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Family & Freedom versus Personal Passion & Pleasure

Posted on 09 Aug 2021 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Iria Walon

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 guest quarters assigned to Ryley Walon
Timeline: current time


- Ryley's Quarters on Starbase 51 -

Walon had gone to Ryley's quarters to get him ready to move on to the Tomcat.

She had sent ahead a message to have him pack all he needed to move on the ship and when she arrived it was all not completely packed yet.

~~ Ryley, why have you not completed the packing. ~~ Iria asked.

~~ I don't want to live on the ship nor do I want to remain on this starbase. ~~Ryley replied.

~~ What do you mean? We worked it out for you to be on this starbase until we could make the arrangements to be a civilian on the Tomcat and then be with us full time. ~~

~~ I want to leave on a planet where the air is fresh, the grass is green and the birds fly in the sky and the rain has a fresh smell. ~~ Ryley replied. ~~ I know Dodd will not want to do that as he just got promoted but I need to live a life that is not stuck in a confined space like a starbase or a starship. Please tell me you can understand that? ~~

~~ I do understand. ~~ Iria replied. ~~ You can't do it all alone and I am to get married to Dodd and thus can't do that if we are not together. ~~

~~ You are not married yet, so if you don't get married then you are free to move with me and help me get my life back. For so long I have been all alone and now I have you back in my life. I know you have felt that way as well. ~~ Ryley stated. ~~ I would like to move and live in the country and have the freedom I have missed. ~~

"You are making this very difficult." Iria replied in a vocal manner. "You are my cousin and I love you and yet you are asking me to leave the love of my life to help you get your life back. Dodd and I have plans and this is not part of that."

~~ You do not need Dodd to live a full life. I need you in my life to help me get back to a life I have missed out on but I can't do that on a starship or a starbase. I need to be on solid ground and not artificial gravity or recycled air. ~~ Ryley responded.

"I am in a very difficult spot." Iria stated. "I want to be a part of a family and having you back is a move in that direction. I want to be with Dodd as he is the only man that I have felt this passionate connection with and we just meld so well. I feel that I am torn and yet now more confused."

~~ I feel that Dodd is a great guy but you need to understand that now I have you back in my life and I want you to be more free to help me live once again. ~~ Ryley

~~ You don't understand, Dodd and I have bonded in a way that goes beyond a normal relationship. ~~ Iria replied. ~~ It is a bond that transcends the normal and goes on into a spiritual and mental realm. We connect in such a way that Dodd has become my lightning rod and I am his. We keep each other grounded and in fact he has ground more powerful in his genetic telepathic abilities that he has surpassed most full blooded Ullians or Betzoids. ~~

~~ But had the tragedy that befell our family never happened you likely would have never met him and thus your life would be much different. ~~ Ryley comeback with a pleading look on his face. ~~ You need to understand that I only survived because I had to for my family. I now have you back and I am not going to loose you again. I need you to help me grow beyond what I am now. I need to become the Isisean I was before my time as a slave. I have not shifted for decades and now that I am free I want to live that life and having you come with me will allow me to feel the love of a family. One day I do hope to find another Isisean and have a family as I hope you will do the same but Dodd is not Isisean and you were meant to be with our kind. ~~ Ryley was playing a the fact that if he knew she wanted a family and using the fact that Dodd was now an First Officer on a ship would make it rough for a family to grown. ~~ You also know that you can not have a real family on a starship. I imagine you will have to have your children live off ship as the Tomcat is not a family-friendly ship. ~~

"WOW!, you really know how to build a fire and make it burn." Iria replied with a spark of rage in her voice. "I love Dodd and we want children, but he was told that if we had children, they would need to be on this starbase or sent to live on a planet in the Federation. I do not want my children to live with out their parents. I was hoping that if remained on the station after a few months on the Tomcat, you could then raise Dodd's and mine children for us and they would have a family member looking out after them." Iria added.

~~ No, not staying permanently on this station. I need to have the freedom of a planet to live a full life now that I have the chance to do so. ~~ Ryley replied.

~~ You are so right, cousin. You deserve a chance, and I can not deny you that. ~~ Iria thought to him. ~~ You are blood family and I should be able to step aside from my world to help you recover a life you have missed out on. ~~

~~ You are my cousin and all the family either of us have left. While there are others of our species out there, we only have the family we were born into in the long run. ~~ Ryley thought to Iria slightly praying on her longing for family. ~~ Your love could survive a year or two without each other, couldn't it? ~~

"Well I am sure life will change for Dodd once I move onward with being your caregiver. I am certain he will understand my need to go with you and give you a chance to reclaim a freedom you have been denied." Iria stated. "He will likely never forgive me and thus I will need to work up to telling him I will be going with you and resigning from Starfleet. He has a family estate on Betazed that is full of gardens and we could see if we could go live there. Or maybe we go back to our home world and see what awaits us there. Who knows. But I will go with you and help you get by in the life ahead."

Iria then got a tear in her eye and still helped get Ryley packed as she figured out when and how to tell Dodd she was going to need to take a break from Starfleet and their relationship to go and care for her cousin.


Lieutenant Iria Walon (NPC: Dodd)
Chief Counsellor / Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat


Ryley Walon (NPC: Dodd)
Civilian (cousin to Iria Walon)


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