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Cheering Up from Down in the Dumps (Rated: 18+)

Posted on 27 Sep 2021 @ 5:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Edited on on 27 Sep 2021 @ 5:52pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Tomcat
Timeline: before Captive State while docked at Starbase 51

Adult Alert: May contain remarks or scenarios of a sexual nature.


- Executive Officer's Quarters, USS Tomcat, docked at Starbase 51 -

Dodd was in his quarters just relaxing without a care in the world other than his dread from his Imzadi leaving him. Since he was alone he was also naked. He had finalized stowing all his belongings in their new places and this included having a robe hang on a hook by the entrance so he had something to cover up quickly if someone came knocking.

Dodd noticed these quarters were the same size as the joint quarters he had with Walon only those quarters had been two singles joined by removing a bulkhead. Dodd had arranged his new quarters to reflect his newly single status.

Dodd managed to get some new comic books for his collection. He did his best to not keep to many antiques but he had a very small collection of physical ol' Earth styled comic books. He took this time to read them. This particular comic he was reading was the classic Green Lantern comic where Carol Ferris becomes his adversary, Star Sapphire. However, in the previous comic, Carol Ferris was the Green Lantern's alter-ego, Hal Jordan's girlfriend.

Dodd being naked felt very freeing for him. He kept his furniture covered with blankets and other fabrics so as to not be sitting on them in the nude. He would lounge on the sofa while reading comics only as he read this current edition, he was laying on the floor and started to recall the last time he and Iria read comics together. And he was now experiencing some feelings he would rather not be feeling at the moment.

Hawksley had heard about Dodd. His good friend. Dodd had helped Leland with his own best friend, Herc. As Herc had come with him down the hallway of the Tomcat, the Golden Retriever, always with a happy low hanging tongue-wagging jowel. His bright golden hair and easy-going demeanor of an old soul.

The Hologram was the identical Hologram that was the original Herc.

Leland had felt for Dodd. The man was a literal Stud in his eyes. Yes, Leland was of the Bisexual kind, so he had caught what Dodd was sporting more than once, his body.

Hawksley, on the other hand, was an equal opportunity sex giver. He enjoyed being in committed relations with Lilli, yet, he was here purely as a best bud, a good buddy, someone to lend an ear to. To have an excellent few drinks, play some cards, even watch some movies.

Leland was more than ready to spend time, bro time, with a good buddy of his in need of company and brotherly support for the time. Tagging at the chime to Dodd's quarters, he listened concerned from within. Herc had lifted his head and lent his paw to Dodd's Quarter's doorway. Herc was familiar. Herc knew of his friend, Dodd. And understood that he somehow had helped his being.

Dodd jumped from the floor and was about to say enter when he realized he was completely buff. He however, did not stop his reaction and said "Enter" before he could grab his robe.

The computer opened the door to his quarters and there was Remy in all his glory in front of Leland and Herc.

"Sorry dude, I spoke before I fully reacted," Remy stated just as he slid the robe on and tied it shut.

Hawksley had grinned. "I see I have caught you literally barehanded! Or, rather bare ass was naked. Nice Tush Dodd!" He had chuckled and entered with Herc.

"Thank you for noticing." Remy replied. "Come on in and what brings you by?"

"I see we have barged in. Oh well. We're staying now." Leland had no intention of leaving his buddy feeling terrible by himself. Hawksley had walked in seeing how spartan, yet nicely tidy and all of Dodd's work.

"Dodd. Herc and I. Well. We are both your biggest fans. And Here we brought along some light rye and some soda for a mixer. How about a nice relaxing drink, and we got movies.." Hawk wasn't immediately one to notice another Man's naked body, he had been around enough forces and marines, that most people didn't even consider it an afterthought.

Leland grunted, and narrowed his eyes at the sight before him. "Or... You might have some plans by yourself and that third leg of yours!" Hawksley had broken out an insincere laugh, not at Dodd, but at the situation.

"It is not like that, I assure you." Dodd stated. "I sense you had a nice eyeful of my goods and..." Dodd paused a moment to think just before finishing the thought. "and you need to know that I was merely reading a scene between to characters who love one another and it was a little moving. I was not going solo in any sense of what you were pondering. And yes I am a little in the mood for some company and could use some of that alcohol you brought with you." Dodd moved to get two glasses so Hawksley could poor.

