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Licking the wounds

Posted on 17 Aug 2021 @ 12:27am by Captain Patrick Jackson & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Edited on on 19 Aug 2021 @ 10:22pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Deck 3 - Marine CO Quarters
Timeline: Day prior to departure


The doctor had finished her magic. Multiple injuries to both the Marines were healed in quick order and they were back on their feet. Healed, however, did not mean pain-free. They were still bruised, battered and banged up pretty well. The doctor had just fixed the broken parts. They were both used to that feeling as combat rarely happens without injury and training fairly regularly. Patrick still had a slight hobble from the knife wound to his leg. The muscles needed a little time to strengthen back up but were healed.

He looked at his XO. "You know, technically we're still on liberty. Want to swing by for a drink? I heard it helps the healing process."

Mazal chuckled. "I have heard that as well. And sounds like a good plan, and this will let me know what you have on hand, drink wise." giving a laugh, then slightly winced. Running her tongue inside her cheek. "Okay, that definitely needs some pain killer. By the way, I think we can be called family now, the intermixing of our blood from that exercise." as she walked alongside Jackson.

He limped next to her down to the turbolift. "I never had a family before." He looked over to her. "I'd be glad to call you family. By the way, the blood on your face really brought out your eyes with the forest behind you. I'd say you could model for the Marines, but for some reason being bloody doesn't do well on a recruitment poster."

Mazal laughed, "Well that wouldn't be a good thing now would it? However, when it comes to being family, I will call us kissing cousins." giving a cheeky smile. "This way it won't be weird at all." as she stepped inside the turbolift with Jackson. Giving him a flirtatious wink.

He laughed as the doors closed. "Deck 3," He told the computer as the turbolift gently lifted. "What am I going to do with you, Mazal?" He asked chuckling and giving his own little wince. The ride was short, only going up a couple of levels. He motioned for her to leave first before making his own slow way out.

Mazal stepped out and waited for him to get out of the lift as well. "Oh, I don't know, what would you do with a kissing cousin?" she was teasingly referring to her offer for being his kissing teacher. Mazal knew he wasn't ready for that anyway, she just wanted to tease him just a small amount.

He gave her a playful bump on the shoulder and hobbled along. He found his quarters and opened the door. "Here we are. Home sweet home. A little spartan but it's home. Might add a plant somewhere." He said. "Make yourself at home. I'll get the good stuff."

Mazal softly chuckled, and when she stepped inside she did do a quick scan of the place. "You know, I could make myself at home here. It seems you've got the same interior decorator as I do."

"Including.." she took an even closer look around. "You moved things to make room for... Wait a minute you've been practising your dance steps haven't you!" making that more of a statement instead of a question. "Nice!"

He emerged with a couple of bottles and a smile. "What can I say? It's fun and my dance partner is pretty good. Didn't want to disappoint her on our next lesson." He set the bottles down on the table. "Bottle on the left is some good Gin and the bottle on the right is Cachaca, a South American rum. What would you like?" He asked heading to the replicator.

"I'll take the Cachaca, I've had some before and do like it," Mazal replied, taking a seat on one of the chairs. "And as for your dance partner, hopefully, she's not an astringent taskmaster. Or is she really harsh." giving another grin.

He replicated half a glass of pineapple juice and a lime. He mixed the lime in and came over and poured the Cachaca in, mixing it well and handed it to Mazal. "I'm sure she can be stringent if she wants to be. She's a bit of a firecracker though. Probably why I like being her partner." He said with a wink then hobbled back to make his own. "You should meet her sometime. I think you'd like her."

"I am thinking I may like her, if you speak so highly of the woman." giving a grin, then accepted the drink. Mazal took a sip, "Oh this is really good, Patrick." She sat back in the chair, then hissed, the side where she had taken that cut from the Makleth still feeling tender. "You know we are going to have to skip a couple of dance classes, including our foray into our playdate both for Superman and Wonder Woman and also Batman Vs Catwoman."

Hobbling back to the table, Patrick poured some gin into his tonic and lime and eased himself down onto the couch. "Yeah, it's going to be a couple of days for sure before I can Don any capes." He said and took a drink. "Plus a few extras for us both before we're playing date ready. This play was rough but I know you can play rougher."

"Oh?" Mazal chuckled, and batted her eyelashes at Patrick, "All playing aside, I know you can play rougher as well. I wonder if they have someone skilled in massage therapy on the station? Won't have time for one though." she mused. "Which means, I'll be needing a long soak in a hot bath in Epsom salts. Will take away the soreness and leftover bruising." she rubbed the back of her head, "Which reminds me of another detail. Wonder if they have a homoeopathic store that has oriental medicine. Otherwise, I am going to have to dig through my stuff and see what I have left."

