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A Rocky Start...

Posted on 09 Aug 2021 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbas 51 (arboretum mainly)
Timeline: current time


- Starbase 51 -

Dodd left the ship to head to the starbase's arboretum.

Dodd approached the director of the arboretum and they both headed to the director's office. Dodd finalized the arrangements with the director and even examined the location for the specific details.

After a few moments. Rocky was materialized into his new home. Dodd approached his pet or rather his friend and had a few moments alone with Rocky.

~~ I not home, I new place. ~~ Rocky expressed to Dodd in his strange telepathic way.

~~ Yes you are now in a new home. ~~ Dodd replied with a small tear in his eye. ~~ You will live here now and I will visit when we are docked. ~~

~~ You no love me more. ~~ Rocky expressed.

~~ I love you, I did this because I love you. ~~ Dodd replied with yet another tear in his eye and one rolling down his cheek. ~~ You need more space. This is for your good. ~~

~~ More like me? ~~ Rocky expressed.

~~ More plants but not like you. ~~ Dodd replied. ~~ You are special and here more people will get to see that. More people to visit you, and better food for you here. More space for you here. More plants to make space more for you. You deserve this. ~~

Dodd stepped up to Rocky and placed his hand on the mighty plants stalk. Rocky turned his tentacles to sort of hug Dodd.

Dodd was so happy that the starbase could house Rocky and yet so sad to have to leave him on the starbase. ~~ I will visit you every time I am on the starbase you can be sure of it. I hope everyone that visits will realize how special you are and that you can know that everyone comes to see you because of your uniqueness. ~~ Dodd stepped back from Rocky as he was needing to tend to a few other arrangements for Walon and her cousin.

Dodd left the arboretum and headed to the quarters that he arranged for Ryley, Walon's cousin. Upon arriving at the quarters, he saw that they were having a very intense conversation so he left them to be on their own some more and he when to get a bite to eat.


Lieutenant Commander Remington S. Dodd
First Officer
USS Tomcat


Rocky, Dodd's pet carnivorous plant (NPC: Dodd)


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