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It happened one night

Posted on 31 Oct 2021 @ 11:24pm by 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & 1st Lieutenant James O'Donnaghue
Edited on on 01 Nov 2021 @ 2:42pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Some bar on the station/ O'Donnaghue's Quarters
Timeline: Last night of shoreleave


Mazal had left Jackson's quarters and headed to her own place. Like Mazal had told she was ready to take a bath and get some sleep. It was the last night of shore leave and tomorrow would be the beginning of the first day of her new position and her duty. Mazal felt like she had accomplished quite a bit during the leave. Definitely got to know her CO fairly well, in a very short time. There were still facets she didn't know about him but she knew important things. Mazal smiled as she readied herself for her anticipated soak. An hour later with the water turning cold, Mazal rose from the tub, drying herself off and got ready for bed, sliding into her comfortable sleepwear, shorts and a loose tee-shirt, climbing into bed. Normally the bath and the drink would help her go to sleep but not tonight.

Mazal had closed her eyes, curling on her left side expecting the sandman to help her sleep. 'He' didn't arrive. After 15 minutes of laying there, Mazal rolled on her back and gave a frustrated huff, then slapped the mattress she was laying on with both hands. And stared up towards the ceiling. The events of the week were dancing through her mind even, what happened before. The death of Edward Dante' the one who died in her arms.

"Fine! Guess no sleep for the wicked." Mazal said to her darkened room. Then gave a slight laugh. "Well then, guess I need something to make my brain fall asleep. A bit more than what Patrick and I drank." giving a bit of a sigh. She reached over and switched on the small lamp that was on her nightstand beside her bed, bathing the room with a soft light.

Mazal got dressed. Not in her uniform green but, civvies. She didn't dress in an outfit to attract attention but something comfortable, and casual. Pair of black comfortable slacks, and a comfortable blue shirt, slip-on shoes. She pulled her hair back into a simple loose ponytail. Mazal's lips felt dry so she used her chapstick and that was all that she adorned her lips with. Mazal slipped her chapstick into her pants pocket, tucked her com badge in the other and placed a black bracelet upon her left wrist, which had Eric Dante's name inscribed on the inside. One last look at her quarters, Mazal left.

Mazal wandered about the station looking for a good place to get a drink and not draw much attention to herself. She found one, something that didn't have a lot of people inside but had some good music being played. She found a booth, decided to get a full bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and an empty glass. It was Dante's favourite drink. She sat back down in the booth and opened up the bottle, poured a drink and lifted up a glass to the empty air. "Salute, Dante' you are missed."

James O'Donoghue struggled to sleep on a good day, several days had passed since he and the white wolf had arrived at starbase 51 ready for his next assignment aboard the USS Tomcat. His buzzer sounded alerting him that it was time to get up, in fact, the man had slept only a brief 4 hours, slipping into a pair of jogging bottoms, a tight-fitting black t-shirt and some sneakers, James left his quarters heading for the entertainment concourse.

His head was banging and he knew a little alcohol wouldn't hurt in this situation, walking into the turbo lift James rolled his head around his neck as he stepped out of the turbo lift. The lights of the entertainment concourse hurt his eyes, reaching into his pocket for his sunglasses. One would call him crazy for keeping them on him, but due to his Vulcan heritage, his eyesight was more sensitive.

Walking into the bar for 4 am it was still thriving, people must still be in there celebrating their shore leave. He dipped his head and headed for the bar, sitting down on one of the bar stools. The Bartender walked over “The Usual James” he asked as James laughed “Roy how is it you know exactly what I want” he said dipping his head again “That's because you’ve been in here every day since you got here… Guinness is it?” Roy spoke as he walked over to the replicator, the drink formed and he walked back over to the bar.

“One Guinness,” Roy said pushing the glass down the bar, it landed in James's hands “Go raibh maith agat” it was Irish Gaelic for thank you. Roy went back around to deal with another customer leaving James to his own thoughts and exactly what tonight could entail.

The greeting from the bar's owner and the man who had come in caught Mazal's attention. She had just finished her second glass of rum and realized that she needed to get something else in her stomach beside the rum. Otherwise, it was going to hit her head hard. Also, she wanted to check out the man who was now seated at the bar.

Walking over, Mazal said to Roy, "May I have some pretzels and some peanuts please?" like that in some places was a standard set-up. While Mazal waited for her request, she turned around to get a better look at the man whom she now knew as James. She liked how he looked, definitely easy on the eyes.

Mazal decided that she wanted to get to know this man, and decided to have fun with an introduction. No pick-up lines for this one.

"Hello, I won't start with a bad pick up line as I know that you come here often," Mazal remarked with a cheeky grin. "I heard Roy here, say your name so... Since I know your name is James, I'll introduce myself, my name is Mazal. A pleasure to meet you." holding out her hand towards him.

