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Taking Inventory

Posted on 24 Nov 2021 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Ensign Angelica Wright & Petty Officer 1st Class Timothy Nelson & Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Sem

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Engineering
Timeline: After the mission ended, on the way to Starbase


- Engineering -

Shortly after getting her office in order, Nicci started taking her inventory of the situation as she found it. Lt. Dodd ran a tight department, so she knew how everything looked, but now that she was chief, Lt. JG Taggert saw a few things where she could improve.

oO Thank goodness for that holodeck prescription, Oo she thought to herself. oO I didn't realize how much pressure I needed to let off until I got to the program Oo.

"Alright, let's see what's up with the ship," Taggert said as she leaned over the 'pool table' and took stock of everything.

"Of course, we'll need to do a visual inspection of everything. Sensors can only tell us so much. Gotta have eyes on everything so you know your ship. That's what Admiral Scott would say," she said as she traced her fingers along the outer hull on the display that rotated around at her touch.

A few dozen small areas showed as stress fractures in progress, which would require starbase maintenance, and a few small spots of damage from the last mission here and there that also needed starbase attention. "Of course, structural integrity fields can keep us together until then...but with a 2.8% increase in power draw until we reach base. Acceptable. Computer, make a note to First Officer Dodd about the power draw increase and recommend limiting recreational systems usage by about 10% to compensate."

"Noted and logged," the computer said in its decades-old familiar voice.

"Chief, I have that computer report for you," came the ever-cheerful voice of Ensign Tjaansz, who practically always had a smile on her bright purple face. She set the PADD down on the console, and it downloaded, shifting the display from a rotating 3D diagram of the ship, which minimized into the 'ongoing task list' across the bottom that Nicci liked to use to keep organized. The display showed the status of the computer cores running from decks 9 through 12 in parallel.

"Looks like we had a few power surges in banks 235, 236, and 232 and 233..." Nicci said, digesting it quickly.

She glanced up and saw a few enlisted she knew and called on them. "Hey Machado, can you grab Lt Hewitt and go with Ensign Tjaansz to the cores, and verify the damage to the banks? Then do a scan of all the banks surrounding 232, 233, 235, and 236 to see if we can catch any other isolinear chips before they fail."

"Qapla', will do, ma'am. Hewitt and I will be on top of that for you." Machado replied.

"Awesome, thanks," Nicci said with a nod. She was leaning over the pool table, elbows on the table, despite what her mother told her, her braided ponytail falling forward as she left her tunic unzipped since she was running around a lot this morning. Despite the time she'd spent in her new body, she was often unaware of how it was perceived by others, and her rear end pointing out was quite round and firm, even in the uniform pants for any male member of the crew to admire.

"Okay, next up..."

Ensign Wright appeared in Engineering as he wanted to ask for some tweaking to the helm station. "Hello, Chief. Can I make a small request?"

"Oh, hey...Ensign Wright, right?" Nicci asked. As she saw the young pretty ensign, her eyes started turning green and her pulse quickened a little, as she thought oO She's the kind of girl I would've dated at the Academy back in the day Oo

"Yes, ma'am and you are Chief Taggert, the new chief of engineering after Dodd got promoted. Dodd is a terrific guy and I only wish more than I am allowed to wish from him." Wright replied without realizing she was speaking aloud. "Anyway, I got a message you wanted to see me and was glad because I have a small request for engineering services as well."

"Oh, good you got my message. I was wondering what you were experiencing at the helm of the bridge flying the ship. We've got an RCS thruster on the fritz, and two impulse reactors are offline for maintenance. How're things up there flying the ship?" Nicci asked.

"Well, since you are asking, the RCS thruster fritz has been annoying to deal with. It has been touchy the last few weeks but I feel it is from the stress the ship has undergone during the mission. As for flying the ship, I will get more experience since Hawksley will be taking over as your Deputy Chief. He too is a dream of mine." Wright stated and also did not realize her mind revealed yet another secret crush.

"Maybe you two should set up a holo date sometime," Nicci said with a smile. "If he's single, of course. I tend to assume any guy is taken so I don't get in trouble, but I'm a bit cautious anyhow."

"I am not sure about a date with Hawksley as he is in a relationship already." Angelica replied. "Besides, I am looking forward to some downtime on the starbase and then ready for the new mission."

"But about the thruster quad," Nicci said, returning to business, "we're running the other thrusters a little over spec to compensate in a new algorithm that should help to steer up there till we get back to base. We'll need to refuel and replace probably that quad, and maybe another one that's looking close to redlining in another few thousand light-years...but you should notice a difference upstairs by the time we exit warp."

"Great to hear that, I will be monitoring the vibes I get from the ship and let you know." Wright replied.

"Awesome, thanks, Ensign Wright," Nicci said kindly with a smile from her quite full lips. She turned to see another enlisted, Kara Sem there, a matter/energy specialist.

"Hello, Chief." Kara stated as she was entering the room where Taggert was.