Remy turned to hand Leland the glasses and his robe sort of flapped open once again exposing Leland to his seldom seen features. Remy did not realize the exposure and continued on to hand Leland the glasses. "Here you go, and while you poor, I will slip on some shorts or something."

Hawksley had poured a glass of the alcohol. Nice rye and on the rocks he had poured for Dodd as well. Hawksley was a man who appreciated anybody, as he was always open for watching and seeing the sexual relationships across the universe, across species and the Galaxy.

"Was Dodd's massive cock, intimidating Leland?" The thought had lingered as he took a drink and watched the Chief walk back in.

"Sir. I am glad to come by... I... I can...." Hawk again, his feelings, his emotions to things. He didn't know how to broach the subject, other than the sympathy was being deeply felt for his friend, for his curiosity. "Me and Nan... I... I offer... You know... I will always be here. I think your one of the classiest dudes on this ship."

Hawksley wanted to cheer up Dodd. He had fallen hard for his last fiancé, who had to leave. Hawksley didn't want to pry, but he knew it hit Dodd hard.

"Leland, you are fine." Remy replied. "I appreciate the gesture and glad to have the company and a stiff drink." Dodd then took a swig of the rye. "I just felt under the circumstances I would be better off getting new quarters set up and starting the new phase of my life as a single man and an new XO."

Hawksley had relinquished the talk. As far as man to man had went, he had felt from Dodd that he was dealing with things in his own way, and he seemed to be relatively at ease. Not that Leland felt Dodd would be over it all, he just needed his space.

"I can understand that." Hawk had looked around. "I am at your disposal. Anything you need help with..." Hawksley had let that linger, as he watched Dodd's incredible body on him.

"I am surprised at that offer." Remy responded. "My needs are certainly going neglected at present." Remy had an idea where Leland was going and so he would see what was what soon.

There was something about Dodd, that lent Leland to believe, maybe in the right.... Nah. He wasn't that kind of Officer, person? Was he?

"So, what's on the plate. You are a single dude. You have no strings. You're freshly promoted. Might I say..." Hawksley had leaned inward with his glass of rye, and had them clink.

Taking another swig, in time with Dodd. Hawksley shook his head, the heat of the rye was harsh, and well... It was a nice good relaxing hit too.

"Dude. This is some... Wow." Hawk had looked at the glass. Before he held his large hand up, as a warm laugh had crossed his firm facial features... "I was saying! That it is a Promotion well earned Sir! It was a time in the making that I am sure."

Remy was sensing the thoughts in Leland's mind not on purpose but they were strong and starting to take over due to the rye getting to Leland a little. "I will say that I am happy to be XO on the Tomcat. I feel I can do more for the ship in my new role."

Hawksley's talk with Remi turned out to be more than a simple cheer up session, and drinks. The mood had taken on relaxation and bro-mantic episode. Ever since helping Herc, Leland attributed Remi as a mentor, more than a Department head or genius. Being bisexual in nature, Leland didn't mind the view of the Officer. Remi was a hunk, but then again, so was Leland. Leland also had feelings for his girlfriend Lilli, and very well soon be Fiance.

"I get I could get more in my new role as well," Remy added as he slid his hand down to his thigh while watching Leland's reaction and judging what move to make. While the idea of a fling would benefit the mood, Dodd was in, was it right for taking advantage of the bro-relationship between them.

"Sir. The path you are on." He shook his head, not wanting to jinx it for the good man. "I believe, you are headed to a good place, even one someday soon with your own chair?" Hawksley grinned, as then Herc, had sat up near the two men to enjoy their human speak.

"Don't rush things. I am content serving as an XO for a while. However, thank you for the vote of confidence." Dodd replied. "I have a ways to go, but I am happy to take my time and enjoy the experiences as they come." Dodd then took a seat next to young stallion on his sofa and then a swig of his drink. "Well would want to watch a movie or play some old fashioned video games? I have a recreated vintage game system called a Playstation that has been tweaked to have holographic controllers and accessories as such."

"Man, that sounds lit!" Hawk relaxed back and taking a swig of his beer as well, swallowing and admiring the room.

"You know, Remi. You probably have one of the most organized quarters, that I've ever seen. Er." He paused, his eyes almost bugged. "Did I just call you? I mean, Dodd, Dodd Sir."

