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Four is a Crowd

Posted on 04 Oct 2021 @ 9:54pm by 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant JG Tosrol Ze & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase Arrivals
Timeline: After the Tomcat arrived


Hawksley was painstakingly, nauseatingly waiting for the turbo lift to make its way across the umbilical bridge to the primary connection link with the Starbase arrivals. What had turned out to be the end of his last mission on the USS Harrington, seen Leland transferred immediately to the USS Tomcat. Loyally, he served out another tour before landing on a Starbase once more.

"This time. This time nobody is derailing that..." Hawksley had chewed a stick of gum, peppermint, unable to tell that he had just cracked a bubble in his mouth. He leaned against the lift confines. Three other officers from the Tomcat had entered when he had to cross to the base.

"Names Hawksley. Where are we all headed today?" Leland asked cheerfully.

Now Mazal had gone to watch the USS Tomcat dock with the starbase, having gotten word of its arrival. She wanted to see the grand entrance of the ship she'd be signing onto. And the entrance was beauitiful, at least to her own perception. She had also watched as the crew started filing off the ship, then decided to walk with some of them to the turbolift, she looked at the one who had introduced himself.

"The name's Falk and whomever flew the Tomcat in, did a magnificent job. Was a great sight to see." the dark haired Marine replied wit a grin. "What are you three up to for shoreleave? I'm the newest Marine XO that will be working on the ship." she also leaned against the side of the lift, giving what would be a look over her crewmates on the Tomcat.

Ted checked his padd as he waited for the turbo lift to arrive. All the files had been safely updated. All he had to do now was decide we're to go. Now they were docked.There was a rather nice cafe. Boasting the cheese sandwiches on the Starbase. The turbo lift arrived and once the doors opened. Silver stepped inside.

Tosrol had been on the bridge for most of his shift, his eyes were weary and his heart heavy. Running his hand through his hair as he made his way to the docking platform to go over to starbase 51.

Stepping into the turbo lift he smiled as he recognised the one and only Leland Hawksley tapping the other on the shoulder "Expert flying hawksley you made that look almost easy" he said with a brief wink. The last time he had seen leland was when they had both bumped into each other at the bar on the tom cat "First rounds on me" he said clapping the other on the shoulder in a show of friendship.

In Falk's mind she noted what position each of the men were serving by their uniform. Leland was helm, The man who clapped his hand on Leland's shoulder he had the colors of operations and other man had the color of Science. Mazal said not a word as she watched their interaction with each other.

After a few more moments, Falk decided to speak. "Gentlemen, where are you planning on heading for drinks? And mind if I join you? And" gesturing towards the man in Ops colors and the one in science colors. "Will I be needing to pull out my PaDD to figure out your names? It probably won't take long, though I'd rather hear it from you instead." her eyes twinkling in cheeriness.

Leland had smiled. "Mazel. It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Tomcat. I am Leland, I am helm. This here is Ted." Hawksley had returned the camaraderie, placing his strong hands both on the backs of each Man's shoulders. He smiled, knowing the kind Science Officer, who had set aside his fears.

"Ted just completed a hairy..." Leland reminisced the horrors of what was witnessed on the planet. For a moment, a brief flash of PTSD in his face. He shook it off... "A classified Tomcat mission of ours... He just got a new set of Fancy Brass, as to which this Man saved our crews valiantly. A deadly disease was involved." Leland turned in his introduction.

“ Could we not talk about the last mission please?” Silver asked

"Tosrol here. My Man!! My Bro!!" Hawk grinned between the two Men, high-fived the Man. "This Mazal is our Chief of Operations, Tosrol Ze. He knows most of everything that is a computer on our Ship."

Falling into hawks arm with his back, Hawk was the first friend he had made on the tomcat in fact bordering on the side of only friend he knew for certain he could trust "You give me to much credit leland all i do is make sure the systems run smoothy and also give you far to much romulan ale",He said retorting to leland.

Mazal chuckled, definitely a fine bunch of men here. She did know something of the mission the Tomcat had gone on, however not a time to bring it up. "Definitely a pleasure." a broad grin going from ear to ear.

