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Still Moving Sideways (Rated: MA)

Posted on 07 Oct 2021 @ 12:22pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS Tomcat, various engineering units
Timeline: Current

This Post may contain references that some may see as sexual in nature and may also detail some sexual relations, tension and other various sexual content.

-Dodd's Quarters on the Tomcat-


So it was the day after Dodd was called to the security office aboard Starbase 51 to be instructed to give Leland Hawksley a tour of the engineering units on the Tomcat.

Dodd was staying in his new quarters on the Tomcat instead of in quarters on the starbase as he felt he needed is own domain to help him get over his recent split from his Imzadi.

The tour of the engineering units would start as soon as Lieutenant Hawksley woke up from the cheering up attempt last night. In fact the young Hawksley never left as he had too much to drink and so Dodd felt it was best to have him sleep it off on the sofa.

Last night, young Hawksley come to try to cheer up Dodd as ever since Hawksley got Dodd's help with the hologrid for Hercules, he knew the younger was smitten. But last night would be a blur for the Lieutenant, but Dodd would only correct his memories if needed.

Before Dodd turned in for the night at 0200 hrs, he had removed the bulky clothing from Leland and laid him on the sofa and covered him with a blanket. Remy did think that maybe Leland would think something more happened and while that was not in the realm of never, it was not something that happened last night. Dodd had woke up at 0600 hrs and actually went on his morning run and came back to his quarters to shower and have breakfast.

It was now 0730 hrs and the young Hawksley was still sleeping on Remy's sofa. In fact the hologram of Hercules even went with Remy on his run as the ship is vastly empty so the corridors were the perfect running track this morning. When Dodd got ready to shower, Hercules sat next to the sofa awaiting his master to awake. So after the shower, Remy was now only wearing a pair of mesh shorts and consuming his third cup of coffee. He began setting the table and deciding upon just what to replicate for breakfast. The coffee was already on the table waiting for the fine young buck to wake up but for now Remy was watching him sleep.

After a third cup, Dodd decided to make more noise to see if he could wakeup the young man on the sofa. So Remy tossed a tennis ball and had it bounce over the sofa so that Hercules would have to jump over the sofa and thus maybe wake up Hawksley.

Leland woke. It was not that he wasn't awake prior. Oh he had heard the movement in Dodd's quarters, the early morning coming and going... Leland was a complete mess, he had a good night, drinks and even some good arm wrestling.

"OoomF..." Hawksley grunted. Herc actually managed to jump strait at his crotch on the sofa, after the ball.

"I'm awake!" He ruffled his hair stretching upward. The smell then hit his nostrils of breakfast.

"Tell me, What time is it Sir?" Hawk groaned. He remembered that his shift would start with Dodd in a matter of hours... If not, already, as Dodd and Taggart was his Department heads.

"It is 0815 and technically we would both be late, but it is not an issue as it is still a mission break and I oversee the issues regarding crew performance." Dodd replied.

"And how iss itt? Your the one who made it to the gym?!" He chuckled tired, as Hawk got up wearing just his underwear as well. The relaxed nature apparent in the men's bachelor pad.

"I never miss a run no matter what time I go to bed." Remy replied. "I really like it when the ship is basically empty of crew then the corridors are my track. However, I am willing to replicate a nice breakfast spread and spend time with you this morning before we take the tour of the ship's engineering regions. The shower is available and I took the liberty of refreshing your clothes after I removed them from your body earlier this morning." Remy gave a nice lingering glance at Leland's healthy bulge in his underwear. "The morning tension must be starting to build, I imagine." Remy added with a cheeky grin and a wink.

Hawksley in his stupor, eyes clearing, he reacted to Dodd's cheeky comment and reached downward before, turning bright red. "I uh." Hawksley was confused and decided, "I'll take you up on that offer, Sir. I will boot it, knowing that I made us late." Leland stopped before turning back to Dodd from the shower and washroom... "Uh... We... We didn't.."