James noticed out of the corner of his eyes a woman, keeping a close eye on him, returning to his drink he watched as she came up to the bar and ordered some pretzels and some peanuts. The ice-cold Guinness in James's hand felt colder than he thought against his now flushing skin.

When she arrived next to him he tried to straighten himself out, but his hair wouldn't sit properly for a start. He smiled at the mention of his name and turned to face her "Aye lassy the Irish ain't too fond of bad pick up lines lord only knows I've tried em enough at home only to be rebutted with a slap" he said winking at her as he took her hand "The names James O'Donnaghue" he said holding her hand for two seconds.

"Mazal I'm sure the pleasure is all mine," he said his ice-cold blue eyes searching her expression as he took another swig from his Guinness "Lieutenant James O'Donnaghue Rebels Flight Lead USS Tomcat at your service Ma'am"

"Ah, a Marine flyboy..." giving him a closer look. "now you are making me state who I am." giving a teasing smile. "And I was hoping to keep shop talk out of the conversation. I am Lieutenant Mazal Falk. newest Marine XO. However, since we are on shore leave, just call me Mazal." not leaving the proximity of James, just yet. the man intrigued her.

Mazal glanced towards her booth and the bottle of rum waiting for her. "Care to join me at my booth? I think Captain Morgan is feeling a bit lonely. He's the bottle of rum, that's waiting for me." as she picked up the pretzels and peanuts in her hand, and slowly turned to head back to her booth.

Hearing the music in the bar change to an old 21st-century band that James listened to regularly, he bopped his head as he grabbed his pint, Roy came back over with another pint of the good stuff "Walk on Roy it's like you read my mind" he said shooting fingers at the barkeep who had become a fantastic friend of James's in the time he had been on the station, following Mazal to her booth sliding into the booth placing his pints down he flung his feet up on the seat of the booth "So tell me, marine lieutenant, Mazal whats a lady like you doing a joint like this at 4 am? surely there's a man there's gotta be a man waiting for you to walk back through a door come on? you cant be single? Not looking like that there is absolutely no way in the 9 rings of hell a man has let you slip his net"

he said with a quirk of his eyebrow that cheeky, Irish drawl combined with that boyish charm and ice blue eyes, there it was the capture the flag moment and by now it was too late to try and walk away the O'Donngahue wolf had got his way and now the thrill of the hunt.

Mazal let her eyes play along with his frame and up to his sexy eyes, oh the man certainly was making her heart race. "I could ask you a similar question." Mazal began, a slow smile crept across her lips, as she chuckled. "Want to swap stories or help me celebrate a friend's life tonight? I am more in the mood to celebrate him." pulling off her black wrist band to where it showed Dante's name.

The black wristband she was wearing is a tradition among marines and other military personnel. It denotes respect to someone losing a close comrade. She gestured towards the band, and said, "Meet Dante' a comrade in arms who saved my life as well as my team. I think he would have gotten . You remind me of him, somewhat." her smile broadening even more. "Sexy self-assured, definitely easy on the eyes."

James looked along her face, studying her expression he knew what it was like out there in the cold vastness of space when you lost a comrade "It would be my honour Mazal" he said taking a sip from his Guinness "Well I daren't say he had some stiff competition your as easy on the eye as summer sunset" he said with a wink.

Mazal smiled, "I played hard to get with him, and in truth, I didn't get involved with him, as I was seeing someone at that time." her smile started to falter. "That didn't work out. Then there was that mission." her eyes drifting back to the wrist band. "When Dante' had his final run." her smile turned into a wry one. "he was cheeky at the very end. He motioned for me to come closer and I did, to hear his final words. He kissed me! Then his final words were, I can now die happy, I finally got to kiss you. And then he died in my arms." giving a half sob and half-laugh. "Cheeky bugger." poured another drink in her glass and raised it up to the wristband.

James sat and watched, listened he was good at that. Taking a swig from his pint, he closed his eyes drew in a breath. Placed his hand over hers "It's ok to miss him Mazal its ok to feel it" he said squeezing it tight "My cousin Eoin was fresh out of the academy his first flight was during the height of the dominion war he was a part of my squadron his life was literally in my hands I had to watch as he was blown from the sky" his hand flicked up to catch her tear "its ok to cry for him" he said as his finger slid from her eye to the tip of her chin his eyes locking with hers "It's ok Mazal you don't have to hide the emotion"

Mazal's expressive eyes widened hearing about the terrible thing that happened to his cousin. "I am so sorry to hear that happened," she murmured. Her hand reached up to touch his. "I could cry but I do not want to do so here. " her eyes going misty again, a few more tears escaping down her cheeks. She swallowed hard, trying to wipe away her tears with her other hand.