"Falk, Mazal. It would be our honor to take you for a drink! I assume we all want to have a drink right now?" Leland didn't even have to ask that to the Tomcat crew. They all needed a drink right now.

"But it is Nice to Meet you mazal"he said taking her hand in his "I mean if me hawk and ted are going for a drink are you entirely sure you could keep up with us?" he was being cheeky of course he was, but that was the fun part of tosrol was he flirting?,was he being funny? who knew but tosrol always gaged a situation and mazal seemed like she could take a joke.

"Well... are we all buying a round of drinks each? And I'm sure I'll be able to match you." giving an amused expression towards Ze, then looking at the other two. "Besides how can a woman say no to drinks with three handsome men such as yourselves. If I don't watch it, I may make some ladies jealous that I am with you three." giving a light laugh. Mazal most definitely liked the prospect of having drinks with these three. And she didn't mind having her hand held by Ze.

Hawksley had laughed. He enjoyed Mazal right from the start. She was fun, cheeky, and willing to be a part of the gang and enjoy the lighter things. "I think Mazel is going to get along just fine with the Tomcat crew!" He knew all to well, a figure like Mazal's she was sporting. Falk would have her choice!

Ted looked around. Did they want him to join them?

“ I am not sure I heard correctly. Were you including me on these drinks?” He asked.

"Why not? you are part of the crew, Silver." Mazal replied and then looked over towards Hawksley. "Oh I am most definitely enjoying the idea even more. " then turned her attention back to Silver. "You most definitely are included." moving her hand from Ze's hand and placing it on Silver's shoulder. "its time to let our hair down just a bit." looking back to the other two. "Isn't it?"

Ted looked at the padd in his hands then back at the others.

“ Why not. That’s just the tonic I need. A nice cool drink or three is just what I need.” He replied

Hawksley had grinned with big dimples. "That's that then! First rounds are on me friends!" As the turbo lift had then slowed down to a comfortable egress.

Their doors opened. Revealing to Hawksley, Tosrol, Mazal and Ted the Entertainment concourse. An array of lights, sounds, conversations, food, drinks, services and shop keepers all on one large deck.

As the doors opened to the entertainment concourse, ze face lit up "Well ladies and gentleman I believe we have a date with a bar and far to many drinks" he said looking around at the company "Well if Hawks buying first round ill take second bust out the romulan ale" he said with a wink, stepping out of the turbo lift.

Ted looked around.

“When I was last here I heard there was a early 21st Century themed bar. That is supposed to be very good. Real drinks not that gunk they serve on the ship. Perhaps we could try there first?” He suggested

Tosrol looked to Silver "An Actual Bar with Actual Taps hey im down for that if you all are and im betting this place has kareoke and im sure if i can throw enough drink down hawk i can get him up singing with me" Tosrol said lightly punching leland on the arm "Im in agreence ted that gunk they serve on the ship pales in comparison to the actual feel of cold pint or glass of whiskey"

"Well if it has the real deal , I'm in. I can't drink the fake stuff. I'm allergic to it." Mazal remarked. She gazed at the Entertainment concourse. "Oh my, this looks absolutely fun. I am glad I ran into all of you." grinning from ear to ear. "Lead on, and let's have some fun." stepping out of the lift. Her eyes sparkling with excitement. Falk literally does a slow twirl, as she gazed about at everything. "I am really pumped up for this. Makes for a celebration of a sorts for my new rank and position."

Hawksley remembered the bar that Ted had spoken of. "I remember that one Ted, yes. I have never been to it, but I have heard many good things. And it is new here." Hawk nodded quickly in agreement. He was just happy to go with the flow with these great friends he happened upon in the lift. Its timing was perfect, as everyone just needed a place to sit and unwind, it seemed.

“ Great……if I remember……yes yes there it is! Come on I can see a cold glass of real ale with my name on it!” Ted said with a laugh.

The Four Wise Men, Rather 3 Men, and 1 Lady had walked to the 21st Century bar with cold brew on taps, thick pint glasses of beer for all friends involved. Hawksley then playfully griped his own throat mimicking a throat ache. "Tos... Tos... I'm afraid, Bro. Bud, you'll have to Keoki ZZ TOP without me!" Hawk feigned lamely.