"If you think I would violate your trust and abuse you while you were clearly not in your right mind, you have another thing going." Dodd replied. "I respect our friendship and while your thoughts were flowing freely for me to read, I did not even peek at your package. While you got a unintended view of me, I merely striped you down to your skivvies and covered you in a blanket from my bed. Since I sleep in the nude, that is about as sexual as it got." Dodd stated with a playful grin as maybe he would be open to more with Hawksley in the future.

"Oh.. Ok! Stupid question, sorry." He rubbed at the back of his neck, thinking to himself. "I'll be right out!" He turned and then hit his head to the entranceway of the Washroom.

Dodd could not help but slowly slip in to the washroom entrance as Hawksley stepped into the shower. He noticed Lelands firm glutes and well toned legs. Then he slipped back out of the doorway and went to get the rest of breakfast ready.

After a few minutes of Hawksley's shower, he arrived back in the dining area of Dodd's quarters.

"I see you look fresh for the day, Lieutenant. Now enjoy some southern sausage gravy, buttermilk biscuits, over-easy eggs and home-fried potatoes. This is what I have been told is a good for your bones breakfast." Dodd added as Hawksley took his seat at the table.

Hawksley grinned. He smiled. "Dood. Sir, you always cook like this? My lord, you could give the chief of the mess a run for his money." Hawksley had waited for Dodd to take a seat first. Even though, he wasn't much of a breakfast person, basically coffee and energy bars, a breakfast like this was never something to bat an eye at.

"Breakfast is the most important part of any day." Dodd replied. "I try to eat a good breakfast everyday but not this elaborate. I wanted to be sure you had enough to get you going today as we have a lot to uncover today." Dodd added with a cheeky grin.

Hawksley couldn't help himself, but immediately dig in to the plate of food offerings. The smell, the taste of the cooking. It all worked to clear his head, and to ready him for duty. "How was the gym Sir. I see on Herc's log you took him out for a jog. Did he beg for a biscuit when you passed the mess?" Leland was happy that Herc had went with the Commander for his routine.

"I took care of my running companion and gave him a diagnostic update and added a few new subroutines to his program while we jogged and I even tweaked his integration with all the holo-emitters on the whole ship to give him access to any place you have access except quarters where holo-emitters are not installed." Dodd replied while eating his breakfast. "I have even installed a means for him to communicate with you via your commbadge if don't come home after forty-eight hours."

“Communicate. No? I don’t know If that will be good?” Hawksley chined upward from the plate, the meal he loved everything. He had to remind himself not to eat too fast in front of the chief. Enjoy the food Leland, don’t breathe it down! He reminded himself.

“You know.” Leland gestured at Dodd with his fork from his plate. “Herc is the kind of Dog. Herc likes to push my buttons. We play a game of who can command who, you know? He’s cheeky that way, in a sort of ‘you think you’re the boss of me? I’ll be the one walking you, chase me to the end of the park. Watch me look at how badly behaved I can be. ‘You didn’t teach me a thing!’ And I watch furry hurricane overtake people’s picnics and every other Dog In Herc's path.” Leland grinned, but he loved the Dog. He went everywhere Leland was stationed, and then some. Now more, thanks to Dodd!

"You are too abnormal to be against Herc reaching out to you when you are gone for too long." Dodd replied. "You miss the mutt when you are gone more than 48 hours without seeing him/or hearing him. I got all that from the updates I did to his matrix while he joined my jog through the ship this morning. If
you must know, I have a lot in store for you today as we tour the grimy parts of engineering and then I would let you join me on my afternoon workout and maybe be could do another bronight tonight?"

"I'm there! As long as Lilli doesn't mind." Hawk nodded. "She's happy that we have been hanging out. Maybe you can give me a few pointers later on. I've seen your set benchmarks on the press weights. Impressive." Hawksley felt welcomed. "But... I don't know. We could do a bit of kickboxing. I have an MMA training program. It's intensive. We'd have fun." He offered as well.

Keeping on the business at hand, he motioned with the padd. "I've been looking over the Engineering master report. Taggart has been doing an impressive job." Leland then had tapped in some keys on a padd that he had reviewed.

"Fine-tuning to the warp driver coil electrodynamic efficiency has increased .09%," Leland cocked his head sideways. "That in itself is almost a breakthrough in hyper warp sustainability."

