And she has a partner there. I’m happy for her.” Her voice didn’t show much happiness though.

Lamia offered a momentary gentle hug. “I’m sorry, I can only imagine how that must feel.” She let Jane go. “Love like that is special.”

“Yes it is,” Jane blushed a bit from the hug, gentle as it was, with the beautiful Counselor. She also took a deep breath, which tickled the back of her nose slightly.

“Well, plenty of fish in the sea, as the saying goes,” Jane affirmed more positively. “Plenty of eligible bachelorettes aboard the Tomcat and Starbase 51.”

“Isn’t that the truth!” Lamia nodded and smiled warmly. “I just hope you find one that you can love, like you loved her.”

“Maybe…if I find someone…you and Chris would be up for a double date?” Jane wondered. A social activity with another couple was almost always fun.

“Sure!” Mia nodded and smiled warmly. “It’d be fun to spend some social time. I need to get out more instead of staying home all the time.”

“Step one, get your new friend Jane a date!” Jane joked.

Lamia grinned. “Maybe a night out sometime? So you can meet other women onboard. It could be fun although I tend to be quite the wallflower at parties.”

“It’s alright for a wingwoman to be a wallflower,” Jane said. “Especially if that’s the sort of woman I’d be looking for. Striking up conversations with the shy girls on the fringes of the crowd.”

“A wing woman huh?” Mia grinned. “Sounds appealing.”

Jane grinned back and closed her eyes again. “Oh I could stay here all day.”

“Perhaps but you’d like very wrinkled by the time you did!” Lamia grinned playfully as she slid out of the water and sat on the side with her feet dangling in instead. “It amazes me just how much being in water makes our skin shrivel up! I used to find it very curious when I was a kid.”

“Can I tell you something really cool?” Jane said. “It isn’t actually the water causing that directly. It’s a neurological reaction. The brain is telling the fingers to get rougher, so they can hold onto things more easily.” She lifted her own pruney fingers from the water. “People who have had nerve damage in their fingers don’t wrinkle like this.”

“Really!?” Lamia grinned. “I never knew that! I guess it makes sense though, items tend to be slippery when wet.”

Jane couldn’t help but giggle. “Don’t I know it.”

Lamia grinned. “I guess I should be going, the has been a lot of fun Jane. Thank you for helping me enjoy myself again.”

“Of course!” Jane said. “Anything I can do to help. And this was fun! Thank you for coming. I’m glad to have made a friend so quickly.” She climbed out of the hot tub as well; it had been close to an hour and their holosuite time was due to end soon.

In a compulsive move Lamia gave her new friend a hug, before standing back awkwardly. “Sorry I err...hope you don’t mind?”

Jane blushed but smiled. “I don’t mind,” she said, a bit sheepishly. oO She’s taken, Jane. And confused enough as it is. Oo

Lamia blushed too, knowing that Jane liked women it seemed a lot more intimate giving her a hug with no clothes on.

Jane found the towels and passed one to Lamia. She used the other to dry herself as much as possible and then wrapped her hair in it. She started to get back into her clothes, which remained undisturbed on the bench.

“We should do this again sometime,” she told her new friend. “I’m also going to make the larger version of this program public. I think the crew would like a regularly scheduled public swim. What do you think?”

“I think others would enjoy it very much” Lamia smiled as she dried off and got dressed, wrapping her hair in her towel as well. “It’s an excellent way to get fit.”

“Agreed,” Jane said. “I really can’t be bothered in the gym, despite what I tell my patients. But this is fun and healthy.” She pointed to the swimsuit on the edge of the pool. “Don’t forget that.”

“Of course!” Lamia grinned as she walked over and picked up her swimsuit. “Let me know when you want to do this again.”

“Will do.” Hair still wet and indeed of a blow dry in her quarters, Jane signaled for the program to go offline. The door and arch appeared among the holo projectors. She gestured to the door. “After you.”


Lieutenant Lamia Arderne
Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer


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