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Highway to the Danger Zone

Posted on 07 Aug 2021 @ 9:51pm by 1st Lieutenant James O'Donnaghue
Edited on on 09 Aug 2021 @ 10:26pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Space/Starbase 51
Timeline: Before and After the Tomcat docks at Starbase 51


James O'Donoghue Had only just packed up his room on the USS Jackdaw stationed all the way out in the gamma quadrant, The USS jackdaw was under the command of Colonel Craig O'donoghue, James’s uncle. The transfer paperwork had been handled way before this so all that was left for the young part Vulcan to do was pack up and ship out. Most of his room and belongings would be sent after him, no peregrine falcon was going to be able to hold all of his stuff.

With his backpack and duffle bag slung over his shoulders, he took one last look at the room that he had called home for the last six years “I guess this is goodbye” he said with a slight frown, he had grown accustomed to the galaxy classes quarters, spacious as they were this was also family and he would miss his uncle dearly, but the need to escape the wing was mighty.

He had no quarrel with the squadron on the Jackdaw, he just yearned for a different experience, serving on a marine vessel had always been James’s dream, he took the turbo lift from his quarters to the flight deck. His journey down was a sombre one, a few tears passed his eyes. Stepping out of the turbo lift, the lights in the flight deck were off, they were never off James thought as he stepped in a loud explosion sounded as confetti streamed all over him.

His uncle and his entire squadron amassed in the flight deck, all clapping. He dropped his duffle bag and his hands clapped to his mouth. The place was decked out with congratulations banners and James's favourite song from the early 20th century was playing “St Elmo's Fire -By John Parr”

Craig walked up to his nephew, his hands still clasped around his mouth. Craig's arms outstretched around the boy “You thought I was going to let you go in silence?” he said pulling James into a hug “Not a chance in the 9 rings of hell my boy” he said pulling his nephew out to look at him “You deserve this chance to show your father and everyone else what you're made of what I know you made of and that is cold hard unbending steel never let anyone tell you any different” Craig said pulling him into a hug again.

James was stunned, bewildered and in shock, the tears just came as freely as they would allow “I'm going to miss you” he said muffled into his uncle's shoulder “And ill miss you but you have to do this is a chance for you to lead your own squadron” Craig said as James brought himself out of the hug “Go in there and say your goodbyes to your squadron I’ll go and tell starbase 51 to expect your arrival” he said clasping James on the shoulder as he left through the blast door.

The squadron crowded around him lifting him up chanting “Berserker” as they carried him to his peregrine fighter, no sooner had they placed him in the cockpit the song changed to “Kenny Loggins -danger zone” he had known this rabble of jocks for six years, every single rotation, every single combat exercise every moment they came up against forces they always had his back.

As they carried him into the cockpit the glass closed “OOH-RAH OOH-RAH” they all shouted as James looked on as they packed up his fighter with his bags, Lieutenant Danvers James’s wingman climbed up onto the side of the fighter “The tomcat just earned her self the best fighter pilot this side of the delta quadrant don't you screw this up berserker or I swear to god we will find you and we will egg bomb you” Danvers spoke as he pushed his head against James's “You stay safe out there O'donoghue fly true and fly into the thick of it” Danvers arm at the back of James's head “Brothers always” as James clasped his hand into Danvers's “Better Jump off before white wolf bites you again” James said laughing as the cockpit slowly inched down, holding out his fist for Danvers to bump “I’ll See you in the skies brother” James said as Danvers hopped off the side.

Picking up his headset small as it was “This is Berserker to Jackdaw actual permission to fly” James said as he heard “St Elmo's fire” start again a small tear forming as “Jackdaw actual to Berserker fly true and fly free I'll see you in the skies” Craig said sat in his office on the jackdaws bridge.

“Pre-flight checks done, warp engine spooled,” he said to himself “Berserker to Flight deck” he spoke “Stay Sharp Stay True and may the jackdaw sing once more,” he said pushing the engines and holding the stick “Berserker out,” he said pushing the stick and engaging the engines flying out of the deck at full speed, with the sounds of Jon Parr screaming in his ears with one thunderous sing-song over the comms “ all I need's this pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's fire!!!” Sounded in utter unison from every squadron member as the white wolf's warp engine kicked in sending him to new horizons.


1st Lt James O'Donnaghue [P: Ze]
101st Squadron (Rebels)


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