"Seems you know more than I thought, maybe we don't need a full tour of the ugly side of engineering but maybe a few areas may arouse your mind some so we will go to the port nacelle catwalk. But it is a clean environment so we will need to put on clean suits in an airlock." Dodd replied trying to see how much Hawksley was focused or if he was fancying a chance to be alone with him.

The two men finished breakfast and then Dodd got dressed in clear view for Hawksley to watch if he wanted to. Then the two men were walking down the corridors to the turbolift to head to the Port Nacelle. The arrived and were just outside the lockerroom where the 'clean suit' environmental suits were there for them to change into.

"So for these clean suits to work properly we need to disrobe from our uniforms and then put these on. They will protect us form any harmful vapors or liquids while in the nacelle but also if there was loss of atmosphere, they would allow us to make it back to the airlock to get back to the lockerroom." Dodd stated.

Dodd had already removed his uniform and was stowing it in the locker before he turned around to field any questions from the younger hunk.

Leland listened as he always did. He was not one to day dream when on shift. Enjoying the view, as always around Dodd, he slipped up and off his own shirt. In the process fancying Dodd's well toned abs and rear side.

The small locker room, albeit, cozy was enough as Hawk set in his clothing as well.

"First. In the event of air loss." Leland raised one eyebrow. "There is no way I'm going to see you evacuated into the dead of space. The XO always gets saved by the stud." Leland eyed him and winked.

"You think I would let you sacrafice yourself to save me, you have another thing coming." Dodd replied. "The young buck is always cherished over the old, so you would be the first to be saved and there is no way around it." Dodd smacked the youngster on his left glute.

Leland had let out a grunt as his butt was slapped. He always hated that in the locker room. Some rooms were easier going than others. He gave an 'ouch' mouthed.

"That's... That friggin hurt Dodd!" He shot a surprised look. "I mean /Sir/." Leland spoke in line. Finding the right pair of suits in the locker and handing another static free, chemically charged for phased field densities, he grinned.

"My bad, bro." "I didn't think I smack you that hard." Dodd replied. "Whoops. I think I gave you the ladies size... Let me... Find yours." He grinned.

"Uh. Yeah." Leland gave a shooting glare, and chuckled. He grabbed the female suit and then re-checked it in to the Starfleet locker.

"Ok. Sir." Hawksley finished suiting up, locking his apparatus together. A standard metal suited case to lock on him to carry around the supplies in the restrictive environment of the nacelles.

"So while in the nacelle, you would do periodic maintenance checks and simple updates. This is something you can have a staff member perform for you. However, I enjoyed getting away from the hustle of main engineering from time to time and I would come here to chill out." Dodd added. "The nacelles are relaxing and since it is a clean room environment, you only have one or two people in here at a time. This is actually the one part of engineering that requires very little in the terms of personal interactions so it can be overlooked as well."

"Fascinating." Hawksley had begun to look around the gangways of the inner nacelles. Leland noted all of the things that he had to be informed, and checked them down on his list.

After they completed a routine check of the nacelles, the two men continued to do the dirty work of going to the parts of engineering most engineers hate. They spent several hours together touring the ship and doing routine inspections so Hawksley would know what to expect. At the end of the day the two headed to do their own things. Dodd went to the gym to get a six mile run in and to then get cleaned up and enjoy his evening alone. As for Hawksley, he had other plans.

Hawksley had a date with Lilli and they would be watching a few old earth Westerns. He had wanted to know how her day had went, and he was exhausted after all of the crawling around the nacelle carriages.

Dodd was in his quarters after his run and workout and preparing to shower. After the day he had a shower would be good. As he showered he wondered what Hawksley was up to as he got Dodd thinking about maybe a different sort of relationship and sticking to a bromance where he and Leland could just chill and talk or blow off steam when needed and since Hawksley implied he would be okay with Dodd's naturalism, maybe the two guys would become extremely close friends. Dodd also had thoughts about other things related to Hawksley but knew those thoughts would be unfulfilled.

Then there was a chime at the door and Hawksley, who was freshly showered after the day, came to ask Dodd to tag along for the night.


Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
Executive Officer
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Deputy Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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