"Oh, Petty Officer Sem, good just the person I was looking for," Nicci said with a smile and nod of acknowledgement of the young Trill.

"Well, glad I came along when I did. What can I do for you, Chief?" Kara replied.

"I was wondering which you'd prefer to tackle," Nicci said as she tapped on the ship deck diagram as two problem areas zoomed to either half of the screen, showing a rotating diagram describing the issues on the two impulse reactors, and the warning lights in the transporter emitters on the ventral hull, which were still working but showing possible chance of failure if not fixed soon. The transporters automatically redirected to other, working emitters in such cases, and would refuse to initiate transport in case of total failure for safety's sake, but Nicci wanted to be safe. "We've got some issues with the impulse reactors...possibly the nozzles heading to the engines back there, but we need to check before we get back on impulse while we have time. The other issue is the emitters on the ventral hull, near the registry number are giving warning messages for the last 8 hours. They're offline till they get checked out. Can you take care of one of those, pull a few people to help?"

"Ma'am, I would tackle the impulse reactors as that is more my forté," Kara responded. "I will get few people but I will say Machado would be your best bet for the transporter emitters as I know he has some experience with that sort of system from his last assignment and does not mind working with the transporters when he gets the chance."

"Perfect," Nicci said with a nod that swished her blonde ponytail around and gave her a smile as she left. "I didn't see him around, but can you go ahead and tell him the forward ventral transport emitters need his attention, and to grab whomever he needs to get it done."

"Ma'am, I will be happy to advise him of that task and I know he will be happy to tackle it." Kara responded as she was about to head off to tell Machado his task and get to work on her own.

"Great," Nicci smiled as she saw the officer leave, and leaned over the pool table console, elbows on the table, as she idly tapped through some repair lists and parts requisitions, prioritizing what was needed when. Without realizing it, her shapely rear end was swaying back and forth, while almost any guy approaching from the other side would've gotten a view down her cleavage due to the tank top she had on under her open tunic so her running around wouldn't overheat her. "Now, time to make a report to the captain on what all needs fixing on the ship to keep her spaceworthy..."

"Knock, Knock" a voice come from just behind the chief engineer. "I came to see how you were doing." Dodd stated as he stood directly behind the new chief. He was just passing by and stuck his head in to see his old domain.

For some reason, Dodd and the captain could always sneak up on her and surprise her, and make her jump. No one else could seem to do that, and get that reaction out of her. "Chief! I mean....Commander Dodd!" she jumped up a bit, causing things to wobble around on her, as she straightened up. "Sorry, I didn't see you there!"

"Sorry to sneak up on you, I always enjoy the little jump you do when I do that." Dodd replied, "But I didn't mean to do that this time. Just wanted to peak in and say 'Hello' and see how you are doing with this layover at Starbase 51."

"I'm just getting started, actually," she said with a smile. "I got my office set up, a few historic pieces and whatnots, and I'm getting the staff to identify and prioritize the repairs so we know what we can fix underway, and what needs work back at base."

"Great, to see you getting settled. Glad to have a confident soul in my place down here in the heart of the ship. I am going to miss it but may show up once in a while for old time's sake." Dodd replied. "You are already a pro at this and so just let it fall into place and the routine will be in your blood in no time."

"So how's the XO life treating you? Enjoying being all the way up on deck 1?" she asked, smiling, as she put her hands on her hips, unconsciously cocking them to one side in a very feminine pose.

Nelson and a small detail walked behind the XO and CEO as they chatted. Nelson acknowledged his friend and former chief with a smile and a nod as his team walked by to get to their next task.

"I am enjoying the change of pace, while it is not engineering it has its own speed. Dealing with all the other department heads will be a juggle for a while, I am confident of one department that will be smooth for me." Dodd replied. "I just had a meeting with Dr. Cahill and next I will be meeting with the Marine CO to discuss any issues he may have. I will do my best to help out here when I am needed. Once an engineer, always and engineer."

Nicci smiled her pretty smile at the compliment. "True," she nodded, "it's not a job for us, it's a mindset. I'll let you get on back to managing everyone, and if I need an extra set of eyes, I'll holler at you to come help, how 'bout that?" Her Georgia country accent came out a little more than intended, but then again it did that from time to time.

"Great I am looking forward seeing you grow in engineering." Dodd stated. "I will let you get back to it."

"Always good to see you, Commander," Taggert said with a smile on her pretty face as her ponytail swished with the movement of her head. "Now let's get to work," she said, rubbing her hands together, and moving her hands about in a manner reminiscent of the 11th Doctor.


Lt, JG Nicole Taggert
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Tomcat

Lt. Cdr Dodd
First Officer, USS Tomcat

Ensign Angelica Wright (NPC: Dodd)
Flight Control Officer, USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Sem (NPC: Dodd)
Engineer, USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 1st Class Timothy "Clay" Nelson (NPC: Dodd)
Propulsion Specialist, USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado (NPC Dodd)
Engineer, USS Tomcat


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