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A New Chief Intelligence Officer

Posted on 13 Sep 2021 @ 12:33pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: CRR - USS Tomcat
Timeline: After the Tomcat has docked


When the Tomcat was properly docked and being powered by the Starbase she went to the Ready Room as the bridge crew began to depart, hoping to catch her particular quarry before she had left the ship. Sitting behind her desk she pulled up the file and transfer document and tapped her Commbadge =/\= Somers to Sh'shraaqir, report to my ready room =/\= Somers said.

Thyra just arrived at her quarters after locking down main security and wanted to actually get some rest now, she had been so busy since she got on board. All those crew training she had to do and weapon tests. She was actually down for some downtime. Just as the doors to her room opened she breathed out she was called on the comm. She tapped her badge and said =/\= On my way, colonel. =/\=

oO What could she want? Oo She wondered to herself. She just got off duty. She didn't want to question it too much as she closed the doors to her room again and walked to the lift. "Deck 1, bridge ready room." She said as she got onto the lift. She listened to the humming of the lift a moment before stepping on the bridge and making her way to the ready room. She pressed the chime and waited to be let in.

"Enter Ensign," Somers said and watched as the newish member to the Tomcat crew entered the Ready Room, the Colonel looked up as she entered, "please have a seat Ensign, I will not keep you long as I am sure you are eager to take your Shoreleave," Somers said.

Thyra nodded and took a seat. "How can I help you, Colonel?" She asked a little curious, her antennae pointing in the direction of the colonel. This was the first time Thyra met the colonel. It's been a busy time.

Walking over to the replicator "can I offer you a drink Ensign?" Somers asked as she tapped some instructions into the replicator interface, "tall glass of iced water" she said then looked over to the Ensign expectantly.

Thyra looked over to the Colonel. "Oh, right, mint tea with honey, please, thank you, sir." She said politely. She looked around the office again as she waited for the Colonel to bring the beverage and explain why she was here.

Looking back at the replicator "Mint tea with a drop of honey" she said and took the two drinks out of the replicator and handed the tea to the Ensign and sat behind the desk and took a sip of her water as she looked at the Ensign "perhaps I should have offered you something stronger, considering what I am about to say" Somers begun, after a brief pause "Ensign, I know you have been with us just over six months and have just passed out of probationary on the Tomcat, but I have been impressed by your work to date and I looked at your Service jacket and saw that you have some Intelligence training, so with the Departure of my current Chief Intelligence Officer, I would like to offer you that job, you will need to work with Security on occasion, but the Security Chief will not be your direct boss. You will be the Chief Intelligence Officer, from your record I know you understand what that entails, so what say you Ensign do you think you are up for the task of being the new CIO for the Tomcat?" Somers asked.

Thyra looked at the tea the colonel just handed to her. Carefully she put it on the desk. "Excuse me." She excused herself as she did so. "I don't want to drop this cup of hot delicious all over your carpet. Did you just ask me to be your new Chief Intelligence Officer?" She wanted to make sure she heard that right.

*Smiling* "noticed that, did you!" Somers said "yes the Chief intelligence Officers position is yours if you want it, Ensign, I know you are still a Junior Officer, but you have some Intel background," Somers said secretly enjoying seeing the Ensign squirm a little.

"Honestly," Thyra started, "I don't have much experience in the intelligence field, other than what I learned in the academy, I don't know how I feel about being thrown in the deep end and leading the entire department. I wouldn't know where to start, I have to go through the report and speak to the intelligence officers." Then she heard a little voice in her head saying oO Stop rambling and answer her. Oo She took a deep breath. "I could definitely give it a try."

Looking at the young Andorian "Well Ensign consider this as a challenge, I believe you can do the job, you will do one of two things when thrown in at the deep end, you will either sink or swim, I believe you will swim, as for try! To quote a character from an old film Do or do not, there is not try, set yourself a goal and aim for that goal, do you know how old I was when I saw my first combat?" Somers said and ended with a question.

"I don't know, sir, but I imagined you were younger than I am now." Thyra smiled. "You are right of course. I just need to get my bearings I guess. So when do I begin?"

"I was a teenager of Seventeen and had quickly made corporal, as for when you start the job, officially it will be when we start our next mission but I would advise you get the basics set up now," Somers said tapping something into the terminal on her desk "okay it is now official, you are the ships new Chief Intelligence Officer congratulations Ensign," Somers said holding her hand out as she studied the Andorian who seemed a little perplexed, as far as she could tell, reading Andorian emotions was not easy.

Thyra tilted her head a little, her antenna pointing a little sideways. She took the colonels hand. "Right the basics, thank you, colonel. And 17, I was about 18 when I joined the academy. Which is not so excited as the first combat." She quickly lit up her antennae too and smiled.

Smiling back, "well we are done here Ensign, good luck in getting the intelligence department up and running efficiently, I will let you go now," Somers said and watched the Ensign leave her Ready Room and quietly to herself "I feel old," she said as she remembered after this duty was done she would have to go back to the Academy.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting CO

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Chief Intelligence Officer


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