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Meeting the CAG

Posted on 24 Sep 2021 @ 10:11pm by 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Arboretum
Timeline: Shore Leave


After Mazal had her talk with Winchester, Mazal was rather curious about the woman he had mentioned, Lieutenant Donovan. He had referred her as being the CAG and since Mazal was newly assigned to the crew of the Tomcat, she definitely wanted to get to know as many of the crew as she could.

Deciding to take the direct approach she tapped on her combadge.

=/\= Lieutenant Donovan this is 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk, do you think we can have a chat somewhere? I'm newly assigned to the Tomcat and am working on getting to know the crew, while on Shore leave."

"Sure El-t Falk, how about the arboretum?" Serina said. The arboretum was a beautiful place to walk and talk. It had an unusual calming effect on Serina's frayed mind.

=/\= Arboretum sounds great, I'll be there shortly.=/\= Falk responded.

True to what she said, Mazal walked into the Arboretum, and looked around for Serina, going by the image she found on the crew manifest. A fiery redhead from what Mazal could tell. Mazal almost walked past her, then backed up a few steps. The tall dark haired Marine, walked towards Serina, "Hi, I'm Falk but if you'd like, you can call me Mazal." greeting Serina with a warm smile.

Mazal wasn't wearing her uniform as it was shore leave and when on shore leave, she liked to dress in civvies. She wore her normal clothing, a pair of black workout pants, ones that had enough give to move in, a short sleeved shirt the color of the sky and a pair of joggers on her feet. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

Serina was dressed in her civvies, shorts and a blue blouse and sandles. "Hi Mazal, call me Serina. Great place here. Green grass, trees, even a running stream. This is where I got my orientation, here on the station. Now my parents and twin girls reside here. Due to unforseen conditions on one mission, I was forced to leave the girls here if I wanted to keep my career," she said trying not look hurt.

Mazal took note of the sadness in Serina's eyes, "So you have family here on the station? That's not bad at all. And this place is really nice, its my first time in the arboretum. How about we go find a patch of grass and I can take my shoes off and feel it beneath my feet." looking around, "Or just walk around." giving a gesture with her head. "Come on" giving a smile.

"I had my orientation just before the Tomcat arrived. I almost walked out of the office before I was finished." Mazal chuckled. "Boy did I feel stupid. Tell me about your kids?" Mazal was honestly interested, in hearing about them.

"There is a nice alcove where the grass is soft and a brook running by it. We could go there and talk," Serina said.

"Sounds great to me, and will give me a chance to go barefoot. I love feeling the grass beneath my feet, and a chance to stick my feet into water, sounds great to me. " walking along with Serina to where she mentioned. When they reached that particular area, Mazal immediately took off her shoes and wriggled her toes in the grass. "This is definitely soft like you said it would be."

"Yes it is soft. I bring my daughters here to listen to the brook and the birds. They love being here and to tell you the truth, it is where I come to try to come to terms with the mission that led to the birth of my girls," Serina said hanging her head slightly. The memory still burned in her mind.

Mazal looked at Serina, then asked in a gentle voice, "Serina what happened? From how you are speaking and acting something terrible happened, did this happen while on a mission that people got captured?" she had heard this from someone else, and now it seems that Serina was part of that group that had been captured.

"However you don't have to talk about it either, if you don't feel like it." Mazal stated, "Either way I am willing to listen, or, we do something to distract your mind off it as well. It is up to you." giving a gentle smile, to Serina.

"No, I have tried to forget the Orion syndicate and what they did to us. I'm just glad I am alive and have two healthy baby girls from it," Serina said lowering her head sadly. It felt good to speak about it, but it brought back the pain that went with it.

Mazal reached out and placed a hand on Serina's shoulder as a sign of compassion. "I am sorry that happened, I truly am with that capture. Like you said though, you have two daughters, and you got out. I think you are a very brave woman and strong. You made it out of there." Mazal said comfortingly.

"Yes I did and now I will be getting married to a compationate and caring man. I am greatful for being alive," Serina said.

Mazal smiled, "That is fantastic. I'll be quiet about it until it is officially announced, okay?" definitely ecstatic for Serina. "May have to do a party for you. A bridal shower or something like that."

"Yeah but right now I gotta get my arse in gear, gotta get the fighters checked out before they are needed and I'm not ready at the moment for surprises. See you laters?" Serina said.

"Laters sounds good to me." Mazal giving a smile to Serina. "It was great meeting you."


Lt. Serina "Reaper" Donovan


2nd Lt Mazal Falk
Marine XO


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