Tosrol looked at hawksley and laughed a little "What makes you think itd be zz top?" he said with a quirk of his eyebrow "i can smell the shipyard IPA from here" he was salivating at the thought of it it was by far his favorite drink from earth.

Before they noticed a delighted swirl from Mazal. "Woah! That was some excitement there, Mazal. "I believe Ted should sing a song as First!? What you say, Ted bud?"

Singing in public. Silver was not sure. But the glass of cold ale was helping to think ‘ why not ‘

“ Ok. So long as they have the lyrics little rusty on very old Earth music…..”Silver warned

"Okay so, Hawksley you know how to sing? I would love to hear you, along with Silver and Ze." batting long dark eyelashes at the men she was with, Mazal's dark eyes having a pleading expression in them. She had sat down with the three men, just enjoying this moment. Feeling the beginnings of comradeship forming. Mazal held a room temperature beer, something she drank, as that was how she drank her beers. "And I do see the console which will provide the words needed."

Was it the fact he was about to stand up and sing? But suddenly Ted’s glass of ale seemed to vanish. He decided not to refill it just yet. As things stood Ted was quite a good singer. It was just having to do it in front of his new colleagues.

“ So which song are we to sing?” He asked

Along with the three amigos. The three young, strong, handsome men. There to dine and woo the lady of the hour, the new recruit to the USS Tomcat.

Hawksley had raised his tall beer glass high up above his head. "Here Ye, Here Ye!" He waited, as the patrons of the rather busy bar glanced a moment towards the four Tomcat crewmates.

"Tonight. Tonight only," Leland grinned at Tosrol and Silver. "These fine mates of the Tomcat, along with copious..... Amounts of IPA shipyard... We will... Sing..." Hawksley looked toward the prompter with the words, title of a song, which Mazal had pointed to the fine gentleman.

"Which is that song?" Hawk had asked, finding it hard to read and recognize for a moment, as he, like Silver already found an empty beer glass.

Ted looked as well holding his empty like a security blanket.

“ Sharp dressed man by Sleepy top? No ZZ Too.” Ted said.

"Oh I love that song!" Mazal exclaimed. "A great song to dance to. ZZ Top is also a great band." she took another drink of her beer, then placed her glass down on the table. Her elbows on the top and both fists under her chin. "So gentlemen, lets hear you sing. My eyes are all on you three." giving a grin.

As the music started in the background, the rock music, the band ZZ Top, 'Sharp Dressed Man,' begun. Electric chords of the electric guitars begun to beat and beat with loud power in the club.

At the station, the singing station, of the club, just a short table over was Mazal. The three Officers, all handsome, ironically had a great thing going on. The lights in the club worked their algorithmic routines to the sound and beats of the music, as Tosrol, Hawk, and Silver were all covered in bright red lights pulsing...

Hawk knew the song, and boy, he knew it well. Leland just hoped he wouldn't have to sing it alone or overtake the other Men.

Hawksley remembered well all the modern rock bands struck moves.

"CCCCCCCCCCCCleanN Shirt, NeewwwwwwW SHoEsssssssssssssssssssssssss..." Leland cocked his head to the men as he belted from deep within. His facial features reverberated to a sound with the other men in crescendo.

Leland began to freestyle, opting for non-exact moves in the song playing. He found it easy, with a drink, as Hawksley's body respond to the music. Letting himself move, naturally grooving to that familiar beat on stage. The first "layer" in the men's choreography. Hawk encouraging Tosrol and Ted to build more movement in front of Mazal watching!

Ted saw what looked like a guitar but when he grabbed it. The instrument was an inflatable one instead. So after given a shrug he started to pretend to play it. Moving his body to the music. Rocking from side to side as the music played.

Leland grinned as Ted played with ease to the music! The vibrations of bass into the background of the club. The patrons all illuminated with strobe lights onto the tables of guests nearby. The three men, now with a guitar, continued as they had arrived at the chorus.

Ted, Tosrol, Hawk; "Every Girlsssssss CrazzZzzzzzzzzzzy bout' a Sharp Dressed Mannnnnnnnnnnnn!"

