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Security Problems

Posted on 01 Sep 2021 @ 7:45pm by Lieutenant Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
Edited on on 02 Sep 2021 @ 2:28pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: SB51 -Promenade
Timeline: Current


After Falk had left them both, Paul looked over at his sister and said, “ So, Where is Divina?” as he turned to face the window looking back at the Tomcat sitting in her berth, as he knew that she would want to see him whilst he was on SB51; He continued,” I thought she would want to be here to greet me?” as he turned to face his sister who had leaned up against the railing next to him. As he noticed the Green of Fighter-command on her shoulders and wondered why she was in that when the last time he saw her she was station security. But what had forced her to change?

Paula remarked, “Working in one of the shops gaining experience with stores and running a department before she joins Starfleet,” giving him a grin as she knew that experience counted these days and having an apprenticeship would give her some idea of responsibility in Starfleet when she finally joined;” And before you ask about the Jumpsuit, I need to explain over a drink” as she stood up looking at her Brother. She said “Let’s go to Odin’s bar, I need a drink,”

As they started heading back to the bar; his sister said,” It all started two months ago when the previous CAG was caught by me for smuggling Romulan Ale to the Station which as you know is forbidden in the federation space,” as she kept up her stride with her Brother, “It also involved the Deputy CAG, as well as they, had been selling it illegally here on the station,” as she remembered the day she had to arrest both of the Fighter department’s senior officers. As they entered the Bar, Paula knew that she had to ask Paul for a favour and that he was supposed to be on shore-leave but she needed a favour from him.

Paul asked, “So, How did you end up getting CAG?” as he could only guess that someone had looked up her service record and got his by mistake which had been one of the banes of her Career having her service record measured up to his, as he knew that she never wanted to be a pilot but somehow had been forced and becoming one. After all, he himself had done the job back on the Tomcat before his crash. Just then his combadge chirped =/\= Winchester here, go ahead=/\=

=/\=Sir, this is Ensign Wiltshire at Docking hatch 7=/\= replied the young man who was still having problems which could be heard in the background, as he looked at the animal that had officers trying to capture. He continued =/\= Sir, it seems a Klingon Targ has just run onto the ship past us and we are trying to catch it, but it is a slippery bugger, =/\= as he knew that he hadn’t kept up with his fitness regime nor had his squad which meant Lieutenant Winchester was not going to be happy.

=What do you mean a Klingon Targ has got onto the ship Ensign?=/\= Paul stated as he was not happy and having his R& R messed up like this and spending time with his Sister was one of the joys of shore-leave was spending time with loved ones not chasing after Klingon Targs. As he looked at Paula who knew the look of disdain on his face after all she had felt it on her graduation day. =/\= I am on my way Ensign and you better have caught that Targ before I get to the Tomcat, Winchester Out,=/\= as he closed the channel, he said to Paula, “Fancy helping me Sis?” he looked at her as he still wanted to find out how she wound up as SB 51’s CAG, but first, he would get shakram to help as well as she was Klingon and knew how to handle a Klingon Targ. Paula replied “Sure bro, I could use a laugh,” as they turned and started to head towards the docking area, Paul tapped his combadge and said =/\=Lieutenant Coro, Please meet me at Docking Bay 7, I may need your help? =/\= as he waited for the response from the Klingon.


Lieutenant JG Paul.Winchester
Chief Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Paula Winchester [NPC Paul Winchester]


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