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Exciting news Part 1 - Meetings

Posted on 06 Sep 2021 @ 12:29pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


With the ship docked at SB51, Lamia made her way to Kildare’s Quarters. Even though they were both aboard the ship now she felt like they’d barely seen anything of each other lately. As she arrived she keyed in his lock code letting herself in, she was hoping he’d be home getting ready for some well earned time off with her.

After finishing up with what he had to do in Marine Country Chris made his way to his quarters, so he could pack and disembark, the Tomcat had now docked and the crew were disembarking the ship, whistling a happy tune to himself he enters a turbo lift and tells it his destination when the door closes and it whisks him there. He steps out without looking up or breaking his stride as he walks down the corridor and only looks up briefly as he turns the corner and walks a short way down to his quarters. He was one of the lucky few Rifles who had decent size quarters, they were nothing like Officer quarters, but they weren't the bunk style ones that most of the enlisted crew have to put up with, so he paused as he heard a noise, the only one who would be in there without an invite was Mia. He put a smile on his face as he pressed the button that would open the door and entered, he looked up with a smile. "Mia! I thought you would have disembarked the ship before surprising me with your presence! Still, it is very nice to see you c'mere" he said holding his arms out to her.

Lamia practically rushed over for a cuddle, wrapping her arms around Chris’ body her head resting on his chest. “I’ve missed this, I thought serving on the same ship would mean we’d see more of each other. We’ve barely spent any time together this mission.”

Hugging her back as he kissed the top of her head "well the reason we have been unable to meet more is that you are an officer and I am enlisted, you are fleet and a Counsellor and I am a Rifleman, working that close together is unlikely to happen" Chris said.

Lamia offered a smile. “Actually I have some news for you.” She relaxed her hold and leant back to look up at him. “I’ve been promoted! I’m now the Chief Counsellor!”

Looking down at her as she pulled back he gave her his trademark smile "that is excellent news, Mia, I am so happy for you" Chris said and gave Mia a long passionate kiss"

Lamia practically melted into Chris’ embrace as she returned his kiss with just as much passion. As their lips eventually parted she smiled as she looked up at him. “So how’s about we enjoy some time to ourselves now we’re docked up? I just want you all to myself.”

"Why Mrs Robinson are you trying to seduce me?" Chris asked quoting a line from an old film from earth's past he said as he looked down at her, she may have been a little older than him, but he was a little taller than her.

Mia grinned. “Why of course my dear Imzadi, unless of course you’d prefer I didn’t?” She gave him a wry smile waiting to see what he’d say.

Giving her a raised eyebrow "well then if that is how you want to play it!" He said as he swopped her up off her feet and into his arms as he planted a passionate kiss on her lips and held it for a while as he headed towards the bedroom, he knew where every piece of furniture was so he deftly avoided them.

Lamia returned the kiss with passion holding gently on around Chris’ neck as he carried her to the bedroom.

After a wild night, Chris was on his back as he stretched and quietly yawned, he looked over at the still sleeping Mia, she looked angelic asleep, he quietly and gently got out of bed put his bottoms on and headed to the refresher station to unload, it always amazed him how your body needed to use the refresher station in the mornings regardless. After finishing up there he sterilised his hands and began to prep some basic breakfast items, he was whistling while he worked.

Finally, he finished his task and place two mugs of coffee on the tray along with some toast, some grapefruits and some butter and jam and carried it back to the sleeping area where he quietly placed it on the side table and gently kneeled on the bed and leaned over and gently kissed Mai on the forehead "Mia, breakfast is ready" he said leaning back and standing up.

Lamia opened her eyes smiling up at Chris as she did so. “Good morning handsome. Did I... hear the word breakfast?”

"You did my love, you did I figured after last nights antics you might be hungry for more than just lil' 'ol me!" Chris said with a smile.

“Awww I was kind of hoping you were going to be my breakfast” Lamia grinned a wry grin as she sat up and gently pulled him closer for a romantic kiss. “Thank you for an enjoyable night.”

Responding to the kiss which went on longer than expected he pulled back "there is plenty of time for more, we are currently on shore leave and I would like to get off this boat for a short spell at some point" he said smiling putting the tray in front of her as he picked up his grapefruit.

Lamia grinned. “Of course” She sat up to eat her breakfast starting with buttering her toast before taking a bite. “So what’s our plan for today?”

Chris gave it a long thought "I thought we could take a walk in the arboretum followed by a surprise, both off the Tomcat of course" he said as he bit into his grapefruit, he missed the real ones the replicated versions were not the same, as the taste was not quite the same.

“That sounds lovely” Lamia smiled warmly before eating more of her toast. “I can’t wait to find out what the surprise is!”

Chris only gave her a knowing look, "after this I have to go see Colonel Somers, there is something I need to ask her, but that is for later I want to finish this meal and then grab me a shower and finish off some stuff before we go for that walk, you will need to be fully dressed for the walk in the arboretum too" he said smiling around a mouthful of grapefruit.

“I’ll be dressed and ready I promise!” Lamia smiled as she tucked into her grapefruit. She was really enjoying this breakfast. “I don’t intend to waste a moment with you.”

*Looks at the Reader and gives a knowing look and a smile, then returns his attention to Lamia* "Of that my dear Mia, I have none" Chris said as he too finished his breakfast, slightly ahead of Lamia.

Leaving her to finish her meal he headed to the refresher to freshen up and get dressed, he did not take too long, but long enough to have a shave and clean his teeth and have a shower, as this was currently on the ship it was a sonic shower and when he was clean again he dressed into Civilian attire, combed his hair and returned to the living area "Hey Mia, I will pick you up at your Starbase quarters in two hours, I have to go speak to Colonel Somers first" he said sticking his head into the sleeping area and looking at Mia who was sitting up eating her breakfast.

“Okay I’ll see you there” Lamia smiled warmly. “I’m almost done so I’ll tidy up before I leave.”

"Excellent, I will see you then," he said with a smile and left his quarters to make the long trek off the ship and straight to the Starbase quarters of Colonel Somers as he walked he thought it strange, that while she was his superior he feared her, but also considered her his friend it was a weird thought.


Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Counsellor

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [P: Somers]
95th Rifles Demolitions


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