As the song had started, it quickly was completed. With a breath of relief, Hawk had turned to Mazal and the guys. Taking a seat back down with Mazal in the middle.

"Did WE justt do that?" Leland was astonished, happy he did. As He relaxed to the crew of friends around him. "Mazal. Tell us about yourself! You're a new Tomcatian. May your many days aboard be pleasant and.....?" He looked to Ted and Tosrol... "Andd..."

“ May you still have all the bits of your body that your mother gave you in a years time…” Ted said raising an empty glass.

As Tos finished singing you could tell this was the mans happy place, singing and being around his friends picking up his now half empty ship yard glass he smiled at ted and hawk "Now that gentleman was a blast I haven't used my singing voice in years and to sing with two fine gentlemen as your selves it was an honor" he said holding up his glass "To the three amigos and Falk" He spoke as he looked at all the patrons.

Mazal to say the least was rather caught up in their performance, she was thoroughly enchanted, and mesmerized by their performance. When they finished, Mazal was on her feet clapping and whistling, and then sat down once more, taking a gulp of her beer, then placed it down on the table.

"You three were amazing!" Mazal exclaimed, fanning herself with her hand, as if to cool herself down, then raised her glass to the three of them. "To the best trio I have heard in a long time. And I think I will need to get an icy drink after this." giving a wink. "Seriously, gentlemen that was rather fine." a brilliant smile.

"And you want to know a little about me?" Mazal thought about it then stated, "I love to dance, besides being a marine. I read and like climbing mountains, going camping. I like working with metal and making armor. There is more, but I can't reveal the whole contents of my book can I, in one sitting?" a soft laugh as she gazed into the eyes of the three men. "Oh and I do like watching movies, that don't have a lot of smut in them."

Mazal decided to reveal something personal about herself. "I am also allergic to Synthehol and Chocolate. I am definitely not a woman who craves chocolate, not one bit." she then turned the line of the conversation towards the three men.

"How about telling me a little bit about yourselves" Mazal asked.

Ted smiled and spoke.

“ Well I nearly died when I was a kid. When a child’s game of dare went horribly wrong.” He said

Mazal gasped out at hearing this. "Okay, Silver, what happened?" she drained the last of her beer and motioned for another one to be brought over. "Just what sort of dare was it?" locking her dark brown eyes on Ted. "And I am glad that it didn't take your life."

Ted chuckled as he remembered.

“ I was nine years old and absolutely no common sense. My little gang and me decided to have a game of dare. There was this house with a tower built into it. They dared me to climb it and me being the leader of the gang. Went and did. I actually got almost to the top before I lost my footing. I must fell a long way , even crashed through a plate glass window. It was quite bad I was dead for three seconds on the operating table.” Silver said

Mazal's eyes widened as she put a hand over her mouth, "Oh!" then moved the hand down. At the moment her eyes were ultra focused on Silver. "You.. you died?" she reached out and placed her hand upon his. "Well... then... Oh my." was about all that she could even think of saying.

Leland's positronic bio synthetic eye focused in on Ted. He felt for the guy, wondering what that kind of accident would have on someone so young at the time. Leland gently shook his head, as he heard the Lieutenant's past.

“It’s ok. In a crazy way it was kind of a good thing. Before the accident I was a little shit. Never concentrated in school always being cheeky. Afterwards I was much like the person you see today. Due to my injuries I could not go to school. So my parents hired a private tutor. Marcus Dubah. He basically taught me everything. It was him who introduced me to books. Anyway enough about me.” Ted said

Mazal who still held Ted's hand squeezed it gently, "Well, I'd like to hear more about you definitely in the near future. " giving a smile then she moved her hand away.

She turned her intense dark brown gaze towards Hawksley and Ze. "Now it's your turn, who will be next in telling me a little bit about yourself?"

"Tos Here. This dude. I only met him a few weeks ago. My first
time at the bar. One of easiest going Betazoid's I have ever met." Hawk stated matter of fact, as the bar tender had come around once more.

Unable to help himself, Leland burst out some of the beer from his mouth. As his grinned, looking at Ze, Silver and Falk. "I can't help it... I remembered... A neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink...

