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Continued Chat

Posted on 10 Aug 2021 @ 9:47pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Edited on on 13 Aug 2021 @ 2:23pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Somewhere
Timeline: 3rd day of shoreleave


Falk thanked Winchester for pulling out the chair for her. "Thank you" she found it interesting he was showing some signs of being a gentleman.

"Okay, where do you want to continue this conversation?" Falk asked as they walked out of the Aurora Lounge. "An observatory window and look out towards space?"

"I'm happy wherever you want to take this," replied Paul looking back at the Marine; he asked, "May I call you by your first name and not your rank?" as he offered his arm to her. as he gave her a wicked smile; he said Just don't tell Serina that we went for a walk together," as he knew how she would react.
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'You can call me Falk." Mazal replied, "And I will call you Winchester. Also, who is this Serina you are referring to? I'm not caught up in meeting other crew members yet. " raising an eyebrow. "And how would I be telling her, you and I are walking together if I don't know who she is? " Falk stopped for a moment to face Winchester. "Don't you be stirring up any mischief Winchester? You won't like the result if you do."

"Lieutenant Serina Donavan is the Tomcat's CAG," replied Paul looking back at Falk; "and also is going to be moving in with me," as he walked beside the Marine. he continued " and did I mention that I was the Tomcat's previous CAG," as he still wished that he still held that position. but as he remembered that after his crash he had been grounded and could not fly a Fighter anymore; hence the move to Intelligence and the Captain realising that she had made a mistake moving him there and then trying to fix it by moving him into Chief Security.

"I had no idea that you were CAG either. Winchester, you and I have just met and I've not read all of the files on the crew aboard the Tomcat. " pulling out her PaDD to take notes on whom she needed to meet. "With this being shore leave, I do not know how many of the main people I am going to be having time to meet. I do plan on doing so fairly soon. Now let me see if I got this right, you and Serina are an item, and she will be moving in with you into your place. Okay, check. And you are making sure that I know that you are already taken. And I haven't even made one flirty comment or gesture towards you. The reason? You have that aura of already taken. Therefore I haven't flirted with you."

Falk looked at him, giving Winchester a slight smile. "There are men who have that aura about them that says they are involved, and you just have that look. Congratulations on that."

"Why thank you, Falk," replied Paul as he walked beside her; he continued, "So where are we going to go?" as he knew spending time with the Marines or any Marine for that matter had been out of bounds since he had called the Colonel out,. Now he hoped that he could show the Colonel that he could work with them and not against them.

Mazal pointed towards one of the observation windows she was heading for, one that the USS Tomcat could be seen, against the dark velvet of space. "The Tomcat is a beautiful ship." she remarked, "And I would like to make certain that all people of that ship can work together, both marine and security. It wouldn't make sense for us to be at odds. If everyone can put aside their egos then it will work."

Mazal turned to look at Winchester. "You are the Chief of Security, so let's get some sort of pact or a truce going on. Security does deal with a great many situations, which includes civilians and other personnel. Marines are trained to be even more hardcore as in, we don't deal with Civilians as much. I'm not saying Security aren't hardcore but in truth, the general populace would rather deal with security. I have great respect for Starfleet Security. To be honest, despite us having the chosen profession, we are all just people beneath the colours that we wear."

"Agreed," replied Paul as he held out his hand; he continued, "Just hope that Jackson agrees to it?" as he knew that what was best for the Colonel was best for the ship and that it would be better in the long run if they did. He finished, "But don't forget the competitions to see who is best to keep morale up," he said with a wicked grin.

Falk moved to shake Winchester's hand then paused. "Oh.. you are the competitive sort are you? Does everything have to be a competition?" Raising an eyebrow and looking at his smile. "We will see about any sort of competition, Winchester. That will have to be discussed with Captain Jackson and I hope to be a part of that discussion. Mark my word, don't push buttons, don't come off being too cocky. Not good. Do you agree Winchester?"

"I agree that we need to keep the morale up with both the Marines and Security" looking back at her; He continued, " and by doing the competitions it makes each side want to push themselves to be better," as he wondered if he had been cocky when all of a sudden he spotted Paula heading towards him and boy did she not look happy. He said "Falk, allow me to introduce you to my Sister Lieutenant Paula Winchester,"

"Why Hello Brother, and when did you get in and not check in with me?" she stated looking at him with her arms crossed giving him a glare; Paula suddenly caught a glimpse of the marine standing next to him; she said, "and you are?" asks the question to her.

"Marine XO, 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk" she responded. "Nice to meet you." taking a look at the woman, who seemed to be just a bit irritated at her brother.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Paula Winchester, CAG for SB51," replied Paula giving her a smile," and Hon, fair warning My bro here don't mix well with Marines, don't you bro," as she offered her hand to the Marine. Paul looked back at his Sister for a minute "what's that supposed to mean Sis?" as he still looked amused at his Sister.

Falk looked at Winchester and also at his sister. "Well now that it looks like a family reunion, I am going to leave you to it. I've got somewhere I need to go anyway. I'll see you around and talk with you later, maybe." giving a shrug. M gave a wave and headed away to her next appointment.


2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine XO

Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Chief Security/Tactical

Lieutenant Paula Winchester [P: Winchester]
SB 51


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