James downed his pint, pushing the glass across the table "My quarters aren't far from here let's get you back there" he said holding his hand over hers "You can even bring ole captain morgan" he said winking at her, as he caught another of her tears with his fingers "Tears are sometimes the saddest of things but it shows you're stronger than you know"

Mazal nodded a small smile appearing. She reached over and picked up Captain Morgan and Dante' and then rose from the booth. "Show me the way." and waited for James to do so. Her heart was pounding and yet, something about him was also calming. Talk about a killer combination!

His hand intertwined with hers "Follow me" his other hand found its self in his pocket as he moved to help her stand the place was feeling less and less full now "We'll get you there in no time" he said winking as he grabbed the glass and walked over to the bar "See ya tomorrow Roy" he said tipping his head and pushing the glass towards the other.

That initial intertwining of their fingers or the contact with James combined with the rum. Mazal wasn't certain but she was now really feeling the effect of the rum, feeling a buzz, a good buzz. She went with James down the corridor to where his quarters were, a whimsical smile evident.

Practically running down the corridor like a giddy child, James's nervous energy got the better of him. The Alcohol mixed with his ever-growing need for the company his hand slid behind Mazal"s back and carefully he walked her over to a wall where for the first time all night his eyes spoke what his body couldn't and his mouth met hers in a ferocious fire fueled kiss that even knocked the young half Vulcan off his feet.

Not resisting the movement to the wall, Mazal felt her own inner flame ignite even further. Whatever this was, she felt the need and was willing to answer his hunger. She kissed James back her free hand caressing his back and pulling him closer, feeling her heart beating so rapidly. She could feel the blaze and she finally had to pull her lips from his.

"Let's get to your room," Mazal remarked, her voice husky with passion. "I've got a fire that just won't die easily."

He noted the non-resisting of movement "Your wish is my command m'lady" he said nipping the side of her face as he pulled her towards his door not long now, he could feel the heat in his stomach rising to an unquenchable volcano-like fire that wouldn't be bent or broken.

They made it to his quarters, the door closing behind them, Mazal could scarcely keep her hands off of James. Barely put the bottle of rum onto a nearby something, was it a chair? It didn't matter, at least the bottle of rum didn't fall to the floor and break. No matter, her lips met his with a fiery passion, at this moment was going to let James take the lead.

As her lips met his with a wild fiery passion he guided his hands as they took off his shirt and returned her kiss, there was another door between the lounge and the bedroom and he pushed her up against the wall his other hand fumbling through her hair.

Mazal broke the kiss long enough for her shirt to be pulled over her head, then she resumed kissing him, caressing along his back, running her hands through his hair. Tracing along his jawline and back to his hair. Then she manoeuvred him to where he was against the wall, her turn to pin him there, kissing and nibbling along his jaw. She pulled back to look into James' eyes, gave a quick smile then went back to kissing him.

James felt the pull of her as she pinned him to the wall, a small smirk danced across his lips as he nipped back at her cheek, Pressing the door button to open the door that led to his bedroom "After you M'lady" he said with a brief smirk as his hands danced through her hair.

The door opened Mazal made her way inside having to break off her kissing of James, in order to not stumble. She took this chance to step out of her shoes, moving them to one side and slipping off her pants. There Mazal stood in nothing but her soft feminine undergarments, giving a sultry smile.

"Now, where were we?" walking back to James where she pulled him close or was it he, pulling her close, in a fiery passionate kiss. Locked in heated ardour, the two ended up in bed consumed by the pent up need for companionship. With the heat they generated if anyone were to walk in the room they were in, they would have been singed or even burned.

[Sometime later]

Mazal had drifted off to sleep, still intertwined with James. Her eyes fluttered open, at first not knowing where she was at, then she felt his warm breath against her skin, and she ran her hand across his bare chest, and placed a kiss upon his lips.

"Good morning," Mazal said softly with a bit of a smile.

James stirred, a wide grin on his face "Morning sweetness" he said running his hand down his back, over the deep marks that cascaded over his porcelain skin "Somebody cut my back up pretty bad" he said with a wink, looking at his clock "Mazal I don't want to alarm you but we have a briefing to get to in 10 minutes" his eyes wide and his heart pounding.

Mazal's eyes widened. "Sorry for the scratches", blushing, then gave James a quick kiss before she rolled out of bed, and got dressed quickly "Thank you, James, it was wonderful." giving a flash of a smile, feeling much better than she did earlier.

Good thing Mazal had her go-bag for the Tomcat already prepped. She dashed out of James' quarters, forgetting her bottle of Captain Morgan behind. Mazal figured she'd get to the briefing with minutes to spare. Mazal smiled, as this was the perfect way to end her shore leave.

James watched her as she high tailed out of his room, grabbing his flight uniform and his bag he marched out of his door with a big grin on his face "Till we meet again Mazal" he said winking stepping out of the door heading for the docking ring.


1st Lieutenant James "Berserker" O'Donnaghue
Rebel 1 (Flight Lead)

2nd Lt Mazal Falk
Marine Executive Officer


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