"Hey, no worries when we are off duty you can call me Remy or Dodd. It does not matter." Remy responded to Leland's slip. "But you have seen a side of me only a extremely few have seen, so I will not hold it against you, unless you want that," Dodd added with a wry wink while his hand motioned to his crotch for the hot younger hunk to toy with mentally.

Hawksley noticed a good simpatico between the two. He felt relaxed around Dodd, as the Officer always seemed to understand the crew, as he was also known as a certified 'Lover Boy.'

Hawk had blushed deep red. He was an equal opportunist of the free kind of love. However, he was dating Lilli and was serious with her. However, Dodd enticed him in a way few men had before. "Hey," Leland replied with a slight twinkle in his right eye... "I don't think I mind what I've seen. That... That I know."

"Well, I would consider letting you experience this 'Lover Boy' if the mood becomes right." Dodd stated with a sleight of hand motioning to his crotch. "I do trust you and hope that we can be good comrades for the rest of time. Most of my old friends are on the very far reaches of the galaxy and we only see each other like every six or seven years. I think you would be a good mate to have at my side like Bucky was for Steve." Dodd then realized that Leland may not get that reference.

Hawksley listened as he relaxed. He grinned. "Capt., America!" Being around Dodd, he never felt uncomfortable. A true bromance was a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship.

“I think, dude. We’re both riding the same wave of akin thoughts….” Hawk laughed as he shook his head. “Oh, man!!! I can’t believe what I said.” He flushed red. He was finishing his beer and opening the bottle of rum he had brought with him. Leland then walked to the small kitchenette, often in the larger superior level quarters. He took the two tumbler glasses and crushed some ice in the process… “I want what you got. Lilli wants what you got.” Leland raised his eye at Dodd to see his reaction to that thought.

"Wow, you are somehow taking me back to the academy days." Dodd replied. "I thought that sort of thing was behind me and now you are dropping it in my lap once again." Dodd was popular in his youth at the academy. He had any girl he wanted and even guys if he was so inclined. He had one had a guy offer to blow him if he would have seduced his girlfriend first only to find out the person was a non-gendered species who had bot sex traits for asexual reproduction but was always wanting to experience humanoid sexual contact. "Are you sure you want to get me involved in your affairs? I am heartbroken and would literally just do anything to get over the pain, but I don't want to damage what we have and while I would love to fool around, I am not sure that you really want me with Vail as you may lose her to me in the scheme of things." Dodd added with a wry smile and a tent post rising.

Hawksley cockily retorted. "That's debatable." His eyes searched Dodd, if not, egging on the man.

His gruff matched the tension that was building. What was a fluid dynamic in flux, sensing each others desires and boundaries like a tight rope. Leland only need to close his eyes, and think what he wanted, what he desired, even if weren't apparent. Dodd was a Betazoid after all.

"So you want to play catch. Don't you?" Dodd stated with a fishy grin on his face and leaned over to make sure Hawksley could tell Dodd was picking up signals.

Hawksley scoffed. "How did you get that?!" Cocking his head confused. "Your beams off Dodd." Leland intently re-focused his brown eyes forward, laser-like precision to Dodd's black eyes. "Now pay your attention. Cause'."

'I need to check your oil.' "Hmmnn? You hear that?" Leland rebuffed.

"Try and check my oil and you will not like what you get." Dodd chuckled.

"Ok. Well. I feel like I'm the one doing all the talking here."

"Talk is cheap, but action is pleasurable," Dodd added.

"Well. Thinking! I am thinking thoughts."

oO Oh, the Fun I will have! Oo Dodd thought. "Leland, you are so much to take in, I bet you often fall flat on your face in situations like this. Don't you?" Dodd asked.

"Falling is not my forté, no." He replied and then took a swig of his beer, swallowed. "How's about..." Hawk had leaned into Dodd's space. "A little action."

Leland leaned forward. He found his face, and his mouth was already waiting like a question. I'm not going to make it out to be something that it wasn't: Leland's soft lips against the bite of the liquor and sugary Coke still on their tongues. He did more than not stop me.

Remy kissed Leland back. The overtones were in the air and Remy knew that he could not resist the vibes between them. He was already aware Leland liked him and so he would use that in this time to let off some steam and see just how much Leland wanted to satisfy him. Remy played tonsil hockey with Leland and they almost tied their tongues together...


Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Leland Hawksley
Deputy Engineer


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