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"How Much Trouble Can We Get Into?"

Posted on 18 Nov 2021 @ 7:53pm by Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert
Edited on on 19 Nov 2021 @ 2:25pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck SB51
Timeline: Prior to Mission


Serina was wandering around the station. Paul was busy and her parents had the twins so that left Serina time to herself. Lost in thought, she collided with their CEO, "Ooffft.....crash.......thunk" "Nicole! Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Here let me help you up", Serina said smiling. Serina extended her hand to Nicole.

Serina had crashed right into Nicci while she was adjusting a bag's contents from one of the souvenir shops she had visited. She felt the crash in her large bosom before she felt gravity push her down, falling on her pert rear end, her chest jiggling as she fell, a sensation she still wasn't used to. She was in low-cut jeans and a tank-top, trying to be as comfortable as possible while she was off-duty.

"Ooof," she said as she took the hand and stood up. Her braid had come undone, so her blonde hair fell down past her rear. It had been a while since she got it cut, and it grew fast, so if she missed an appointment, it got unwieldy quickly.

"Thanks, Serina, right?" Nicci smiled as the strong woman helped her up. "Sorry, engineering keeps me so busy I kind of get absorbed into it and forget I haven't had time to spend off-duty with everyone on the ship in the senior crew..."

"That's ok Nicci. I usually don't walk around with my head in the clouds," Serina admitted.

"Oh, I love the red hair, by the way, it's such a great colour for you," Nicci complimented.

"Thank you. Paul loves the colour as well," Serina added.

Quickly, Nicci shifted her own hair to the exact shade of orange-red Serina had, and it turned wavy just a bit, and said, "I've gone red a few times down in engineering when I wanted a change, but I usually just leave it blonde since our missions haven't really called for it."

"Blond also looks good too, but Paul would have a fit if I changed it," Serina chided.

"It's really a great colour on you," Nicci said with sincerity. "I love how bright and full it is."

"I had a thing for redheads back at the Academy with my friend, Arlen, but he won me over to the side of blondes," Nicci said before she realized what she said. "I used to have really dark brown hair till I got altered, now it's usually blonde unless I decide on something else. But that's neither here nor there. I finished a holo-adventure a while ago and I was just wandering around, seeing what else there is to do that's not work-related. How about you?"

"Well, I am looking for something to do other than getting into trouble. I was going to go for a walk in my holodeck program. It's a good program where I have trees and birds, hiking trails and all the nuances of being in the woods", Serina said.

Nicci smiled and nodded, as she enjoyed a good hike too, especially when she got back home to Earth. "I have a good program for hiking the mountains of Georgia I can share with you sometime. Maybe we can find something on the promenade while we have the chance?"

"Sure, let's go. I wanna see if I can find a gift for Paul. He has been so good with the girls, and I think he deserves it. My parents are tickled pink that I found such a man as Paul," Serina said.

"Glad to see y'all are so happy together," Nicci said with a smile on her full lips. "My parents, once they got used to the new me, have been trying to set me up with someone they call 'nice'..." she rolled her eyes at the memory of every subspace letter from mom trying to get her with several 'nice boys' back home.

"Nicci don't rush it. You'll find a good man. It takes time and patience. I made the mistake of rushing into a relationship and paid dearly for it. He left me flat and with.......*sighs* my twin girls. I should have known he would back out of responsibility," Serina said.

Nicci smiled with some sympathy, and put her hand on Serina's shoulder, with a little unconscious pheromone dose passing over. "It's horrible he left you alone with that responsibility, but I've seen, at least from a distance, how you make it work. That gives me hope that I could someday make kids work, even on a starship. Before my change, I wanted a family someday, though now, I'm able to bear that myself, and the thought of getting pregnant scares me..." she admitted, her voice getting a little quiet at the honest admission. oO Would my kids have all my unwanted enhancements? Would they be normal? Oo

"I have the same feeling and I hope I will get over it. I just want to have a family that is normal and not think what they did would make me bear abnormal children in the future. For now, my girls are normal .....but I wonder?" Serina said. oO What will happen when they get older? Will they be fully human? I pray they will be Oo. Looking at the time and realizing it had gotten late, "Nicci it has gotten late and I am late for dinner and my shift. We can meet later on the ship and continue our talks. I enjoy your company very much," Serina said.

"Thanks, Serina," Nicci smiled. "I enjoyed talking to you. I've got the evening free if you want to meet up after."

"Sure how about1900 in the lounge. I'll meet you there," Serina said as they parted ways.


Lt. Serina "Reaper" Donovan

Lt. Jg. Nicci Taggart
Chief Engingeering Officer


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