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Science Mascot

Posted on 28 Sep 2021 @ 8:34pm by Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Science Lab

[ ON ]

-Science Lab-

Due to the Poseidon being at the Betreka Nebula, it took a while for Silver's call to go through. Finally he got in touch with Lt.CMDR Sam Perkins.

“=/\= Commander Perkins Lieutenant (jg) Ted Silver here. Deputy Chief Science Officer USS Tomcat. I need you help on something =/\=“ Ted said. Was it his imagination or did Perkins look. Like he was on the verge of hitting someone?

“=/\= So go ahead.=/\= Perkins replied shortly.

“=/\= Well we are looking for a mascot for our science department and we heard…..=/\=“ Ted began

“=/\= VERY VERY BAD IDEA MR SILVER. Plants like Norman do not make good pets. Plus we had an incident we’re the plant went berserk. If you want to make it to full Lieutenant, steer away from plants that can think for themselves. Good day.=/\=“ The comm was cut.

Ted sat back blinking.

Matt came into science one, saw Ted nodded. He didn't disturb him just yet as he was on a video call.

Docked at a Starbase, Matt wanted to make sure that any left over experiments were completed and or stored safely. Wouldn't due to have a volatile experiment left unattended. Something would go wrong and the colonelwould take away the pip he jut got. No that wouldn't do at all.

Matt shook his head plants and

“ and I thought I was stressed.” Ted said.

It was only then that Ted realised he was not alone. Silver knew why Thompson was here. To make sure everything was tidied away. It did not do if something broke out of the lab and started to be a nuisance. While they were all enjoying a well earned pint of something fizzy.

“ Sorry. I know Commander Perkins is a friend. But I truely thought he was going to hit me. If I had been in the room instead of millions of miles away.” Silver said.

I really don't know what to say to that, ted except keep your head down and your powder dry." Matt said chuckling/

That was odd? Silver tilted his head.

" Powder dry?" He asked confused.

"An old saying it means to be careful and always be prepared for anything." Matt said.

Ted nodded now he understood. The way Perkins had behaved proved that maybe a thinking plant. Was not an ideal mascot.

“ Perhaps a animal. Something that does not mind being on a Starship obviously. Maybe a Tribble. A female one would be unadvisable. But a male one would be manageable or a fish. We could rig up a holographic aquarium. “ Silver said

"If you bring a tribble on board make sure it is neutered. that last thing I want to stand tall before the captain is explain why there are tribbles where her chicken sandwich and cup of coffee should be." Matt replied.

Ted nodded in agreement. Nothing angered a Captain more then to find. Someone's pet setting in your lunch time coffee having a paddle.

" As it happens male Tribbles cant get pregnant. But they are rare plus they are known to bite. We could bring one on board to study. As the females only get pregnant if they eat. Male tribbles are safe around females.So we wont be knee deep in them. I'll ask around if that is ok with you of course." Ted said

"I had no idea there were male Tribbles, I thought they were all the same reproducing at will." Matt said.

Ted nodded.

“ So did I but it seems evolution caught up with the tribble. The males guard the females from predators. There is a breed of tree frog on Earth that when the female numbers , get to high. Some of them are known to change sex. Unfortunately there a protected spieces so we can’t have one.” Ted explained.

"And these Tribbles do the same thing? Fascinating". Matt said.

Ted tapped a padd.

“ There is a slight problem with male tribbles though. They do tend to bite. Their teeth are needle sharp so you would not want one biting anything tender.” Silver warned

"Up until you told me I didn't even know there were male tribbles. Let alone any that had teeth. Cant we just go with Koi or something non threatening?" Matt said scratching his head.

Ted had to agree.

“ Maybe that would be better. At the academy we had a fish tank in the dormitory. I got quite attached to a Koi carp called Chesterfield. Sadly he belonged to one of the instructors so I had to leave him behind when I graduated. But fish have always fascinated me.” Silver said.

"We could grow our own Koi in this lab. we can rig a transparent aluminum tank all the way around the lab for them to swim in. Just a thought." Matt said.

Silver nodded at that.

“ When you say grow. You do mean from egg to adult? Not clone?” Ted said.

"Well we could use growth accelerators but yes that was my implication." Matt replied.

Ted clapped his hands tighter.

" Great I will get on that straight away." He said

A post by:

Lieutenant Matt Thompson
Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant (jg) Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat


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