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Relief in Sickbay

Posted on 30 Sep 2021 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


- Sickbay, USS Tomcat -

It had been a busy start of the day. Jane had arrived at Starbase 51 in the mid afternoon. She spent close to over hour trying to get through the base’s arrival area before being collected for orientation by Lieutenant Commander Smithson. That in itself took longer than expected. Now it was early evening and she was finally aboard the Tomcat, her new assignment. Her things had been brought to her quarters but she herself had not yet been there. First, she wanted to report to her workplace.

It was early enough that there was a chance that Doctor Cahill was around. And if not, someone would surely refer Jane to where her superior officer would be.

She walked into the sickbay complex and looked around. It was by no means a large medical facility, but slightly larger than that of her last assignment. oO A step up, Oo she thought to herself.

She found someone wearing blue with their back to her. “Pardon me, I’m looking for Doctor Cahill?”

I turn around and smile, "How can I help you? I am Dr Cahill the CMO here on the Tomcat." I had been working a lot with the logging and putting away with supplies and also dealing with patients as well.

It was a never ending run of things to do.

“Good evening, Doctor Cahill,” Jane replied, offering her hand to the woman who, as she stopped putting things away and stood full height, revealed herself to be much much taller. She looked up to meet the CMO’s eyes. “I’m Doctor Jane Sinclair. I’ve been assigned as your new Assistant Chief.”

Cahill replied as she shook her hand, "Welcome aboard the Tomcat Doctor Sinclair. I am so glad to have you on my staff. Lets go to my office so we can talk in private."

She turn to LT Daniels the Head Nurse, "Continue logging in the inventory of supplies and put the excess supplies in Cargo Bay 1 and Cargo Bay 2."

"Come this way Doctor", as we go to my office." Care for something to drink or a snack. Help yourself to what you like from the replicator and have a seat."

“Thank you,” Jane said. She went to the replicator. “Water, four degrees Celsius.” A glass of cold water appeared, which she picked up and took to Cahill’s desk. She took a seat opposite her new superior and sipped her water. “I needed that. It’s been a long day.”

"I know what you mean, Seems like for everything I do there are 12 things waiting for me to do. I am so happy to get a new ACMO on the Tomcat. It really helps out when you have help you can count on.

So tell me about yourself and how you ended up here." Replied Cahill.

“Well,” Jane began, setting down her water glass, “I grew up on Vega Colony, out in the farm country. As a teen I worked with the local medical and veterinary clinics. Keeping the residents and the livestock healthy. I liked it, and was good at it, so I moved around the colony worlds getting my education, including my DVM. Got into Starfleet Medical Academy for my MD, and then interned on the USS Minerva. I finished that last month, and the CMO there suggested I’d be a good Assistant Chief somewhere and made some recommendations. And here I am.”

She picked up her glass again and took a sip. “I’m looking forward to learning more under your guidance, Doctor Cahill. I understand that different ships’ medical departments divide their work in different ways. I’m wondering how you’d like me to best support the department.”

“I am looking for someone that can do whatever it takes to improve Sickbay and can do whatever is needed of themselves when asked. I may have to leave the ship on a mission I need someone that can take care of what needs to be done or if needed I can send on a mission that can do what is necessary in the mission.”

“Of course,” Jane said. She had expected not to be on too many landing missions, unless either it was a medical emergency needing multiple doctors or it required her specific expertise. Being in charge of sickbay while she was away made sense. “As for improvements, I’ll keep my eyes open for synergies and ways to better our work as I see my first bunch of patients. As CMO, I assume you’re the attending physician of all crew, with the other doctors and I able to treat patients as we go but consult you on anything major or long term.”

“I generally do the CO, and XO, then let my ACMO do the crew and my physicals. This allows you to get to know the crew and how to interact with them. Also if there is a race on the Tomcat that can be hostile to you race let me know and I can take care of them.”

“I a lot of times send my ACMO on missions an example would be if the CO stayed on the ship. Plus it gives you experience as well. As you know as CMO, I am the only one that can remove the Captain from duty if they are uncapibale of doing their duties. Also you are the only one that can remove me for medical reasons.”

“Makes sense,” said Jane, thinking over the explanation. “You can count on me, Doctor. Should we get my arrival physical out of the way now?”

The smaller blue-haired doctor gestured toward the biobeds. She figured the CMO would need to do hers, given she shouldn’t do it herself.

Cahill looked at Jane's record. "It says you had one a month ago and normally if it is within one month I don't do the phycical where they are good for a year.

But I do admit mine is a little over due. If you like we can do it and get it out of the way. While we are docked her at SB-51. How do you feel about doing it now."

“Sure!” The sickbay aboard the Tomcat was bigger than that on Jane’s previous assignment but structurally it was very similar. It took no effort to find a medical tricorder. She tapped the biobed, encouraging Doctor Cahill to take a seat.

Cahill took off her tunic and sat down. She smiled OK. Lets see what you can do Doctor.

Jane began scanning her superior officer. She carefully moved the handheld tricorder extension near Dr. Cahill’s head, chest, abdomen, and legs, and then back up again to be extra thorough.

“Low BMI,” Jane observed. “Good core strength. Looks like you work out. Blood sugar is a bit low, but it just looks like you haven’t eaten in a few hours. Strong heart, lungs, digestive system.” She put the hand piece back into the tricorder and picked up a PADD from a nearby shelf. She brought up Alexanderia’s medical profile. “Are you experiencing any new symptoms, beyond what you’ve been treated for before?”

Cahill replied, "Nothing out of the ordinary. Till you came onboard I was running this area by myself. Had no on qualified to act as ACMO and that meant I had to take care of everything. Plus on the last Mission I was also Acting XO till Dodd took the position and in the new XO.

So I did not always have time to eat properly. As you can see."

“Well, now you have relief in sickbay and no XO responsibilities,” Jane observed. “You’ll be able to restore your normal eating habits.” She put the tricorder away. “What about sexual health? New partners since your last physical? Are you on any kind of birth control right now? It’s not listed in your chart, and we can remedy that.”

“Again no time for a relationship right now. And I am continuing my regiment. To protect against it as well. I don't want anything holding me back."

Jane paused what she was doing and went to the pharmacology replicator. She quickly inputted some patient data, which showed what the PADD didn’t: exactly what Dr. Cahill’s ongoing regimen was, and that she was in the window where she should take another injection of it. The drug was replicated in a fresh hypo, which Jane brought to her patient.

“With this, you’ll be good for the next month,” she said, awaiting for Alexanderia’s consent before administering it. “Otherwise, with my help, you’ll get back on track with healthy eating and exercise.” She smiled at her superior officer. “So how was my job interview?”

"You did great, I had you do my physical to test you out on medical abilities. You passed with flying colors. Most miss the fact I need that injection. So I give it to myself.

I trust you completely with any duties you may be needed for."

Jane’s smile shone brightly. “If there’s nothing else then, I’ll go get settled into my quarters. Good day, Doctor Cahill.”

“Thank you for stopping by Dr and welcome to the Tomcat. I am so happy to have you on my staff.”

Jane left sickbay, happy to begin her new assignment.


Lieutenant jg Jane Sinclair
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat NCC-62114

LCMD Alexanderia Cahill
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat NCC-62114


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