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A Move Sideways

Posted on 01 Sep 2021 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Chief of Securities Officer SB51
Timeline: After the Tomcat has docked at Starbase 51


After sorting out her new Chief Intelligence Officer, she realised that the Deputy Chief of Security and Tactical spot would be open but there was also another Deputy slot open, this one was Deputy Chief Engineering Officer, so remembering the unease she noticed on Lieutenant Hawksley, she decided that he deserved more of a chance at getting something out of serving on the Tomcat. She commandeered the Security Office for this particular meeting and sitting at Samantha's desk she called up Lieutenant Hawksley's file and transfer papers, now she activated the communications part of the computer on her desk.

=/\= Colonel Somers to Lieutenant Hawksley, report to the Security Office on the Starbase, please! =/\= She said

=/\= Captain Somers... =/\= Leland was confused. =/\= I will be there on the double, Ma'am. Hawksley out. =/\= He closed the com. On his way back towards the main concourse of the Starbase now, Leland was curious. What does the Captain need to see me in Security, and on the Starbase? Arriving at the office doorway, he had hastily changed from his casual comfies back into his red bridge uniform for the Tomcat.

"Captain Somers." Hawksley saluted the Fleet Captain, CO of the Tomcat. Which was now prominently, handsome looking, docked in Starbase windows for all to see.

"Hello and please be seated Lieutenant," the Colonel said indicating the seat in front of the desk as she sat behind it and crossed both hands in front of her on the desk "I know you did not get to do much last mission, except either sit at helm or pilot a shuttlecraft, I noticed a longing in you that you wanted to do something more than just fly, I have been around long enough to notice such things in someone. So I would like to move you to another department, one where you will actually get to do actual stuff, it will mean less time at the helm station and more time in a new department. I have the following Deputy Chief spaces open DCoS/Tactical, DCMO, DCEO, DCAG, looking at you you would work better wither in Security or Engineering, but the choice is up to you" Somers said.

Hawksley was surprised. He was surprised that Somers, well, he shouldn't have been surprised. Somers was like a hawk, literally himself, a Hawk when it had come to her thing, which was Commanding and understanding the nature of her officers, no matter how subtle.

This act of kindness, this offering did not go unnoticed. "Captain. If at any time, did I not look happy?..." Hawksley was putting the pieces together of what was being offered by Somers.

*holds her hand up and smiles* "let me stop you there Lieutenant, no one else noticed, I am a long-serving Rifle Officer and have seen my share of battles where I had to learn to be observant of those under my command and personally I think you are quite capable in doing more than sitting at a helm station or shuttle, this is why I make this offer, we both know as CHO the chances for you to gain experience are limited and from past experience, I know doing the same task can get quite tiresome so after noticing what I did I took a look at your service jacket and saw you had some Engineering experience. *pauses* Now with the promotion of Dodd to Lieutenant Commander and to the position as First Officer, that leaves Lieutenant Taggert one short in Engineering, and as mentioned there are other slots available, so you need to choose which job you want" Somers said.

"I understand." Leland nodded, he was a man who had liked to take the time to drive his mind mad before making such a decision "I would be honoured. To... Accept the DCEO position, Ma'am." Hawksley's eyes locked onto Somers, showing her his deep respect, but also that she recognized his yearning to do more. He appreciated his Captain deeply.

"I have much to learn Capt. I understand that Dodd is no longer the CEO, and Lieutenant JG Taggart is now head." Leland had commented.

"Yes, yes she is, and yes to Mr Dodd, so you want Engineering, okay you know what you want," Somers said as she tapped something into his file and signed off on it, looked up and sat back with a smile.

"I am happy to offer my limited engineering expertise. Academy training, three missions as night Engineer on the USS Gantry. And my hobby with the Hog on the Holodeck." Hawk was happy to prove himself a surprise for the Fleet Captain.

"I know I am not the Fleet Captain, but the acting Commanding Officer, but I do know the actual Commander will not be against this move, she reads the reports I send her, plus she has accepted that while I am commanding my word is the law while I am in command. But helm can be covered by Lieutenant Donovan when she is not flying her fighters, however, Lieutenant you will be doing less time at the helm and more time in engineering, especially as you get settled in and get to know your Department head better, but for now, Commander Dodd will have to do" she said and pressed a button.