He shook his head. "Jill of all trades aren't you Mazal?" Then he shrugged his shoulder with mild discomfort. "Not sure on the stores. Never looked for one. Haven't been here long. Just a couple of days when I first got stationed here. As for the therapy, I did see that the ship Holodeck had a spa program that had about a dozen different forms of massage from all kinds of species, and a sauna, along with all the rest of the 'pamper yourself here's treatments." He thought for a moment. "Your bath idea sounds good. Or a hot tub. Would do that some days after extreme PT. Helped a lot."

"Oh I am not a massage therapist, I only know some rudimentary techniques." Mazal stated, "However, a bath sounds like a good idea. And they have spa programs? Oy, I forgot to look that up. I will have to do so at a later date." taking another sip of her drink, feeling the warmth of the rum start to permeate her body, and the pain starting to ebb away. "Oh this is good." visibly relaxing.

"They have a programed massage therapist I think. Not a skill they trained me in basic for, otherwise, I'd volunteer to help you out there. More than likely, I'd just make it worse. " He said taking a sip from his own. "Glad you like it. Always thought the South American rum had a bit more flavour and mixed with the tropical juices and fruits better."

"I could show you the basics of massage and it's easy enough to learn. Most of the time it's just communication and finding out how much pressure to use when kneading the muscles, that sort of thing. Much like martial arts, and even dancing." taking another sip of the drink. "Looks like I get to put my teacher's hat on once again." giving a slight smile.

He chuckled. "Won't make you teach today unless you want to. With various injuries, probably not the wisest time for me to be trying to learn how to massage." He chuckled. "I wouldn't break any more ribs, but may accidentally help you rediscover the old one repaired." He rolled his shoulder slowly. "That soak idea you had is sounding good. Goes well with this natural muscle relaxant." He said and raised his glass to her and took a long drink.

Mazal nodded, raising her glass to Patrick as well. "I'll finish this then I'll be heading to my quarters, a nice hot bath and then some shut-eye sounds like a good plan to me. Besides, if I stay here any longer I'm going to relax too much and fall asleep. I'm already starting to feel drowsy" her smile, now showing the very signs she was talking about. She looked at her glass, took another drink, looked at it again, realizing it was almost gone.

He smirked again. "Glad you like the drink." He saw her eyes droop a little. "The trick with that plan Mazal will be to enjoy the bath without falling asleep in it. I think it will work wonders for the battered body though and you'll sleep like you haven't in a long time."

Mazal laughed, shaking her head slightly, to wake herself up. "Yeah, that is a good trick not falling asleep when in a tub of nice warm water." Mazal finished her drink, and got up from the chair, realizing that her muscles were stiffening up slightly. "Oof, okay that is waking me up sufficiently for me to get to my quarters. I'll see you later Patrick." taking her glass to the recycler. "Good drink, good company, relaxing combination," she said over her shoulder.

He stood up and waddled her to the door, avoiding a piece of furniture. "Well, if you need any more of the good stuff, you know where to find it." He said, then added, "Maybe after we heal up some... you can put one of those instructor hats on." He finished turning a slight bit of red.

"Oh, I get to choose? Hmnn...Well, most definitely I will do so, and let you know." Mazal replied with a cheeky smile. "Have a nice soak and get some sleep, Patrick." kissing him on the cheek, before she stepped out of his quarters. Mazal was looking forward to her own soak and her own bed.

He watched her leave a moment and then returned inside. Hobbling over to the drinks, he cleaned things up and made his way to the shower. His mind was tired, but he wondered if the shaped dreaming he was working on with the counsellor would work to change his dreams. Maybe he could dream about her tonight. The thought put a smile on his face. That would be a dream he would not mind getting to sleep for.

Mazal could feel Patrick's eyes on her back and be determined not to turn around. Mazal felt she'd be too tempted to go back and who knows what would happen. She made a promise to Patrick and herself and Mazal was going to keep it, and that was to not cross a certain boundary, especially due to them working together in commanding the marines. Mazal could feel the draw towards Patrick, and knew there was some danger but also knew they could speak candidly too. Mazal sighed as she reached her quarters, she had to concentrate on something else and that was to get her pains soaked away. However, that man was hot and there was that connection.

"Okay Mazal, think iceberg, and snow-covered fields. Get your mind off this track." Mazal stated to herself, "I've got to get some sleep."


Captain Patrick Jackson
Marine CO

2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine XO


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