When the neutron gets his drink he asks. “Bartender, how much do I owe you?”

The bartender replies. “For you neutron, no charge!”

Tosrol laughed as he looked to ted "That sounds horrendous Ted im glad you survived that encounter" he said clapping the other on the back "Well actually heres somthing about me im fluent in vulcan,adnorian and romulan langugaes my major at starfleet acadamy was communications and operations so not only can i wire up a computer and keep a ship ticking over i can talk to most species with a binary language system that and my singing voice is one of my best assets" he said winking taking a small sip from his drink, as the bartender walked by "A round of tequila sunrises and a round of sambooka shots at your nearest convenience" he said taking another swig from the drink.

Mazal laughed at Hawksley's joke, then listened to Ze as he told a bit of himself. "It's really heart warming to hear about your budding friendships. I really love it, makes me feel quite at home." she finished her drink, leaning back in her chair. "So Hawksley, I am getting the feeling that you are in a relationship, I just added things up. Whomever it is they're a lucky person. Hence the reason why you were wanting me to get to know your two comrades. Of which I do not mind at all" Mazal giving Ze and Silver the come hither look then a wink.

The waiter came back with the drinks, bearing away the empty glasses.

"Do you three like to dance?" Mazal decided to ask.

Did Ted Silver like to dance? It depended of course on where. All family celebrations only when ordered. Bars……..

“ Well we sang in public. Why not a dance to? But nothing to over the top please. Remember we are members of the USS Tomcat and should set an example. “ Ted said pretending to sound pompous.

Hawksley laughed at Ted. His eyes focused, the drink adapting to the positronic components, quickly compensating from the actual alcohol. "Yes, because we are the most shining examples of that impeccable vessel. That Viking of the skies… Stars. Stars, sounds better?" He looked for opinions.

Standing up, he nodded. "I do. Your too kind, Mazal. My Lady, Lilli. She's finishing up with the Marine Department right now… So I guess this means." Hawk had risen from his chair. Watching as the waiter and waitress came back to their high-demand table. Offering Tequila Sunrises and Shots of Sambooka.

"I guess this means she can't see how badly. I'm bout to be dancing!" Hawk had raised his eyes cheekily and downed his Sambooka shot. "Oh, Boy!" He whistled. "Men, show the Lady what you've got. The pressure is /ON/." Leland taunted, enjoying seeing the two Tosrol and Ted.

Mazal just laughed, "Oh but you men will not be dancing alone." Mazal slamming back a shot of Sambooka, then placed the glass back onto the table. "Lets dance." pointing towards the dance floor, not too far away. "Or just dance right here." she rose from her chair, starting to move with the next song. She loved the beat but couldn't catch the tune that was playing, at first then she recognized it, Footloose.

Mazal danced around the table, going first to Silver, and took his hand, to see if he would dance with her. All the while swaying her hips and moving with the music. Her hair bouncing with her movement. It could be seen that the woman could dance.

"What do you say Silver? Shall we?" giving an inviting smile.

Ted stood and nodded.

“ Lead the way.” He replied

He did not recognise the tune by swing his legs to the beat. Hoping he did not look like a constipated chicken.

Mazal led the way giving Silver a smile. "You know, you dance well." As she moved with him, "You've got the beat, and this is all about having fun." then she did the robot maneuver, just for fun, with a laugh. "This dance is great when you want to just be silly."

Ted nodded as he moved to the music.

“Silly is my middle name.” Silver said.

Leland laughed, as he bounced along to the base with others in the bar. Some patrons joined in with the rest of them!

Remembering the movie soundtrack, an earthly classic, Leland had danced along the floor offering a fancy footwork towards the base and snare, boom and clap, just bouncing to it.

Mazal laughed in enjoyment, motioning towards Tosrol and Hawksley to join in with herself and Silver. "Let's dance!"

Ted moved his body to the beat. He only hoped none of the top brass were around to see him. What would his department head have to say. If they saw their deputy shaking his ‘ booty ‘ to some disco beat.

“I hope we are not breaking any rules.” Ted said.