=/\= Colonel Somers to Commander Dodd, kindly report to the Starbase Security office, Somers out =/\= She said and while she waited for the Commander to arrive. She looked at the Lieutenant "I will have Commander Dodd get you briefed upon the engines and such and have him to properly introduce you to the Chief Engineer Lieutenant Taggert, you may have met her on the ship, but this time she will be your departmental boss" Somers added.

"Acknowledged, Colonel." Hawksley was not shocked, as he had expressed in the past the need to take on more, to Security and other Departments. However, his ruminations of such a move seemed to have been noticed. And for this, the Colonel was astute and valued her crew.

With a non-committal nod and "excellent" comment as her attention was drawn to the new XO standing outside the inner officer door she waved Dodd in and with a smile "Hello Commander if you will please have a seat, I will bring you up to date. I do not know if you two have met beyond duty hours, but this is Lieutenant Leland Hawksley the Chief Helm Officer and I have offered him a move sideways and that is why you are here" she said.

"Hello, Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd reporting as requested," Dodd replied in a formal tone as he could even though he already sort of had an idea of what he was there for.

Hawksley had stood up as soon as he had noticed that Dodd was at the entrance to the office on the Starbase. "Sir. Chief." Hawksley had smiled, he was happy more than ever to see his good friend. "Dodd here, Yes Colonel. He directly helped me and my friend Hercules." The gratefulness in his eyes towards Dodd, the man.

Dodd was surprised by Hawksley moving to be in engineering and yet felt a sense of comfort for the Tomcat. "Nice to have you join what I feel is the best team on the ship. Engineering is the heart and soul of a ship. A great young man like yourself will do fine. I only wish I could show you more of the ropes but will have to let Lieutenant Taggert get you more acclimated on how she will operate the department. But feel free to consult me if you have issues." Dodd then offered a wink to the young man without the CO noticing.

She looked at Dodd "Commander, I need you to take the Lieutenant here through a basic tour of the Engineering room, his file does say he has had some experience in engineering, but I need you to give him a brief rundown on Tomcat Engineering before you introduce him to his new Department Head" Somers said and then looked at the Lieutenant "okay Mr Hawksley the transfer has gone through, on this tour I encourage you to quiz Commander Dodd, make him work and then when you speak to Lieutenant Taggert make sure you quiz her, at least until you feel settled in. Also by doing engineering the chances of you being at the helm again are slim to none, Commander Dodd can attest better than I how busy it can get down there" Somers finished.

"Acknowledged, Ma'am." Hawksley expressed. Leland understood that he had a lot to learn about Tomcat's engineering. As FCO, Leland stated "I have core engineering courses. Passed with flying colours? Flying in propulsion generators, their maintenance, and plasma core operations." LCAR's cataloguing and maintenance were also favourites, not that Hawksley told anyone.

"Well, I will say, I am impressed. You were holding out on your engineering knowledge. I did not suspect you to have had any engineering interests." Dodd stated. "We will actually begin your tour in the catwalks of the nacelles. It can be cramped and close quarters in there, are you okay with that?"

Hawksley nodded at Dodd. He found the Officer a very respectful Officer. On more than one occasion, Dodd had been there to chat with Leland and be friends. Somehow, being stuck in the nacelles did not bother Leland at the thought.

"No, Sir, not at all. I rather... Look forward to erm, it." Hawk blushed, not realizing he were.

Looking at the pair "okay, I think we can call this, my part is done authorising the transfer, it is now up to you Commander Dodd to get the Lieutenant settled and up to speed then to introduce him to Lieutenant Taggert and go from there, any questions you need to ask me Lieutenant Hawksley before I dismiss you both?" Somers asked.

"Well, we can start the tour when you would like. I am staying on the ship even while we are docked. So just let me know when you want to start. We can do it anytime, makes me no difference." Dodd stated to the young officer. "I am hoping all is alright with your holo-emitters and Hercules."

"Commander. Herc has been brilliant. Your programming has fixed his degrading matrix and allowed him to roam freely." Truly, the holographic dog was a blanket to Leland.

An acknowledgement to the Fleet Captain, and to the Commander. The new assistant Engineer to Taggart, the new Engineering Chief herself. "I believe, if we have the time now, we had best get it underway then. Before the next mission could start any time." Leland was aware.

"Dismissed both of you," Somers said and watched the pair leave, she sighed in amusement, at least the CAG would have something more to do now when not flying fighters, making a mental note to call her cousin to see where she is, but first she needed some downtime.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting CO

Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
First Officer

Lt Jg Leland Hawksley
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer


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