Mazal cocked an eyebrow up at that. "As long as we are not starting a bar room brawl and as we are on shore leave, we are not breaking any rules. Shore leave means having a bit of fun, relaxation, stepping away from the current weight that might be on your shoulders. And this is a great way to bond with crew mates." grinning.

Just then, Hawksley had come into the grouping with fun can of “crazy spray.” The can was bio-degradable and all-natural. But the streaming colors and foam that had come out the nozzle streaming up into the air over them all group dancing.

“HuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZahhhhhh!!” Leland bounced into the dancing of the disco tunes. “This is such a release from that tin can!” Leland stated, not realizing the euphemism of shore leave from the Tom Cat.

Silver looked at the strange stringy things now engulfing them. He flailed his arms around.

" What is this stuff? " Ted said looking at Mazal.

"This is called Silly String, does make a mess but its fun." Mazal stopped dancing and moved close to Ted. "I'll help you get out of it." He could see that Mazal had her own strings of the stuff dangling from her head and on her shoulders. She started to remove the strings from off of him, then on an impulse she kissed Ted on the cheek, smiled then turned to look at Tosrol.

"Aren't you going to dance?"

Leland curiously had watched the kiss. A cheeky grin formed as he bounced up and down to the beats, the loud noise, the lights flashing as others begun crowding the sleep bar turned dance club. Hawk wondered if Tosrol would get in on the fun since they were both strapping bachelors on a fantastic starship with a newfound friend amongst them all.

Between being covered in Silly String and being kissed on the cheek. Ted felt his face start to change colour quite quickly. He felt very uncomfortable especially as the kiss had been in front of everyone. Ted started to look for somewhere to hide. But his body was to busy dancing.

" Oh gosh...." Was all he could say.

For the first time since he had been on leave ze felt at peace and happy, with arm around Lelands waist he danced and he danced until couldn't anymore. He noticed out of the corner of her eye that mazal had planted a kiss on dear ted's cheek "Now that we wont ever see again ted silver at a loss for words my god i think i might actually cry its a beautiful moment" he said with a large grin as he danced.

Mazal chuckled, did a graceful pirouette twirling to where Leland and Ze was at. Grabbed a hand in each of hers spun around with them, then as the music faded away, she kissed them both on the cheek as well, then stepped back to look at all three of them.

"Gentlemen, you have given me such a sublime, wonderful time, and I am in debt to you three, my knights in shining armor. However the hour is getting late and I need to report in to my commanding officer in the morning. I will be seeing you three once again." Mazal moving close once more and drawing them into a group embrace, with a smile.

Well they said all good things come to an end. Ted leaned into the embrace.

Tosrol smiled as all good things must end "It was a pleasure mazal be sure to hit me and the three musketeers up once you on board we will deffo do more drinks again" he said leaning into the embrace "See you on alpha shift"

"I will certainly do so." Placing another kiss on the gentlemen's cheeks. "You all are marvelous." Enjoying the embrace as group hugs are wonderful. "Now you see me as a softie." Mazal teased.

Tosrol froze for a second and gathered his thoughts going slightly red at the others kiss, he stifled a little giggle, playful it was something rose up in the young betazoid that he hadn't felt in years.

Mazal then pulled back from the embrace, stepped back a few paces, gave a bit of a wave, turned then she left. This was a great evening and a great start to this new chapter in her life.

"Mazal.. She, she is really nice." Leland had commented inebriated. He then placed his hands affirmed on each of Ze and Ted's shoulders. "This is a new beginning here... This, this impromptu meet. The three Musketeers. I won't forget us!"

Tosrol laughed as he took Hawksley's hand "Well by the looks of things were all gunna have to bunk im my quaters for the night atleast then if anything happens to hawk we'll all be in one place" he said with a slight smile "I have a spare bed and pull out bed on my sofa" he said clasping ted on the shoulder too "You too mr silver the three musketeers gotta look out for each other now!" he said carrying hawk with his shoulder "No more Romulan ale" he said tapping Leland on the head.


2nd LT Mazal Falk
Marine XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant (jg) Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Liutenant JG Tosrol Ze
Chief Ops Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Deputy Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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